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The Scene

The outpost is busy.. there is a librarian Orangutan hassling Jasser a bit and various other things happening.. this is where the plot begins...

In the Busy Outpost

Animus Fractus Clayton walks in through the gates, looking a bit more ick covered than usual. He leans against the gates with a sigh, lowering his head.

Jenner Jasser stares at the Orangutan. She glances at Jessica and smirks.

Returning Contestant Juliet didn't expect to have an impact on a hyper minigodzilla's classification error; it's just sort of a compulsion.

Returning Contestant Juliet waves at Clayton

The Librarian jumps at Jessica, swinging his long arms and throwing bananas at her.

Clue peers at Link <Something wrong Link..?> And back to Meenos <Ahh... I hope they work well for you.>

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan cocks his head to the side. "Quest? Ya doin some quests? Ah've been fine, trained at tha dojo s today." He looks down at the turtle and Fang, surprised. "FANG!" he yells, and picks Fang up and nuzz him.

Minigodillitar Jessica flails a bit, grabbing a bananananananananay and fluttering over to Dark's back. "Banananananananananananananay!' She taps Dark with the banana, forgetting the irate orangutan.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight seems to somehow manage to seem to take a deep breath, the exposed sharp looking jutting ribs being covered with just a bit more skin a moment 'I did so.. I think.. I went a bit overboard actually with the fire...'

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk asks "I think i've met a Link once before... if I remember correctly I helped him to the medtent a long time ago."

Fang nuzzles River back. He looks to Juliet. "Rawr! Hi!"

The Librarian describes how much he hates Jessica" Eeek!! Then leaves town and disappears in the jungle.

Elfin Link shakes her head. <No...but Daddy and Fenris are talking again.>

Clue chuckles <This must be a different Link, for she has always been female.>

Jenner Jasser sticks out a forked tongue and licks Dark's cheek, or at least were it used to be. It does taste a bit "Banananay." She giggles. "Well, at least you didn't die. Or get...... too badly burnt."

Elfin Link hugs Clue. <It is...>

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's eyes flicker and look about. She see's Clayton and nods her head before glanceing back to Jasser 'Too badly.. you sure?' Well for a undead resident of the island at the moment she's not likely to rot.. having basically mummified herself..

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says "Um, I would love to talk more but I think I should go for a walk."

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan shakes his head. "Nah, he jus' started talkin kinda recently. I fink he can say 'Fang' an 'Hi' an 'Dood'. I dunno about anyfing else, we've been sepaarated fer a tad." River scritches Fang. "Dan quests?"

Jenner Jasser doesn't see Clayton, as she isn't looking. "Well, yeah. I'd rather you be a walking skeleton than a burn ward resident."

Clue nods, and nuzzles into Link <Farewell Meenos.>

Fang nuzzles Juliet's hand. "Dood! Hi! Rawr!"

Minigodillitar Jessica taps Dark with the banana again, then shrugs, licking the banana and making a face. She tosses it over the side.

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien blinks off a wall and looks around. "Hello Flanagan."

Returning Contestant Juliet nods, 'Yes, I started the first one probably my third day or so and I've been doing them ever since. That's how I can afford these chainsaws as soon as I'm thrown back here."

Lieutenant Colonel leporidae menk says sternly, with a finger waggle at a tree to Clues right. "Just remember, don't let it take you!" And then she heads out, using her guidestick.

Clue chuckles as Meenos departs.

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan nods. "Ah've never actually done a Dan quest. Ah've only been havein' Tea an havin' fun. Oh! An' workin on my house!"

Elfin Link nuzzles Clue. <Should try to get that out of you.>

Returning Contestant Juliet makes a face, "Well you're not missing too much, they can be boring. Though they pay well. And you're clearly putting energy somewhere, I don't have a house, and is that a clan badge?"

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien launches a wave from the fountain at Flanagan for ignoring her majesty!

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight looks back to Jasser 'Why?' She says tilting her head before she glances back at Jessica trying to figure out where the thrown banana was from since, well she can't really feel too much at the moment. 'Hey.'

Animus Fractus Clayton unwalls and raises his head, or did he wake up and raise his head...hes not sure. He walks toward the cafe, dragging the blade of his pu-dao on the ground behind him.

Clue frowns just slightly <That ended rather poorly last time..>

Minigodillitar Jessica blinks at Dark, then giggles. "Hay is for horses, and you can too!"

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan nods. "Tha i' is! Ah made a Clan cause ah'm running fer Mayor of Kitt."

Returning Contestant Juliet is impressed, "I heard those cost a lot of money! or cigarettes, I don't know which."

Adam Malkovich flies over Kittania and finds a clearing to hover in. "Hello."

Returning Contestant Juliet waves at Adam

Elfin Link sighs. <Daddy has more of a tolerance, so I could get him to do it...>

Adam Malkovich hovers over to Juliet and lands. "How are you doing?" He can't exactly wave back...

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's eyes flicker. Her and Jasser should be right by the Cafe last time their position was mention. 'It's also a greeting and a exclamation.' she looks towards Clayton noticing him coming closer. 'Hey' She projects.

Jenner Jasser smirks. "Can't hug a burn victim." She glances at Clayton and sniffs at him. She steps toward him, smacking her tail against the tree. "Hey Clayton."

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien sinks back into the fountain.

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan spots Tiri waving at him. He waves back. Do I know any dragons? "Ah, they cost 10 ciggies an 10,000 req. But ta get tha Clan Aura an stuff, tha takes some serious ciggies."

Minigodillitar Jessica doesn't understand what that means. "Hay is for horses, and you can too!" She breaks into singsong, repeating the line over and over again.

Clue pauses and nuzzles again <Perhaps once everything with Fenris is done.... I'm snot sure how well draining the Shadow would go for me in this form, it seems to be a part of me now.>

Elfin Link mmms. <Yeah...>

Returning Contestant Juliet is surprised to see the spaceship land and a voice come from it. She grins uncertainly at it. "Fine, thanks?"

Returning Contestant Juliet is astonished! "That's cheap! I could start a clan right now! Not that I'm going to."

Adam Malkovich says, "Um... not for most. What are your names?"

Animus Fractus Clayton takes a few more steps, then turns toward Dark and Jasser. "Hey." he says back, almost mechanically. He looks away and heads into the cafe, coming out shortly with a plate full of raw steaks and sitting down at a table, dropping his weapon.

Clue <Anything else happening?>

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan says "Ello Mr. Spaceship!" and then Juliet "Ah, kinda, bu ta get tha goodies, i' starts at 100 ciggies. Until then,no' much poin' in havin a clan, bu' since ah'm runnin fer mayor I though' it'd be a good idea." he says to Adam "River Flanagan"

Returning Contestant Juliet looks at River and nudges closer. "Is that spaceship talking to us or are there little people in it?"

Adam Malkovich says, "I'm Adam Malkovich. ...I'm actually the navigation computer of the spaceship."

Elfin Link shakes her head. <The group I play games with in the past didn't bat an eyelash. One of them does work for a mad scientist, though, and occasionally becomes a woman...another got stuck in Hell and fought his way out...>

Returning Contestant Juliet says, 'Of course you are. Tiny people in a spaceship wouldn't be Improbable enough!"

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan whispers to Juliet "Ah fink i's tha spaceship" he then says to Adam "Nice ta meet ya, Adam."

Jenner Jasser blinks, staring at Clayton. "Not surprised I know your name?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight watches Clayton and glances back at Jasser 'Hugging is not that easy in a form like this...'

Adam Malkovich says, "Woman-for a lack of a better term-you haven't told me your name yet."

Returning Contestant Juliet grimaces. "So? You can put 'did not respond' in your database."

Clue chuckles <Now those sound like some interesting friends. I haven't really ran into anyone else that wasn't at the change yet, asides from Meenos..>

Adam Malkovich asks, "I prefer to be formal. Now, I would prefer it if I didn't have to coax your name out of you."

Animus Fractus Clayton picks up a steak, biting the thinner end, then working it into his mouth and swallowing it whole. He looks at Jasser as he licks his lips. "You do..oh, yes you did. No...guess not." He takes another steak and does the same with it.

Returning Contestant Juliet snrrks. 'Yeah, you go ahead and coax. You might want to note that sentient social beings often don't respond well to damands."

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien looks up from the fountain, annoyed that the last splash only made it halfway to Flan. She splashes a large wave torwards him. (And incidentally, everyone near him) She sinks back into the fountain before they know what happened.

Elfin Link ahs. <Yeah...>

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan is splashed with copius amounts of water. "Uh, wha.... wha jus' happened?"

Jenner Jasser stamps over toward Clayton, not really out of anger, she's just heavy. She snakes her head out and lays it on the table watching him. "Something wrong, Clayton?"

Returning Contestant Juliet hisses as she is drenched. "Yowl! That's much more annoying as a kittymorph than it was as a human."

Clue sighs softly <Is it me or is it getting crowded and noisy here..?>

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight sits back on her haunches and looks herself over. She seems to keep a burning eye on Jasser and Clayton.

Adam Malkovich makes a sighing noise. "I'm just going to leave then. I'd much rather address people on a first name basis." He ignores the water that lands on him, then floats off.

Minigodillitar Jessica has tired herself out, clinging to Dark, falling asleep.

Animus Fractus Clayton picks up another steak, biting it and immediately spitting it out, making a face. "Titan..blleechk!" He bats it off the table, taking another, swallowing it rather slurpily. "No...just eating, Im hungry."He picks up another steak.

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan runs to Sheila's and buys a robe. He runs back out and hands it to Juliet.

Returning Contestant Juliet dries off her ears and paws with River's cape

Returning Contestant Juliet puts the robe on with a smile, "Thanks my lion. I'm thinking of getting a custom red leather trenchcoat as armor, what do you think?"

Elfin Link nods. <It is...> Her ears twitch.

Jenner Jasser raises an eyebrow. "Well..... you don't seem to be doing a very good job at it."

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan cocks his head to the side and thinks. "I fink tah i' would look good on ya."

Adam Malkovich flies out of Kittania.

Returning Contestant Juliet snuggles in her fluffy dry robe and hugs River. "Now what do you suppose that robot was collecting names for?"

Clue <I think I shall return to my room.. Perhaps rest.>

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan sighs. "Ah don know, possibly ta jus learn people's names." He hugs Juliet back.

Animus Fractus Clayton takes another steak, bigger than the others, and bites it in half..swallowing half, then doing the same with the other."How am I to eat then."He mumbles while he slurps down another smaller one.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight glances at Jessica. She clicks her beak once then glances back to Clayton and Jasser. She looks to Clayton 'How's training with Rory going?'

Jenner Jasser glances at Dark, then at Clayton.

Returning Contestant Juliet makes a sad face, "Oh! I forgot to tell you, my grandchildren of budget horse were collected by some people. So I bought a zombie donkey. I'm thinking of calling him Bowser."

Returning Contestant Juliet thinks about River's answer, "Yes but you can never trust robots. One time one gave me a cigarette and then followed to see where I peed."

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan laughs. "Ah, tha 'appened ta me too, so ah got a zombie donkey. Ah haven' named 'im yet though. Bowser sounds like a good name." He makes a face at that robot story. "Now why would one wan' ta do tha?"

Returning Contestant Juliet says, "Exactly! Who know why they do what they do? That spaceship AI was probably trying to get a database of all the contestants for some reason."

Animus Fractus Clayton takes another steak, whole, then grabs another."Rory. She is home...not moved for a while." He licks some of the blood off his paw, cleaning the white fir completely, then stuffs the steak in his mouth.

Jenner Jasser stares at Clayton, raising an eyebrow.

Returning Contestant Juliet 's attnetion is drawn to Clayton's eating, wow.

Jenner Jasser of course, would do that, if she weren't a Drake. All it does is make her look constipated.

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien peel's out of the fountain and comments to Juliet. "Probably so it can round us all up and destroy us, of course." she blinks at the dragon.

Clue nuzzles Link <Farewell then, until later..> and fades

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan shakes his head. "Ah don know." He looks to Clayton too. He spots Tiri. "Oy! Were you tha one tha splashed us"

Returning Contestant Juliet looks worried, "Do you really think so? Destroy us all?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail and tilts her head at Clayton.

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien blinks innocently at Flan. "Who? Me?" she looks at Juliet. "Maybe. You cant trust robots."

Returning Contestant Juliet nodnods at Tirien, "I know, I was just saying that!!"

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan says"Yeah, you! Ya in tha fountain, ain't a?

Animus Fractus Clayton takes the last steak off the plate, slurping it down. He eyes the plate, then picks it up and drains whats left into his mouth. He drops it on the table somewhat carelessly, then picks up his weapon, stands and walks toward the gate.

Jenner Jasser stares after Clayton.

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien looks at Flan like he's crazy.

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan looks at the dragon and thinks he might be crazy.

Contestant Oschia sits around with her tail curled around her.However,since her tail is crazy long it wraps around her waist.Three times.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight gets up and bounds to stand in Clayton's way. Moving carefully so as to not jostle Jessica. 'Is something wrong Clayton.'

Animus Fractus Clayton stops, looking at her, then moves around her."Im hungry. Just need to eat."He says as he drags the weapon behind him.

Keeper of Clubs, Tirien curls up in the fountain with a yawn and sleeps.

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan shrugs and walks back to Juliet.

Jenner Jasser stares. She stamps after Clayton, joining Dark.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight looks after Clayton. 'You're normally more talkative.'

Returning Contestant Juliet says, "I guess this is just one more of the ways this place is Improbable, but a lot of the jungle creatures are much less threatening looking than a lot of the contestants."

Hopeful mayor River Flanagan says "Ah, they look less threatenin, bu they're way more dangerous! Cause thantestan's don' wan ta hurt ya."

Animus Fractus Clayton pauses for a moment,"Time. To. Feed."he almost hisses, then continues walking.

Returning Contestant Juliet mmms. "Some don't. That dragon is huge but looks peaceful, but some are kind of threatening."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight stares after Clayton and digs her talons into the earth.

Animus Fractus Clayton continues out the gates, his pu-dao leaving a line in the earth behind him.

Jenner Jasser stamps after Clayton, not exactly the epitome of stealthfulness.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight glances to Jasser and makes to follow as well.

Jasser and Dark follow...

Animus Fractus Clayton walks through the gates, then sniffs the air...more like snuffles as his mouth is open as he smells. He turns and hurries north at a speed that leaves his drover flapping in the air behind him.

Jenner Jasser takes off into the sky, following Clayton.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight bounds after on land.

Animus Fractus Clayton pauses momentarily, ears back and tail swishing..then takes off again, kicking up dirt beneath is foot pads as he continues.

Jenner Jasser continues to fly, following Clayton.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight sniffs the ground and continues.

Mason of Stars Suvarestin leads Link in the jungle area and begins searching for any clues.

Linkara is lead in, and he sniffs around the area with his sensitive nose.

Mason of Stars Suvarestin notices a spot where there looks like there was a struggle recently. Link might be able to catch the mixed scent of a lion and fairies leading west.

Linkara is indeed drawn to the spot. "Smells like... Smells like they went west."

Animus Fractus Clayton notes other here, not what he scented though. He snuffles from the undergrowth and heads east.

Mason of Stars Suvarestin says, "Alright! Good going. Follow that scent!"

Linkara blinks as he smells someone else, but shrugs it off and lets his nose lead him west.

Jenner Jasser flys after Clayton, a small speck in the sky.

Mason of Stars Suvarestin follows Link west.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight sniffs at the various scents and heads east finding the one she was after.

Animus Fractus Clayton leaps on an unsuspecting creature. You think to yourself 'creature' because by the time you see what it is, or was, you cant tell. Claws and his long blade have totally dismembered and eviscerated it. He kneels on one knee and begins to devour it.

Jenner Jasser flys in the sky. She moves to follow Clayton, but begins to circle the sky when he stops. She can't make out what he's doing from her vantage point.

Okay... something Is Wrong

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight pads in sniffing the ground. she stares at him eating so.. viciously.

Jenner Jasser streamlines, folding up her wings and divebombing the location. She extends them about 50 feet in the air, causing a gust of wind to erupt. She flutters down and lands next to Dark.

Animus Fractus Clayton takes what may be an arm, snapping the bone with his paws, then rending off the flesh around the broken shard, spitting it onto the ground and repeating until he is down to the fingers. He tosses them to the side while reaching out for a ..thigh.

Animus Fractus Clayton lifts his head with a snort, peering about for a moment at the slight change in breeze. He growls then continues to eat.

Jenner Jasser stamps forward next to Clayton. She extends her neck and pokes the back of his head. "Clayton."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight pads closer to Clayton warily.

Animus Fractus Clayton gives a bit of a snort. "My flesh." He continues to eat.

Jenner Jasser's mouth curls into a snarl. She steps around in the circle, then stares at the carcass. She exhales deeply, then clicks her tongue. The pure oxygen ignites, burning the body. It lights on fire, and Jasser does not stop the flow of Oxygen.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight eyes the fire with burning eyes as she watches Clayton for his reaction. She growled slightly wondering what the hell was going on with him.

Animus Fractus Clayton leaps back away from the flames. Fire. Flame. Ughh. He looks at her, dropping the thigh from his mouth by biting off a huge chunk..and swallowing it."That meat is no good now." He leans over, skewering the thing with a claw and starts walking away.

Jenner Jasser stamps over and clamps her teeth on the scruff of Clayton's neck, hard enough to have a good grip, but not enough to break the skin. Unless he struggled. Clayton. She resorts to projecting.

Animus Fractus Clayton growls in his throat, not moving."Releas me. Keep the burned flesh."He takes another bite of the thigh, not really seeming to be alarmed or concerned at all.

Jenner Jasser rumbles. Again, just seems to be what she does. I have no wish for the burnt flesh of another man's kill. What I seek is to know what has occurred with you. Projecting is a rather complicated process, and works kinda like google translate.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight pads over and watches pacing in a tight circle watching for any way she could help.

Animus Fractus Clayton takes another bite of thigh, scraping bone with his teeth and swallowing. "I have killed, and eaten."

Jenner Jasser snarls. I am no scavenger, and you are not one who is of killing with no regard. What is wrong with your head?

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight would give a odd glance at Jasser, but given that she just has a bare skull with burning eyes... it doesn't work much beyond a blank unblinking stare.

Animus Fractus Clayton takes another bite, glancing back at Jasser now."I am fine..I killed to eat. With no problem with the kill. My head is fine."He takes another bite, breaking off the excess bone afterward and tossing it.

Jenner Jasser makes a rumbling noise, this time with irritation. You are not as you usually are being. How is are you feeling now that you killed and have eaten?

Animus Fractus Clayton swallows the bite, "Hungry."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight eyes Clayton with her burning eyes. 'I don't get this, did the drive change you?'

Jenner Jasser snorts, smoke rising from her nostrils and leaking from her mouth. That is not right. You eat and eat but not are getting fulled. How do you think Rory would react to you being as such as you are. She glances at Dark for a moment.

Animus Fractus Clayton glances at Jasser, then Dark. "Horatio, he makes the living for us to eat. You eat burned flesh. He gives me taste for the living." then looks at Jasser."Little flesh on her..tough anyhow."

Jenner Jasser snarls. Now she's pissed. Wrong. She extends her wings, flapping them once, then again, then again. She begins to lift Clayton in the air.

Animus Fractus Clayton snarles, his eyes red with black slits now. He dissipates in a swirl of black specks to materialize on the ground several yards away."You take my burned flesh. You leave me to feed how I wish."

Jenner Jasser flutters into the air. "How you wish, Clayton? You wish to kill." She comes down, then spins in the air, her tail whipping out.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight looks snaps towards where Clayton remateralized. She dodges back a bit to be sure she wasn't in the range of that tail.

Animus Fractus Clayton dissipates again, appearing in the bushes about 30 yards away. He snarls, then opens his mouth and disgorges a large stream of putrid looking flesh in their direction."No soul in that flesh anyhow. Burn it if you wish." He turns and dissipates again

Jasser's Pissed...

Jenner Jasser flutters, for several moments, then turns and flys southwest

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight extends her wings as she jumps back from the spewed flesh. She growls slightly and looks up towards Jasser and bounds to follow.

Inside the Cabin

Animus Fractus Clayton stumbles in to the Cabin, dropping his gear by the door, then his drover. He strips awkwardly, walking out of his clothes as he heads toward the bedroom.

Back outside...

Jenner Jasser flys over head, divebombing down to the Cabin and flourishing her wings about 10 feet in the air, landing with a thump outside the cabin. She pulls the door open with a quick movement of her claws, then pushes in.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight follows on land moving slower and a bit more carefully due to Jessica.

Inside the Cabin again..

Jenner Jasser stamps into the living room, ignoring the time fluctuations. The narrator blames Clayton. She stamps over to the Bedroom door, then opens it with a dextrous use of her claws. She barges on in.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight more cautiously comes in a bit later. She sniffs the air and looks toward the bedroom door padding for it. her more dextrus taloned forefeet opening the doo before she enters.

In the bedroom

Jenner Jasser barges on into the room, snarling. She stares at Clayton. "I see you wasted no time."

Contestant Rory clings to Claton in surprise at the sudden entry of the dragon-person. She doesn't quite notice the hat yet, as she throws her pillow at Jasser, "Privateroom! Go away!"

Animus Fractus Clayton jerks up on all fours, snarling and moving between the dragon and Rory on the bed. "Whatthebloodyhell!" he yells out..that door was locked. His claws extend, prepared.

Jenner Jasser bites the pillow and tosses it aside. She snarls, then glances at Rory, then at Clayton. The wheels in her mind click, click, click, click. "Clayton. I assume you are surprised to see me."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight pauses behind Jasser at the doorway her burning eyes looking in.

Contestant Rory hides behind Clayton, staring at the intruders. Clayton.. who is it?

Animus Fractus Clayton relaxes ever so slightly, the hat being somewhat of a giveaway, he stiffens again when he sees glowing eyes in the doorway. "Im surprised to see people...dragons or whatever breaking down the door to my bedroom!" he replies.

Jenner Jasser stares at Clayton. "Clayton. Go get your Drover." It wasn't a request.

Animus Fractus Clayton moves closer to Rory, small tendrils starting to creep from his scarred skin as he prepares his armor."Im not moving till i KNOW who you are."

Jenner Jasser reaches up and pokes her hat. "Rather obvious, isn't it. Jasser. I'm sure you've heard of me. Your Drover. Get it."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tilts her head slightly, still staying back.

Contestant Rory peers over Clayton's shoulder, "How do we know you didn't eat Jasser and take her hat...?"

Animus Fractus Clayton halts his armor for a moment, then points to Dark.."And whos that?"

Jenner Jasser glances at Rory. "You have so little faith in me that you think I'd be eaten?" She glances at Dark. She gestures with her claws at the swirling Blue and Red flames in Dark's eyes. "Rather Obvious, isn't it. Dark. YOUR DROVER. NOW."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight projects in the way she does 'It's Jasser. something... that doesn't fit happened just eariler.'

Animus Fractus Clayton relaxes when he hears Dark's voice, the flames and hat and all coming together. "Dont fuckin scare us like that. What happened? Whats going on?" He sits back, still with him between Rory and Jasser though...he aint budging from being a shield yet.

Jenner Jasser snorts, smoke beginning to rise out of her nostrils. "Clayton. Obviously you are either running a decent con, or you are genuinely confused. If you still refuse to move after my next request, I will assume it's the former, and take action accordingly." She taps the floor with her claws, making a poignant Tapping noise. "Now. If you are genuinely confused, you will get your drover. Then we will explain."

Contestant Rory looks between Jasser and Dark with confusion. No one was acting like normal... "What's going on...?"

Jenner Jasser stares at Rory, her snarl dissapearing for the moment. "Problems. A lot of problems." She glances at Clayton, her snarl appearing again. "Hopefully not another one."

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, then takes Rorys hand, crossing over her to stand on the floor. He glances around for a moment and mumbles, "Where are my clothes...?"as he looks on the floor, remembering throwing them on the floor the other evening.

Jenner Jasser steps back into the hallway. "What you left is by the entrance."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight watches, what muscles she had left were tense. Jessica was on her back though so she hung back. Fighting her instincts. She was rather drained from.. the events leading to her current condition so it wasn't that hard. She backs up out of Jasser's way.

Animus Fractus Clayton finds Rorys shirt and hands it to her, then leads her out to the living room. "I got no idea but Im not letting you away from me.."

Contestant Rory nods and slips into her shirt, blushing since Dark and Jasser were right there, and follows as he leads, holding his hand tight.

In the Living Room

Jenner Jasser snarls a bit at Clayton's statement, turning and whapping her tail against the wall. "I think you will."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight backs up and sits down out of the way a bit.

Animus Fractus Clayton walks out cautiously with Rory in tow behind her. "Whats got you so pissed off Jasser?" He asks quietly as they come closer.

Jenner Jasser stalks after Clayton. "You fought the drive recently, yes?" Averting the question entirely. For the moment.

Animus Fractus Clayton nods, "Yesterday, or the day before...I cant remember for sure." He glances at Rory,"How long were we...er..ummm..sleeping anyhow?"

Contestant Rory hugs his arm, looking around the room for something out of place. She doesn't like the questioning one bit...

Contestant Rory says "I don't remember..."

Jenner Jasser continues to follow Clayton. "The drive has changed you, Clayton. Whether you know it or not. Look at your drover. Examine it. Then tell me what you think."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks to the fireplace, no drover. "Where is it..you hung it up Rory, didn't you?"

Jenner Jasser taps the floor impatiently. "You left your mess by the Entrance."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's tail flicks as she watches. Her burning eyes unblinking. She stays quiet for the moment letting Jasser handle this.

Animus Fractus Clayton glances over to see the piles of stuff. He lets go of Rorys hand and walks over, picking up the pu-dao. "What happened to the tip?!" He says as he fingers the blunted edge, then noticing the dried ick all over it.

Jenner Jasser stares. "You used it to kill a creature in the forest near her. You then proceeded to eat the remains then and there." She inches toward Rory, not being subtle about it in the slightest.

Contestant Rory moves to the couch, frowning. She picks up the kitten, petting that since her bunny is out with Ment and Albert right now. "What...?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight looks to Clayton and the others. She yawns and glances to Jasser.

Animus Fractus Clayton fingers the weapon, looking absently at Jasser. "When did I supposedly do this? That wouldn't blunt a weapon anyhow." He looks at the clothes on the floor, moving the pants with his foot and making a face.

Jenner Jasser snorts, walking over to Rory and maneuvering her wing to wrap around her protectively. Yes, even on the couch. How? She's just that good at maneuvering. "A few minutes ago. Apparently you also fought a titan. Presumably to eat it."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight moves slightly towards the entrance she glances to Clayton and nods 'We saw you, but.. you weren't acting right in the slightest..'

Contestant Rory frowns a little more at the protective stance. There was nothing that would hurt her here.. "What do you mean....?"

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at her, raising an eyebrow."I just woke up with Rory a few minutes ago..and I haven't fought a titan since Rawr was alive."He looks at Dark "You saw me? Your sure?"

Jenner Jasser glances at Rory. She frowns a bit, but keeps her wing there. She glances at Clayton, unsure of why he'd ask for Dark's input.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight nods slightly and tilts her head 'Unless it was a well talented doppelganger.. though I don't think those exist here.. The scent was the same. The clothes there.. We saw you.'

Animus Fractus Clayton picks up his drover, shaking it slightly. A few hunks of still moist blood dropping off. He feels in the pocket for the pistol....its there, and a small box too. He pulls it out and looks at it curiously. "I was in Kitt yesterday."

Jenner Jasser stares at Clayton. "Clayton. You should now. When I tried to snap you out of it, and mentioned Rory...." She shifts in place, the snarl reappearing on her face. "Would you like to know what you said."

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, obviously thinking."I saw Alex, yesterday. Then got this..." he stops and looks at Rory, then at Jasser."What did I say?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight glances to Clayton then to Jasser she slips out She wanted to get Jessica home safe.

Contestant Rory tilts her head at the box, distracted until Jasser mention her, then she's listening again.

Jenner Jasser snorts, smoke floating out of her nostrils. "You compared her to a hunk of meat. Which is why I came here and why I reacted thus."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks blankly at Jasser, looking confused and thoughtful at the same time."...hunk of meat..?"

Jenner Jasser snarls. "Your exact words, then? Little flesh on her...tough anyhow." She encompasses her wing around Rory.

Contestant Rory looks between the two, confused, "Clayton said that..?" Then after a moment, adds, "It's true..." She doesn't seem put off by it. Clayton wouldn't hurt her, she knows this. But she just peers out from behind the wing.

Jenner Jasser snorts. "No. I don't think Clayton said that. That's what worries me. What also worries me is what will happen next time. Whatever controlled Clayton isn't satisfied with monsters. He'll move onto contestants next."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Rory, eyes a bit wide. He then picks up his pants, they are covered with blood in front, and soggy. He absently wipes off the blade with them. "I was eating something?...or someone?" he asks quietly. He was out today...jungling earlier.

Jenner Jasser says "Something, I suspect. After you finished, you declared that it had "No soul." Which makes me believe Rory is in danger here."

Animus Fractus Clayton blinks at that, he goes to say something, then stops. "I was jungling earlier." he says slowly, remembering."I do remember that now..but....don't remember coming back." He places the weapon in the stand, then moves to a couch and sits.

Jenner Jasser continues to keep her wing around Rory. "What do you want to do, Clayton."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks blankly at the fireplace, then pulls a blanket over his lap..he was still naked. He sighs quietly then looks at Rory."I ...don't know. Im..really confused about this."

Jenner Jasser blinks. "What I am going to do is make sure Rory isn't going to be hurt. Intentionally or unintentionally."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Jasser, "What are you suggesting?"

Contestant Rory sounds a tiny bit offput, "Clayton wouldn't let me get hurt!"

Jenner Jasser snorts. She glances down at Rory. "Clayton wouldn't be able to stop it, Rory. Please. Just listen." She glances at Clayton. "Rory stays at the Oasis, at least until this is over and I've confirmed you're not a threat."

Contestant Rory shakes her head, "No! I won't leave Clayton!" She still has AthenaKitten in her arms, but she tries to move out of Jaser's covering and over to Clayton.

Animus Fractus Clayton rolls the small, wrapped box around in his fingers, looking at it and thinking. "Maybe you should. I can taste blood in my mouth..and I'm full of it too. No human blood thankfully, I'm low on that now. "

Jenner Jasser releases Rory for the moment, watching them.

Animus Fractus Clayton looks up at Rory,"Something is definitely wrong, I wouldn't drink blood unless I had to...and I don't eat raw things."

Contestant Rory hugs Clayton tightly, "I don't want to..."

Jenner Jasser decides to pipe up. "Clayton doesn't need another dead wife."

Contestant Rory tenses at that, biting her lip and looking down.

Animus Fractus Clayton throws his arms around her, pulling her close and nuzzling her."Maybe you should..till we find out whats going on. I don't remember doing what I obviously did...you could be at risk...if I, do whatever again."

Jenner Jasser quiets down again, watching the two. Her snarl is long gone, her face giving off the feeling of incredible sadness. She begins to rumble a bit again.

Contestant Rory nuzzles him back, sadly now, "I trust you remember... but.. if you think I should.." She also thinks to him, eyes closing as she clings to him.

Animus Fractus Clayton nuzzles for a moment more, then nods."I don't want to risk you being hurt...you better go." He lets go of her slowly, then takes her hand placing the package in her palm. "Take this, and go. Ill be ok."

Contestant Rory nods, leaning over to kiss him softly as she takes the package, "We'll figure it out, okay?"

Jenner Jasser stretches out her wings. She turns, glancing at the door, and her tail whaps into a bookcase. She ignores it. "Shall we go?"

Animus Fractus Clayton glances up at her, smiling slightly."Are you going to at least put on panties?"

Contestant Rory blushes, "I was gonna get dressed...." She doesn't say anything more as she scrambles into the bedroom.

Animus Fractus Clayton watches her run in, then looks at Jasser. "Whats going on with me?"

Jenner Jasser stares at Clayton. "Have you ever read Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde?"

Animus Fractus Clayton nods, "long ago..but Hyde didn't eat people...or worry about if they had a soul."

Jenner Jasser shrugs. Which looks like she got a cramp. "No. Didn't say it was a perfect example, but it fits."

Animus Fractus Clayton nods, then looks at the fire again.

Jenner Jasser stamps over to Clayton, then pokes the back of his head with her snout. "It won't last forever, Clayton."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at the fire, "Nothing does. I just wish I knew what was happening."

Jenner Jasser rumbles. "Dramatic tension?" She glances down the hallway for Rory.

Meanwhile, In the bedroom

Contestant Rory scrambles into the room, quickly throwing on her clothes again. She retrieves her pillow, nuzzling it before placing it on Clayton's side and grabbing his pillow. She takes a deep breath, smiling just a little, then walks out.

Back in the Living Room

Contestant Rory makes her way back into the room, clutching a pillow to her chest. Clayton might be able to tell she'd taken his. Maybe. "Kay..."

Jenner Jasser rumbles. She glances at the door and stands back on her back legs. She reaches out and turns the knob, then pushes the door open with her head, leaving the Cabin.

Animus Fractus Clayton watches the fireplace, not really wanting to watch her go out.

Contestant Rory hurries over, hugging Clayton and turning him so she can give him another kiss, "I'll see you soon, love." One last long kiss and she hurries out, before she changes her mind.

Animus Fractus Clayton kisses her back, then turns away as she goes out.


Jenner Jasser exits the cottage, stretching her wings and sighing. Her tail bangs against the door, but she ignores it. She walks a bit, then glances back for Rory.

Contestant Rory hurries out, stopping next to Jasser and wiping at her eyes before standing straight and tall, "Let's go.."

Jenner Jasser grumbles. She pokes Rory in the stomach with her snout, then gestures to her back. "Get on."

Contestant Rory carefully climbs up and holds on tight,"O-okay.."

Jenner Jasser stamps out towards the Northeast with Rory on her back.

Back in the Bedroom...

Animus Fractus Clayton walks in, crawling into the bed. He lays down, thinking hard about what happened, then smiles as he smells her on the pillow. He clutches it to his chest and falls asleep suddenly as if he was exhausted.

The Next Day...

Animus Fractus Clayton blinks awake, not sure of what is happening. He feels around for her and...oh, gone. He grips her pillow tighter for a while. He then gets up and gets some clothes from the closet and dresses, then goes out.

On To NewHome...

Animus Fractus Clayton walks into new home...glancing about nervously.

Civilian sage wanderer blinks. "Ooooh. Khorne." Sage grins, shrugging my shoulders. "Surely you could see my confusion though."

Clue is standing near Sage in his 'WereShark' form. " In any case I'd not recommend meeting him outside the outpost unarmed."

Animus Fractus Clayton walks toward Joes, then stops outside staring at the door.

Civilian sage wanderer looks to him. She taps her pommel, and reaches back an arm to point to her crossbow. "When have you ever seen me unarmed?"

Clue chuckles "Do you want me to answer that?" He glances around and spots Clayton... Staring a door? He waves. <Clayton!>

Animus Fractus Clayton glances around slowly,...not sure of who spoke, or..whos voice. He pulls the black hair that covers his eye back and looks around.

Civilian sage wanderer blushes, suddenly realizing what he is talking about. "Right, well, err..." Sage turns to see who Clue is waving too, and she also waves at Clayton."

Clue is still waving to Clayton. He should be almost impossible to miss "Over here Clayton!"

Animus Fractus Clayton waves at Sage, though somewhat mechanically. He stares for a moment longer then turns and looks at the door again.

Clue arcs his monobrow (gorram thing regrew..), glances at Sage, and begins walking towards Clayton.

Civilian sage wanderer raises her eyebrows and walks over to him. "Are... are you alright?"

Animus Fractus Clayton turns back toward Sage, pulling the black hair back again. "I..Im not sure. Im hungry, but dont know what for." He looks at them, blinking.

Clue frowns slightly "Something happen recently..?"

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Clue, puzzled,"Happen?"

Civilian sage wanderer looks at him. Why don't you just have something simple." Sage wonders if the morph has been near some nip.

Clue grimaces... Sounds like amnesia to him.. "It's Clue, brother, what do you remember before coming here?"

Civilian sage wanderer looks over in amazement to Clue. "How many brothers do you have?"

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles slightly, "Clue..you changed...a lot. Simple...I'm not sure if that will work. Dark and Jasser say I killed someone, and ate them yesterday." He sighs, looking at the ground."I..don't feel right ...again."

Clue glances to Sage "He is not my blood brother. We've one of the same.. Conditions."

Clue arcs an eyebrow at Clayton "You ate someone? ..."

Civilian sage wanderer grips her sword. "I'll bet it's blood you crave."

Clue shakes his head "He would know if he needed blood.. We always do."

Civilian sage wanderer looks at Clayton and whispers so only Clue can hear, "Symbiont right?"

Animus Fractus Clayton shakes his head, his dark lock falling down again. "..no...was full of that." He rubs his forehead with a paw."Brother, somethings wrong. There is something..not us here."

Clue nods, peering at Clayton. <Is Remus still with you?>

Civilian sage wanderer looks over to Clayton. "Oh, so it's that then is it?"

Animus Fractus Clayton nods,"Yeah..I'm..here. I think something else is too." He shakes his head again "We can hear you..but can't think back, now."

Clue ponders.... "Any idea when it came, - Oh.. Damn. With your permission I will attempt to search your mind.."

Civilian sage wanderer eeks and backs away, giving the two of the, room.

Animus Fractus Clayton nods again, trying to clear his head. He pulls the black hair back again..damn stuff is too crinkly and stiff to stay right."Yeah, try it."

Clue nods, his eyes glow, he places his right hand on Clayton's head, with the thumb resting on that strange black patch.. His hand begins to glow as well as he reaches his mind out to Clayton's.

Contestant LittleD blurs and appears beside Sage. "Hello Sage."

Civilian sage wanderer puts a finger to her lips before pointing to Clue and Clayton. "Shhh," Sage nods in hello to LD before turning back to watch the two.

Contestant LittleD nods and watches Clue and Clayton.

Grace swoops in, landing on all fours on the roof of the museum and watching the otpost.

Clue grimaces and withdraws his hand. He projects only to Clayton <That.. Did not feel good.. I'm unsure of what it is, but it wants to kill and eat.. Not just anything, but those with souls..>

Animus Fractus Clayton sways a little as Clue looks into his mind. He opens his eye briefly, them being all red with a yellow slit pupil, then fading to normal.

Civilian sage wanderer looks from Clue to Clayton. "Are you all right?"

Grace watches them from afar.

Clue notes the eye shift mentally, and ponders the list of possibilities..

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs quietly. "Souls make flesh taste good. Flesh is best right after it leaves. Rotted is good, but not as tasty." He shakes his head, then looks at Clue."What...did I just say?"

Civilian sage wanderer's eyes get huge, and she takes another step back. "This sounds serious."

Contestant LittleD's eyes narrow and he watches Clayton.

Grace stares at Clayton. Good ears. She looks very pale.

Clue looks levelly at Clayton "That flesh is best right after a kill, from a creature with a soul."

Grace stares at Clue, now, then takes off so fast she seems to vanish, leaving a couple of drifting feathers.

Animus Fractus Clayton looks blankly at Clue, then shakes his head..trying to clear his thoughts. "I better leave here...find Cage maybe." He starts walking toward the gates, slowly.

Clue whispers into a coin, and the coin vanishes. He walks with Clayton "I will help as I can."

Animus Fractus Clayton doesnt seem to hear Clue, and walks out the gates.

Grace swoops Clue. Like a really big Magpie.

Contestant LittleD looks over at Sage. "What was that about?"

Clue follows Clayton. "I must make sure he will be fine.." He catches Grace "Sorry love, but Clayton needs help right now.."

Grace headtilts. "Cage 'n Flaze are asleep, just so you know."

Civilian sage wanderer looks at LD. "Something is inside of Clayton. Something more than there usually is. Apparently he killed and ate someone yesterday."

Contestant LittleD nods. "Was Clue trying to figure out what it was?"

Civilian sage wanderer nods. "He was looking in Clayton's mind. I hope everything will be alright."

Outside the Outpost

Animus Fractus Clayton walks out the gate, shaking his head. He sniffs the air, then mumbles "..no..." He then turns and starts walking north.

Clue follows Clayton.

Grace follows Clue.

Animus Fractus Clayton keeps walking north, stumbling slightly.

Clue continues to follow Clayton.

Grace keeps going after Clue.

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Cake HQ, then wanders toward it..

Clue continues to follow Clayton.

Grace follows Clue, again.


Animus Fractus Clayton stumbles to Cages door, he leans against it...knocking quietly. "..cage..cage."

Clue follows Clayton in, and watches. "She is asleep I think..."

Grace follows Clue. "Yes. She is. On top of Flaze." She seems mildly amused by that detail, but s

Grace still seems worried. Because Clue is worried.

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, then slides down the door to sit on his knees. He crawls off to the side and curls up into a ball, laying against the wall. He covers his eyes with his tail."..its..trying to feed again. So sleepy.." he moans quietly, passing out.

Clue's Coin comes zipping back to him, he grabs it, blinks, and peers at Clayton. "Dark says the Drive did it.."

Grace hops from foot to foot slightly, ready to vanish on a moments notice. "What, the flesh thing?"

Clue steps over to Clayton, warily. "It might be trying to take control as well right now... And yes.."

Clue mutters to himself "Feth... Do we leave him here?... Restrain him?"

Grace watches Clayton very closely.

Grace shakes her head. "Don't know what the threats posed could result in. Take him somewhere secure..?"

Grace rubs her head. "Or tie him up, I don't know."

Clue ponders, then snaps his fingers, two lengths of twine appear in his hands, his eyes glow and the twine floats over to Clayton, binding his hands and feet together. It is improbably strong "There.. The Twine will release him as long as his consciousness is in control.. If that thing has him it will keep him from being a danger to others.. Unless it takes control after he removes the Twine of course.."

Grace headtilts. z"Better than nothing."

Clue snaps his fingers, a card appears in his hand, he flicks it at Clayton, it dissolves into him. "And that will ensure I can find him.. Damnit I don't like doing that.."

Grace hugs Clue. "What other option d'you have?"

Clue hugs Grace back "Glad you recognize me.."

Grace pulls out the plushie, grinning.

Grace then snuggles into Clue's fur.

Clue grins and chuckles "Good.. Hm, should probably go let Sage know that everything is... At least not gone to hell."

Grace holds onto Clue's back. "H'okay."

Clue chuckles and strolls right on back to NewHome.

Animus Fractus Clayton blinks awake, lifting his tail from his eyes. "What the hell?....Ohhh, right."He says groggily as he tries to stand. He fails, finding that he is bound. The twine slips off his wrists and ankles easily though, then he stands and knocks on Cages door

Animus Fractus Clayton waits for a while, then sighs. Rory gone..Cage not here..no one here now. He turns, walking slowly out of the hall.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami walks out of her room, then sniffs the air. "Clayton?" She looks around, then scratches her head. "Damn.. Must'a been asleep." She sighs, then leans against the wall.

Back at the Cabin

Animus Fractus Clayton walks in and heads straight for the bed, crawling under the covers and stretching.

The Scene

Dark and Rory are in the outpost, talking just a bit when Clayton arrives. Dark is intent on figuring this out this time and not letting him get away...

In Kittania

Dark jumps down and pads towards the Cafe and moves beside Rory. 'Hey.'

Contestant Rory sighs a little, resting her head on the table and fiddling with the box in her pocket. She brings it out, starting at it, and eventually opens it. She smiles to see the ring, inspecting it with a blush before sliding on with her other. Perfect. "Hey."

Cardbot, Vessel of Trex chuckles several times. "Get another body built up in 404." He would continue explaining but she seems to be having fun.

Blackcloak is gone. he is no longer in the outpost

Vixen Jaxxy D'awws at the cute lil kitty...

Clown Princess AliceHeart breaks into a little giggling fit when she hears Arodang. She clutches him against her chest and squeezes him tightly into a hug. He does go quite well with her dress. She turns to Trex like this and says, "404? So you're going to stay as a robot? I wonder what kind of a body they'd build you there..."

Villain's Lapcat Arodang hisses out a cruel purr but doesn't complain. Despite being squished painfully, it does go quite well. He turns wickedly lazy eyes on the other Alice, regarding her with what borders on boredom.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight glances back to where the Blackcloak was and her eyes flicker slightly before she looks to Rory. 'How are you doing?'

Cardbot, Vessel of Trex smiles, "All bets are off when Horatio get his hands on the body, but yes... its the easiest solution I can think off."

Contestant Rory smiles, eyes on the ring on her finger, smiling, "I'm alright. Not much to do here..."

Clown Princess AliceHeart reaches up and takes off her top hat. Alice drops Arodang in it and says, "Are you suuuure? Maybe we could have Wesker..." Another villain. "...whip you something up?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail as she watches her 'Well what would you like to do?'

Animus Fractus Clayton appears in a flash, dropping the burned out OST with a sigh. He looks around to see where the gate is.

Cardbot, Vessel of Trex chuckles, "I guess it depends on if Wesker can get all his work done quicker than the 'bots up in 404."

Vixen Jaxxy D'awws at the cute lil kitty...

Contestant Rory grins, "I dunno...." She trails off though, standing suddenly, "Clayton!"

Vixen Jaxxy shakes off some gremlins and chuckles.

Villain's Lapcat Arodang yowls and hisses as he disappears into the hat, landing in a tremendous pile of random stuff. "Alice, why are there... What is this?" he screeches in confusion.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail as she looks between Rory and Clayton.

Animus Fractus Claytons ears swivel quickly, then he turns toward her voice. "Rory?"he says quietly, then smiles weakly as he sees her jump up.

Clown Princess AliceHeart nods quickly a few times to Trex and says, "Alright! You can just go to 404 then! It'll probably be faster..." She also frowns when she hears Arodang. "What are you doing in there? Bad kitty!"

Clown Princess AliceHeart huffs and places the top hat back on her head, nudging it securely into place. Oh dear. Now where's Dan?

Villain's Lapcat Arodang hisses again, a paw reaching- ohno. Ohno. He's trapped in the hat! "Damnit Alice let me go!" he screeches angrily, quite obviously throwing a fit inside of the hat.

Contestant drathri walks into the town looking as if he traveled alot and he decides to take a nap in a nearby tree

Contestant Rory runs over to hug him tightly, "Clayton! Are you okay?"

Clown Princess AliceHeart giggles to herself and keeps the hat on safely in place. "Trex! I need to go for a bit, I'll be back laaaater! Take care of the robot!" And she skips off. Dan's still in there...

Villain's Lapcat Arodang is taking out of town, throwing one hell of a fit.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight pads over to Clayton as well watching him intently.

Contestant drathri is still asleep in a tree not careing about the conversations going around

Animus Fractus Clayton wraps his arms around her, laying his head against her neck. "I'm, ok I guess. I went to find Cage and..I started to feel weird again. Clue found me, I think...I slept in CAKE HQ last night." He sighs, nuzzling her neck."I love you so much."

Contestant Rory nuzzles him back, making a surprised sound as the ring on her finger gets warmer. She blushes and kisses him briefly, "I love you too Clayton. Always. You're sure you're feeling okay...?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight nods to Clayton as she sits down close 'Hey. I'd like to know if you have any clearer idea on what is making you feel weird.'

Animus Fractus Clayton nuzzles her cheek,"If I wasn't so scared, I would feel fine love." He raises his head and looks at Dark."Not really...but Clue said something about...something that eats flesh, dead flesh that had a soul. He couldn't get much more info."

Cardbot, Vessel of Trex blinks a few times, looking around. "Damn it, not aga..." The 'bot shuts down with a few beeps and a slowly winding down whine.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight nods slightly and flicks her tail as she watches him and Rory. 'Are you able to notice when it occurs at all..?'

Contestant Rory is quiet, still hugging him tight. She's not letting go until she has to.

Animus Fractus Clayton isn't letting go either, he leans his head on her shoulder and looks at Dark through his hair."When I went out, I felt something like..a hunger starting. I was traveling to New Home and..a pantzer, I fought one. Then felt hungry."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight nods slightly 'Well I suppose there is that so far. Clue messaged me earlier when you were by Newhome.'

Animus Fractus Clayton nods slightly, rocking gently side to side while still holding Rory."I think Clue followed me...its still a little blurry. I keep thinking of..graves and death."He hangs on tighter to Rory.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight nods slightly, her fiery eyes unblinking. 'Do you think it'll get better when you meet the drive next?'

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, "Lets sit down love." He whispers as he loosens his hold on her. He then moves to the tree close by, leaning his back against it as he sits. He beacons Rory into his lap."I don't know Dark." He says sadly, "Horatio did this apparently... and I wonder why he would un-do it."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail 'Because he's a fickle as the jokers about?'

Contestant Rory settles in Clayton's lap, curling up a little, "Maybe he would..."

Animus Fractus Clayton nods, cuddling her in his arms with a sigh. He looks up at Dark. "Fickle..and devious. And lies." He says quietly.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight eyes Clayton intently, the red flames pushing the blue ones back a bit at the change in voice. 'Perhaps.. what did he lie about..?'

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at her, furrowing his brow."Huh? What are you talking about?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail the skull regarding him emotionlessly as the fiery eyes watch him intently. 'You said Fickle and devious, then added in a different voice then yours or Remus's.. and lies.'

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at her, eyes narrowed,"I did just now? I didn't hear it..or...did I really? Love..did you hear it?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tenses at the look, though you'd hardly notice given the state of her. Her tail flicks back and forth watching Clayton unblinkingly, the eyes just barely flicking.

Contestant Rory nods, "Yeah.. I did..."

Animus Fractus Clayton lets go of Rory slowly,"Maybe you better get up love.." he says sadly as he looks up at Dark again.

Highly Toxic Etheria slides wetly into Kittania and skids to a stop in front of the fountain, a plume of dust rising behind her. Her eyes swivel on their stalks, taking in the goings on of town.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail once 'I wouldn't lie to you.' She projects simply, still watching him.

Contestant Rory doesn't at first, but she reluctantly stands and moves to stand near Dark.

Animus Fractus Clayton curls his arms around himself, holding onto his shoulders. "I know you wouldn't Dark..I didn't hear..or feel it." He avoids looking at Rory, but thinks I love you to her.

Contestant Rory nods, remaining quiet as she hugs her left hand close.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail and tilts her head. 'I wish I knew how to help you more.'

Highly Toxic Etheria notes that Kitt seems... somber today, so she slides over to her tree and tries to leap onto the trunk, only to slam straight into it. Oh yeah, she's a snail. She shakes her head out and swivels her eyestalk to look at the cubs on her back.

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles grimly, "I wish I knew what Horatio was up to."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight her eyes glance slightly to the giant snail. She nods to her and looks back to Clayton 'So do I, much easier to solve a problem when you know which problem your trying to solve.'

Highly Toxic Etheria's cubs are looking up indignantly at being jolted, but otherwise look fine. She breathes a sigh of relief and looks at her tree, then back to the exit. She Highly Toxic Etheria shrugs her eyes - which is a strange sight to see - and speeds toward the jungle again.

Contestant Rory fidgets and wishes she could be back on Clayton's lap. "Anything feel different...?"

Animus Fractus Clayton shakes his head."No..I don't feel any different..maybe hungry. Yeah hungry."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight watches Clayton intently as one of the burnt feathers along her wing seems to become a wisp of flame and lengthens suddenly as a normal healed feather seems to be in it's place. 'Yes, that does seem to be the main clue to this....'

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, not feeling hungry. "I don't feel hungry as much as...I have a hunger. Damn this is weird."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight glances back to Rory briefly 'I will try my best to help him.' She looks back to Clayton, her tail flicking as she watched him intently. 'A hunger. Does anything seem to actually help it so far or is it a unsatable, gluttonist hunger?'

Animus Fractus Clayton closes his eyes..trying to focus, or calm. He breaths slowly."Driven, hunger." He mutters slowly, then opens his eyes quickly, looking at the gates."Driven...its out there, not in here."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tilts her head her eyes shifting to a almost red flame 'What do you mean... can you expand on that..?'

Animus Fractus Clayton closes his eyes again..calm..calm."Cant...kill in here? Damn you, what do you want?" he says quickly.

Contestant Rory frowns as sh shifts just a little closer to Dark. Now she seems a little worried. Took her long enough.

Returning Contestant Michael Stealth stumbles into the outpost. "So... Tired..." he manages to say, before falling asleep by the outpost wall.

Animus Fractus Clayton opens his eyes, they are red with a yellow slit. He smiles crooked smile, "I want to feed." He looks at Dark, then dissipates in a cloud of black particles that swirl in the air for a moment then vanish.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight stands up so she can react faster as she watches Clayton. Her wings feathers, the ones there ruffle a bit. She growls as he vanishes and looks about 'Damn where did he go?' She takes off and bounds up to a outpost wall pacing along it looking for a sign of him.

Jenner Jasser stamps into the gates, Jessica giggling, attached to Jasser's hat. Jasser glances around and stares at Rory, then stamps over to her, folding up her wings.

Dread Knight Caelan strolls in, twirling something small and pen-like between the fingers of her right hand.

Contestant Rory hugs Jasser tight, "Clayton was here... His eyes and voice went all funny and he disappeared..."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight noticed Jasser come in from the outpost walls, she focused on searching for a sign of where Clayton Materialized.

Jenner Jasser grumbles. "How much did I miss...." Jessica sniffs the top of Rory's head and liiiiiiiiiiicks it.

Animus Fractus Clayton can be seen near the east gate, running into the jungle.

Dread Knight Caelan throws out her arms to stop Clayton, having just entered and not gotten very far. And where do you think you're going? Her eyes narrow slightly.

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles and dissipates in black specks.

Dread Knight Caelan points the pen-like object at the specks and presses a button, causing a high-pitched squeal to echo through the Outpost. What a racket!

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight growls and leaps down on the other side of wall her wings flaring as she uses them to brace her fall, She didn't want to start breaking her bones... She bounds east hoping he was still headed that way.

Contestant Rory says "We were just talking.. then he started talking about being hungry. I think he was trying to talk with whatever's wrong... And then he went all funny!"

Dread Knight Caelan yelps and almost drops the object, releasing the button and rubbing her ears frantically. "Oooo! That hurt!"

Animus Fractus Clayton reappears, holding his ears. With a growl he snaps out both tentacles, slapping her to the ground before dissipating again.

Animus Fractus Clayton appears outside the gates, rubbing his ears. He snuffs the air quickly, then trots off west.

The Scene

Out in the jungles dark knight who is currently a skeletal undead Gryphon hunts after Clayton who seems to have been taken over by something since his last Tea with Horatio.

What Happened

Just West of Kittania...

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flies overhead having taken to air and circles sniffing the air.

Animus Fractus Clayton runs almost headlong into a Weiner Punk. He attacks it viciously as he did before, dismembering and eviscerating in a flurry of motion before stopping to feed.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight lands in a tree branch and screams a birdlike cry at Clayton.

Animus Fractus Clayton spits out a bite.."Not good. No soul." He sits on his heels, looking over the pile of remains while gathering his strength.

Animus Fractus Clayton glances around at the cry."You. What do you want."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight watches him intently before landing on the ground, keeping a cautious distance. 'To find out how to be rid of your hunger.'

Animus Fractus Clayton looks back to his pile of... ick. "Hunger never stops. Is eternal..like death."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tilts her head 'Even death isn't eternal to some.'

Animus Fractus Clayton glances back, "Then I could eat, when they die again." He shuffles around toward her."This place, not normal. Few graves here...but death all around. No place to sleep...just in here."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's tail flicks sharply as her wings half extend as she watches his approach warily. 'Yes, this place is not normal.'

Animus Fractus Clayton sits on his heels again, elbows on his knees and not looking afraid whatsoever. "Their are graves. Long buried though..no good meat. No shelter. Horatio lies. He says this house has a tomb..shelter and flesh. Lies." He hisses a sigh.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight watches him 'Since you can't find shelter and flesh.. will you return to.. where you came from?'

Animus Fractus Clayton snorts,"Plenty of flesh here. Just have to kill it first now. No graves to crawl into so make my own." He picks up a bleached old bone, one of the many on the jungle floor. He snaps it in half."Dead everywhere here, old dead. Dry and gray... old marrow is bland. Fighting worms for a bite of soggy mush." He licks out a glob of old marrow, swallowing with a grimace."Like a graveyard, but no coffin..no tomb..

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail and watches him 'People will fight you if you kill.'

Animus Fractus Clayton drops the bones out of his paws."Why? Everyone kills here. Every day. You kill. I kill. He kills. Why fight me for killing?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tilts her head 'It's a difference in what you kill, and who you kill.' She projects a message to Jasser who is still back in the outpost, "Can you think of any creature that finds shelter in graves and tomes and feeds on flesh? You'd be more likely to know what mythos the Drive pulled this thing in Clayton from."

Animus Fractus Clayton tilts his head." Why? I kill cause I hunger. You kill for req. If graves were here, I would not need to kill. Cant enter tomb with sweet meat." He spits in disgust.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail 'If we were sure you would just go after jungle creatures, the things that attack first.. then we wouldn't be as worried.'Her pendent glows slightly unseen as she gets a reply from Jasser..

Jasser's reply to dark "Well Fuck. How could I..... Ergh."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks back at the carcass pile."They have no soul..no taste. Souls make flesh taste good. Raws flesh smells sweet....good soul was there Im sure. Her flesh should be tenderrrrr now. No biting to get to the marrow."He licks his lips, smiling.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tenses her talons digging into the dirt and her wings arch 'Yes, it's that that will make people fight you.' She also sends back a reply to Jasser It's clues I've learned so far.. maybe the little ones can help?"

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at her, brow furrowed."Whyyyy?" he says with a hiss."You take meat to the cafe. Fat butchers..others with souls. I buy steaks there..taste the sweet flesh. I taste the soul, I know.You eat there. All eat there. Hypocrite."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight flicks her tail as her eyes regard him 'I believe we are talking in different directions.. The butchers attack first.. you said "her", sounded like you might attack a friend.'

Jasser reply to dark as the pendent flickers again unseen. "You married a very stupid woman, Dark. The Drive pulls things from popular culture, and makes it....." Jasser grumbles again. "A ghoul fits that criteria."

Animus Fractus Clayton grins,"Friend? No friends here. Im the only one here.OHHH! You mean the scrawny one. Sweeeet is her flesh...but needs to be dead for a while first. Tough muscle, tough sinew..no fat. Need to wait until her flesh is like jelly, then fight worms for it. He shakes his head, picking up another bone."Not worth waiting. Not worth killing. They bury her like Rawr..so I cant get to flesh."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight narrows her eyes 'Not your friends, your hosts friend. My friends.' She growls slightly flicking her tail. dark can't hear Jasser's irritated grumbles over the link. She sends another message, "You are most definitely not stupid, Love, A ghoul?"

The reply from Jasser comes quickly "A ghoul. Terrible creature. Steals children, sleeps in graves, eats the meat of the dead. Stuff such as that. They're in the god damn book I was reading."

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles,"If I kill friends, I share with you. You taste how sweet their soul is then." He snaps the bone, then peers in at the marrow...licking it afterward.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight growls and takes a step forward her pendent glowing slightly. 'I'm sorry despite my form I'm not interested. At least now I know what you are.. souls make the flesh sweet? I have three souls' She eyes blaze stronger. She sends another message to Jasser "Any thing they particularly despise? That might help Clayton?"

Animus Fractus Clayton takes another lick of marrow, then looks at her. "Three...not human then. Your not flesh to me."

Jasser replies to dark "Fire is a good deterrent for undead."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's tail flicks and she watches him warily. 'Really then. So... how do I banish you to get you to leave Clayton alone...' Watches him intently, her wings still arched. She continues her unheard conversation with Jasser, "I don't want to hurt Clayton, even if I tried Phoenix fire... I don't like that thought really.."

Animus Fractus Clayton drops the bone and stands."Banish! I stay. Horatio put me here. I find no place to stay. No tomb in house where I can live...Horatio was wrong. I stay." He turns and starts walking away.

Jasser replies to dark "It's not Clayton."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight growls and bounds to try to intercept. She snaps her beak in his direction 'I don't think so.' She reaches back with a hand like forefoot and grabs a fist full of her feathers out. She sends another message to Jasser, "Clayton seems to still be in there."

Jasser replies to dark "And using the fire may drive the ghoul back down."

Animus Fractus Clayton turns, hissing slightly."I go and I feed."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight tosses the feathers out towards him. They each seem to be drawn to a different point. They hover at 5 points almost circular about Clayton. She links the five together mentally, weaving a spell with them, when complete it should be a barrier, it's not yet. 'No, Your not. Oh I might be able to do something yet.'

Animus Fractus Clayton glares at Dark."Clayton isnt home." he says calmly. "He has no taste for flesh. His raped demon does not. Cannot touch my world..not live or dead. Fuck off."

Cage Arrives..

Tenaciously Cage Oukami walks into the clearing, staring at Clayton and.. Dark? She remembered the gryphon form, but it looked different now. She had no idea what they were talking about. "Clayton? Dark?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight eyes flicker towards Cage, shit. She focuses on the spell she was trying to weave. 'Stay back Cage... He's been taken over by a ghoul we think.'

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at the newcomer, then pulls the black lock out of his eyes. He snuffles at her, then sneers. "Your like him. No flesh. Souls with no flesh. This place is wrong everywhere. You throw your dead on the ground and tramp their bones, yet get mad if... if I eat their flesh. You kill for req but I cant kill to eat." he spits again.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami blinks. "I do not kill for req. I kill to feed." She narrows her eyes, and crosses her arms, but she stays back as Dark advised.

Animus Fractus Clayton points to Cage,"There. Bitch at her too."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight growls lowly still weaving the circle still had cracks in it yet but she was striving to close them 'She would not attack friends, wanting sweat flesh with souls. There is a difference.'

Animus Fractus Clayton growls "I have no friends here. I tell you before. Only me. Im going now..bitter flesh."he says the last bit like a curse, then dissipates in a cloud of swirling particles.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight curses as he leaves the circle before the trap of it closed. The 5 feathers hover there and vanish in wisps of flame reappearing as part of wing as she squawks out in pain. 'Almost had him...'

The Hunt Resumes

Animus Fractus Clayton appears not far west, then turns and speeds off at an amazing pace.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami curses softly. "Shit. He learned it too.."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight looks off west catching a sent. 'Yes but his range so far isn't as good.' She bounds west, That or he's trying to lure us...

Tenaciously Cage Oukami turns and sprints west, keeping pace with Dark.

Clayton turns south, running fast.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight follows bounding faster as she notes his speed trying not to lose him.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami turns on the ball of her foot, kicking up dirt as she changes direction.

Ephram is lost. Dam directionz were not gud.

Animus Fractus Clayton snuffs the air..smelling sweet flesh. He sees his quarry and leaps on it mercilessly. Rending with claws and slicing with the weapon.

Ephram screams as someting pounces on him..a short scream.

Animus Fractus Clayton dismembers and eviscerates with astounding quickness..leaving a pile of limbs and bruised pieces behind. He kneels, taking large bites from the muscles. "Sweet."he says as he breaks off a hunk of bone..sucking out the marrow.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight bounds in with a growl.


Animus Fractus Clayton stands, holding a forearm with hand attached in his mouth. He bites a piece out and swallows at the rest hits the ground."MY flesh!" he screams.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight stalks toward him, holding him didn't work she'll try a direct approach then. A small flame showing up on her wingtips as she growls, the her wings slowly becoming flame.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami skids to a halt a short distance from Clayton. She wrinkles her face in disgust. "..."

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Cage, "Here, you taste sweet flesh. Even if you have none, you can taste."He looks at Dark approaching."Leave me..bitter flesh. I have sweet flesh now and will feed."he stands, claws extending.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami's eye twitches. A low growl rises in her throat as she looks at the scene. She'd seen some fucked up things, but this takes the cake. She sees his aggression towards Dark and advances, her own talons forming as his claws extend.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight growls lowly and doesn't slow her approach. Her burning eyes intent on him as her wings become 50% flame, they retain their form though as flame. 'No, I will help Clayton.'

Animus Fractus Clayton laughs, a laugh that only something undead could produce..something between a screech a howl and a scream that seems to come from the ground below his feet. He brings his claws to his throat, one paw in front and the other in back.

Animus Fractus Clayton squeels"You help Clayton..I kill him. I dont care. I find another to live in. You choose."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami stops in her tracks with a noise of frustration. "Why the fuck be so selfish?! Why not find another to live in anyway?!"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight freezes with a low growl. Her tail lashing back and forth. Her eyes blazing fiercely. 'That would be a very unwise move.' She projects with a quiet dark rage. Her wings 75% flame and arched just slightly over her back.

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Cage, eyes nearly blazing red."His body not flesh. Blood feeds it. Flesh feeds me. We feed together. No tomb to stay in so this better." he snorts glancing at them both."Why you care."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami frowns. No way is she going to tell a ghoul her motive. Instead, she raises her palm. "Stand down or I put you down where you stand."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's are now fully flame it blazes and burns the already chard flesh where her wings connect with her body. 'Many reasons, I don't think you'd understand.' the projected words a low hiss. She glances quickly over at Cage.

Animus Fractus Clayton snorts again."Go ahead. I don't die. I don't live. Being both and neither I don't care."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami shrugs. A beam impacts the ghoul in the chest and electricity immediately arcs through Clayton's body.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight starts and growls at the beam Cage sent. Her Talons dig deep into the earth.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami rockets forward and tackles Clayton by the waist as he's stunned, kicking dirt up in her wake.

Animus Fractus Clayton is limp and crumples as she impacts him, twitching slightly as they hit the ground together.

Restrain Him!

Tenaciously Cage Oukami stradles Clayton's waist and pins his wrists above his head. "Dark! Help me out here! He's physically stronger than me, and I'll have trouble restraining him once he regains control!"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight moves and moves to clamp her talon'd hands over his feet. Her wings spreading out. 'I could try my phoenix flame, it should attack the ghoul but not Clayton...'

Tenaciously Cage Oukami shakes her head. "We'll have to try that in a more controlled environment.. Do you have any way to bind him?"

Clue and Xela Arrive...

Clue fades in, in his WereWolf form, he peers at them and pads over, frowning. <It took him again?>

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks over at Clue. She shivers. Then raises an eyebrow. "Again?"

Citizen Xela walks by but stops.

Clue <According to what I have heard...>

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight nods and her eyes dim to embers. Five feathers separating from her wing and making a circle about them. She focuses more intently on trying to make the binding spell that should entrap Clayton. Her wings are fire right now.

Clue moves over to Clayton's head in front of Cage, ready to grab him should he struggle.

Animus Fractus Clayton coughs, turning his head slightly.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks down at Clayton with concern. "Clay..?"

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight weaves the energies she pulls from her feathers and herself, not trusting improbability for such a task, she'd lose the feathers if it fails this time and it would take a long while before she regained them again.

Animus Fractus Clayton groans slightly, muttering."..uummgg"

Clue peers with curiosity at Dark, then leans his head down to Clayton's briefly <This should soon be over..>

Tenaciously Cage Oukami leans down a bit closer, biting her lip. "Clay, are you alright?"

Animus Fractus Clayton opens an eye slightly."..cage?"

Tenaciously Cage Oukami nods, but keeping her distance from his face. "Yeah Clay, it's me.."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's feathers flare as the air shimmers in a dome around Clayton, the spelled keyed to him that would not allow him in any way to escape it until the feathers burn out. If one was to look closely at the 5 feathers you'd notice a faint trail of smoke as they burn slowly. 'There.' Her eyes flicker back to their normal intense flame as she looks about noticing Clue and Xela. She tilts her head backing up a bit. Letting go Of Clayton's feet.

Citizen Xela headtilts at Dark and walks forward a little

The Drake Jasser arrives..

Jenner Jasser flies overhead, a small speck in the sky.

Animus Fractus Clayton opens his eye farther.."...your room was locked."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami sighs softly. "I know, I'm sorry.."

Animus Fractus Clayton makes a slight face, closing his eyes again briefly."why are you sitting on me?"

Jenner Jasser begins to slowly descend, flapping her wings slower and slower, then reaches the ground with a thwump. She grumbles, her tail smacking into a tree and 3 rocks as it sweeps across the ground.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami clears her throat. "You um.. A ghoul was in control of you. I had to stun you and tackle you."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight glances to Jasser. Her wings were still pure flame, wrapped about the now gaping holes in her back where the wings met with the bit of flesh on her. She looks to Cage 'You can get up now, even if the ghoul takes over, he's not going anywhere.'

Jenner Jasser grumbles, stamping forward, and standing a few feet from the 'circle'.

Animus Fractus Clayton blinks, "..Rory?..shes here?" he mutters.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami nods and rolls off of Clayton. She kneels beside him. "No, she's not here.." She looks over and notices Jasser, then blinks. "Woah.."

Jenner Jasser grumbles, poking her quite distinguishable hat. "She's safe at the Oasis."

Citizen Xela mutters under his breath

Animus Fractus Clayton opens his eyes again, red with yellow slits."Clayton's not here either."he says as he swings a haymaker at Cages chest.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami has no time to move, she can only tense as the kick connects. She's lifted off the ground and lands with a grunt a couple of feet away.

Clue snarls and pounces down onto Clayton, to grasp his shoulders in a vice like grip with his hand-claws.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight growls her eyes blaze and her pendent that was about he neck starts to glow. She arches her wings. 'Get out of there, move beyond the feathers! He cannot get out!'

Jenner Jasser snarls. She draws up the her full height, then begins to release the flow of pure oxygen. Then thinks better of it, dropping down and pacing over toward Cage and nudging her with her snout. "Cage?"

Tenaciously Cage Oukami coughs and rolls around for a moment, gasping for breath. If one were to listen, they would have heard cracks when the kick impacted.

Citizen Xela runs forward and grabs Clue pulling him away.

Jenner Jasser grumbles. She's not sure what to do...... transporting people is not easy in her current state.

Animus Fractus Clayton spins around with a hiss..taking Clue off his feet. He slams his head off the barrier, shaking it slightly as he wonders what happened.

Clue growls as he darts a glance to Cage to verify she is out of the area, he ignores Xela, sidestepping him to advance towards Clayton.

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight's wings beat once. The flame from them starting to spread to her form as she prepares to commit herself to her other half of her heritage. The feathers That Clayton, Jasser and Cage own would start to dim slightly.

Citizen Xela gets between Clue and the Barrier "Back OFF"

Jenner Jasser turns, then sighs. "No one ever listens." She turns back to Cage. "Cage. Do you need me to transport you to a Med Tent, CAKE HQ, or let your Symbiont regeneration do it's work?"

Tenaciously Cage Oukami slowly sits up, holding her chest. "'m alright, Jasser.." she grunts as she gets to a knee.

Clue snarls and fades out, fading back in in Clayton's shadow <Stay Out Of My Way Stranger.> He lowers his stance as he faces Clayton.

Jenner Jasser grumbles. "That didn't sound fine."

Animus Fractus Clayton beats on the barrier with his fists, then claws... letting out the same undead screeching howl as before, but now louder and more angered. He presses against it, pushing his feet deeply into the dirt.

Clue chuckles and steps out of the barrier, appeased that it will hold and that Cage is safe.

Citizen Xela walks over to Jasser "could you tell me wht that thing is?"

Jenner Jasser stamps up towards the barrier, and grumbles. She glances at Xela. "Clayton." She turns, releasing Pure oxygen from her mouth, then pointing her head up above the barrier, then clicking her tongue, igniting the gas. A burst of uncontrolled flame lashes out into the air, licking at Clayton from the other side of the barrier. She keeps this up for several moments, before ending the stream. She glances down, taking a step back from the barrier, and snarls. "You face that, beast."

Skeletal Gryphon dark knight screams in a bird like way, flames arcing all about her. One arcs down to the ground and speeds towards the barrier, leaving a trail of flame in it's path as it splits in two at the barrier and makes a second circle of golden flame.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami stands up with a groan and sways. She watches as Jasser spits flames and her eyes widen. Similar to the ability she had..

Citizen Xela walks over to Cage and helps her stand "you sure you don't want help"

Animus Fractus Clayton screeches, the sound painful to any who hear, then dropping to all fours and panting..looking truly like a wild beast in a desperate state.

Clue glances at Clayton and the barrier before stepping back over to Cage. <Need me to make a run to the HQ infirmary?>

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks up at Xela and shakes her head. "I'm sure, Xela.. Thank you though. I appreciate it." She looks over to Clue and chuckles, then coughs. "I'm fine, but he's a lot stronger than he looks."

Jenner Jasser draws herself to her full height, standing up on her hind legs. "DO YOU HEAR ME, BEAST. I WILL REPEAT MYSELF." She releases more pure oxygen, a distinct sound filling the air.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami winces at the sound the ghoul is making, then watches Jasser and her flame.

Citizen Xela nods and watches Clayton

Jenner Jasser isn't actually breathing fire at the moment, but the threat is there.

Half Phoenix dark knight's feathers binding Clayton have burnt down half way. Dark herself is almost purely flame now. She spreads her wings and takes off flying up in tight circles staying just above the barrier. She screams at the apex, not looking like a flaming gryphon, but a very large bird of fire.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami watches her friends with admiration, especially Dark, who truly looks like a pheonix.

Clue frowns <Last time you said you were fine you ended up needing more a bit later.> He watches dark with interest.

Animus Fractus Clayton salivates and shivers, then brings his paw to his throat and tightens his fingers around his neck, his claws extending farther as he shrieks again.

Jenner Jasser stares down at Clayton, then clamps her mouth shut, cutting off the pure oxygen. She stamps back a bit, then drops back down onto all fours with a thump.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami winces. "No! This is why I brought him down in the first place!" She hurriedly raises her palm and fires another beam into the barrier, then falls to a knee.

Jenner Jasser grumbles, staring. Breathing fire all over the place would do no one good.

Animus Fractus Clayton shudders and slumps into a heap quivering.

Phoenix Fire vs Undead

Half Phoenix dark knight dives down at Clayton. Her burning red and blue eyes seeing the threat to Clayton again and she screams her rage as she breaks through the barrier, her flames a pure golden phoenix flame, that longed to destroy the threat and aid her friend.

Clue grabs Cage by the shoulders to support her, claw-hands gently gripping her.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami grips Clue's arm tightly to keep herself upright, her arms actively arcing.

Jenner Jasser watches, assured that none of the flames would hurt her.

Clue tightens his grip slightly and leans up, picking Cage up to stand on her feet again.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami leans against Clue, keeping her arms away from his body so she doesn't accidentally discharge and injure him.

Animus Fractus Clayton is still down, quivering slightly.

Half Phoenix dark knight's flames rage within the barrier, no stray flame should harm any currently present, Actually they would feel rather pleasant and try to heal them.

Clue shifts for Cage a bit, and peers back into the barrier <I'm going to the HQ and back the moment I get a chance, Cage, and I won't heed argument.>

Citizen Xela watches the flame

Tenaciously Cage Oukami sighs and looks up at Clue. "It's not blood this time.." Her voice sounds a bit weak.

Clue's ears twitch <No?.. What do you need then?>

Tenaciously Cage Oukami shakes her head. "It's ok, I'm recharging, it's alright.. Just.." She starts rotating her wrist and clenching her fist at the same time, watching Clayton and Dark.

Animus Fractus Claytons body moves in the flames, rolling around as suddenly a gangly figure slams against the inside of the barrier. A deafening shriek is heard again as another shadowy form grabs it tossing it to the other side. A fight appears to be happening in the flames

Clue sighs <Very well then... What the feth..?>

Tenaciously Cage Oukami blinks and peers inside, trying to see through the flames.

Clue's Shadow snaps into definition, and flows over to the edge of the barrier.

Jenner Jasser glares into the barrier, not trying to intervene as she was quite....... large at the moment.

Clue <Dark, should we do something?>

Half Phoenix dark knight's flames burn fiercely, though as people look more intently there would be traces of a few red flames twisting and screaming through the configuration. The red flames being rather hot as they are not phoenix flame as the others.

Animus Fractus Claytons body partially rolls out of the flames. He spins around, hissing with his ears tight to his head as he kicks up dirt rushing back in again. More shrieking is heard, along with hisses and loud thumps as forms slam against the barrier.

Citizen Xela says "I think Clay's got to do this himself..."

Half Phoenix dark knight cannot answer right now, she's fully focused and committed to the flames.

Quinn arrives..

All in Stitches Quinn appears next to Cage, flat on her ass, "Ugh... I knew there was a reason I didn't do that... Holy shit...!"

Clue's Shadow pools up, taking shape at the edge of the barrier, it looks approximately like Clue, and glares at the shadowy form within. It is insubstantial, but if the other is a Shadow, it can fight or at least disrupt it.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks down at Quinn and blinks. "Y'alright, Quinn?"

Jenner Jasser swishes her tail, then glances back at Quinn, rumbling. She glances back at whatever the fuck is going on in the barrier.

Animus Fractus Clayton hisses loudly as another deafening shriek is heard..growing louder and louder until it dies off in an abrupt piercing note that fades quickly...the flames suddenly start fading.

Jenner Jasser swishes her tail again, smacking into a rock.

All in Stitches Quinn nods, sitting cross-legged now, eyes not leaving the barrier, "What the hell...."

Citizen Xela shrugs at Quinn

Divided One dark knight's 5 feathers suddenly flare in wisps and vanish as the golden flames dissipate. Dark, looking human, nakid except her pendent, would be seen swaying. Her wings visible on her back, badly burned and blackened. There was still about 10% of healthy feathers. She sways as she stumbles a moment and passes out.

Grace Arrives..

Grace lands in the trees above, staring down. "..."

Jenner Jasser grumbles, stamping over to Dark and grumbling again, this time from irritation. She stands there for a few moments, wondering how best to approach picking Dark up.

Clue glances with concern at Dark, but is already holding on to Cage. His shadow continues to watch with vigilance.

Grace peers down at Jasser. <Need a hand?>

Animus Fractus Clayton is laying on the ground, trying to get up maybe? A charred humanoid form is beside him, Claytons claws are still in its throat. His clothes are on fire in several places.

All in Stitches Quinn hops up and hurries towards Dark and Jasser, "She going to be okay..?" She asks, looking back and forth between the couple and the no-longer-there barrier.

Citizen Xela walks over and uses his Coat to put out the flames on Clayton

Tenaciously Cage Oukami moves away from Clue, stumbling as quickly as she can away from him towards Clayton. "Clay..!"

Jenner Jasser grumbles, glancing up at Grace, then glancing at Clayton. "More than one, it appears." She reaches down and.... retracts her hands. She can't lift Dark on her own. She glances at Quinn. "Probably. She's a resilient old goat." She chuckles.

Clue's Shadow pools again, flowing forward to envelope the charred remains, covering them completely. Clue follows Cage closely.

Grace flits down to land next to Quinn. "...There's that feeling again."

Divided One dark knight has been burned and is very much unconscious, but she's made it though similar states... many many many times before.

All in Stitches Quinn tilts her head, "Feeling... Think if we get her on your back you could get her home? You know where her home is..?" She wants to check on her friend, but Cage and Clue are there, so she's got Dark.

Jenner Jasser grumbles. She glances over at Clayton, then back at Dark, then grumbles again. Lots of grumbling going on, though nothing audible besides what sounds like she's having digestional problems.

Jenner Jasser chuckles again. "I suppose I do." She glances over at Clayton. "Clayton?"

Tenaciously Cage Oukami kneels down next to Clayton and leans in, listening for a breath.

Grace tilts her head to one side, looking at Dark.

Animus Fractus Clayton coughs, wheezing from smoke.

All in Stitches Quinn takes that as a 'You can check on him first' and trots a few steps closer, watching Cage, "Soon as we know Clayton's okay, we'll get Dark out of here..."

Citizen Xela says "get Dark out we can take care of Clayton"

Tenaciously Cage Oukami lets out a sigh of relief, then places her arms under him. She lifts with a grunt, trying to get him away from the smoke and fire. One of her tentacles douses the fire on his clothes.

Grace looks up at Jasser. "I can probably lift her off the ground a bit..?"

Animus Fractus Clayton tightens his fingers, tearing his claws out of the ghoul and stabbing at it again as he is lifted. He hisses weekly and flails at it again.

Jenner Jasser grumbles. She's going to wait and see what's wrong with Clayton firs before she goes. She glances at Grace, then nods. "If you can, set her on my back. Face up of course...."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks down at Clayton as she carries him away, looking at him worriedly. "I think he may need blood.."

Grace hmms... "I don't think I can get her that high..."

Citizen Xela pulls out a small knife "I can help with the blood part"

All in Stitches Quinn grins and pulls out a box. It's cool to the touch, "After talking to Sage I decided to stock up."

Jenner Jasser glances down at Dark, rumbling again. She drops down onto the ground, laying flat. Her tail swishes back and forth on it's own, intent on tripping someone up.

Clue shrugs to Quinn and Cage, and moves over to Dark, picking her up gently.

Animus Fractus Clayton lols his head around, looking at the different voices. "cage..xela?"

Jenner Jasser snarls a bit at Clue lifting up Dark.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami nods as she gently sets Clayton down. "I'm here, Clay.."

Divided One dark knight lays there breathing faintly but steadily. She doesn't react at all as she is moved.

Grace hnngs softly. She wanted to help.

Clue's shadow flows off of the charred remains, leaving nothing behind. Clue grins wickedly at this and chuckles at Jasser <Want me to put her back down then?>

All in Stitches Quinn settles down near Clayton, "Hey Clayton... How you feeling?" She's got plenty of blood if it's needed.

Jenner Jasser rumbles. "You could have at least mentioned you were going to do so." She grumbles audibly this time, talking about manners and the fact that Dark is naked. "Put her in the crook of my back between my wings."

Grace looks around, sighs, and flies off, leaving a feather behind.

Citizen Xela watches Clayton "I leave you alone for a month..."

Clue glances at Grace as she departs, and places Dark in the crook of Jasser's back, between her wings. Nudity is completely ignored. <Meh. You know I am a friend.> He stands by to make sure that Dark will stay put.

Animus Fractus Clayton mutters quietly."cut it up...burn it." he coughs again. "..cage.."

Jenner Jasser rumbles, folding up her wings around Dark and covering her to make sure she doesn't fall off. She turns, her tail smacking into several rocks, then stamps over toward Clayton, stoping about 5 feet away.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks back at the body. "You want me to destroy it? Are you alright, do you need blood?"

Clue steps over to Clayton <I have taken care of it's remains.> His shadow already took care of it.

Animus Fractus Clayton nods and mumbles something.

Jenner Jasser stretches her neck, glancing down at Clayton and catching his eye.

All in Stitches Quinn glances at Cage. She couldn't hear...

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks at Jasser, then gently sets Clayton down. "What..?" She leans down closer to hear.

Divided One dark knight's ruined wings are pressed under her as she is held on Jasser's back.. if the bones and feathers clinging to them could be called wings at the moment. She's still very much out cold.

Jenner Jasser stares down at Clayton. She glances back at Dark worriedly for a moment, then back down at him.

Clue peers about, and spots Grace's feather.. He retrieves it before turning back to the others.

Animus Fractus Clayton opens his eyes slightly, then whispers."blood, please."

Jenner Jasser pulls back for a moment, then glances back at Dark. She grumbles, then turns, her tails smacking against a tree, and stamps out of the clearing and towards the oasis.

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks back to Quinn. "Quinn, blood?"

All in Stitches Quinn nods, pulling out several packs. She's got about seven in total, but only pulls out four. "Here you go. I've got more if you need it."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami takes them with a gracious nod, then slices one open and pours it on Clayton's neck.

Citizen Xela walks over to where the Thing and Clayton fought

Animus Fractus Claytons wounds channel the blood into themselves as small tentacles weave their way out to absorb what doesnt flow directly in. He starts breathing easier after a few minutes, then opens his eyes a bit more."make sure its gone cage."

Citizen Xela kicks and shuffles around the spot and starts drawing a circle with a stick

Tenaciously Cage Oukami tears open the remaining bags and pours the blood onto Clayton, watching him intently. "Clue said he took care of it.." He looks over at Xela. "Xela, the thing's gone, right?"

Clue steps back over to near Clayton <My Shadow sent it to the void. In pieces. After consuming it's soul. It is gone forever.>

Citizen Xela shrugs "I think but just to be on the safe side..." he draws some runes around the circle and steps back as everything inside dissapears "it should be gone now"

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles, mouthing something afterward, then looking up at Clue. "Cut it up anyhow..its undead." he looks over at Xela as the thing vanishes. "Or that..."

Clue shrugs <It was sent to the void in about a million pieces. I can't cut it up much more than that.>

Citizen Xela grins and stumbles slightly

Tenaciously Cage Oukami runs her fingers through Clayton's hair. "How're you feeling..?"

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, "Sick...I killed someone over there."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami shakes her head vehemently. "Don't you dare fucking blame yourself, Clayton. You would never do that. It was that thing."

Citizen Xela stumbles towards Kit

Clue sighs <I should have kept a closer eye on you after we met in Newhome.. Could of prevented it from doing this then.>

Animus Fractus Clayton shuts his eyes and nods slowly."Ill tell myself that Cage. If it works." he looks at Clue, "You had no idea what was going on...hell I didnt half...you couldnt of done anything." All in Stitches Quinn has no idea what happened, but she smiles reassuringly, "What Cage said."

Clue <I knew exactly what it was going to do if it took control, I felt the damn thing's hunger.>

Animus Fractus Clayton shudders, "I couldnt..until I thought about it. What was Horatio dealing with that thing for anyhow?"

All in Stitches Quinn says "I don't think we want to know, Clayton..."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami closes her eye and places her hand against her temple for a moment, then hugs Clayton tightly and sighs. "Are you gonna be alright, Clayton?"

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, "No..no, dont want to know. It was bad enough knowing about it." he says quietly.

Animus Fractus Clayton looks around frantically, "Wheres Dark? Is she all flamed out?"

Tenaciously Cage Oukami bites her lip. "She's at the Oasis, Clay.."

Animus Fractus Clayton sighs, relaxing now."how is she? "

Tenaciously Cage Oukami looks to Clue, then back to Clayton. "She's ok. She's sleeping."

Clue glances back at Dark, then to Clayton <Jasser will take care of her.>

Animus Fractus Clayton puts his paw to his head, "Oh Rory, stop yelling."he says quietly. thinking back to her.

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at Cage, then smiles. "Thanks for coming after me. Like were forever getting into trouble somewhere."

Tenaciously Cage Oukami grunts softly. "Guys, I'll be back later.. Clay, I'll talk with you later, ok?" She stands up and gives Quinn a hug, then Clue, then kneels down and gives Clayton a second hug before disintigrating.

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles as she goes. He then rolls over, trying to stand up and doing so slowly.

Clue nods to Cage and reaches out to Clayton.

All in Stitches Quinn frowns as Cage leaves, but offers Clayton a hand instead of going after her. "We never get a break, do we?"

Animus Fractus Clayton leans on Quinn, smiling and shaking his head."No..doesnt seem so." He stand up straight, then stretches his arms above his head.

Clue nods <Always some madness or another.. We're never idle for long.>

Animus Fractus Clayton looks at them both. "It keeps life from being boring, though I could do with some boring. I need to get to Rory, I know she is a wreck by now."

All in Stitches Quinn scrunches up her face, "I hate it. I've come to miss boring..." She nods and gives Clayton a quick hug, "Go on."

Animus Fractus Clayton hugs her back, then hugs Clue. "Thanks, both of you."He turns and walks to the remains of the contestant, picking up his pu-dao then walkig away east.

Clue nods to Clayton and Quinn,<Farewell then.> and fades

All in Stitches Quinn sighs, walking to the remains and starting to dig, somehow her fork working as a shovel quite well. "Wish I knew your name, friend, but I won't leave you out." It takes her time, but she digs deep and buries what's left, marking it with a cross.

All in Stitches Quinn clears the area as best she can, the grave off to the side and out of the way, but obvious to anyone who knew it was there. Dusting off her hands, she walks off.

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