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Sundance Cassidy is the current name that Cassidy Davidson goes under. Despite having no pre-requisites to being a hero (she hasn't a tragic past, amnesia, or dead parents), she likes to charge around doing heroic kinda things. Mostly, she likes to do fun things and improbable things.Whether or not she is successful at this is up to interpretation, but she does her best to make it fun.

Things She Likes:

  1. Sweets.
  2. Books.
  3. Eating sweets while reading a book.
  4. Television (although she didn't see much of it pre Island..not much post Island either).
  5. Bourne.
  6. Her black felt fedora.
  7. Buttercup her cow.
  8. Hitting people named after Greek letters. 1)2)

Things We Know About Her:

  1. She is thirty, nearly thirty-one.
  2. Her Dad is English, her mom is French.
  3. She's Canadian.
  4. No, she's not French Canadian, that's 'Quebec', anyway.
  5. She had a very dull job.
  6. She didn't like her pre-Island life very much, mostly because it had no meaning.

Things She Does:

  1. She is a great swords-woman.
  2. Helps lead Clan Torchwood.
  3. Stops Whistle from eating rookies (that's Chimentals job).
  4. Ruins electronics when attempting to repair them.3)
  5. She occasionally eats meals.4)
1) With special stick for [insert name here] wacks
2) Yeah, I know. Bear with it.
3) At least one clanmate has suffered multiple 'malfunctions' due to this.
4) What? She DOES that!
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