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It has been brought to my attention by the Paperwork Reduction Act, that the actions of Clayton on the island seem to not warrant the long bio in the Wiki. Therefore a condensed and more fitting bio has been provided to replace the former. Additions to the new and improved bio will be added later IF any events are deemed worthy of note. The unnecessary OLD bio will be deleted once the shorter version has been approved by those in charge. I extend my apologies to those who were forced to read through the earlier bio when they so dislike such things.

Network File

Name Clayton, (last name irrelevant)

Sex male

Age 40+

Observations of contestant Clayton are as follows

Subject was dropped on the Island in the usual fashion. Clayton then interacted with others in a way typical for new contestants, then eventually settled into basic Island life after several DK's.


Clayton shows little or no variation from the average contestant and is therefore deemed of little consequence. Further observation is considered unnecessary.

End of report


As you walk into the Cabin, you see a stack of papers on the table. Curious, you look at them and see that it is the same stack you found in Kittania recently. Under the first page that you already looked at you find these....

Excerpt from original recruitment file 1)

Name: Eicher, Clayton

Age: 43 (NOTE: appearance of contestant is much younger, mid 30's at first appearance)

Weight: 130-150 lbs

Height: 5' 5''

Eye color: Green

Distinguishing features: Tattoos on each forearm

Program qualifications: Candidate is proficient in traditional fencing employing foil, epee and saber. Also shows skill with several other edged weapons, namely short sword, broadsword and pole arms of various sorts. Also has training with sai, kama, escrima and some unidentified club of sorts.(possibly a Native American style of tomahawk combat) Advanced proficiency has been observed with the bo. Candidate has also been trained in various martial arts, including Taekwondo, tai chi and other mixed close combat hand fighting techniques.

NOTE Candidate suffers from several nerve disorders, resulting in periods of acute pain made worse by physical or emotional stress. Normal medications seem to have little effect; therefore candidate has learned to control his symptoms through meditation and discipline through martial arts training.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Despite the candidate's medical problems, recruitment is suggested due to his ability to control said problems within the bounds of the Islands medical capabilities. Also a "sympathy" factor could play a part in drawing and retaining new viewers of the targeted age range.


Note:: Updated file-above information collected before delivery to the island. Appearance has now changed due to improbability contamination.

Contestant Eicher, or 'Clayton' as he is commonly referred to, is one of the first to be recruited in a new Network program to increase ratings by targeting middle aged and older viewers by introducing contestants of approximately the same age range. Following are the initial observations to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Clayton appeared to be an average male of around 30 yrs of age, though his records show he is older. Some white hair is evenly mixed with his medium brown hair and is the only outward sign of his possible age. Apart from his insistence on obtaining clothing immediately (notably jeans and strangely enough a long sleeve shirt and a jacket) his first few days seemed to go as anticipated. Shortly after obtaining typical weapons for a 'newb', he was seen with a wooden staff that he employed with expected proficiency. Strangely though, he seemed to shun contact with other contestants, preferring to slip into the outpost quietly, often under cover of night. Only after several months did Clayton begin to talk to others. After some research I discovered he suffers from a fear of crowds, sometimes becoming uncomfortable in a group of as few as four. He also showed an uncanny ability to avoid surveillance in the jungle, appearing on camera only during a fight, and then disappearing directly afterward. This behavior was at first deemed to be detrimental to ratings, but later proved to actually increase his popularity. During this time he acquired a cloak made from what appeared to be scraps of leather sewn together. Though not attractive in the least, it obviously serves its purpose as he was never without it. From this time until his first Drive Kill observations were uneventful.

After his first DK, contestant changed to a Kittymorph. He became more social during this time, most likely due to racial preferences for what they call 'scritches' and 'cuddling'. It was also noted that he showed resilience to the memory wipe, regaining his memories within two days. During a trip to the retraining vessel he met one contestant Rawrawraw, with who he seemed to quickly develop a relationship. From this point on, the two were seen together often and soon became a couple. A modest increase in ratings was observed at this time as well. Clayton also became friends with a contestant Xela, and one Cage Okami. The three of whom were seen later in combat with apparent militants of an unknown origin. The events that followed were sketchy at best, as for some reason video records were unavailable. Information gathered from second hand sources and pieces of conversations recorded in outposts suggest that Cage was possibly targeted by (deleted), resulting in his apparent death by another contestant, Mia (see file DELETED). Clayton acquired a severe injury to his left forearm, how and why is unknown but it is suggested that it may have been self inflicted. A very distant camera image suggests that Mia and Clayton aided the injured Cage in some way,as enhanced photos showed them hovering over his fallen form. Clayton afterward appeared in Kittania, apparently by using an OST, unconscious from blood loss. He was rushed to a med tent and released not long afterward. (see medical report DELETED).

Shortly afterward he and another contestant, Dark Knight, were observed in battle with Cage Okami. It was then that Clayton was infected with what later came to be known as a 'parasite', a demon possessed symbiotic organism, also of unknown origin. I later discovered that Cage Okami was under the control of his parasite, and infected Clayton against his will. Another infected contestant, named Fish, who apparently possesses some form of mental combat ability, attacked Clayton at this time, seemingly destroying Claytons mind leaving the demon in the parasite free to inhabit Claytons body. A major jump in ratings occurred at this time, so no action was taken as it was attributed to these events. (NOTE.This battle escalated to include several veteran contestants, leading to the development of the Cage, Dark Knight and Clayton action figures and the 'Parasite Battle' play set. See file 'Merchandising/action figures for more detailed report). Close observation was maintained, and it was determined that the demon and parasite was damaged in the mental battle, leaving the demon in a childlike state, retaining no memories of who it was before. It was discovered later that the demon echoed the personality of Clayton, therefore becoming a near image of him in most ways. Another friend of Claytons, one contestant Trex, suggested a name for the demon, Remus. Clayton, or Claytons demon, went by this name for over a month. During this time Remus(Clayton) health deteriorated, mostly because Remus could not control the nerve disorder. I later discovered that Clayton had told no one about the nerve disorder, save for Rawrawraw, who at this time was in morning for Clayton and avoided Remus(Clayton). While observing Remus(Clayton) one evening, I saw Rawrawraw confront him and give him her necklace that she always wore(said necklace being a gift from Clayton). Remus(Clayton) recoiled when putting it on, then recovered quickly and ran off. I found out that somehow Claytons mind was not destroyed, but was actually forced into another plane of existence that her later referred to as the 'void'. His mind returned with Rawrawraw's help and was kept in the necklace by some unknown means. Remus(Clayton) and Claytons mind then met with the Drive and were combined in his body, restoring Clayton to his body with Remus becoming part of his mind as well. Directly afterward a very emotional meeting occurred between Clayton and Rawrawraw, resulting in their engagement. Raitings soared afterward. Clayton stayed a Kittymorph this DK, only changing from being a dark brown color all over, to having gray hair on his face and shoulders. Several streaks of gray were apparent on his body as well, later found to be over scars, with a major one of special note on the left forearm.

Opinion so far: The new program, with this contestant at lest, appears to be working wonderfully.

Next phase of observations:: Clayton and Rawrawraw (who goes by the name Rawr) began to build a home shortly afterward. Rawr belonged to the clan SPARC, lead by one Albert Carter, a seasoned veteran of the island. Clayton applied to and was accepted as a member of SPARC, and from that time on lookd upon Carter as an adopted father and mentor. Carter gifted them a stake and materials, and together they built a home just north of Kittania. Ratings during this time remained high, evidence that the new project was a success. Clayton and Rawr continued a close relationship to Cage Okami, who regained control of his body and returned to normal, though he and Clayton would at times avoid observation for short periods. This activity proved supportive to high ratings, so it was not hindered. Not long after Clayton and Rawr finished their home, they eloped into Kittania and married. Ratings that week reached record levels as the wedding was rebroadcast in a different country every day. (Note..contestant Xela and Dark Knight were best man and bridesmaid for the wedding, afterward their popularity increased, each gaining a notable fan base from that time on) Clayton sustained a sever unknown injury to his entire body not long after their wedding, this happening during one of he and Cages 'avoided' periods. Later I discovered that Clayton only survived because of the healing power of his parasite, and that his injuries were very extensive. It was around this time that I also discovered that Clayton needed humanoid blood to sustain his health, a side effect of the parasite. This became a topic of contention between him and Rawr, as he refused to take blood from her even if she offered. This resulted in her near death from sneaking her blood for him to use. This too caused a jump in ratings. Not long after the blood problem was sorted out between the two, I discovered that Rawr was for some unknown reason, pregnant with Claytons child. This was an unfortunate event, since children were not allowed on the island. Rawr was scheduled for extraction, when she was coming home one evening and was attacked by the Drive. The improbability caused the birth of the child and subsequent ageing of their daughter, Yomiko, to the chronological age of 18. Ratings showed a marked rise, so nothing was hindered. Dark Knight and her spouse Jenner/Jasser, became very close to Clayton and Rawr, with Clayton adopting them both as his sisters. Around this time also, one contestant Tefenet, became close to Clayton and was also adopted as a sister. A subsequent rise in popularity followed for all after these events. Shortly after the birth of Yomiko, Claytons form changed with a DK, to that of a more human Kittymorph, with only cat ears, teeth, paws, feet and tail. Without fur though, it was found that his body was horribly disfigured by scars. (See attached photos) Clayton was extremely self-conscious about them, never letting them be seen by any save Rawr. She, I later found out, considered them to be a direct result of his love for her and regarded them with an almost holy reverence. Around this time, Clayton built on to their home (Riverside Cabin) several rooms for new contestants, or anyone who needed a place to sleep. He was quoted as saying 'I know what its like to not have a place to sleep, and if anyone wants a bed, they are welcome here.' It was also about this time that Clayton met a new contestant, one Rory Flynn, who he aided as he would any other newb that he would meet.

Tragic event (See file Rawrawraw. Death) One morning increased activity was noted around Riverside Cabin, Kittania and Cartes Cottage. No apparent breach or excessive monster activity was apparent in the area, so all local cameras were focused on the area. Upon closer observation it was discovered that Rawr had died during the night. More specifically, Clayton had awoken to find she had died while sleeping in bed. Immediately, ratings rose and stayed steadily high for over two weeks. Several of the Carter family stayed with Clayton for a few days, as Clayton was in a terrible state of grief. He soon left the Cabin, staying in Kittania for a few nights. After having an emotional conversation with contestant Trex, who was also emotionally distraught, apparently do to some personal problems; Clayton all but vanished into the jungle. Close observation was maintained as he went on a week long tour of the island, fighting monsters nearly constantly while avoiding contact with other contestants. This too was a boost to ratings. He appeared to have returned to normal, or at least come to terms with Rawrs death, when he returned to the Cabin to find that the island wide calamity referred to by the contestants as 'Hulk Smash' had occurred, and the Cabin was in ruins. During Claytons absence, Cage and Dark Knight had been looking for him, and when he returned to the ruined Cabin he apparently contacted Dark somehow. (Due to the ratings and viewer requests, several more cameras were placed near the Cabin, giving more detail to the following events). Dark called for Cage to help her with Clayton, and an extremely emotional display took place at the ruins of the Cabin, leading to Clayton suffering a fit of insanity, subsequently leading them on a chaise through the jungle ending at Helequin Lodge. Camera records are sketchy as the hidden inside cameras suffered some sort of interference, but after careful manipulation it was observable that the ghost of Rawr had returned to comfort Clayton. It was then discovered that Clayton had buried Rawr in their garden soon after her death, fearing that her body would be extracted from the island. The following reunion was eventually salvaged and made into a two part special for the following Valentines Day, excellent ratings followed. Rawrs ghost gave him her necklace, so he would not think that she was an hallucination or a figment of his madness. After the ghost departed he regained his sanity, returning to Kittania. There he met with Dark and Rory, who immediately started to nurse him back to health. He was taken to Carters Cottage, where he was close to death from lack of humanoid blood. He was given several units of blood, then was cleaned up as he was in a terrible state, being covered in monster blood and filth from head to toe. (Note, merchandising is still researching the possibility of the 'Sad Clayton' action figure). Clayton started to rebuild the Cabin within days; oddly enough ratings seemed to fall slightly during this time. Cage visited Clayton regularly, as did many of his friends. Cage at this time was female due to improbability contamination, and offered to stay with him. I found out later that Clayton ask Cage to sleep in bed with him, saying that he could not sleep well alone. This continued for some time until Cage changed form due to improbility contamination and was unable to fit into a bed. Clayton began to spend more time with contestant Rory around this time as well. (See file Flynn, Rory) It appeared early on that a relationship was developing, and the subsequent increase in ratings showed this to be a common thought. At this time Rory was staying at the Cabin as well, and soon I discovered that she and Clayton were sharing a bed, though, as I learned later, was only to combat Claytons strange inability to sleep alone. Not long afterward, Clayton built Rory her own room in the cabin during a somewhat frenzied building spree. During this time he also built an elaborate tomb in the garden for Rawr. Farther investigation showed that Clayton had advanced skills in stone and mason work pre island. (See secondary file-- Eicher, Clayton 001 Initial Recruitment File)

From this time on for several months observations were sporadic, though it was obvious that Clayton was spending an increasing amount of time with Rory. They were seen traveling often, but their exact whereabouts and actions were unknown until an encounter in Kittania shed light on their doings. Clayton met with fellow clan mate and adopted brother Obsidia Black. While trying to aid another contestant who appeared to be injured Clayton was blinded and severely burned by the contestants fire breath, (see file Mia) and was rushed to Carters medical facilities. His parasite abilities healed his damaged eyes with the aid of donated blood, but the left side of his face was left scarred with a portion of his bangs colored black. Surveillance revealed that he and Rory were staying with Dark Knight and Jasser at their Oasis residence, and had also been building a second home on the east coast of the island, near said Oasis. It was later learned that they were in semi-hiding because of (section deleted).

Not long after the completion of the new home, named The Cottage, Clayton proposed to Rory in said cottage. Surveillance of the event was unfortunately unavailable as no cameras could be installed before the proposal took place. An animated short film depicting the event was produced shortly afterward in response to requests from viewers worldwide. (As seen as a standard in the Improbable Island monthly romance update special) Plans were made for a wedding and was much publicized as ratings again soared. Fortunately, close watch was kept on them as a possible eloping was feared, as did happen later on. The two eloped into Kittania unexpectedly on evening, dressed in their wedding attire, but after some delay, including Dark and Jasser running to the Oasis to change into proper clothing, the wedding was stopped and all parties left without any real explanation. Later it was discovered that they decided to wait and have a proper ceremony, but Rory signed the marriage certificate that evening as a gift to Clayton. Ratings thankfully soared after the truth of the wedding was disclosed to the public, prompting the later release of the 'Eloping Kitty' action figures and 'Riverside Cabin' playset.

Clayton and Rory came out of hiding not long after being wed when it was reported that Cage Okami had been killed. Events surrounding his death are shrouded in uncertainty though it has been speculated that (deleted with BIG LETTER DELETIONS) Clayton did not take this news well, and were it not for Rory he may have lapsed into the same partial insanity that he experienced at Rawrs death. After a time more activity was noted around the Cabin and Cottage, when it was discovered that Cage had returned in female form again. It was suspected that (lots and lots of DELETIONS)

Ratings for the two fell for a time, until Clayton started to show signs of dementia and seemingly cannibalistic behavior. Observations were increased and ratings improved exponentially as his behavior became more erratic. A real time live feed was created to expound on the ratings, and the complete account was later condensed into an II Halloween special. A summary of what happened is this. Clayton had been possessed by a ghoul, placed in him by 'Horatio'. Dark and Jasser were crucial in discovering what was happening, and Dark was the key in removing the ghoul from Clayton. It was noted that not only does Clayton have a large fan base among viewers, but also has a large number of friends on the Island, as a remarkable number turned up to help him when they heard something was wrong. Ultimately Clayton fought the ghoul in a dramatic scene that sent ratings soaring past record levels for that time of year. An arcade game featuring the possessed Clayton and a griffin body Dark Knight was created in the following months, and a strategy/trading card game featuring Clayton, Rory, Dark, Jasser, Cage, Clue, Xela and the others involved was released in time for Christmas with notable success.

Things seemed to settle down to normal again for Clayton and Rory, when increased activity between other infected contestants and the two was noted, followed by another period where Clayton, Cage and others including Dark, Jasser and other infected contestants avoided observation for a time. When they were observed again, nothing noteworthy was detected other than a change in Claytons hair ,when no DK was reported, where the black lock appeared to be red now. After extensive investigation into the matter, it was determined that the group had exited the Island by some unknown means, and traveled to Dark Knights home world (see file Dark Knight/Fayn) There Clayton was apparently 'killed' by Dark Knight, and a new replica body was fashioned for him that was parasite free. Recorded conversations about the events that transpired at that time are varied, but it is suggested that the parasite in Claytons old body (deleted heavily) and attacked (deleted a lot more) Attempts to create an action figure group for this was immediately dismissed for unknown reasons.

Again, Clayton and Rory seemed to settle into typical Island life once more. Not long afterward, it was reported by the Watcher that Clayton became a Joker. This time the memory wipe seemed to hold, most likely due to the massive amounts of improbability involved. Ratings jumped immediately as Rory, Dark, Jasser and two other previously unknown persons worked on bringing back his memories. After nearly a week, Rory and the others were able to bring Claytons memories back, much to the disappointment of the producers who had hoped for a month of higher ratings. Clayton remained a Joker through several DK's afterward and seemed to be able to completely avoid the memory wipe throughout.

Observation of Clayton was increased when Cage once again disappeared, as that is usually a sign that something is about to happen with Clayton. True to form, Clayton disappeared shortly afterward, along with Dark Knight and Jasser. Rory, however, did not. She was seen leaving the Oasis alone, and wandering through Kittania and the other outposts. A DK was later reported by the Watcher, where her form changed to a type of WolfMorph, a drastic change from the Kittymorph form she had fallen into up until now. All traces of Clayton and the others vanished for over a month, when cameras in the jungle spotted them north of Kittania, heading for their respective homes. More investigation is needed to ascertain where they were and is underway at the present time.



NAME: Eicher, Clayton

CURRENT RACE: Kittymorph, possibly Jokermorph see description

AGE: 44+ physically, possibly older see description

SEX: Male

Following report compiled by CLASSIFIED in response to inquiries about rumors and events revolving around contestant known as Clayton. After extensive research, including questioning of surviving agents, retrieval of audio and video footage from numerous sources, information gathered from semi conscious contestants on the retraining vessel and covert surveillances by numerous contestant operatives, a much clearer picture of certain events has been formed, shedding light on questions concerning possible powers of said contestant.

Currently, Claytons appearance is that of a Jokermorph, with some Kitty features visible. Namely digitigrade feet, with fur and retractable claws, paw like hands with fur past the wrist and retractable claws, fur covered tail, very mobile cat like ears, slit pupil eyes and cat like teeth with large canine fangs. No whiskers have been noted. All visible fur is shiny silver, as well as his hair that is rather bushy and falls to his mid back. It has been noted that Clayton has been a Kittymorph since his first DK, and has not deviated from the full furred form until now. Though Claytons physical appearance is that of a Jokermorph, no Joker like behavior has been observed. Clayton seems to actually shun Jokers in most respects, and previous observations have noted that he has not as of yet played any so called "Joker Games" with a Joker. He counts several contestants that are Jokers as friends, though the ones that he does he has known before their new race was achieved.

REGUARDING INCDENT. BEDROCK MASSACRE. Previous speculation inferred that Clayton was the prime suspect for incident known as Bedrock Massacre due to the process of elimination. Though until this time no hard evidence to support it existed. All speculation rested on second hand accounts and inconclusive footage retrieved from the incidents location. Intensive investigation into the matter has revealed severl interesting facts about Clayton. During Claytons infection, contestant Fish (see file Fish) apparently tried to have Clayton willingly give in to the symbiots control. Clayton showed remarkable resistance due to the mental disciplines mastered over years of martial arts training (see initial recruitment file Clayton) and Fish, under the control of the demon in her symbiot, intended to destroy Claytons mind rather than allow him to overcome said control. According to a recorded account by Clayton, Fish attempted to bribe him into submitting by promising him that he would be allowed to infect Rawr himself, saving her from forced infection later on.What happened afterward is somewhat unclear, but it appears that Clayton, having resolved that he could not defend against the demon in his symbiot and Fish at the same time, gave up all resistance and resolved to die rather than be controlled or see Rawr infected by himself. Information gathered from experts in Zen practice suggest that in doing so, he released his mind from all physical and emotional burdens and achieved a complete Zen state, allowing his mind to freed from his body. When doing so, his mind was pushed into the Void by Fish's mental attack. This left Claytons body free for the symbiot to inhabit. (See file Remus) An unfortunate, or possibly fortunate side effect of this action was that the demon in the symbiot (found out later to have been the demon Belial) being so locked in mental combat with Claytons, mind was drawn along into the Void. A small part of Belial remained in the body, but apparently only what little bit of Belials mind was not fighting Claytons. Inquiries with theologians suggested that this remaining innocent part might have been all that was left of the angelic portion of Belial, before the fall of the angels from heaven. Whatever the true reasons be, Claytons mind was now in the Void along with Belials mind. According to a conversation with CLASSIFIED, where Clayton spoke about his time in the Void, Belial could not exist in the Voidal plane. Apparently demons are confined to the planes of Hell and earth and possibly the ethereal plane as well, but the Void they are unable to enter. Following is a portion of conversation describing what happened to Belial when entering the Void with Clayton.

Clayton: It was, (pause), a terrifying thing, horrible, more than I can describe.

CLASSIFIED: What happened to him, Belial?

Clayton: (long silence) I, I felt him holding on to me. At first it was, like he was digging into my mind, trying to hold on and break me like he did when we were fighting, but suddenly it changed. (Pause) He, he held on tighter, but I could feel fear now, lots of fear, turning to panic.

CLASSIFIED: What do you mean, he was afraid? Of what?

Clayton: He was (sigh) He was clutching to me, I could feel his fear growing and the feeling of panic nearly overwhelmed me as well. Then I pushed him away, just as easily as pushing away a (a longer pause) like pushing away a feather that was laying against your chest. So different than before when I could not move him from my mind at all. He had no power there, he was completely helpless. Once he was away from me he started to, to scream and to die.

CLASSIFIED: How? Did he just cease to be or?

Clayton: He burned away. Literally burned away. Like gunpowder thats spread out and lit on the edges, but in slow motion. Wriggling and screaming until, nothing was left but smoke.

After the death of Belial, Claytons mind stayed in the void for an indeterminate period of time. Though less than one month passes from the time of his infection until his mind was returned by Rawrawrawr, apparently the equivalent of 50,000 years or more passed in the Void. During that time Clayton learned a multitude of things from the inhabitants there, including at least 5 languages (heard later in numerous outposts when Clayton was angry) and the power to cause mass devastation. Following is a transcript of video and audio footage obtained several weeks after the event located at CLASSIFIED between Clayton and Rawrawrawr.

Clayton and Rawrawrawr step out of the jungle and stand looking over the large area of bare rock that appears in the midst of the grassland. A large long pile of twisted earth lay in the distance at the end of the rock area directly in front of them.

Rawr: Oh my, Clayton.

Clayton: Yeah, oh my.

Rawr steps closer to Clayton, taking his paw and leaning against him.

Rawr: How did you do this?

Clayton: Easily dear. Something I picked up a few thousand years ago from some children.

Rawr looks up at him, then back to the rock.

Rawr: They must have been really powerful kids.

Clayton: No, just plane old kids. Things are playful or destructive depending on how you use them. This was used as a game, in the Void it works differently.

Rawr: Is this how you got most of your scars? And where you got the bone for my necklace?

Rawr touches his chest with her paw, then touches a necklace she is wearing.

Clayton: (nodding) Yeah. The backlash was horrible. It knocked me back through the woods behind us about 60 yards or so. I dug that bone out of a tree, I think its from my arm.

Rawr steps in front of him, hugging him and laying her head against his chest.

Rawr: What else did you learn to do?

Clayton: Lots, but I forgot them to come back here. All I chose to remember was what I could use to fight the parasites, and this.

Rawr: Why did you forget what you learned? You would be very powerful if you would remember them, Im sure of that.

Clayton: With power comes responsibility. I dont want that much responsibility, I just wanted you.

Audio from this point on could not be salvaged.

After compiling the evidence, it was clear that Clayton was responsible for the devastation incurred at the Bedrock Massacre. It is still unknown however, what means was used to incur such devastation. It is surmised from farther inquiries that the power used was incurred by having his mind and or soul split between the island and the Void and some sort of energy channeling between the two occurred. Further investigation is underway at the present time, but evidence to date suggests that attempting to duplicate Claytons power would require means that are at the present beyond our capabilities, as it would require sending an agents mind into the Void to learn these powers from the inhabitants. The prospect of training an agent to enter the Zen state would mean removing all conditioning that PARAGRAPH DELETED CLASSIFIED.


Observation is recommended as it is not know for certain exactly what powers Clayton may posses.

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