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Unfortunately, this may not exist anymore! Feel free to read what was left behind, but bear in mind you may not be able to use the information!

The Chaos 1) Drive was originally begun by Qurribell. It then became something of a community undertaking in AceHigh, which experienced severe and recurring interference by the CIA. Snickerer took unexplained and severe umbrage at this, repeatedly returning to the city to restore the entity to its former state.

Parts used in the making of Qurribell's Chaos Drive:

  • Octarine
  • Phase Disruptor (one right, one wrong)
  • Absinthe
  • Squirrel Wheel (no squirrels)
  • <CIA> Nuclear-Grade fireworks
  • Feral Chia Pet
  • Chaos Engine (The bought in Taiwan equivalent of the Improbability Drive)
  • A Leprechaun
  • Generator powered by political flip-flopping
  • At least three Disruptors
  • Obnoxious bright green racing stripe
  • Cake Wheel (contains Failcake)
  • Crazy Audrey's Kittens (ate the squirrels)
  • Tank Tread
  • Gears
  • Wings
  • Boat Hull
  • Cardboard Sign that reads - Thingy
  • Tesla Coils
  • A Doomsday Device on the Failboat (connected by long cables, a bungee cord and wires. Lots of wires.)
  • Seeds (provided by Skidge's fish, who was fed them by El Seed)
  • Splashes of Green Liquid Chaos
  • A No Spoon (patent pending)
  • A Plate of Lie Cake (patent not pending)
  • Napalm Ice Cream
  • Donkey Tail
  • A Screwdriver (jammed in its side)
  • Twinkly Lights
  • Quart of Lime Jello
  • Slightly bloodstained Loudspeaker
  • Purplish Stone Boots (Lost during one of SherpaMountainGoatGuys fits of rage)
  • Streaks and Fractals of Entrophy (Like entropy, except it symbolizes VICTORY!)
  • Toaster (former pen)
  • One of Skidge's Voids, attuned to Snickerer
  • A Belt
  • Deep-fried Petunias
  • Max Dougwell's personal Flaming Triangle.
  • A Colour Changing Chair containing a sleeping Theo.

All of these items were lost along with the Chaos Drive when it was activated. It may be possible for Liar to restore certain items to existence, but its not likely.


The C-Drive was completely destroyed at one point, until Snickerer volatilized an entire pitcher of Joker Special and used the boost from the resulting free Improbability to restore the machine to its former state. The Joker also took this opportunity to construct a remote to easily save the Chaos Drive's state in order to make future retrievals easier, a move that proved remarkably prescient.

Its blueprints are written in Deeptounge/Binary. No one of the constructors has actually read them, but others maybe understand at least the workings.

After being attacked, Sherpa Mountain Goat Guy decided to build a competing thing called Chaos Engine, apparently forgetting the one already attached to the Chaos Drive. This is now property of The Shadow.

Each piece of the C-Drive had a numeric black and orange barcode painted on it, but these turned into singing butterflies that can control the minds of contestants.

It used to sit next to a Whale, who kept it company when no-one was around. The Whale is now a Whale-sized shrubbery that's been twisted round the C-Drive for protection, and seems to serve as a portal from the failboat.

Stabbing it with a screwdriver has unpredictable2) effects.

It has reached the point where it can alter the thoughts of people too close to it.

Contact with the C-Drive inspired Anonymous Person to start a new religion.

Since Sicpuess declared it so, the C-Drive became the equally shared property of everyone who ever worked on/added to it.3)4) Ownership contracts were provided.

Ownership is currently a somewhat moot point, as the Chaos Drive was reconfigured by Chaos itself into corporeal form for Prophet Liar, who now walks the Island as the Avatar of Chaos, bringing the total of Abstracts residing on these shores to three.

Those interested in the explanation of this Abstract may wish to refer to Graph Theory.


During and after the construction of the drive, Qurribell went, as scientists call it, TOTALLY FUCKING MENTAL. Declaring war on the CIA througout the entire island, Qurribell managed to annoy nearly everybody. Eventually, an apology was issued, and Qurribell collapsed5) due to a potent mix of insanity, chaos and treacle tart. He was eventually rebuilt in Cyber City 404.

Any rumours that he still is prone to fits of madness and destruction are, of course, totally fictitious.

1) Despite the name, Eris has nothing to do with this, though she's following it around, taking notes and giggling.
2) Read: Delicious, useful and possibly fatal.
3) It is unclear if this included the stick figure construction workers, who are in turn owned by Skirling Skidge.
4) There is also the issue of whether Theo owns or is owned.
5) and how!
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