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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

ChicagoPolska, also know as ChiP and CHIPS, is a Leader to SWEET and a general menace. Lock up your children.


When asked, ChiP seems to hold memories of the Pilot, although it has been revealed that she was never registered on the Island under this name during the Pilot. The most prevalent theory to explain this discrepancy has been that she went through a midlife crisis, psychotic break, or time warp which led to her changing her name and returning to the Island for Season 1, unrecognizable.

Season 1

Proving she was a mug by returning to the Island late in S1, ChiP fell back into the swing of island life and became a more active player, especially after her induction into SWEET. Hard work, too much time spent killing monsters, and a knack for selling ciggies and bribing Council Offices led to her promotion in SWEET. ChicagoPolska developed an irrational fondness for CyberCity404 and began to spend almost all of her time there despite playing exclusively as a Human, Kittymorph, and Joker in later levels. Her fierce desire to control CC404 led to her taking over it's stewardship late in the Season. Duties to the clan and a general fear of social situations kept her silent and brooding for the Season, only emerging on the radar of those outside of her clan by the occasional attack in the night. She can remember a strange sense of safety in Season 1, especially after she attained the status of home-owner1). This was short-lived as the network announced the impending Season 2, and ChiP went dark once more.


A dark and lonely time that ChiP refuses to acknowledge. It is suspected, though not confirmed, that the lack of human contact she experienced during this stage has led to the more approachable ChiP of Season 2.

Season 2


As one of the first members of SWEET to make the great voyage, it fell largely on ChiP to scout the Island and find a new home for SWEET. Working tirelessly, ChiP eventually gathered the materials needed to establish and fortify the clan halls on the new Island. For this feat, she was promoted to Leader and has become one of the more, ahem, active players of Season 2. It is unclear how much bribery and what unholy acts are to blame for her ascension, although there have been mutterings about goats and certain tributes to The Watcher.

Notable Kills

ChiP became the first member of SWEET to achieve a Drive Kill in Season 2, as well as the fifth player across the island to destroy The Drive. In addition to her race to kill the Drive, ChiP has recently taken time out to hunt and kill the bot TimGunn999. Hired by SWEET to supervise the clan renovation, TimGunn999 made the fatal mistake of insulting ChiP's homemade sheets and burning most of her personal possessions. While the death has remained unofficial, the fact that she wears his head as a helmet seems rather definitive.

Appearance and Companions

ChiP stands at 5'8, with natural red hair supplemented with fire-engine red under-layers supplied during the brief age of TimGunn999. Her eyes have refused to change from the striking green they became during her past life as a Joker, and after one disastrous run as a Gobot, she has continued to take the form of a Kittymorph or Midget until Joker's become available once more. A fan of tattoos and piercings, she has several, although you are unlikely to discover where unless you pay attention during the massage sessions at SWEET headquarters, or get very, very lucky.

She is now constantly tailed by a runt storm cloud named Jim, whom she became attached to after a long night of drinking Dark & Stormy's during the 100th DK SWEET celebration. Jim prefers to hover around her head and acts as an umbrella, shower, and guard dog. Jim is strangely loyal to ChiP and seems incapable of speech, although he can convey basic feelings through rumblings, thunder-claps, lighting flashes, small gusts, and rain storms.

1) Okay, fine. Shack-owner.
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