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Cio Kailian

A relatively average contestant, who took to the role quite well, appreciating her newfound strength and ability to beat wacky monsters into shivering pulp. Cio, regardless of species, is a consistently an optimistic, slightly brash nerd who looks to please as much as she looks to improve herself. While in her original life this meant improving her art, here it means a desire to grow strong and succeed.

Current Bio.

Description by Race


A dark-haired, not-quite-pudgy girl probably a bit into her twenties. Her irises are an unnatural green. Her personality remains unchanged from the base.


A grey-furred, slender kittymorph wearing nothing but her good looks. She has reflective, almost glowing green eyes, and a cheerful smile. Her personality becomes significantly more playful and flirty, but that hides a very competent huntress' demeanor.


A grey-skinned version of her human self, if quite a bit pudgier. She takes significant effort to attempt to preserve her looks, hiding the potent scent of preservative behind a not-quite-strong-enough perfume. Her personality becomes fairly serious and thought-out, to match her much slower gait.


A shorter, wider version of her human self, with a somewhat squarer face and thick neck. She is surprisingly not horrible looking, for a squat. Her brash personality is magnified several times over as a Squat, and she gains a hard-to-place accent which may or may not be faked.


A semihumanoid shaped glob of mucous-like slime, surrounding a dense core shaped something like a human heart if human hearts had tentacles. Floating in what passes for her slime-head are three eyes, all three with varying shades of green irises. She becomes significantly quieter and subdued in this form, and is much more poetic-minded.


A glass-and-metal humanoid form, with the glass revealing intricate clockwork on the interior. Instead of a head, she has a roughly head sized CRT-like monitor, with green phosphor coloration and a constant flicker. Her personality is extremely clinical and almost never seeming to deviate from mild curiosity or flat passiveness; though she does experience deeper emotion, she has difficulty expressing it.


Looking very similar to her human form, though her eyes are now fully, glowing green - there is no differentiation between sclera, pupil, or iris. She is never found without her signature dark green tuxedo, nor her reflective jade set of dice which seem to be permanently lit by an omnipresent light source, even if no light is present. Her personality, much like her body, seems to be a sickening parody of human, though there does not seem to be any significant changes at a cursory glance, save for her much more playful nature.

Her Past

Before the Island

When she was Human, she was an Asian-American art student who got a bit too drunk and brash after what she bravely assumed was an interview-gone-well. She was easily convinced to come along to the island, up until the point where she sobered up slightly, which is when the crew knocked her out. She had dull brown eyes, and was a bit too brave for her own good.

Throughout Her First DKs

When she was Human, she was an asian-american art student who got a bit too drunk and brash after what she bravely assumed was an interview-gone-well. She was easily convinced to come along to the island, up until the point where she sobered up slightly, which is when the crew knocked her out. She had dull brown eyes, and was a bit too brave for her own good.

Upon completing her first Drive Kill, she was turned into a Kittymorph, and left without memory of her previous life or friends. As a Kittymorph, her personality became more energetic and flirty. Notably, her human body simply had dull brown eyes, while her Kittymorph body gained a few flecks of green...

After her second Drive Kill, she returned with the form of a Zombie, her skin taking a grey pallor and her normally black hair starting to grey around the scalp. Her skin did show signs of rot, but not to any noticeably terrifying extent, and what did decay she ensured was clean enough not to smell. Once again, she lost her memory of the friends she made over time, and her personality became more wizened and patient. Her Zombie form retained those same dull brown eyes, though there were several vivid flecks of green...

With her third Drive Kill, she was turned back into a Kittymorph, with a similarly flirty (and subtly bloodthirsty) personality fitting of the race. This time, though, her fur was a lighter shade of grey, and her eyes were dull-ish brown with many streaks of light green. Something is clearly changing from having been transformed by improbability so often.

Upon destroying the Drive for the fourth time, she became a Squat, incredibly brash and willing to challenge anything that looks at her funny. Aside from being shorter and, well, squatter than normal, she looked relatively close to how she did as a human, if slightly more masculine. Her originally brown eyes were then a little more than half green, and what parts remained brown were no longer dull.

After her fifth Drive Kill, she took the form of a particularly strange Mutant. She became comprised mostly of a thick, green slime, which had a tendency to drip and trail wherever she moved. While she had limited control over the vague shape of her still-humanoid form, she still possessed three relatively large eyes - two of which were bright green, and almost glowing, while the third, placed at the center of her forehead, remained a slightly shimmering brown. Whatever process has been affecting her over the course of the past few transformations seems to be nearly completed at this point. Being in her new form has also influenced her personality slightly, making her speech patterns ever-so-slightly more somber and flowery.

Her sixth drive kill placed her back in the body of a Kittymorph. with few changes since her last bout as one, except for the fact that her irises were then solidly green and seem to glow in the dark. Aside from this, she remained the signature Kittymorph combination of flirty and surprisingly bloodthirsty. Notably, though, she seemed to be starting to resist the effects of the amnesic used when a contestant defeats the drive.

Following her seventh and eighth Drive Kill, she took the form of a Robot, made of metal and glass. Her glass coverings of her chassis revealed intricate, polished steel clockwork inside, though the general shape of her body was unchanged, with one exception. Rather than a proper head, she had a stripped monochrome CRT monitor, using green phosphor for its coloration. This doubled as her main weapon, the monitor being able to fire a directed pulse laser for combat.

Post-ninth DK, she once again became a Kittymorph, mostly similar to her previous appearance and personality as before, except for the fact that her green eyes definitely glowed bright in the darkness, and seemed a bit dialated constantly.

After her tenth success, she returned to her robotic appearance. Her screen, however, glowed ever-brighter, and she gained a strange pressure-gauge at the center of her back, looking more like an ornate clock. It seemed to go from grey to green, with the needle mere centimeters from the maximum value.

Her eleventh success pushed the needle to the maximum value. The gauges glass cover has shattered, and the green bar seemed to glow. Her screen was solidly green. She became mute, and green sparks emanated from her chassis with each movement, leaving each motion showered with the sparks.

Her twelfth drive kill overwhelmed her with the drive's improbability, warping her to something no longer even derivative of human. She became a Joker, with brilliant, green eyes and an uncanny, almost perpetual grin. She wore a dark green tuxedo, with jade dice as her primary weapon and method of entertainment. The dice seemed to catch the light of the sun from all angles - even when deprived of the sun required to do so.

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