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All previous information unrecoverable. Begin new file.1)

Alias: Cheshire Cat

Sex: M / Variable

Height: 6'1" / Variable

Weight: Variable.

Race: Cheshire Joker

Initial Sighting: Pilot / S1


Most Common: Male, 6'1", slight build. Purple Cat Ears on Brown Hair. Grin. Yellow Cat-like Eyes. Brown Pinstripe longcoat, vest, pants. No shoes. Purple and Pink horizontal striped tail.

Powers: Strong control over space. Teleportation. Invisibility. Changes in appearance.

Combat Ability: Unknown.

Acquaintances: Previous files recovered. See library 01-12-222341.

Relationships: D Valentine

Familial Relationships: Raine Bofirn, Carroll

Organizations: The Wayfarer's Gambit

Other Notes: Camera shy in the Jungle, Good for Ratings, Has Children / ?

1) Can't believe you lot, breaking the most important act ever. You're all utter bastards.
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