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Name: Carroll

Race: Human

Age: 19

Place of Birth: Entry Erased

Parents: Entry Erased

Hair: Black, previously ???

Eyes: Blue, previously Hazel

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130 lbs.


* Thief - known attempts appear to be wrenches and Kittens.

* Penchant for Kittymorphs.

* Known Viewer of Island previous to arrival.

* Previous records indicate Evil actions.


Carroll's first memories are those of being introduced to her foster family, along with her two siblings. She was told much later that her real parents had passed away, or so said the red-scarfed lady - later known to her as The Watcher. Her foster family was quite caring, all things considered. But to her, something didn't seem quite right.

When the programme of The Island showed on the television, she seemed to perk up immensely. After all, it was this crazy and imaginative world that she was so distant from. People wandering around in Victorian Suits, talking to Undead, Robots, short people, and Kitties? It seemed like a dream, almost.

She meandered her way through the schooling system like so many individuals did. By being told what to do. That authority needed to be challenged, and so, on occasion, she would prank a fellow student or the teacher, and have to pay with her Saturday. On those days and most days, books were her friends.

As she wandered up to her high school years, she joined the drama and debate club, as well as running for school president every single year she possibly could. Winning and losing, in drama, debate, and elections, she enjoyed her high school career, after which she moved onto college, following in the steps of her siblings. However, as things would have it, she found herself unwittingly sucked into first a study of TV-watchers of the Island, and soon to follow, a contestant on the Island.1)

Recent History

And then- - 2)


Just a few folks she knows:3)

* Justa

* Grey Ashe

* Carlson

* Maniak

* Isaac

* Isaacs

* Algus Wigs

* Ari

* Dana

1) Will continue writing shortly - is that a lie?
2) Stealing Kittens from Audrey and Wrenches from Justa- -
3) But not everyone! Feel free to add yourself if I missed you!
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