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Milo Dmitri Chinaski

First impressions:

  • Currently Milo is a mutant, and female. These might be related. He certainly sees his female bits as a mutation, though he's learning to enjoy them. Besides those, his mutations are pretty mild: a pair of translucent lids under his normal eyelids, which can blink separately, some odd markings on the sides of his neck just under the jaw, webbed fingers and elongated webbed toes. Standing 5'5, he has shaggy blonde hair, cool grey eyes, and a smattering of freckles on his fair skin. He generally wears a pair of undyed canvas coveralls which minimise the visibility of his small breasts, and have the acronym RATS crudely embroidered on in black. He has recently experimenting with walking on water after some weird experiences in the bath. He is missing most of his left index finger, and has a symbol carved into hi chest just left of centre. Otherwise, just the typical scars of battle.
  • As a robot, he was a cube of stainless steel covered with white enamel and mounted on miniature caterpillar tank tread, with a panel of lights and a slot for printing receipt paper on one side, which we can call the front. There was some text printed on that side as well, slightly embossed and painted black. It read "Milomatic 2000" across the top, and then "fuel," "paper," "ink" and "error" beside each light. There was also a symbol matching his usual scar. His printed "receipts" were his only method of verbal communication1). A cirlcular hatch on the top shifted aside like a sliding door to allow his weapon on other tools to emerge, and to take in fuel. Once a week, he left a compacted cube of his food waste in the jungle2).
  • As a zombie, he was 6' tall, broad shouldered with dark grey skin. The progress of his decomposition was thus: the skin on his throat was gone. All the muscle and arteries and such are intact, but anything he drank or smoked leaked a little. He lost roughly a third of his hair, and the rest remained in a patchy afro. He has also lost some scalp at the back right side, exposing skull to be polished by the elements. He is missing his left index finger up to the second knuckle. (His wife might be wearing the nail on a chain around her neck. Charming.)
  • As a kittymorph, he was like an inelegant sphinx, his face furred but still human, looking unnaturally flat in the context of a feline head3)4). He also had opposable thumbs, but was otherwise almost entirely cat. His fur was sandy with streaks of redder ginger. His movements were more fluid in this form. He was more secure.
  • Before the Island, he was 5'10, ruddy, dark blonde, muscular in a way that speaks of hard labour5) rather than regular workouts, with a slight gut.


Chinaski6) is twenty-four years old7). He is the son of Polish immigrants to America. His parents are thickly accented, and Chinaski is convinced that they do it on purpose, out of stubborn fear of assimilation. They are very traditional. He works, she cooks, they make babies8), he tells her what to think.

Chinaski has a bit of a thing against women, and immigrants, and flamboyant homosexuals9), and generally anyone he thinks is "getting away with" something.

He read a lot as a child and early adolescent, being somewhat obsessed with having good English. At the age of fourteen or so, it occurred to him that his American-descended peers did not speak good English. He doesn't read much anymore. Probably coincidentally, he discovered (or, acknowledged to himself) his attraction to men around this age.

Milo enjoys anything that alters his state10), even if it is not a pleasant change. He has been accused of alcoholism on several occasions, and amphetamines are also a perennial favourite.

On the island:

When he arrived to the island, Chinaski was, of course, human. He was immediately infatuated with the Watcher, but he hasn't told anyone. One of the first people he met was kittymorph Nikolai, with whom he had some sort of thing he does not recall. In fact, Milo suspects that Nikolai's involvement with Prince Pace might have prompted him to get his memory wiped, so that he could remain friends with them without being jealous11)12). This is not the case. It's just good old-fashioned Drive amnesia. Anyway, thus began an unexpected penchant for claws and tails.

After his first encounter with Horatio, Chinaski had almost complete amnesia coupled with some false memories. He was a Kittymorph at this point, and remembered a few scenes of his kittenhood here on the island. It was around this time that he met Ophelia, as far as he recalls, though she could tell you otherwise. One day while hunting, he stumbled upon some sort of Stonehenge replica, or perhaps a sister constructed at the same time as the more famous 'henge. There was a corny B-movie flash of light, and he was filled with the battle experience of a bunch of dead guys, but also with his own memories up until about ten months prior, where there seems to be a brick wall. Effectively, he does not remember anything from several months before his arrival on the island up until his first DK. He remembers being kissed by the Watcher.

Not much else exciting happened to him as a Kat. When he next met with Horatio, he was reverted to human form, but with a short tail and the ability to purr, as well as increased body hair, the remnants of his fur. No amnesia. He's gotten romantically involved with another Kat, Ophelia. He has awkward, squishy feelings about her, a combination of barely-controlled lust and almost brotherly affection which he likes when she's around but finds embarrassing, even threatening, in her absence. She has recently carved matching symbols13) into both their chests in case one of them gets amnesia and forgets the other. He has recently married her. It seemed like the thing to do. He is waiting for babies now. He still gets nailed by Timothy, a midget whore, from time to time.

His third Drive Kill was astonishingly uneventful. He is still human, but the tail is gone completely now.

His fourth sent him through at least six human forms including young Korean girl and ancient man, settling on the form of a large black man. The scars survived each transformation.

His fifth has turned him into a zombie version of the latter, and he slowly decomposed for a while, hiding from people so he wouldn't eat them. The sixth, he remained a zombie, but less rotten and gross. Thinking he was human again, he returned home and ended up trying to eat his wife.

Now he's a cutebot!

. . . okay, not anymore, but I liked that sentence too much to change it. Now he's female and slightly froglike.

1) He later got a voice, though it was not ideal.
2) robopoo!
3) The missing nose might have had something to do with that.
4) Milo always had a nose, guys. Just, a man-nose and not a kitty-muzzle.
5) He's American but I'm Canadian, so Canadian spelling it is.
6) The emphasis is on the second syllable. It does not sound like "China." Please stop calling him "China" unless you are purposefully making fun.
7) but he's not sure of his age, because he's not sure how long the gap in his memory is. It is ten months. I know this as his somewhat omniscent narrator.
8) Milo is the youngest by a long shot.
9) Milo loves the cock, but sees no reason to get all limp-wristed about it. His words, not mine.
10) he lurrrves his Chem Pack
11) It is whispered She was furious, claiming it would have made for some incredible ratings.
12) Well, maybe not so much whispered as screamed from Her office at the top of her lungs.
13) part of her story, you'd have to ask her
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