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Super special awesome buffs that you get just for being in a clan! 1) You have to donate a few 2)3) ciggies to even get the buff to work, and a few more to actually make it useful. 4) Yes, Contestants, you guessed it- it's all done by Midgets. Extremely well unionized Midgets. With ties to the Squat mafia. So don't forget to donate a few pints as well, maybe a thousand req or two5) for good measure. Or you might end up sleeping with the Watcher.6)

These are the kinds of buff that clans can buy:

Buff Effect Levels available
Attack Stat multiplier 10
Defence Stat multiplier 10
HP Drain Hits to monsters increases your HP 10
Damage Reflection Hits from monsters hurt them instead 10
Regeneration Heal during fights 10
Duration Rounds of buff per gameday 25

After getting to the maximum level in all buffs, there is the mythical Maximise Buffs effect, which gives infinite duration for ever and ever, amen.

Useful for tracking how many Cigs it costs you.

1) Okay, that was mostly a lie.
2) More than a few. Lots more than a few.
3) 14,985 cigs for a maxed-out buff
4) Oh, and one small thing. Clan founders tend to like it 'Just the way it was when I built it.', and, as a result, you are officially a curmudgeon.
5) I will gladly donate two Req.
6) Hey, I'd love to sleep with the Watcher! Sign me up!
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