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Charm is a stat which serves exactly one purpose: it makes chances go your way, in anything from wooing to fighting. Rumour has it Sheila is especially vulnerable to it. Here are our favourite ways to gain it:

  • Hanging around in The Prancing Spiderkitty.
  • Improbable events which involve an Old Man and his stick, Jokers with spiked drinks and/or large stones that leave you dazed and confused.
  • Having sex with Squats. 1)
  • Titanic amounts of bullshit.
  • Throwing Improbability Bombs. 2)
  • Having the guts to take on the Drive.

Nearly all ways to gain charm involve some cost in the form of req, cigs or life.

There are also numerous ways to lose charm, the most glamorous way involves the Skronky Pot.

If you were always curious exactly how much discount you get from a charm point, or what your current charm is, this is your lucky day. Someone went through a lot of trouble to do some charm research, which can be found at http://tinyurl.com/ii-charm. 3)

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