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Cherriki Ten 'Visits' the Castle

Ball Pit

Ace or Ari slides down into the ball pit, armed and ready

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten sits in her spot and watches Ari warily, "Hello Arrr-Ace"

Ace or Ari grins "want to come play around the castle?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten puts her coffee down, trying not to seem too excited by the prospect of a bit of freedom. She nods, "Uhm, yes please. If it's okay. There's no jokerfied cookies yet. . ."

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten shuts up as she realizes she is babbling

Ace or Ari tilts her head "I haven't made the cookies to be magicked so there couldn't be, The Arms Dealer was wondering if you got the Coffee?

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten blinks and looks at her coffee and back up at Ari, horrified, "Oh god! Did he poison it? Am I going to die?!"

Ace or Ari blinks "um no"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten glances at Ari dubiously before taking an almost imperious sip of the coffee, "Okaaaay. . ."

Ace or Ari frowns "you can't do magic if you're dead" plus she'd be dead and that is just not a good thing

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten frowns, "Touche." She downs the rest of her coffee before moving towards Ari with raised hands.

Ace or Ari backs up, gun pointed and releases the hidden exit

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten sighs and follows Ari, her shoulders slumped in defeat as she moves to the exit. "For pity's sake, I am not going to attack you"

Ace or Ari sticks her tongue out at Rikki, she's letting her come play and she's still sulky!

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten huffs and sticks her tongue back out before following Ari, "Fine!"

Ace or Ari pokes Cherri with her gun, prodding her forward to lead with a scowl

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten grumbles and is prodded out of the ball pit.

Ace or Ari is very close to bubbling Rikki or leaving her here, humph!


Ace or Ari tilts her head "We will go to surrealism, its fun"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten moves ahead of Ari, clasping her hands together as she walks, "Surrealism?" She asks, moving into the next room.

Ace or Ari points to the fold in reality "thats the surrealism"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten stops dead at the fold in reality, her eyes darting surreptitiously to the door.

Ace or Ari raises the gun and puts a finger on the trigger "bad idea"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten winces and smiles a little over shoulder, "Can't blame me for trying."

Ace or Ari guides Rik surrealism-ward


Maddeningly Cherriki Ten stops and looks at the growling doors, scowling slightly, "Oh stop that!"

Ace or Ari giggles as the door increases its volume, only the hinges prevent attack

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten growls back just as fiercely, forgetting her desire to escape.

Ace or Ari shakes her head "He is a guard door silly, no need to growl"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks back at Ari, her teeth still bared. She blinks away the haze and looks back at the guard door. "Oh!" She goes for a different tactic, "Good guard door!"

Ace or Ari shakes her head with a grin and gestures to the doors "where should we go?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks at the doors and points to the one that leads to Wallace's grazing grounds. "That one?"

Ace or Ari nods "M'kay thataway!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten nods and heads off.

Wallace Grazing Grounds

Ace or Ari grins "everyone has a place, this is Wallace's"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks around, "Walla-" Her words cut off as she spies the couch, "Ooooh! Couch!" She runs over and flops on the couch, snuggling into it.

Ace or Ari watches a startled Wallace buck and amble panickedly around the grounds

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten lets out a small cry of surprise, holding tight to the couch, "Eaaasy boy, easy. . ."

Ace or Ari giggles at the unimpressive efforts to dislodge his rider, already he is settling down

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten smiles and strokes a hand over the back of the couch, "Good boy"

Ace or Ari he grazes around here, we supply food from the land of lost remotes and stuff

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks at Ari curiously, and looks back at Wallace, "Does he like coins?"

Ace or Ari nods "sure does"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten opens a pouch in her bandolier and pulls out several requisition coins. She rolls off him and tosses them up in the air for him.

Ace or Ari chases after Wallace as he hops after coins

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten giggles as she watches Wallace and Ari chase after the Req.

Ace or Ari twirls in the big field leaving Wallace to snack "its a nice place huh?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks completely relaxed, "It's lovely"

Ace or Ari grins "wanna know what's neater though? The penguins"


Maddeningly Cherriki Ten walks in and her eyes catch on the penguins, "Ooooh!"

Ace or Ari grins "wanna play?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten nods enthusiastically*

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten says excitedly, "Yes!"

Ace or Ari smiles brightly "what do you wanna do?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks over at the penguins playing water polo. "Can we join them."

Ace or Ari nods " yep" she dives in and treads "careful, it's chilly"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave hides among the crowd, blending in, kind of. Not really. He's in a suit, not a tux.

Ace or Ari spots an unusual looking penguin in the crowd and waves

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten dips her toes in the water and shivers. She steels herself and dives - cannonballs into the water. SPLASH!

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave tips Teh to Ace with a grin.

Ace or Ari grins as she swims about "wanna play?"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave shrugs, then saunters down the audience towards the pool. He leaves his suit and lab coat with a Macaronis fan, leaving him in swim trunks to dive into the Water Polo Pool.

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten resurfaces and gaaasps a deep breath.She shivers and blinks at little Dave, "Oh hi there!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave surfaces behind Rat, holding the ball. "Hullo Rat!" and throws the ball netward.

Ace or Ari jumps out of the water to try and intercept the ball

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten grins at Dave before spinning off and tries to get the ball before Ari. "Mine!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave laughs and swims to the side, dodging around some rather confused-looking penguins.

Ace or Ari snatches the ball from the air and tosses it to a Chinstrap fellow "I'm on that team!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave swims to intercept the penguin, laughing.

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten grins. Payback time! She swims efficiently through the water, trying to intercept the ball before the chinstrap fellow can catch it!

Ace or Ari concludes its her and the Chinstraps against Rikki, the Arms Dealer and the Galapagos

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave dives on the chinstrap, but it goes under him. Darn thing. Right. They swim very well.

Ace or Ari waves her arms for a return pass, swimming. . . downstream?

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks suddenly very confused. She does not even know how to play water polo! Ah well, after the ball!

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave laughs, and swims after the chinstrap.

Ace or Ari waves her arms "I'm open for the touchdown, toss me an interception!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten is sudden lifted up by several penguins. . ."Wha- ahhhh!" and tossed bodily at Ari.

Ace or Ari gasps and dives below the water darting away, propelled further by the Rikki wave

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten lands on the surface in a painful bellyflop before sinking slowly.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave comes out of a scrim with the ball, and peers about. "Erm. . .uhoh. . ."

Ace or Ari dives for a Rikki, can't have her drown, even though she is on the other team, think of the insurance premiums! They have thoses right?

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten feels an Ari nearby and grins before tackling her and holding her captive in the water, "Your star player has been Joker napped! Score a goal galapagos!"

Ace or Ari squirms frantically against her captor "Cheat! Cheat!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave winks at Ace, then tosses the ball at the perfect angle. It bounces off of Rat's head, slips through the flippers of several Chinstraps, ends up in the Synchronized Swimming Pool, gets kicked back,

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave over the Water Polo pool, off the Macaroni goalie's stick, into the crowd, bouncing among spectators, before falling back into the goal. Point: Glapagos.

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten giggles evilly and lets go of Ari before diving down and resurfacing a couple feet away with a victorious, YAY!"

Ace or Ari breaks free of Rikki and declares "one for the Chinstraps, Yay!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave scratches his head. Wait, that's not how that was supposed to work here.

Ace or Ari announces "cording to my rules when your opponents score you win, yay us!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten doggypaddles, "Who's the cheat now!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave shrugs at Rat. Clearly not him. He's not the one who timed and threw the Rube Goldberg Goal there.

Ace or Ari sticks out her tongue "Do you know how to play then?"

Ace or Ari paddles over and hugs Dave "thank you Mr Small Arms Dealer!"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave grins and returns the hug, sneaking a brief kiss in too. "You're welcome. But I think you should watch the prisoner." He winks.

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten pauses in her sneaky paddles and tries to look innocent, "I wasn't trying to escape! Nope, not me."

Ace or Ari spins back towards Rikki with concern

Ace or Ari shakes her finger at Rikki "I still got a bubble gun, an, an a paper clip rope and the butterflies are even an army now, so you better behave!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten freezes and shakes her head, "Yes ma'am, I mean no ma'am, I mean. . . I won't try to escape. . ." She mutters, "Right now."

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave grins. He heard that. He makes for the Macaronis fan with his clothes, towels himself off, and dresses back into his suit and coat.

Ace or Ari paddles to shore and hoists herself on the edge of the water, sitting with her feet in the water "thank you for letting us play"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave saunters over to Ace and leans on her shoulder, chuckling to himself. "Where to next? Are we continuing the Magical Mystery Tour here?"

Ace or Ari looks curiously at Rikki, she herself is always up to explore

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten hauls herself out and nods, "I wouldn't mind seeing more. . ."

Ace or Ari stands, her leotard will dry "where next?"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave ponders, then shrugs and heads for the door. "We'll see, shall we?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten smiles dryly at Ari, "I'd say surprise me but you have done that several times already"

Ace or Ari follows, swinging her gun from one hand, she should get a wrist strap!


Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave sawnturs in, homming to hemself. He tips The two teh Gremlns, and maeks his wey too teh Bergurs.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave pokes his head back out to make sure Rat follows.

Ace or Ari fewlows teh Amrs Daeelr for a bergher, she ptas a germlin as she psases

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten woks onta teh beech unt luks uhrownd, cunphoozd.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Davegryhns aht Rat. "Wut's wyth thuh lewk?"

Ace or Ari akss "wunt a beregher?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten lewks atem boath beefour nawding ta Ari, "Yez plz"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave laffs, uhnd chiws hes burgur. "Ets taystee."

Ace or Ari arders anuther bergr fir teh Rikiki

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten taks a bergher and noms ahn et.

Ace or Ari enjews te beech, mackin prnts in snad

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave grehns az hye finushiz hez Bergher, end gohs two grabb unnuthur wun. Thes tiem weth ketchup.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave joinz en ahn teh vahlibawl geim.

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten smiels uhnt whotchez teh too

Ace or Ari lieks feet pirnts, seh smiels

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave meiks uh behd deiv, and feicplents en thuh sehnd. "Pffffffffft"

Ace or Ari dia s'evaD ot snur dna spee

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave rises in ayebrow @ aCeS werid moooovmints.

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten staaaaaairs et teh two

Ace or Ari taks a spet bak & lloks nonchalont

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave gits 2 |-|][$ f33-|- & m8ks uh Br8k 4 3 d4.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave iymurgz fruhm teh Berbecue et uh ded run end slowly catches his breath.

Ace or Ari dikkiqa gum!

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten levs

Ace or Ari is quick to follow

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten woks owt of the Berbecue and shakes herself off.

Obedience Training

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten smiles down at the chest and pets it.

Ace or Ari looks around impressed

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks completely unperturbed by the furniture, "This is an interesting place. . ."

Ace or Ari grins "well behaved furniture is important or things get crazy"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten giggles a little, "Oh definately"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave grins, and stretches. "Yep. Some good furniture. Except that coffee table. Can't work out how to sit still and take a treat. . ." He shakes his head.

Ace or Ari wanders over to pat the table "he will learn, lots of people will want such a handsome piece"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave nods, and realizes Rat has passed out on top of the chest. "Huh. Seems she was tired. Shall we take her back to the Dungeon?"

Ace or Ari nods "Prolly should"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave nods, and picks up Rat rather gently, and tosses her over his shoulder. "Well, to the Dungeon then!" He heads out, grinning.

Ace or Ari skips after

Pits Again

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave places Rat down in the ballpit, shifting some blankets and pillows to make sure she's comfortable.

Ace or Ari slides after and looks at Rik, "all set here then, cookies tomorrow I think"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave nods. "Sounds good." He grins at her, and pulls her down for a quick kiss. "I love it when a plan comes together." He winks, then slips back upstairs.

Ace or Ari follows again, locking the secret exit

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