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Candy entered the Island ecosystem in October 2014 through uncertain means.1) Speculation currently centers around an Improbable accident at a grenade factory on the Island that turned the contents of the grenades into delicious, delicious treats.[citation needed]

Eating candy provides a small, one-time Stamina boost of [xxx]% piece, together with a small, long-lasting,2) stackable Attack and Defense buff of [xxx]%.3) This buff applies in Dojo fights and carries through Newday, although previous experience has shown that you will lose the buff if you get sent to the Failboat and allow a system Newday to restore you to the Island. Encounters with Horatio will also remove the buff.

The Bombs

Currently, there are four sizes of Candy Bombs available in the Hunter's Lodge.4) The larger bombs have a chance of releasing smaller bombs, which proceed to explode one minute later. When a bomb releases another bomb, that bomb also has a chance of releasing smaller bombs, where applicable.

  • Gargantuan (200 pieces; 50% chance of releasing Huge, 75% chance of releasing Large, 100%5) chance of releasing standard Candy Bomb
  • Huge (100 pieces; 50% chance of releasing Large, 75% chance of releasing standard Candy Bomb
  • Large (40 pieces; 50% chance of releasing standard Candy Bomb)
  • This one doesn't get an adjective because it's so normal. (20 pieces)

The Candy

As of October 2015, there are thirty different types of candy, whose deliciousness may vary with the eye of the beholder.6)7) There were originally twenty, but the author of this document is so sugar-addled he can't remember which ones are which.8) Nevertheless, those that feel new are marked, for the time being, in italics.9)

  • Balls
  • Blunge
  • Bumpy Frank
  • ButterBum
  • Chocolate Rings
  • Country Hunny
  • Dave
  • Dong
  • Fish Cubes
  • Flick
  • Flippler
  • Furtler
  • Hello.10)
  • Jimmy Crumbles
  • LIPS
  • Llama Bar
  • Mange
  • Mister Finger
  • Momf
  • NipNips
  • Nutty Log
  • Rumpadoo
  • Slippery Starfish
  • Snudge
  • Spanky
  • Squirty Giggles
  • Suck
  • Sweet Touch
  • Swizzler
  • Twungle

The Consequences?

Shortly after their introduction, an unknown maniac set off multiple Gargantuan Candy Bombs in an Outpost.11) Not only did the denizens of the Outpost suddenly find themselves chest-high in candy, but the Island developed crippling lag. Please make sure to pick up your Candy in a timely fashion.

1) Read: the intercession of CMJ.
2) 1000 rounds
3) Oops. I forgot to consider that this might be a percentage boost rather than an absolute boost! Ah, well.
4) Assuming they haven't been bought out by other contestants.
5) Hurrah!
6) Oh, all right, if you insist, the beholder may have eyes, plural.
7) Note that candies preceded by 'bag' have had this stripped for alphabetization purposes.
8) Or possibly Eurovision-addled. The difference is academic when it's so far gone.
9) There should be two on the list that deserve to be further italicized.
10) One wonders how the full stop is to be pronounced. No doubt Improbable marketers have been hard at work on this.
11) Improbable Central, if I recall correctly. But it could also have been multiple Outposts, as well.
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