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Everything that was here before was embarrassingly bad. I will be editing it soon.

Notable Island Relationships

Feel free to edit ALL areas beneath this point

RedTheChu -- Ex-Annoyance, Now Frienemy. but strangely able to get his mind off things with these antics.

Shi -- Whoevenknowsatthispoint.


Crandos -- Victim.

Alouette -- Close friend, first person he talked to for more than a few minutes.

Grey Ashe & Rin -- Engaged.

Jess -- Best friend. Feels at home at her Place. Literally. He even built a room.

Full Metal Lion -- Has met him. Believes his name is lying.1) Huge fan of Collin's pieces2), if not the overall effect..

Full Metal Loin -- writes a column Collin is a huge fan of.3)

Pierce Such-And-So -- Worked with him during the Vegas space-time bubble scandal of '09.4) Presumed dead. 5)

Erical -- Pokes her a bit too much. Friend, I suppose?

Josh -- Dunno yet.

The Ferryman -- Will see him in court.

1) Despite this, Full Metal Lion somehow gets all the sex.
2) The ones he gets, at least.
3) Unfortunately, his love is unrequited, as what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, despite all evidence to the contrary. In case you were wondering, "evidence" here means [RETRACTED]
4) Which '09 is of no importance.
5) Though still wanted by the Island Police for larceny, golf ball theft, grand theft chicken, walking funny (Crime was excused after the discovery that FML stole Pierce's sex. All of it.), and lollygagging.
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