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Cath is, in a word, green. She created a "Green" costume for Halloween three years ago using green body paint and spray-in hair colour, giving her person a slightly green tint and green-streaked brown hair and, improbably, it never came off. She's a bit mystified by it but has grown used to it over the years. Generally a Human or, when feeling daring, a Joker, she stands a respectable 5'10" and prefers to wear clothing that doesn't clash with her skin tone. She has warm brown eyes with green flecks.

Generally, she prefers comfortable clothing, jeans and ironic graphic tees, and very rarely wears skirts. On special occasions she dons an early Italian Renaissance gown with chemise, bodice, and full skirt (but no corset); covers her skin in flesh-toned makeup, and hides her hair under a tasseled ski cap, which ties under the chin, obfuscating her unique coloring. However, for daily use, it's a bit of a hassle.

When wandering around the island or doing quests for Dan, her preferred weaponry is the Rusty Chainsaw and is most commonly seen wearing the SA-SPS-2 Battle Armour. She is quite fond of her mount, a Level 2 Zombie Donkey named Quincy.

She currently shares the leadership of Clan QQQ with her big brother, haykii.

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