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The Cockwork Clockwork Stallion can be purchased for 144 cigarettes1) at Mike's Chop Shop in AceHigh .

This nightmarish clatter-trap2) is an alternating buff mount3), which bestows a stamina reduction in travel on some days, and add-on combat damage on others. The stamina reduction clocks in at a roughly 20% discount, and the add-on damage deals an average of 23 damage per round4), for 50 rounds.

The Stallion is your friend. It is certainly not licking your hand to get a taste for human flesh5). Give its flank a pet and it will emit a whinny perfectly attuned to ensure empathetic connection with the metallic, tick-tocking monstrosity.

1) that's a gross amount, yo
2) which is much different from a Clattering Nightmare
3) hee hee
4) Precise numbers still being tested
5) It could, on the other hand, be testing to see whether you're ripe yet, so that it can sell your flesh to a cafe in the next town you encounter.
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