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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.



  • Full Name: Cassandra Marton-Mogami
  • Occupation: Secondary CO, Duchess.
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 120
  • Hair color: brown
  • Eye color: Hazel

She was the daughter of a Knight and a Samurai, yes really. Despite her background she was raised in a contested area close to England's boarder. Her father, Issac Marton, was in the local militia, where he helped the residents by staving off intruders, but not shifting the war in favor of either side. Her mother Mogami Oichi, ran a small shop where she prepared and served traditional Japanese cuisine. When she was 18 she joined the Militia with her father, but was kept on Sentry duty and out of the fighting. 7 years later, while she was taking care of her The Network showed up and attempted to take her to the Isle. They met with heavy Resistance, suffering a few losses and quite a number of injuries. Eventually they succeeded, dragging her off to the Isle and sparking her Campaign against the Drive, so that she could return home. Another year passed and she's still on the Island, slowly making it her new home. She's now married to Sergei, a Russian war veteran and solder. Her Fortress is slowly growing, and with the help of her AI, AVica she is helping slowly build an army with her husband.

  • The following is a page from a Journal, strange that it seems torn out. . .

Tea with Horatio or Making a Method to Madness

  • I-I have to write this down before I forget it. . . I'm immune to The Watcher's strange memory mist now after so many times I've breathed it, but the way this played out... Something tells me my mind will reject it as an illusion. Maybe it was, I don't know. . . I write on this page, my 27th battle with the Drive and my first Tea with Horatio himself.
  • It started as it always did, I went back to Camp and told AVica that I was going to hunt for the Drive. Later I went into the Lab near Pleasentville, after checking all the others, and readied for battle. The battle was as it usually is, tough, long, and painful, I expected to wake up in an outpost once again changed. I didn't. I awoke in a Green room with a solitary black table in the middle, with two chairs on either side. Standing next to the Table was a Joker in an immaculate silver suit and matching tophat, "Hello, Casi" He said. "Who are you?" I replied, not knowing what else to say given the situation. "Horatio, Horatio Ernswhisle. Do you not remember me?" he said, motioning to himself. I shook my head "But I thought Horatio was just a eupemisim for the Drive. . ." I said, at this point i was getting suspicious, but he was a Joker. "Ahh, "The Improbability Drive" is simply my title, young miss Casi, Horatio is my real name." At that point I forgot all suspicion, and knew exactly what I was dealing with, not a Joker but the personification of the Drive's will.
  • Horatio motions to the table, a tea set had appeared while we were talking. `G"Tea my dear? I assure you its appropriately Sanguinary". I took a seat, not knowing what else I could do since the room looked completely sealed "Um... Sure." I knew what I wanted to ask, if he really was the Drive given human shape then he will be able to answer my questions. "Why?" "I beg your pardon?" `5"Why did you do this? The Slime, the Vampirism? Why make me these things?"`0 I had a million other questions but these were the most burning ones. He simply grins, "Well aren't we inquisitive? But seeing as we do not meet like this often, in fact this is out first meeting if I recall, then I suppose I can tell you." "Please, I have to know. The Kittymorph, Joker, Robot I can understand, everyone becomes one of those eventually. But the Vampirism or Slime isn't something normal to the Island." He laughs, and I reflect on what I just said. It made sense but this Island was far from normal, and we both knew it.
  • He sips his tea, "Yes, Reasons. Not many ask me that, but my colleagues have been delightfully mad and never bothered with it. And one tyke, brown hair and strange thing around his neck, keeps running from me like I'm a demon. Such a pity I never caught his name." "But the Monsters-" I stop myself, this was off track as it was, and to be honest if I didn't know better I would swear I was in the heart of madness itself. "Oh Yes" He says, a smile on his face. `G"My lovely pets, all of them, even the Lions. Ohh how I love their creativity." I would have said something but I remembered who I was talking to. "We're getting off track, I want to know-" He nods, "Of course madame, Yes The Slime was not my initial plan but during our sparring match, which I must congratulate you on winning, it was quite fun, I noticed the spot on your rear..." I wasn't going to question why. I did not want to know why The Drive of all things was looking at my buttocks. "Where you sat in that goo. And I thought, Maybe if you didn't like its feel on fur, then what about skin? Alas I got carried away as usual. Yet its a rather nice look for you." "And the Vampirism?" I asked. The answer for the Slime bit wasn't quite what I was looking for, but I had to accept it since it came straight from the Drive's mouth.
  • "The Vampirism, was more of a lesson." Pay dirt, There was a reason, but what I heard was something I would never have thought. . . "You've more or less said it yourself, Darkness is not evil. People may do dark or bad things, but they are not bad people, You've fought against me like I'm your enemy. I am not the Villan of this story, at least I do not think so. The Network was the one who Struck the first blow. and while the good Doktor was as mad as I am, I simply was content on being the Trickster I am today. Not a weapon. . ." At this point, things were fading away, the room as growing dark and my hands were becoming more and more transparent. I wanted to know more, but I was fading back to reality fast. `G"Oh, it seems our time is up. Pity really, I was having such a nice time. . ." The last thing I remember before waking up in Kitt was The Dri- no Horatio, sitting at his tea table waving good bye.
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