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Before the EMP, Carric worked with computers a lot, and he lost everything when the pulse struck. For the time in between the EMP and when he was brought to Improbable Island, he mostly roved around, struggling to survive.

Though he was once human (and still appears to be at times, but only temporarily), Carric has been transformed by the Improbability Drive into a changeling of sorts, and while he can shift appearance at will, he has only a small amount of control over what he shifts into, and there are plenty of times his appearance changes when he doesn't mean for it to. Sometimes he accidentally shifts slightly in the middle of a conversation, which can certainly cause problems socially.

  • The ability to shift appearances at will (and also sometimes against his will), though his personality is usually also affected by the change. He has learned to control this power to the point where he can heal his injuries as long as he's conscious.
  • When he went after the drive for the seventh time, it tried to warp him into a Robot, but his Changeling nature somehow was partially incompatible with that and he ended up with several robot-like characteristics. The only outward evidence of this (usually) is a piece of glass sticking out of his right shoulder, which doesn't seem to hinder his movements at all.

For the most part he's rather curious, friendly, and carefree even through very hard times, but it really depends on which form he is in at the time. As a Kittymorph he's slightly more aggressive than normal, and as a Zombie he's... well... zombie-like. Talking to a walking corpse is usually rather boring. Although he rarely takes this form, as every minute he spends appearing to be a zombie begins to interfere with his brain. He also rarely seems concerned when being threatened, and doesn't normally take much of anything seriously.

Most Common Forms

Natural Form -- Occasionally Carric can take on what has become his natural form, as well as the form he automatically switches to if ever he is knocked unconscious, which is almost entirely featureless. Blank white skin serves as a parchment for whatever other form he may choose to take. Silvery hair hangs down about halfway to his shoulders. His eyes are large enough to be quite unnerving, with no pupils or irises, only pools of color that fade and meld into different colors every once in a while.

Human -- About five and a half feet tall, with messy brown hair and light skin, Carric is easily frightened but reacts to such stimuli with a fear-driven frenzy rather than by running away.

Kittymorph -- In this form Carric has jet black fur which helps him blend in with his surroundings during the night, something which he often does when hunting monsters in the Jungle so that he doesn't get attacked from all sides by those he had no intention of engaging. His ears are usually perked up, and his green eyes inquisitively search everything he sees.

Zombie -- With sickly purple skin and tattered cloth clinging to his body, Carric as a zombie is a fearsome sight. His eyes are sunken and brown and his arms are stretched out in front of him while he looks upon everything about him with a perpetual expression of incredible fear.

Midget -- Just over a foot tall, indescribably ugly, and freakishly strong. He wears a constant scowl and generally greets people by giving them the finger.

Mutant -- An even more unstable form than most, Carric as a mutant has four arms which end in rock-hard fists and an ever-changing number of tentacles sprouting from his back during stressful situations, though when he is calm the tentacles all but disappear. His face is horribly disfigured, so usually he puts up the hood of his cloak when he's in this form.

Cyborg -- Using the mechanical parts that the Improbability Drive has placed within his body, Carric can shift into a horrific cyborg form, causing his limbs to sprout pieces of metal and his face to appear entirely emotionless, with its left side being formed of glass.

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