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Basic Information- Clueless

Name: Clue/Szara

Most of this is significantly out of date.

Status: Deactivated

Species: Banter ghost

Card: Jack of Clubs

Szara violates the Fifth Wall on a regular basis.1)

Past- (WOEFULLY Out of date) Clue has two complete sets of memories, one as a Turian Spectre, and one as a Contestant. Both are true it seems. He suffered an event whereup the 'beast' within and his self split bodies, and tried to subdue eachother so that they could re-merge with one of them again being dominant. This happened, eventually, sort of. It's all still shrouded in mystery. The new Clue, known as Szara, and, on occasion, Strelok, is a new mix of what he was before. And has no memories of before the re-merge. His memories before that point are of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Strelok.

Outstanding Objectives- He's A Bit Mad, who knows?

Random Strange Shit, you ask?

<ROGUE>APIS Omega performs anally-based lobotomy on Clue and eats his brain.2)

<SAVOR>Mad Moggy Marika sits on Clue as he is obviously part of the furniture "Heylo!"

<SAVOR>Mad Moggy Marika yawns and gives up her lovely 25% stam buff for an actual bed. "And Bye again. You need cushions by the way." Bones: a very uncomfortable resting place after a days building.

<CAKE>Naught But Bone Clueless blinks, he was unaware he had a 25% buff with Marika. Wow. That explains so many memory lapses.

Comments from others (Go on, go nuts.)


Spellsword Boots says "Titan slaying nutter bastard."

An anonymous contestant says - "Oh Sex Gods of the island, thank you for delivering two of your number to me." Wait.. WHAT?!

Sasha points to Clue's more-bastard-ranks-than-any-other-three-ranks-combined DK count. Now that's someone who knows insane. 4)

Lovely Little Crys says "Man, you are like a one-man army. I went off to cook, came back, and there's barely a threat here anymore XD" 5)

"Still weaksauce." -- Maniak.

* Clue replies "I'm getting there damnit! I've only been here a few months, jeez!" He mutters "I am going to own your consecutive Bastard Ranks one day."

* And awhile later.. That was accomplished!

TinyUrl for this page - http://tinyurl.com/TurianClue

Form Archive. Ignore it.

Male Macho Lagomorph `n`n`n`n`n`n`n5' 5" of burly fluffnugget,`n`c`8"If I was going to be honest, this is all my fault. I just don't feel like being honest. `n`nBlame the Squirrel."`c

Title The `8,,w`*a`8bbit`&, Weapon Riotously Rowdy Recalcitrant R

The Man Of Dust-

`X"`2`iFar, `nfar from known, `ntell their tale; `ntheir forgotten story.`i`X"`n`n`n`n`~What do you live for?`n`n`b`7`cROCK`b`c

Haurach if he has given part of his name, Haurach Harroc if you have swindled the full thing from him.

A lithe man swathed in the trappings of the traveler. The aged light fabrics which obscure him are well taken care of, though they still carry the signature appearance of that which is `itoo old`i.

His gaze, when something has his attention, is sharp and calculating. Otherwise it is easygoing, his eyes drifting from one potential threat to another, the worn but sound mace at his side always close at hand to deal with those threats. Stubble lines his square jaw and dusts the space beneath his broad nose when he forgoes shaving, which in the wastes if quite often. His skin is free of the nicks one might associate with shaving with a straight blade though.

Dust clings to him like an old friend, tried and true, it seems almost to be a part of him, faded and muted, dulling his appearance such that it seems he may vanish into the wastes at any moment. And if a genuine smile is drawn from him, the sole unblemished part of him is revealed, teeth, in great condition considering the decline of medical care after the Twilight War petered out. Canines of a menacing nature, though no larger than can be found in a suitably large sample of human population over the eons.

Through the dust he always seems to carry the taunt of `icome at me`i, daring to face down whatever threatens him. Though he does not make friends easily, those who become his interest are sure to find themselves on a roller coaster of his construction.

Avatar courtesy of the fantabulous Fish! Commision her, she does awesome work! And did this in `ionly two days`i as a rush job. http://ph33rtehcute0n3s.deviantart.com/art/Wanderer-Haurach-457765681

-Male \'human\' -Vaguely Russian (basically just not obviously something else) -Average height -Some sort of travelers outfit to hide the body armor he wears -Wields a mace -Larger than average canines, but nothing ridiculous

Between and on his shoulder blades is a tattoo.. Of sorts. A pair of Celtic knots, intertwined with eachother. http://kootation.com/uploads/img.printfection.com*14*65855*Bopxc.jpg

Wedding Attire Continued- The`4cape`~ is trimmed with gold thread, and his `4C`XA`yKE`~ Badge sits just below his throat, fashioned to be a clasp for the time being. At his side is an ornate sword and scabbard, the pommel glittering with three exquisite `$garnets`&.

Bad Blood `7Nearly two and a half meters fully upright, this thing is covered in `~scales `7and`~ plates`7. Angry `jsilver`7 eyes glow unnaturally from sunken sockets.

What in the fresh hell is this?

He's a massive bipedal construct and he smells of brimstone and death with a slight metallic tinge. Usually he is crouched over so that he is only about two meters tall. His right arm at the elbow becomes a massive meter long `7scythe-blade`^. His left arm seems almost normal, save for a spike protruding backwards along his arm out of the elbow, and of the abnormally large claw that is his hand. Six wicked `~talons`^ extend from his hand, each just over a foot in length. A thick tail, armored like the rest of him, rests behind him, a series of barbs along its length. At its end is a mass with its entire surface area covered in more barbs, much like a mace. Sometimes bits of him will writhe, and hard flecks that are so darkly crimson that they seem black will fall to the ground.

`6Ultimate `4B`ga`4stard Shaaaark Shark Shaaaaaaaaaaaaark `cDuuun dun.`n Duuun dun.`n Dun dun dun dun!`c

Seven and a half feet of `iShaaaaaark`i. Reference Drawing- All credit goes to the artist. http://suguro.deviantart.com/art/gradfdada-II-201274470

`jThe `7Marked `gO`qne`~, `lSzara `&Kry`@i`&k`~- Alt Title `jM`7ec`qhe`~n`gy`~i

`cA Man `nThe Protagonist`n`nHe Saved Earth From The Zone`n`n He Saved You From C-Consciousness`c

He's just this guy, this Strelok. You know, the one with amnesia that was sent on a mission to go kill himself, but didn't even know it?

Ye. Just a guy Just a Strelok.

Whats he look like? He's.. Just another guy, Russian.. Or Ukrainian. White and pale, like he never sees a normal sun. Too many summers spent like they wanted to be winter. He's got a small scar by the side of his left eye.. Hair cut real short, so it doesn't get in the way of his mask. Just like anyone else around here. http://images.wikia.com/stalker/ru/images/3/34/Strelok_new.jpg

Say, friend, your accent is strange.. Where you from? The West?

Equipment- Scoped Sig SG-550 5.56mm NATO Assault Rifle (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIG_SG_550) Browning Hi-Power 9x19mm Semi-Automatic Pistol (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browning_Hi-Power) F-1 and RGD-5 grenades (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F1_grenade_(Russia) / en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RGD-5) Combat knife Boot knife Various Artifacts

`~W`1ay`7wa`Xrd W`!o`~lf Stands about 6'2". There's a `!flicker`~ in his `^eyes`~. Abnormally warm. Confident. Fluffy tail! Oh, and a tad batshit. His `4C`XA`yKE`! Clan Badge `~is on his breast pocket, and has his `&CAKE`~ Leader Pin on his lapel.

Looks like- http://www.furaffinity.net/full/1058168/ I am not the artist!

Flying CatFish! Looks like this https://d.facdn.net/art/nightstardragonwolf/1337285532.nightstardragonwolf_flyingcatfishcollab_copy.png

A anthropomorphic version of the form below(above actually). Humanish face, shorter ears, fur, wings, tail, whiskers. Hands, bipedal. Face has very short fur. Oh, and female. So, yeah, breasts and all.

Stands about 5' tall, on all fours. There's a `gflicker`~ in his eyes. Abnormally warm. Regal. Confident. Wearing a bandoleer across his upper chest.

`~S`7h`Va`7r`~k`VB`7a`~be Female...Ish. SharkBabe Joker. 7'6" Skin is Dark Grey/Light Grey. Giant Sharktail. Long Black Hair W/ Pink HighLights. Eyes Green. Bit Worn.

Something still seems a bit off. She's about back to normal-ish. Kinda. As normal as she ever gets. Wearing black slacks and a blue tshirt. Like this- http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=mayhem+shark#/d514hzn

H`7e`)a`7v`&y M`)e`Xt`7al `7A rather large specimen mostly made out of `)various metal alloys. Sporting `jaluminium `7wings. `jSilver`7 eyes glow unnaturally `)above his muzzle.

Further information on the wolf Golem you see. He is about the size of a small pony, and the wings are obviously decorative as he probably could not achieve flight with his weight. Not in any conventional way at least. His surface is mostly smooth, though slightly ridged in a fur-like pattern. Between and on his shoulder blades is a tattoo.. Or rather, an etching. A pair of Celtic knots, intertwined with eachother. http://kootation.com/uploads/img.printfection.com*14*65855*Bopxc.jpg

Naga Lamia Oh my. She's all snakey? It sure brings out her monstrous side. Lamia. Mind the fangs.

A whole lot of snake and scales with a predisposition towards the color red! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10032011/

Care for a hug?

`cShark? Shark.`nBird? Bird.`n`nWhat the fresh hell?`c A quiet mornin, a quiet day. Till you realize, as you say, `3"From the skies, foul Birds; They'll strike then sing a dirge." `~Away, away, to the sea you flee, `3"Here I'm safe, you see. For Sharks shall eat those fiends! And maybe I'll loot a spleen." `~A plan, so cunning, but then you think, `i`3Would sea and air join, may they sync? To stalk a morsel desired, as am I.`i`~ Madness! Lunacy! You think them sly?

Well right you are, for from the waves, Stalks a creature, as if rising from the graves. Neither fish nor fowl, but part of each, It spreads its wings as it marches up the beach. `3"The hell?!" `~You cry! `3"Stay back!" `~You reach in to your pack, And swiftly grab a snack! You hail the spirits of luck, `3`iGimme some slack!`i `~Upon the sand you leave your offering, Then you run, headed for Beijing!

If you took the time to look, you'd have noticed that she stands at a tall 6'4". With a mood that changes like the winds. May be a friend, but she may be quite a foe!

I am, of course, `inot the artist!`i http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2013/142/5/e/still_a_scythe_by_kytethefox-d668e66.jpg


http://anubish.deviantart.com/art/Red-Knight-105300953 Full reference. As ever I am not and never will be the artist.

The figure atop his helm bears a suspicious likeness to that of his fiance! And the heraldry features a slice of `4C`XA`yKE`~ of course.

Glitterplague log `*`bGlitterPlague Primer-`b`^ The GlitterPlague is not my creation, that honor goes to Rider.

Infection has an onset of about two days. The symptoms emerge slowly, starting with a light dusting of sandy glitter, by the second day, you're shedding glitter like, well, a plague.

The glitter infection passes through the system like a normal flu, diarrhea, it lasts about a week, but it is incredibly infectious, like, be in the company of a glitter plague for about a minute, bam you're probably glittered. The glitter is easily airborne and infection is very likely to spread if glitter comes into contact with the 'wet' bits of a person (eyes, nose, mouth, open wounds, etc), pretty much anything that isn't intact skin or hair.

However it's very very weak sort of infection, if you have even the lightest immune resistance, you won't get it easily, that gives everyone a opt-in / cop-out thing.

At full blown infection the rate of glitter production is enough to 'pixie dust' everything around the carrier. You also sneeze, cry, bleed, and defecate glitter.

After the week of infection is up, the former carrier typically has short term immunity so that they don't instantly reinfect themselves. This is left up to the player, how long they want their immunity, but it's generally "You can always get it again"

Szara's Glitterplague log Day 1- Compromised Angry Scotsman, possible infectees, Claude, Dhevika, staff, unknown number of patrons.

Day 2- `b`*The Infection Spreads!`b`^ Above patrons and staff continue to infect miscellaneous persons. Szara visits AceHigh, infects a number of Jokers, and Kuroko. Arken may have been infected due to Kuroko taking a nap on him.

Day 3- `b`*The Infection Spreads!`b`^ Most miscellaneous persons continue their plague-bearing unconstrained. Szara infects the IC fountain, and exposes Shi to the GlitterPlague. Shi's exposure may have initiated a mutation and created a new strain of the Plague. Shi went on to almost infect Jun Slater with the GlitterPlague, but she managed to avoid the infection, for now.

Day 4 - `b`*The Infection Spreads!`b`^ Szara encountered Arlen in Central, though he somehow managed to avoid contact with the glitter. Flaze was also present and may have been infected. Central received more glitter and miscellaneous NPCs and such likely carry the plague and glitter far and wide. Later that day Szara encountered Jun in PV and infected her, successfully, with the glitterplague.

Day 5- `b`*The Infection Spreads!`b`^ Szara took the Glitter to Arken's home and thoroughly glittered the residence, and Arken himself. Szara, in an unprecedented act, cleansed the Sanctuary of glitter at Arken's request, and no further infections occurred due to Szara. However other carried spread the plague, such as Jun who infected Kage (day is approximate, you know how Island time is).

Day 6- `b`*The Infection Spreads!`b`^ Szara visited Hanna's home, mostly glittering the yard and a bit of the shop. Hanna likely avoided the infection thanks to a strengthened immune system. Szara 'kidnapped' Tabi off to the Festering Swamps bar, and possibly infected her as well. Szara found a Sharkish Iiz-Maar in IC, gave her proper Shark attention, and successfully infected her with the Glitterplague.

Day 7- Szara's infection wanes. Szara stole away Laura to the Cat-Hill, possibly infected her, but cleaned the glitter off of her after the conclusion of the trip. Infection status unknown. Szara later ran across Star at Rainbow Road on her way up the mountain, infecting her with Glitterpague, Raygun appeared and was likely also infected.

1) He's due in court next week.
2) Done Completely with equipment found in the Failboat Banter channel!
3) This Was During A Joker Game, It was 100% Justified!
4) It's up to all of them combined now, I need to let Sasha know
5) After Clue single-handedly reduced threat from Interesting Times to Minor Activity.
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