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1)2)An object available for buying and selling at eBoy's. It is one of the three goods available to sell for cigarettes.3) If you do not sell coffee for a long time, a caffeine addict4)5) will ambush you in the jungle and steal all of your coffee and cigarettes.6)7)8)9)10)11)12)13)

1) This entire page is a lie
2) Maybe
3) The other 2 are sugar and tea
4) caffeine addict perfectly normal person Ashtu
5) coffeecoffeecoffee . . . I'm fine now. *deep breath* Fine.
6) He steals the cigarettes to buy more coffee
7) Yeah, he has a problem
8) So do I, but that's called Ashtu
9) But that's okay, everyone on this island has at least one problem
10) You clearly have a lot of problems if you still haven't sold that coffee
11) Sell it already, or the caffeine addict will take your ciggies!
12) If you value your ciggies, sell your coffee right away!
13) If you do not forward this page to five other contestants, the caffeine addict will steal your soul as well as ciggies!
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