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Born Candice "Catspaw" Carlisle, she was dubbed catspaw by the midwife who ripped her out of her fishwife of a mothers belly. Named for the portwine stain style birthmark in the shape of a cats paw over her left eye the little girl grew up answering to Cattypaws or Kittypaws or Catspaw more readily than Candice or Candy.

Cats Love Fish!!!

Raised by a fisherman and his fishwife, Catspaw knows all about fishing, cleaning fish, fish selling, fish cooking, and of course eating fish. Her first word was Halibut. Her second word was inmabelly! She has carried this love of fishes to the island, which is fortunate because.. it's.. an island.

Scotch Irish Whatish?

Raised in the UK Catspaw had a very very thick scotch irish accent. Years aboard a pirate ship didn't help at all. AT ALL. but she did try to hide it while a rookie and even during her second drive kill. Her third drive kill or so she just sort of gave up trying to hide her roots.

Pirate? Really?

Catspaw claimed to be a pirate during her first drive kill. That time as a rookie it was important to her to establish herself as the person she'd always wanted to be on this island of super cool powerful neat people. The truth of the matter is that from the age of 13 or so till she got shat out onto the island, she WAS on a pirate Ship. Working even. So that totally DOES make her a pirate.

Avast and such Nonsense

Catspaw works currently as a Bard on the Jackelope. She can play the Concertina, the Fiddle, the viola, the violin, the flute, the ocarina (who bloody can't) she can sing, and she does a passable jig. she can't swash or buckle but she can swab if need be and she doesn't hurl or get seasick. So all in all, she's a decently half arsed pirate.

Lookie Lookie

Catspaw is currently a housecat. She has the main body head and tail of a housecat, including hind legs and hind paws. Her front legs are joined more like human arms though at first glance they look like a normal felines, She has a little apposable thumb on her front kitty paws, which technically makes her a "Boston Cat" though she's never been to Boston. She's calico patterned and for now, this drive kill any ways, her pattern is remaining static.

Whirlwind Romance

~This section appears to have been scribbled heavily over with a red pen and a big heart with CP + CZ in it drawn over it.~

Drive History

0 Kills Mostly Human 1 Kill Kittymorph (turned into a cat whenever exhausted or tired. Had no controll over this, did not remember things as a cat while kittymorph, or kittymorph while cat.) 2 Kill Kittymorph. (stopped trying to hide her roots, also lost her shape changing. Which was fine by her) 3 kill Kittenmorph. (shrunk down and got a little more brassy) 4 Kill House Catmorph. (something has gone horribly wrong. who's to say how they're going to fix this.)

Prized Posessions

Blue Shell (Given to her by Zpatula) Wedding ring (given to her by Zpatula) Assorted golden Hoop Earrings Rosewood Fiddle

Other Stuff

Others' Thoughts

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