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Unfortunately, this contestant is on the island! Feel free to hide your children and drink lots of mindbleach!



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Also known as: The Mass of Mutant Monsters, Chim3)4), Alpha (One member)

Height: Varies (Average is around seven feet.)

length: Again, varies (Average is around fifteen feet, though most of it is the length of their tails)5)6)

Weight: You guessed it, varies.

Location: Everywhere.7)8)

Age: Take a wild guess.9)10)11)

Diet: Anything they want.12)13)

Weapons of choice: Teeth, tails, claws, teeth, tusks, fins, teeth, wings, hooves, teeth, and assorted mutant abilities14).

Threat level: Just don't get them mad.

A Legion of Loons

Instead of one idiot going headfirst into a jungle armed with only a spork, Chimental is a bunch of idiots without a spork.15) Chimental is actually a bunch of animals that decided they should help defeat the Improbabilty Drive.16) A few of these creatures venture into outposts hidden inside a huge red cloak, with barely any features seen outside of it. When out of the outposts, they leave the cloak and resume hunting. To give the guise a face, they placed a white mask over the cloak. The mask looks like one of the masks of comedy and tragedy 17). The mask is decorated with red features: a pair of angry looking eyes and a wide toothy grin.

When a handful of creatures enter the outposts, they group together inside the cloak. Some of the more smaller creatures hitch a ride on the others' backs. However, a few creatures have to linger in the back of the group, giving the appearance that there is one really large creature under the cloak.18)19)

Before it all began:20)

Before the Drive was put on Improbable Island, before there were Zombies, Jokers, and Gobots, the island was a wondrous piece of land. It was filled with nearly every species known to man21). The only residents on the island were the animals that lived there their whole lives. It was once mentioned by a member of Chimental that the island used to be 'like a second Garden of Eden.'22)

But then it all changed. The Improbability Drive was unleashed from the lab onto the island. The reason: test drive. The Improbability Drive on the island tested its abilities against the local fauna before it had humans to deal with. The animals didn't have a chance. Schools were scattered, Flocks were fried23),swarms were squashed, and packs were pulverized.

But not all of the wildlife was destroyed. Some were mutated. How they were mutated varies with each creature. Some try to destroy the Drive by brute force and it retaliated by mutating the attackers. Some cause an explosion due to sheer luck 24). Also, whenever a contestant is lucky enough to actually destroy the Drive, even if only for a second, stray improbability waves would be released, thereby mutating the nearby fauna. The warped creatures can range from the simple 25), to the extreme 26).

However, just because they were mutated doesn't mean they were stupid. Quite the contrary. In fact, most of the creatures gained enough intelligence to acquire, not only the ability of speech,27)28)but also the ability to reason. After a bit of confusion 29), a few of the creatures got together to decide what to do. They decided 30) that, if they want to survive this 'metallic predator', they would have to band together, form a new pack.

But they weren't a 'pack'. A pack is used to describe a group of wolves. What name would they give their group? They chose a name that originated from two words. The first word was the mythical creature called the Chimera, which was, basically, a group of unlikely creatures working together. The second word was 'mental'. One creature had stated that Alpha31)had 'Gone completely mental'. Combined, they became known as Chimental.

They then needed a disguise. The Watcher was not going to let a bunch of creatures come in, uninvited, and try to destroy the Drive. So they began searching. Soon they came across a gulf, almost completely sealed off from the ocean. There they found a large red fabric 32)33)34). At the bottom of the gulf, a large, white, flat rock was found.35)After a bit of chiseling and painting, it was formed into the mask they now carry around today. With this disguise, they were able to infiltrate some of the Island's outposts and buildings without drawing too much attention.

Now, the group continuously scans the island looking for those who survived the Drive and add them to the Mass.

The Original Ten

The Mass wasn't always a 'Mass'. Chimental started out with just a small group of animals who banded together for their own reason.


Remember when I said that a lizard ate some of the Drive's wires?36)This is Him. He was a species of lizard that had a set of extendable ribs connected by a membrane, allowing the species to glide from tree to tree.37)38)39) Because he was the closer to the Drive than any other of the mutants, he was mutated far worse than any other creature. His size increased greatly, he developed horns, grew sharper teeth and claws, walked upright and his 'pair of wings' migrated to his shoulder blades40)41). He was the one that proposed the idea of 'Chimental' and was called 'mental' by another mutant creature, thus helping create the name of the group. He assumed the role of the 'Alpha Male' of the group. Very few mutants argued with him about his ascension 42)43). He is also considered to be the peacekeeper of the Mass, trying to quell infighting among the Mass.44)


While in the hunting grounds, if you come across a small forest covered in string and silk, RUN AWAY. That forest belongs to Duchess, a large black widow, and she hates intruders, which includes most of Chimental. The only one she has respect for is Alpha. When asked politely by Alpha45) she could easily weave her silk into various items.46) She's also considered a farmer. Her web houses a large family of silkworms that supply her with a constant supply of silk.


A male lion. He is one of the few that were there when Chimental was first formed. He didn't like the idea of working with prey and other predators for food, but his mate helped him change his mind. Now, he thinks of himself as the second in command and tends to be serious when it comes to the pack's rules and jobs. His mutant ability is a sort of 'sixth sense', able to detect creatures and contestant far from wherever he is. Because of this, he can easily track prey through the jungle.47)


Hunter's mate. She is a lioness with a kind heart. She is always seen near her mate, Hunter. She has the mutant ability to turn her body into a liquid and back into a solid at will. She tends to hunt in the streams waiting to pounce.48)49)


A gorilla50) covered in scars. He is considered an old war veteran, which fits being that he was there when Chimental was formed. He has an extra set of arms growing out of his waist. However, unlike his regular gorilla arms, these arms are thin and lean by comparison. The extra arms don't have hair or skin, and because of that he has to have them bandaged up constantly. Another main feature Rogue has is that he is always seen with his stone breastplate, which covers a long, nasty scar. A pouch, made from Duchess' silk, is tied to the back of the breastplate. In the pouch are his weapons, which include three stone tools, a club, an axe, and a spear. When in battle, Rogue will hold all three weapons at once, the gorilla arms holding the axe and club while both small arms hold the spear. Rumor has it he also has a fourth weapon: a blade said to made of the same metal the Drive is made of. He has a no nonsense attitude and cannot tolerate any antics from any member of the Mass.


A bald eagle. He is known to spend his shift perched on a high plateau, located near Luna's tree, either staring at the horizon, or reading on of the many books he keeps on that plateau. He believes that if someone wants advice, they're going to have to work for it51). When the sun sets, he flies down into Luna's tree and she takes over52)


A barn owl. You could easily spot her in her tree due to her pure white face. She is a lot kinder when it comes to giving answers53) and will give it freely. However, you must be polite at all times when talking to her. If you raise your voice in anger even once, she disappears into her tree for the rest of the night54). Both Sage and Luna are considered the 'gurus' of the Mass.


An octopus. Like all octopi, she can change her skin in color and texture, making her an expert in camouflage. Unlike all octopi, she has an extra set of eyes and can survive outside of water longer than the average octopus55). Outside of the water, she uses her tentacles to to entangle and strangle her opponents. Inside the water, however, she spins in circles to create a miniature whirlpool, dragging her prey down.


A hyena, named Demon for many reasons: his laugh, his manner, and his abilities. The laugh is understandable, being a hyena. His mind is split. When hunting he can be described as savage, almost psychotic. When not hunting, he's wise-cracking and sarcastic. His mutant abilities are the main reason he acquired his name. He has the ability to copy himself into a group of snarling hyenas, combined with his semi-insane manner makes him a deadly creature. Demon has one more ability. When his heart races, whether he's angered or when hunting, his blood begins to boil. Literally. His entire body will radiate intense heat, almost looking like fire, his paws actually causing burn marks on the grass. When the clones are hit, they disappear in a flash of heat.


A bighorn ram that lived in the snow covered mountains. When CyberCity was being built, he was 'shooed' away from his territory, causing a bit of tension between humans to begin with. Mutated with the snow he lived on, ice began to grow on his horns, and his breath can always be seen. When he rams56) something, not only does the blunt force of the impact stun the creature, ice crystals form at the point of impact, causing chills and sometimes incapacitate monsters if he hits an arm or a leg. Calm, unless you tick him off, then you'll be at the end of his horns.

Other members of Chimental

While most of the mass of mutants answers to Chimental, some of them have decided to give themselves their own unique name57)58)59)60)61)62).


Considered the 'groundskeeper' of the hunting grounds. Eco is an iguana that lived in the jungles outside Newhome. He was already mutated by a stray improbability wave and grew a extra set of legs. However, when Alpha offered him a place in Chimental, he declined. He chose to live in a tree, eating Canadian Mosquitos, because he wanted nothing to do with the Drive. While he was living there, the Drive was making his rounds. A lone contestant found it and attempted to defeat it. The Drive quickly warped reality, causing the contestant to become engulfed in flames. But the fire spread throughout the jungle, burning everything in sight. Eco quickly escaped through the trees. When he came back he saw what the Drive had done to his home. He then went up to Alpha and demanded to be let in. Living in the hunting grounds, he now takes care of the flora that is planted there, making sure the plants aren't cut, chewed on, or burned.


Boss was once the lead of a murder of crows. When the Drive was dropped off, it burned his flock, leaving him all that's left. He goes by 'Boss' despite Alpha being the leader. He was given keener eyes by the Drive, allowing him to find anything while in the air. He is used to help collect spare requisistion dropped by other contestants.


A lovely robin with an equaling lovely voice. She mostly spends her day perched in some tree, chirping away happily. However, if anything comes too close for comfort to her, her pitch changes, from beautiful music to ear-splitting scream. In the hunting grounds, she is used as an early alarm system.63)


If you see a pine tree moving across the hunting grounds, look down at it's trunk, you'll see the reason. Biome used to be a fiddler crab. When the Drive mutated him, his body was fused with some driftwood on the beach. Over time, his wooden body began to grow, both in size and height. His 'legs' are now the roots of the tree, with the tree planted on top of his carapace64). His main weapon is his large left claw, which was mutated into a large wooden block, which is used for bludgeoning instead of snapping. He can eat either by photosythesis or using his his crab mouth.


A living WHOOMPH grenade. A group of mutants were hunting when one of them was suddenly set ablaze. After they put him out, they looked up into the trees to see a small chimpanzee, twitching out of nervousness. They were able to calm him down65) and bring him back to Alpha. They purchased a tinfoil hat for him to wear so that he can both contain his abilities and easily access them if need be.

Acey and Deesee

Twin female golden hamsters that the group found while scavenging. When a few mutants pried open a reward hopper, they were shocked to see two balls of fluff inside, nibbling happily away at the reward hopper's wires. The group quickly jumped back66). When they examined the reward hopper panel, they saw that the two had chewed through the metal casing. They were also unharmed by the high voltage, but gave off a static charge when touched. They were brought to Alpha and the group explained what happened. A celebration was immediately thrown67).


The only surviving member of an ant colony. His species fend off attackers by exploding their abdomen, thereby killing the ant68)69). When the Drive disturbed his colony, he and about ten thousand more went to fight the intruder. Needless to say70), they got squashed, literally. Rev, however, was lucky enough to survive. He exploded right on top of the Drive's computer software, thereby causing an explosion. Rev was reformed and mutated. His head and thorax only grew a little bit, about the size of a finger. His abdomen, however, grew to the size of a BANG grenade, and is just as lethal. He now has the ability of regeneration, so when he does explode, leaving just his head and thorax, he slowly begins to grow back.71) Due to the immense size of his abdomen, he can no longer move and relies on the others to throw him towards enemies72).


An old tortoise. He is said to have lived two hundred years73). He was found in the middle of a clearing, yelling at the contestants napping there to, 'Get off his lawn.' Because he is too slow for hunting, he spends most of his time just basking in the sun74). He tends to call everyone 'sonny' because he is everyone's elder. A rumor around the hunting grounds is that his mutant abilities are disastrous. They say he has the power to create earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, tornadoes, and who knows what else. Unfortunately75), he seems to have forgotten how to access these abilities, or that he even has them.76)


A creepy creature whose hobby is scaring the snot out of contestants. Skull is a scorpion. He kept his original size, but became pale as a sheet, almost transparent. He now lives in a Velociraptor's skull. He claims he killed the beast with a single sting77). He hates sunlight, so if he needs to venture out in the day, he stays in his skull while the rest carry him. When talking to people, he maneuvers the bottom jaw of the skull with his tail, making it look like the skull is talking78).


A wild rooster80) found by Cleo and Eve81) while hunting. They had thought that he was one of the three french hens. However, this theory was shot when he opened his beak and let loose a stream of fire at the two. They brought him back to Alpha82) and has been a member ever since83). He is used to help cook the Mass' meals84), and he usually cooks the prey before killing it.


The group came across her and her soldiers during a Drive kill. they came to the lab in AceHigh where they thought the Improbability Drive was. Opening the door, they saw the Drive was not there. Looking around the abandoned lab for coins and cigarettes, they came across the remains of a large hive in the corner, torn and tattered in places. They quickly looked around their feet to see if there were any ants around. Seeing none, Alpha carefully approached the hive. A swarm of about a hundred bees burst out of the hive, buzzing very angrily. Quite a small force for such a large hive. A female voice spoke up over the buzzing.

"Who dares to invade my kingdom!?"

Alpha was surprised to say the least. 'Kingdom?' He quickly thought of an appropriate answer. "The . . . The king of Chimental. Me and my subjects mean you no harm."

"King!?" One mutant said.

"Hush, you." Said another mutant.

"We are in no need for visitors! Begone!" The buzzing swarm came closer to the group.

Alpha took a step back. "Surely we can be of assistance. Who was it that destroyed your kingdom?"

"A creature with silver skin! It tore through my castle and burned my soldiers!"

Alpha blinks. 'The Drive!' "We have met this creature before and we know it will return. We can help you."

The swarms suddenly stops advancing. The voice softens but is still stern. "How can you help?"

Alpha smiles. "I suggest an alliance. If you would allow a truce, my subjects will be able to protect your kingdom for generations to come. You will be a given a new land to reign over. In fact, if our kingdoms work together, we may be able to finally destroy this 'creature with silver skin.'"

The voice is silent for a long minute. She finally speaks up. "Tell me more about this kingdom of yours."

The new alliance in place, Honey and her swarm followed the group to their hunting grounds. They set a new hive in a oak tree near a meadow. The swarm grew over time, growing to full force. Safe in the hive, Honey sends her swarm out to either gather food or fight alongside the Mass. She rarely leaves the hive, but if she does, she is accompanied by her 'knight', Goliath.


A large Hercules beetle with huge pincers, and the strength to back them up. He was actually found inside the hunting grounds. He smelled the sweet scent of honey coming from a large hive. He approached it hoping for a meal89). Naturally, the swarm came out to fend off the intruder. Before the intruder was killed, Honey quickly called off the attack. She ordered them to bring the beetle to her. Inside the hive, She and Goliath came to an agreement. They would give him honey90), and he would protect Honey91). He quickly agreed92) and has been a 'knight' ever since.


A wild hare. He was given mutant speed from the Drive. He tends to have too much energy to stay inside the cloak, running around the island and outposts. If you do see him, it's usually in the form of a brown blur93).


A two inch red scarab beetle. He was originally a card from Pirate Jacques' card deck. When the card of picked, the card fell to the ground and began folding, eventually becoming an origami beetle. Because he came from a Joker's deck, he has access over improbability. However, being one of the youngest members of Chimental, he has yet to have self-control. This means he tends to fly into scenes and warp anything he sees, mostly people, with improbability. 94)


A large multicolored butterfly. If you read the ex libris storyline, you will know that Alpha had taken The Very Hungry Caterpillar under his wing. He would eat the kills of Chimental, rarely leaving bones. After a week, he went up his oak tree and created a chrysalis, beginning metamorphosis. He was left to grow and was eventually forgotten. However, after a few more weeks, Eric emerged from his cacoon, much larger than before. Chimental helps feed Eric by making a large barrel of sugar water for him.


A normal sized red-eyed tree frog. She was mutated with the tree she was in, fusing her DNA with the flora. She now has yellow flower buds growing out of her legs and a large white one growing out of her back. When threatened, the buds open and releases a cloud of spores, causing numerous ailments. She also makes Alpha sneeze, though.


A beautiful swan. Her mutant ability is illusions. She can distort the immediate area around her. Inside the area, she can create illusion of any image: piles of requisition, cartons of cigarettes, a beautiful woman, a wounded animal. By the time her opponent realizes that something is up, it's too late. 96)


A wolf. 97) Libra was once two female wolves of a pack, one a normal gray wolf, the other an albino. In a wave of Improbablity, the two wolves fused together, with both heads taking a spot on their newly formed pair of shoulders. Their fur pattern has mixed into swirls of gray and white. While their name means 'balance', it is far from it. The two heads tend to fight at every aspect. Both heads have a different outlook on life. The gray wolf head is more forward, more vicious, and the one that wants to leap head first into a battle. The albino head is more gentler and wary. While the two quarrel, if they ever do agree and get their minds straight, they will be able to take down a monster several times their size.


A rather large, and rather polite, termite. Like some termites, Don can squirt a blinding liquid from a hole in his head at attackers. Unlike any termite, Don refuses to use said liquid98). Can easily take down a tree. Because of his terrible eyesight, he made a makeshift pair of glasses, made from a broken pair of glasses, owned by a Professional Romance Writer, and a 'natural paste' that he made99), the paste frame holding the lens over his eyes. 100) To 'compliment his new eyewear'101), he also made a large paste tophat onto of his head, over the frame. 102)


A large carpenter ant who loves his 'profession'. His thorax was split in half upon mutation, the front half bending upright. His front legs mutated into crude hands, the end of them having three claws each, altogether giving him an almost human look. He is very energetic and loves to have something to move or build. What makes him stand out is his 'home', a crude treehouse, which is more or less a stick shack in the branches.103)Recently 'acquired' a carpentry and masonry kit, and is often seen with one over each shoulder104).


A cobra with a nasty bite105). The Drive gave her bite even more bite106)107). Instead of a toxin, she releases a powerful acid from her fangs, dissolving her prey from the inside-out108). A type of poison also coats her skin, allowing her skin to be just as poisonous as she is109)110)111).


A sea snake that grew a extra pair of heads, almost looking like she grew a pair of arms. In fact, she uses her extra heads like arms, grabbing things with her jaws112). All three heads can inject a powerful neurotoxin, paralyzing the victim. She can easily live on both land and water, but chooses to stay on land most of the time113)114).


A raccoon that has quite a reach. About a thirty foot reach. His entire body has become elastic, making him stretch amazing lengths. By stretching his body and snapping back like a rubber band, he can easily fling himself in any direction, either away from the danger or catapulting straight into the enemy. His rubber bones prevents him from being injured by the impact.115) His weakness is his obsession for shiny objects, as he'll easily break his cover to grab some shimmering bauble on the ground. His home is a single tree, decorated with all the 'shinies' that he has found over time.116)

The Creepy Trio



Her title rather than her name, Sorceress is a mangy black cat. When she was brought to Alpha, she claimed that she was once a powerful sorceress118). While she stopped on the island for supplies, she ran into the Drive. She claims that it had changed her into a kittymorph119) and her powers have been diminished greatly. Despite his skepticism, he offered her a place in Chimental120). She lives in the hunting grounds but refuses to acknowledges Alpha's leadership, rarely caring what that 'skink'121) has to say. She spends most of her time trying to find a way to get her 'beautiful body'122) back. While most do think she's nuts, there are a few things that say the contrary. One of which is her 'familiar', Shadow.


A black sewer rat that follows Sorceress around wherever she goes. By the looks of him, he looks like he was the one that started the Black Plague. He only listens to Sorceress123). He is considered the thief of the trio, able to 'find' anything Sorceress needs in the various buildings of the outposts.


A large, nasty-looking wasp. He was born on the island but Sorceress seemed to have persuaded him to follow her. His most significant feature is that, instead of a stander stinger, he has a long, dirty syringe for an abdomen. Sorceress uses him to help 'collect' various materials, from water to to plant juices to blood, that she uses for spells and potions124).

Sea Critters


Stray improbability waves even mutated the sea life. While some of them can live outside of water for a while, most have be in constant contact with water.


A rather large sea snail. The group came across him while resting on the beach. Their rest was interrupted when half a dozen eye-stalks burst out of the water. After a slight scuffle126), Admiral was offered a position in the Mass. He lives inside his spiral shell that is the size of the average two story house. With his house on his back, he moves127) around in the waters, with only his eye-stalks showing above the surface. Despite never hunting on land, he is an exceptional scavenger. Many times, discarded or lost items end up at the bottom of the ocean. He would collect them by wrapping his eyes-talks around them and bringing them to the rest of the Mass. Unfortunately, he collects everything, and has been known to 'collect' contestants that got too close to his reach.


An old sea turtle. She increased in size, allowing some creatures to ride on top of her shell.128) She is very motherly to everyone, calling everyone 'sweetie' rather than their real names.


A swarm within a mass. They were found when a few mutants chased an interrupting cow into a nearby river. As soon the cow was knee deep in water, a huge froth of bubbles emerged around the cow and attacked before the cow could even moo129). The mutants watched with horror130) as the cow was completely stripped in seconds, leaving a picked clean skeleton. One mutant went to investigate the water131). When he looked in the water's surface, a piranha leapt out of the water and snapped at him. After a little negotiating 132), the pod of piranhas became members of Chimental. Each piranha is mutated differently, ranging from having limbs to extra eyes to even wings. Unfortunately, none of them can breathe out of water, and can only last about a minute on the surface. If their services are needed, they need the target to be in, or at least near, water.


An angelfish that swam in the non-poisonous streams that litter the island. Her scales seem to glow the many colors of the rainbow. While she was swimming, a Giant Midget had accidentally scooped her up in his glass while making a bicarbonate of soda. The midget looked at the fish in his glass and was instantly mesmerized. Tempest was out swimming looking for food when they saw the damselfish in distress. One picked clean midget later, they brought Beau to the Mass. Her scales now help distract victims while the rest of the group attacks.


An eel that the group found while at a luau, slithering among the fish in a net. His biggest feature is that he has only one eye in the center of his head. His body became magnetically charged, allowing to draw metal objects135) towards him136). His greatest power is discharging around ten thousand volts at an enemy.137)138)139)140)


Sage was taking a break from his post on the cliff and went down to the gulf to wash up. When he put his head under the water, SNAP! A clam, about a foot in diameter, had clamped down on his head. He flailed for a few minutes, trying to get the shellfish off. He ran right into a nearby palm tree. Admiral was watching the whole thing from the gulf and helped Sage pry the clam off his head141)142). The clam, named Derby, was welcomed into Chimental143). He helps fend off enemies by doing what he does best144).

Father Finn 145)

You can only see Father Finn and his disciples if you're in the SWEET clan or if his profession is needed. Father Finn is the leader of a school of mutant carp in a koi pond in the meditation garden of the SWEET clan hall. He tends to preach a 'fire and tarter sauce' sermon to those wanting to listen.


If you're ever on the Failboat,146) look over off the side of the boat, and you'll see League. League is a large group of barnacles, anchored to the sides and bottom of the Failboat. Because they are closer to the Watcher than anyone else, they are said to have a mission: to surround and capture the Watcher. Of course, they can't really survive long out of the water.147) But until they are mutated enough to live out of the water, they can do only one thing: sing. 148) They spend the day 149) anchored to the ship, singing A Capella. 150)151)152)

Nox von Luminari

Aka Dr. Nightlight153)154). A two foot hermit crab with an upward spiral shell155)156). He has the title of the Mass' physician. He has the ability of cellular regeneration, like some Jokers have, but unlike the Jokers, the has the ability to transfer the effects to others, healing their wounds. When he activates this ability, his spiral shell begins to glow a bright light157). He will then guide the light onto to the wounded and the healing process will begin. 158) 159)


Nox's recent assistant. Malda is a Portuguese Man O' War with a cocktail of toxins in her system. Mutated with a discarded chemical pack, she can fill creatures with an adrenaline like toxin, a numbing neurotoxin, or a sanitizing alcoholic fluid, depending on which tendrils she wraps around the 'patient'. With those fluids in her system, Nox quickly asked her to be his assistant. Barely able to walk on land, Malda tends to just wrap herself around Nox's shell, being carried from place to place. Nox's hard exoskeleton prevents Malda's own chemicals from messing with while working, making them a perfect duo. 160)161)


Ever wonder why no one has never tried to swim away from the Island? Or even from the Failboat to the Island? Tsu is the main reason why. Tsu is a great white shark. She mutated with the nearest thing to her, which was the water. Her entire body is now in a constant liquid state. Because of her new form, she doesn't need to eat, but that doesn't stop her from tormenting people in the water. She'll 'play' with her new toy by beating down on it with waves.162)


A child of nature. Bog is an axolotl. Like all axolotls, he has never fully went through metamorphosis, leaving him in a perpetual state of adolescence. While his body is young, his mind is not. His mind had been warped, giving him the mutant ability of telekinesis. When using his ability, his feelers glow an eerie blue. He can pick up things many times his own size. Of course, being an adolescent, he still tends to do childish pranks and 'locks himself in his room' 163)164).


A beaver, or at least half of one. She was mutated in the water with a nearby fish, grafting one species onto another. What resulted was a beaver with many fishy features, which includes scales along her arms and legs, a row of scales down her spine, and a long fishy tail. While her new tail can no longer be used for building, her speed in the water is phenomenal. Tends to call her friends 'shuga', though if you get her mad, she will grab you by the ear.165)166)

Takashi A japanese spider crab with a taste for adventure167). His body is essentially a swiss army knife, as all ten of his limbs have been replaced with a weapon from Sheila's Shack, starting just below the 'knee'. Each weapon shows signs of age, being chipped, rusty, or smells like it's been sitting in Squathole for a week. His front main claws are a spork and a katana168)169) while the back eight consist of a baseball bat, prosthetic leg, driver, sledgehammer, axe, fire extinguisher, lead pipe, and a flail. He is headstrong and stubborn with a goal of tracking down and destroying every hydra, harpy, golem, or any other [Noun] of [Adjective] he can find.


Because of the growing number of contestants, the island became a home to not only Robots but also the weapons and scrap metal that is found around the island. When the Drive mutated some creatures, they fused with the various scrap metals and technology that was there.


A centipede that lived in the scrapyard its whole life.170) When the Drive mutated him, he not only increased in size171), but Improbable Burny Fire melted the scrap metal around him, fusing with his exoskeleton and brain.172)173) He gained enough intelligence to speak. However, being born in Cybercity, he learned to speak through the 'LEET language' of malfunctioning robots174)175)176). However, despite this, he helps the Mass by being an expert at the scrapyard, finding the best scrap for homemade weapons177)178)179).


A saltwater crocodile. Before the Drive was placed on the island, he had spent most of his life on the island in the rivers of the island waiting for his prey to come to him. After the Drive was created, his diet changed, from clueless creatures to clueless contestants. He would always wait for contestants to cross the river before striking. One potential meal left a chainsaw behind while running away. While under the water's surface, he saw a shadow coming towards the water. Thinking on instinct, he lunged forward. But instead of a fleshly leg of a creature or contestant, he clamped down on the metal leg of the Drive. Seeing the annoyance on its leg, the Drive threw him off and sent out an improbability wave towards him. The crocodile landed on the abandoned chainsaw and was hit by the wave. His jaws fused with the metal chain. His jaws now function in the same way as a chainsaw. With his metal, rotating teeth, he is considered to have the most dangerous bite of Chimental.


A jumping spider that lived in Cybercity's alleys. A improbability wave fused it with some discarded steel wool left in the alley. He is now the size of a housecat. His fangs were also mutated. Instead of sucking the insides out of insects, he absorbs the electricity out of mechanical objects181). Instead of making silk, Mech now has the ability to spin strong webs of wire, which the Mass uses to set traps. However, instead of catching food, it sometimes catches potential members, like Ascii182)183).


A large firefly caught in one of Mech's webs. When she was found, the first thing Alpha noticed was she had a lightbulb for a tail. She was immediately welcomed into the Mass. Instead of talking, she uses her tail to flash in morse code. She can control the intensity of her light, sometimes blinding enemies. She seems to have fallen for Mach, and is always seen hovering around Mech, blinking like crazy184).


A orphaned ostrich chick that wandered into Cybercity. When a wave of improbability hit the outpost, it weaved her DNA with the wires of a nearby computer.185) Instead of talking, the cyborg chick communicates by saying *ping*186)187) repeatedly. She looks to Jet as a father figure188)189).


A vulture that followed Pixel into the town, thinking she would be a easy meal. When an improbability wave hit the city, he lost his concentration and flew straight through a window in Shelia's Shack of Shiny, right into the butter knives. Shelia threw the mutant bird out into the alley. When he came to, he realized two things. The first thing he realized was that his feathers felt heavier. He looked at his wings and saw they metallic and serrated. 190)191). The next thing he realized was that his prey was staring right at him, her head tilt in confusion. He lunged forward, and fell face first into the ground192). The next thing he knew, he felt Pixel trying to help him get to his feet. When he got up, he stared at Pixel, who was *ping*ing happily. Sighing, he chose not to eat her.193)194) The duo went scavenging for bugs and carrion when they met Alpha. Even when they joined Chimental, Jet still keeps Pixel in his sight at all times. When flying, Pixel is always seen riding on top of Jet's back.


A sun worshiper in more ways than one. Solar is a frilled lizard that now runs off a pair of batteries that can be seen on his sides. His frill is now a set of retractable solar panels, connected to the batteries. The batteries can hold a charge for quite a while, but if the batteries runs out, he'll collapse until the sun returns or is dragged to a light source. Because of his dependency of the sun, he will recharge at any time regardless of how much energy he has left. Of course he tends to do this while running, focused so much on the sun that he does not pay attention to where he's going.195)


A giant anteater196) that developed allergies. Normally, a sneeze now and then wouldn't be much a problem. However, her cybernetic parts add some danger to the mix. Her arms and legs are cybernetic, but taking up a large portion of each of the shoulders and thighs is a large fan. With every breath Camille takes, the fans move in both directions. However, when she sneezes, the fans kick into overdrive, causing a small cyclone around her. The wind will die down after a minute or two, but continued sneezing will make the windstorm larger and stronger.197)

Dead, but not gone


You've seen Zombies on the Island. The dead turned living, still able to move by some unknown force199). Well there's an animal equivalent to the human Zombies: fossils200). Improbability seeps into everything. You've already seen it in the trees and plants. It will seep into the ground, and eventually, something will come up. Most of these creature don't seem to have anything holding them together, their bony joints held together by what seems to be thin air201).


A skeletal Apatosaurus. She was 'buried' in a spot full of trees and vines. When she rose up, she took the plants with her. Her ribcage is tightly packed with dirt and foliage, still growing within the dinosaur. Because of her height, her bones are easily warmed by the sun, her ribcage becoming a greenhouse for the foliage she harbors: ivy, grass, flowers, and even a few small saplings growing out of her sides. She's very grandmotherly towards the Mass and is even considered a guardian towards some of the more younger and smaller members. Because of her 'grandmother' title, she spends most of her time in the Hunting Grounds, looking after the 'little ones'.


Probably the best depiction of a zombie animal, Frostbite is, or rather was, a grizzly bear. During one harsh winter in the mountains, he couldn't find enough food to survive the cold. A bit of time and improbability later, he returned, the cold climate preserving some, but not all, of his body. Patches of fur and skin have rotted away, showing the frozen entrails underneath, and what's left of his fur looks like it's just hanging off of him202). The right side of his face is completely gone, save for the intact skull and the still working eyeball.203)


No one really knows what this little pink ball of mist was.204) Aura was vaporized205) by the Drive when she was still a little whatever she was. The vapor converged into one ball of gas. Because of her gaseous state, she is able to enter any object, whether it be a tree, a glass of ale, a pile of rocks, and able to move it to her will. She tends to take the 'form' of a skeletal opossum, using scattered bones from the rest of the pack's kills.


Technically not dead, but looks the part. Zeta is an old shrew that merged with the improbable soil she dug through. Now a giant pile of sentient soil, she digs through the topsoil, her earthly body picking up various things through the earth. The most prominent component picked up while digging is bones, left on the ground by contestants206). She was named Zeta after the human skeleton leg embedded into her back, bent at both joints to resemble a 'Z'207)208). Thankfully, she no longer needs to eat in this form209). Blind and half deaf due to her species, her age, and her form, she spends most of her day achieving something she never had before: rest210).

Sponsor 211)

A skeletal Dimetrodon. When brought to life there was just one little flaw with his body: he had no head. When they found him they quickly tried to find a replacement head. Monster skulls were too either too small, too large, or nonexistent. 212) They found the answer to their problem in the scrap heaps of Cyber City. Fixing an old rabbit ears television onto his neck, he was a complete whatever-he-was. 213) He was named after the first message given with his new head, "We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor." 214) Manipulating the bony frills on his spine, he's able to pick up signals and display them on his screen, mostly picking up commercials and pure drivel. 215)


What? Animals can't own pets? Well these do. Try telling them otherwise. 216)217)218)


A Bulldozer 'bought in Mike's Chop Shop' 219) covered in black fur. He is best known for his loyalty, charging in headfirst with his blade raised high alongside his masters. However, he also known for his playfulness, charging straight into Chimental or any new face.220)Recently, Chimental installed a lazer 221) on top of Behemoth's head. He has, surprisingly, yet to accidentally set anyone on fire.222)223)224)


An adolescent Gazebo they found in the jungle. You could easily recognize her by her red roof, painted to match their cloak, and her pure white body225). She was adopted by the Mass and trained to be their 'watchdog' for when they sleep. Despite her species, she has become less bloodthirsty and more tame in public, and will even purr and let other contestants pet her. However, do not, I repeat DO NOT try to harm her, Behemoth, or Chimental. 226)227) This will trigger her more territorial and feral instincts. 228) She has seem to have taken a liking to Behemoth, and is known to be right beside him, always either wrestling or playing with him. 229)230)

Gargore: 231)

This used to one of Alpha's statues for drive kills, specifically his final one of Season One, number 185. Instead of destroying it, Alpha decided to do something different. He went to the the PSK and grabbed three drinks, which he poured into the statue's mouth. 232) The mixture of potions gave the statue life. A series of red cracks appeared on the statue, giving the appearance of blood vessels. He used to resemble Alpha's 'human' form, complete with red eyes, wings and tail, but many battles 233) caused his form to almost completely shatter. However, the stones are still piled together in a vague shape of a bipedal creature. Only the stone wings are slightly intact234). His 'mouth' is now a set of jagged rocks, and his 'backside' is covered with sharp stones, adding even more intimidation. He is unable to speak.235)236) Despite having wings, Gargore is unable to fly237)238)239) and instead lumbers around the island. His masters are known to just sit on Gargore's shoulders, letting him do all the footwork. 240)Physically, Gargore's large size and stone skin makes him a valuable ally when fighting.241) Emotionally, Gargore appears to be very timid when outside of the jungle, preferring to just sit and do nothing like a, well like a statue. 242)243)

1) This version of the cloak and mask made by the lovely and talented Genevieve
2) The 'ohmigodrunawayauuuuugh' version was made by the equally lovely and talented Kim.
3) They think people pronounce it like 'Kai + m'
4) Though probably like 'chimp'
5) I'm starting to wonder, ever since Remus showed up on the island, things have been. . .getting bigger. This is only one of those times, but still. . . No offense, Chim.
6) None taken.
7) Including right behind you.
8) BOO!
9) You're way off.
10) Try again.
11) Nope, still wrong.
12) Though it mostly consists of typo gremlins and Gargle Blasts.
13) And the occasional Rookie
14) Did I mention teeth?
15) In short, just a bunch of idiots.
16) That's why you couldn't figure out their age.
17) If there was also a mask of terror.
18) Yeah, that's not drawing attention at all.
19) Like I said before. A bunch of idiots.
20) *Flashback ripple effect*
21) And some known only to dolphins.
22) Without that pesky human problem.
23) HFC: Horatio fried critters.
24) A lizard ate a few of the Drive's wires when it crawled inside.
25) An extra eye or set of arms.
26) A sea snail lives in the water that's the size of a house.
27) Though some debate whether that means intelligence.
28) ()n3 /\/\3mb3R ()f Th3 M@$s t@1k$ l1k3 tl-l1$.
29) You'd be confused too if you suddenly grew a second head.
30) Though there was some protests.
31) You'll learn about him in a minute.
32) Later found out to be a discarded tent for blood donations, soiled in blood from a donation mishap.
33) , 99) Don't ask.
34) You don't want to know.
35) Hooray for convenience!
36) Read the footnotes.
37) Why the fook did I leave this fact out for so long? Makes his mutation sound much more believable.
38) Because you're a lazy hack that has gone insane so many years ago?
40) which look awesome when Nadya wears them as a skirt
41) Sadly, he could not breath fire.
42) Would you argue with something that looks like a dragon?
43) The answer is no.
44) Guess how well that works?
45) And given a few midgets as a peace offering,
46) Great for gifts.
47) Sneaky bastard...
48) Picture this. You're a jungle creature walking through the jungle when you come across a stream. Thirsty, you bend down to get a drink an-
49) You're being mauled by a sudden lioness.
50) of the non-guerilla variety
51) Quote from Sage: "You climb my cliff, you get answers. Simple."
52) This tends to frustrate contestants wanting advice, because they tend to spend the entire day climbing the wall.
53) She scolds Sage for his harsh manner.
54) If you still persist on getting your answers, you are considered fair game to her, Sage, and the others.
55) Oh, like anything here is average.
56) no pun intended
57) I'll be putting in members from time to time.
58) I have a lot of ideas.
59) I just don't want to type it all out a once.
60) I also have a short atten-.
62) *Goes off to chase shiney*
63) A bloody loud early alarm system.
64) He's great to have around during Christmas.
65) After a few more mutants were set on fire.
66) WAY too many reward hopper mishaps made them a bit skittish.
67) Like I said, they've had WAY too many reward hopper mishaps.
68) This actually is a species of ant.
69) Don't believe me? Look it up.
70) But I'm going to say it anyway.
71) It takes about a day for him to be ready to go off again.
72) His first suggestion in any conversation is, "Let's blow it up."
73) Who can prove him wrong?
74) With Solar curled up on top of his shell.
75) Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it.
76) Two hundred years is not kind to one's memory.
77) As you can guess, there are a few doubters.
78) Scares the newbies to death.
79) Guess how he got his name.
80) Do those even exist anymore?
81) You know the drill by now. Keep reading.
82) Very carefully.
83) Though Alpha is a bit ticked off that a chicken can breathe fire and he can't.
84) Ever since that salmonella scare.
85) Her Majesty Queen Victoria Olivia Elanor Antoinette.
86) The Third.
87) Honey is her unofficial nickname.
88) DO NOT call her Honey when talking to her.
89) This won't end well.
90) The food, not the bee.
91) The bee, not the food
92) He thinks with his stomach.
93) Andalsoifhestalkingatthisspeed.
94) If you see his body flash red, RUN!
95) Polly
96) Seen lately with Colonel.
97) Or rather wolves
98) 'Quite rude.' he claims.
100) He used to have just one, but there's that pesky depth perception problem.
101) His words, not mine.
102) There's something you'll never see Deimos make.
103) He's seen the large members of the Mass. He isn't stupid.
104) You will not be seeing any decorating from him.
105) As opposed to one that has a nice bite?
106) *sigh* I could not think of a better way to say this. Give me a break.
107) An over-bite?
108) EWWWWW!
109) She doesn't slither. She slides.
110) Like a slug.
111) Don't tell her I said that.
112) She unfortunately tends to puncture whatever it is she is trying to hold.
113) The fish were too fast for her.
114) She just won't admit it.
115) The impact still makes him dizzy.
116) Don't look directly into the tree on a sunny day.
117) An unofficial nickname for the group.
118) As you can guess, most of Chimental thinks she's loony.
119) More kitty than morph.
120) He already had a few insane creatures in the Mass.
121) Her words. Not mine.
122) Again. Her words. Not mine.
123) Skeptic creatures claim it's because she won't eat him if he listens.
124) So far, each spell and potion she has attempted has blown up in her face. Literally.
125) In the Navy. . .
126) And a few soaked creatures.
127) slowly
128) As long as she doesn't submerge.
129) Ironically, the interrupting cow was interrupted.
130) And with hunger. That was their lunch.
131) They drew straws. He lost.
132) Promises of meat.
133) Pronounced 'Bow'
134) Spell it backwards.
135) And metal members of the Mass.
136) Many times against his wishes.
137) His greatest weakness?
138) Two words: depth perception.
139) And yes, we know that it's amps that kill and not volts.
140) Lee just doesn't care.
141) After he stopped laughing.
142) You could tell he was laughing cause a huge amount of bubbles were floating to the surface.
143) Everyone nearly busted a gut when they were told what happened to Sage.
144) Sage still says he should be turned into chowder.
145) Holy Carp
146) What am I saying? When you're on the Failboat
147) You gotta give them points for trying.
148) That's right. . .sing.
149) And night. Have you ever seen a barnacle sleep? No, you have not.
150) It's fun to stay at the F! A! I! L!
151) Boat.
152) Don't worry, they take requests.
153) He hates that name.
154) So be sure to use it constantly
155) Admiral still gives him dirty looks about that.
156) Nox keeps insisting he found the shell in the sand, not attached to any snails.
157) Hence the nickname.
158) He also seems to have a German accent.
159) How he acquired that accent is a mystery.
160) She speaks with a broken Portuguese accent.
161) But how does she even. . .forget it.
162) If you ever see a wave by the Failboat that looks like a dorsal fin, maybe you should just stay on the boat.
163) It's a riverbed.
164) His tantrums are the worst.
165) Regardless of how tall you are.
166) And regardless if you have ears or not.
167) And ironically, adventurers have a taste for him.
168) He's ready for dinner.
169) Again, ironic.
170) A whole two weeks.
171) About twenty feet long.
172) According to Hax, it really really hurt
173) Well, actually, he said, "1t r3@1Ly R3aLly l-lur7!
174) The rest of the Mass sometimes smacks him to quit yelling 'N3wb13$' and other sayings.
175) He was once thought to be one of Mike's GEBOBs.
176) Mike was insulted at the thought that he made Hax.
177) 1 @/\/\ t3h l3Et $cr@p F1/\/-.
178) *SMACK*
179) ()\/\/!
180) Unofficial nickname: Snaggletooth.
181) His favorite meal is a reward hopper with a polaroid camera on the side.
182) Do I have to say it again?
183) Fine. Keep reading.
184) Alpha keeps reminding Mech, 'You can't eat her.'
185) Thrown out due to too many error messages.
186) Like the noise when a error screen pops on your screen.
187) Her favorite hobby is scaring robots, thinking they've malfunctioned.
188) eep-Kay eading-Ray.
189) uh-Day
190) Well, somewhat serrated.
191) These are butter knives we're talking about.
192) He was not used to the weight of his new wings yet.
193) He keeps saying, "She was too scrawny, anyway."
194) Yeah, right.
195) Fun to watch him plow into a tree.
196) That's the species. Don't think of a 40 foot anteater.
197) Everyone really wishes she wasn't allergic to the dust she kicks up.
198) It was either this title or a Monty Python joke.
199) but we know it's due to improbability, so isn't it a known force?
200) Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones
201) Sounds unbelievable, but remember most Zombies should have Rigor mortis and not move at all so don't be picky.
202) He needs to eat something. He's just skin and bones.
203) He's cuddly. Go on and hug him.
204) And neither does she
205) For lack of a better term
206) One way or another.
207) Well why wasn't she named Z?
208) You know darn well why.
209) For those that don't know, shrews have two settings: eating and dead.
210) If your heart used to beat 1,000 beats per minute, you'd find the change very relaxing.
211) Full name: Sponsorsaurus
212) You try deboning Paranoia
213) I personally thought he looked good in a toaster
214) It was either that or static noise
215) Also known as basic cable.
216) They'll just ignore you.
217) Or maybe bite you.
218) Who are we kidding? They will bite you.
219) read: taken from a fleeing contestant
220) You have been warned.
221) That they had 'borrowed'.
222) One time, Behemoth followed Chimental into the travel agency and into the catapult. They were all flung towards Improbable Cenrtal
223) The last thing that was heard was a loud bellow and a loud crash.
224) Don't worry, Chimental cushioned Behemoth's fall.
225) If you could call it that.
226) Seriously, don't do it.
227) Those eyes
228) And leave you a bloody mess.
229) I wonder what their kids would look like?
230) *shudder*
231) Wishes he was a real boy.
232) A quote from Alpha, "A vitality potion for life. A health potion for endurance. And let's add a Gargle Blast for fun."
233) And blunt objects
234) Makes you wish they worked, huh?
235) He's a great listener though.
236) And has a wonderful personality.
237) He hates this fact.
238) Don't bring this up when talking to him.
239) He'll squish ya.
240) Wouldn't you?
241) Or in his case, squishing.
242) He has a heart of stone.
243) Duh.
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