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La commedia dell'arte

An improvised performance in celebration of Lelila's century Drive Kill, following certain pre-EMP traditions.


Lelila as the love interest, the daughter of Pantalone
Sessine as Pantalone, the crooked miser
Merlin as Pedrolino, the goodhearted son of il Dottore
Jade as il Dottore, the misinformed pedant
Gorbert as Scaramouche, the clever thief and servant to Pantalone
KK Victoria as il Capitano, the braggartly coward 1)
Zolotisty as Arlecchino, the acrobatic schemer and servant to il Capitano


Hermein as an unexpected special guest

The Performance

Act I

[06/17 09:53pm] The square is.. somewhat different when Lelila approaches. For one, it's quiet and still. Lanterns have been strung around the perimeter of the square and the eaves are made lit tangerine.
[06/17 09:53pm] She steps into the square. A cobblestone depresses under her foot with a soft click, and there is an immediate chattering ripple outward from the place where she set her weight.
[06/17 09:53pm] Cobblestones flip over in a fast pattern. Their bellies are made of kingly rose porphyry and smooth white marble, and they overtake the square. A mosaic swirls around the fountain.
[06/17 09:53pm] The plinth is gone and the square is empty. Elaborate baroque marble overtakes the fountain - structures that are assuredly made of stone bloom organic in crests and waves.
[06/17 09:53pm] Lelila's statue takes pinnacle-place at the top of the fountain. She is radiant, grinning. The lanterns catch the statue and make it glow fiery. Passionate. The water, too.. aflame.
[06/17 09:53pm] She takes another cautious step forward. There is another click, this time from a panel of porphyry, and then a soft creaking of rope, a whine of winches. Pulleys creak.
[06/17 09:54pm] Two building facades lift up sharply from the ground, drawn by the ropes. They are grand buildings (though one less grand than the other) and for all that it's clear they are facades..
[06/17 09:54pm] It seems you could walk straight into them. Lelila pauses, biting her lip, and there is another soft click beneath her as she puts her full weight on that same panel.
[06/17 09:54pm] There is a quick rumbling. Surrounding streets depress several feet into the ground. A channel snakes from the alley between the bank and the Inn to the fountain itself.
[06/17 09:54pm] A segment of the fountain drops. The channel floods immediately with a tumbling rush of water and then surges out of the square. Lelila realizes immediately that they are.. canals.
[06/17 09:54pm] The sound of the water settles to steady lapping. The square and spectators around are quiet. And then.. the front door of one of the facades bangs open.
[06/17 09:54pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino explodes from the doorway in a quick series of front flips. She's wearing a snug-fitting costume with an old-fashioned courtier's jacket, belted at the waist.
[06/17 09:55pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is brightly-colored, patterned with asymmetric diamonds. She's also wearing a black mask that leaves her mouth unobscured. She comes to a quick halt near Lelila, showing a toothy grin.
[06/17 09:56pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "Commedia dell'Arte for our bella, yes?"
[06/17 09:58pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche strides out of the facade after Zolotisty. He is dressed in an entirely black suit and his face is hidden by a black mask with a tiny nose. The only thing that identifies him is the cane.
[06/17 09:58pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore as Il Dottore wanders in, slow of gait in a black tunic and black coat. A pillow is stuffed in the tunic creating the illusion of a portly fellow. Black mask and a bulbous nose against her face.
[06/17 09:58pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche bows. "Yes, that seems to be the thing to do."
[06/17 09:59pm] <DICE> Sessine enters, wearing a mask with a long, hooked nose that seems to meet his chin. It has a squinty, miserly appearance: mustache, small beady eyes, very pointed.
[06/17 10:00pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore is munching on a rather large, footlong monstrosity of a sandwich, jaws working constantly as she looks smartly about.
[06/17 10:00pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone wears tight red trousers or stockings, a jacket, loose black cloak with long, billowy sleeves, a red skullcap, slippers and most important of all, a money purse on his belt.
[06/17 10:00pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino follows Il Dottore, dressed in a white outfit and plain white mask.
[06/17 10:01pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Bravest of All, the Captain, waits until his absence is questioned.
[06/17 10:02pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain suddenly strides in, head held high, clothed in a bright yellow officer's coat, with shined bright golden medals. His hat is large and peaked with a massive white feather that flows behind him.
[06/17 10:02pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore stops chewing long enough to notice Merlin. She approaches slowly with a rolling gait. Hugging her, she exclaims, "Ah, Pedrolino, my boy! Do you know that geese are flying east for spring?"
[06/17 10:03pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila stares at them all, still in rather a bit of a shock. Her face breaks into a joyful grin. She bites down hard on her lip, clasping her hands in front of her.
[06/17 10:03pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain steps through, eyes tracing through a bright red mask with a long pointed nose. A large sword clinks at his hip. He strides to the square, raises his arms high and flexes mightily.
[06/17 10:04pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino looks up at the sky, "If you say so, Father. I'm glad of it! For it means that love is in the air." He gazes longingly at Lelila.
[06/17 10:04pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche goes to stand near Merlin and Jade, off to the side and unobtrusive, though his dark eyes flit around the square, resting several times on Sessine's money pouch.
[06/17 10:04pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns so the entire crowd may witness his masterful figure before striding over to the assembled others, large steps with high knees.
[06/17 10:04pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore as Il Dottore pats Merlin down and stares hard at her head. "Pedrolino, I think I know what is ailing you, my boy." She peers solemnly at her son, sandwich forgotten.
[06/17 10:05pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino smartly goes flipping and tumbling to fall in after KK, the Captain. There's a moment where it looks as though she's mocking his distinctive, swaggering stride, but it's hard to tell.
[06/17 10:05pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino cannot take his eyes off the lovely Lelila. "Yes, Father?" he sighs piteously.
[06/17 10:05pm] <DICE> Sessine as Panatalone approaches Lelila. "Ah, my daughter."
[06/17 10:06pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore looks at the audience and plants a hand on her belly. "You, my boy, are *PREGNANT*. Yes, yes, you are." She nods knowingly at Merlin and at Gorbert.
[06/17 10:07pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila starts for a moment, but recovers quickly, turning to Panatalone. "Why, yes, my father?"
[06/17 10:07pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche looks as though he's barely containing laughter as he bows and says, "Of course, Signore."
[06/17 10:08pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone says, "You must be very careful of.." he pauses, "men. Like that one. They pursue, they do. They pursue, they would steal."
[06/17 10:08pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino looks down at his belly. "Pregnant? Me, Father?" He looks over at Scaramouche, puzzled. "My stomach does seem a little larger than usual does it not?"
[06/17 10:09pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino bounds a pace or two ahead of KK to turn a handstand. She looks indignant. "Master, these people are ignoring you! Most of all that -" Z turns and points at Lelila with her foot. "Woman!"
[06/17 10:09pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche says, "Why, certainly. And the faint blush to your cheeks, the long sighs.. you, young master, are most certainly with child!"
[06/17 10:09pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila nods knowingly at him. "Oh, but of course, Father! I promise to be most careful."
[06/17 10:10pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is absolutely stunned at this concept. Ignored? HE?! Absolutely unthinkable! "Arleccino, we must correct this problem immediately!"
[06/17 10:11pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino flips upright. "Yes, of course, Master! I suggest a horserace!"
[06/17 10:11pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino places a hand protectively on his abdomen." What should I do?" He looks pleadingly at his father. "Father?"
[06/17 10:11pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore peers closely at Pedrolino. "You know how I know? It's the eyes. Bloodshot, you see. That means pregnant! You must marry! You must, Pedrolino!" The sandwich waves wildly.
[06/17 10:12pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche ducks an arc of mustard and ham, looking indignant.
[06/17 10:12pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is already off. "ME! Bernalino Emingildo Leopoldo Walter Quinto Olympia?! I am the greatest soldier of Italy! This must be corrected!"
[06/17 10:13pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain suddenly turns to Arlechino, obviously not having heard the prior suggestion. "What do you propose?"
[06/17 10:14pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone shuffles closer to Lelila, knees bent, body curved protectively over his money pouch. "These.. men. They want only one thing. Only one thing." He whispers, "My money!"
[06/17 10:14pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is after him in short order. "A grand horse race, Master - the grandest of them all, we will have chariots of fire and Lipizzaner stallions decorated in finest military swag!"
[06/17 10:15pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino gazes past the flailing sandwich, and past the pompous soldier, and stares once more at Lelila. He points. "Her, Father.. I shall marry her!"
[06/17 10:15pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain smiles widely beneath his mask. "No Arlecchino, I have a better plan. We must hold a grand horse race, the grandest of all! With chariots of fire and Lipizzaner Stallions and.."
[06/17 10:15pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns to his servant. "What was that last part?"
[06/17 10:16pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino decidedly tumbles left, springing up to arc her arm. "They will commemorate your achievements on the battlefield! Everyone will know your name, Bernance Esmerelda Leonine Winch Quince Olive!"
[06/17 10:16pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino flings an arm aruond his trusty servant Scaramouche. "And then, the nobles of Venice will not scorn me because I am pregnant and unwed."
[06/17 10:16pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore crushes Pedrolino proudly to her breast, sandwich oozing condiments out. She cries out, "This will cure you, my dearest Pedrolino, my most favored son. It shall indeed!"
[06/17 10:17pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain pauses. "Wait a moment.." His hand is held right in front of Arlecchino's face. "What is this beautiful maiden that I see before me?" His eyes are trained on Lelila.

Act II

[06/17 10:18pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila hovers closely to Pantalone, putting a protective arm around him. "Don't worry, Father. We-" She is distracted by the boy pointing at her.
[06/17 10:18pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino pops her head up over the Captain's hand. "Master, we have discussed this, I should prefer not to be called a maiden." She backflips and twists, taking an exaggerated step backward. "Ahah!"
[06/17 10:19pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone stands protectively in front of Lelila. She peeks over his shoulder and waves flirtatiously to Pedrolino. Pantalone does not see this.
[06/17 10:19pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche bows his head. "Quite, young master. You will be the finest figure in the city, wedded to the most beautiful woman," he says with a servile air.
[06/17 10:20pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila feels a slight blush to her cheeks as she smiles at Pedrolino from behind her father's back. She bats her eyelashes.
[06/17 10:20pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore as Il Dottore tries to use her tongue to fish out lodged salami from between her teeth as she puts an arm around Scaramouche. "My trusted servant, it is your duty to help Pedrolino, eh?"
[06/17 10:20pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain suddenly turns to Arlecchino. "I do believe I asked you a question, and I order you to find out more about her!"
[06/17 10:21pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino turns an elaborately deep bow into a front flip. "Of course, Master - as you will it. But - first, I need your hat and jacket! Surely I would only be able to approach her in your finery."
[06/17 10:22pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino beams with joy and waves again at Lelila, telling her in sign language from across the stage about their love and his impending pregnancy.
[06/17 10:22pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche bows again. "Of course, Signore. It is my primary motive in life."
[06/17 10:22pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore whispers loudly to Scaramouche, shifting her pillow back to a comfortable spot inside her costume. "And get the woman slate roof tiles. She'll love that. Women always do."
[06/17 10:24pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone looks suspiciously about. He makes a rude gesture at Pedrolino.
[06/17 10:24pm] <DICE> Cheshire Cat feels at odds upon walking into IC. He decides instead to be invisible and float, watching.
[06/17 10:24pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila mouths words of her unending devotion to Pedrolino from across the stage. She tries to interpret his hand signals, but becomes confused as to why she should care his dog is pregnant.
[06/17 10:25pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche says, "Certainly, Signore. What color would be most appropriate for winning a young maiden's heart?"
[06/17 10:25pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila smiles her most innocent and charming smile as Pantalone turns to give her a scrutinizing look.
[06/17 10:25pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks frantically from the Captain to Lelila and back, literally hopping with anxiety. "Quick, Master, your hat! Someone's suggested slate tiles! You'll not have a chance! Of course -"
[06/17 10:26pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino tumbles nearer. "You could always go speak to her yourself!"
[06/17 10:26pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino turns to his father and Scaramouche, grinning wildly. "She loves me! She said so herself.. at least, it was either that or she wanted some knee socks.."
[06/17 10:26pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain blinks. "Absolutely not! She would be blinded by my greatness and accomplishment in the field of battle. You must talk to her in my stead. Mention my muscles."
[06/17 10:26pm] <DICE> Sessine says to Lelila over his shoulder. "They're all alike. But watch me. Anyone who wants to marry you will have to get my permission. I have a Plan!"
[06/17 10:27pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain takes off his hat with the absolutely massive feather and flops it onto her head. "Now go!"
[06/17 10:27pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore considers this for a moment and proudly declares, "Blue and grey, of course, with a bit of green thrown in the mix. Maybe some red too. Women love that combination." She nods firmly.
[06/17 10:27pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila gives every appearance of diverting all of her attention to her father. "But of course, Father."
[06/17 10:28pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino sighs. "Father! You must talk to them yourself. You are learned and wise.. you will know what to say to Pantalone!"
[06/17 10:28pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche sweeps his hat off as he folds into a low bow, his forehead nearly touching the floor. "It shall be done." As he steps away from his master, he turns to the crowd and gives a great shout..
[06/17 10:28pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino clamps it to her head to turn several quick side-flips and front flips with use of only her feet and left hand. She comes up short near Pantalone and his pretty daughter.
[06/17 10:29pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche .. of laughter. "Roof tiles! Oh, this should make for most excellent sport!"
[06/17 10:30pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore makes calming noises, soft and sibilant at her son. "Ah, Pedrolino, I will come when it's absolutamente necesario. But right now, do what you must to woo her, and get those tiles my boy!"
[06/17 10:31pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche hurries off to find the appropriate shingles so that he may watch the ensuing attempt to woo the maiden.
[06/17 10:31pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila is now distracted by the brightly dressed fellow and his Most Impressive Hat. A quick move and she ducks out from behind Pantalone.
[06/17 10:31pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks excitable. "Lord and lady, I come bearing a massage from his lordship the Captain Bernard Emeril Leonard William Quail Oliver the twenty first! He wishes to tell you of his mussels!"
[06/17 10:32pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone eyes the approaching Arlecchino with a dark glare. His hand hovers protectively over his money pouch.
[06/17 10:32pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino vaults over Lelila to whip around and palm her shoulders, rubbing her thumbs into the base of Lelila's neck. "And what wonderful mussels they are! Briny and delicate, full of fine pearls."
[06/17 10:32pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is off in the distance, posing and broadcasting his magnificence to everyone in the square.
[06/17 10:32pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino looks worriedly toward Pantalone. "But Father, he is frightening, and the other suitor for Lelila's attention has the most cunning hat!"
[06/17 10:33pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche stops just before he exits and stares with narrowed eyes at the brightly dressed fool speaking with Pantalone. "Mussels? This will not do; if another were to take the maiden's hand.."
[06/17 10:33pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche .. "Where shall I derive my amusement? The tiles! Quickly!" He dashes off.
[06/17 10:33pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila is startled by the sudden motion, but smiles contentedly at the kneading motion on her neck. "Why, I do believe pearls come from oysters, do they not? Does he have those, as well?"
[06/17 10:34pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore steps behind Pedrolino and pushes his back out to make his chest stick out and pulls her shoulders in line to make them square. "Presence, my dear Pedrolino. Project an air of confidence!"
[06/17 10:35pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino steers Lelila to look at the Captain. "He also has for sale the most spectacular encyclopedia set.. O- oysters? Ah yes! Fetched from deepest depths! Plumbed from dankest sewer line!"
[06/17 10:36pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, bright, "He should like to make your acquaintance! I can be of assistance in this matter."
[06/17 10:36pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino nods. "YES, Father! My unborn child needs a mother!" He walks as confidently as he can toward Pantalone. Only.. a bit of mustard seems to be right under his latest step and..
[06/17 10:36pm] <DICE> Sessine swivels his head. "Get away from her, you!" he shouts. "Unhand her! I know what you want, and you're not going to get it. Not unless.." he pauses cunningly. "Not unless you.."
[06/17 10:37pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is also quite knowledgable. His handsome and beautiful exterior is also backed up by the knowledge bestowed upon him by Brittanica.
[06/17 10:37pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila crosses her arms, hesitant. Her eyes rove over the form of the Captain, before flickering a glance over toward Pedrolino.
[06/17 10:37pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino startles, backflipping backward. The feather flops around wildly.
[06/17 10:37pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino loses his footing on the yellow condiment and with a slip and a yell, falls directly at the feet of Pantalone. He looks up with a sheepish grin. "Um.. Hallo."
[06/17 10:38pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila gasps loudly, running to Pedrolino's aid. She holds out her hands to him, to help him up.
[06/17 10:38pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone lowers his voice. "Not unless you pay, my avaricious fellow."
[06/17 10:39pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore shakes her head as she sees Pedrolino go sprawling. She mutters, "I always told his mother walking shoes should have been put on him earlier in life. Look at him now. That would have helped."
[06/17 10:40pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is quite busy entertaining a crowd about how he fought off an entire invasion of bloodthirsty barbarians, single handedly, while caring for an orphaned infant child at the same time!
[06/17 10:40pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche races throught the startled audience, arms piled high with tiles. He skids to a halt before Pantalone. "Payment, Signore? Why, but of course. On behalf of the young master at your feet.."
[06/17 10:40pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino accepts Lelila's help and manages to get to his feet. He tries to speak.. but he is so overcome with her beauty he can only manage one thing. More sign language.
[06/17 10:40pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is very loud in contrast to Pantalone. "Pay! For the privilege of making the acquaintance of the most esteemed ladyship, m'lord? Why I - the Captain will never stand for that!"
[06/17 10:40pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche says, "my master offers you three dozen of the finest tiles Venice has to offer."
[06/17 10:40pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino bounds right. "Nor will he sit!" Then there is Scaramouche, and she is quick forward with a change in temperament. "How much?"
[06/17 10:41pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone grasps Lelila's wrist and pulls her firmly behind him. She goes, obediently, but with lingering glances at the two fine gentlemen.
[06/17 10:41pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is now quite curious what he will neither stand nor sit for. And what he'll do instead for. Lie? Sure. "My good people, have I told you of the time I once wrestled a grizzly bear?"
[06/17 10:41pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche pushes the stack of tiles into Pedrolino's bewildered hands.
[06/17 10:42pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila quickly turns her attention away from Pedrolino - midway through his story about.. penguins? - to stare indignantly at her father. "Pay? Am I a fine cut of meat?"
[06/17 10:42pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "Three dozen! Braggadocio Eamonn Leotard Winifred Quagley Olaf can match it by another dozen and a bear skin aside. Wouldn't you like a bear skin, sir?" Aside, "Master! The bear!"
[06/17 10:43pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino heads to Scaramouche's side and grins. "You are the finest servant in all of Venice! Two slabs of bread for you tonight!" he whispers.
[06/17 10:43pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone looks at the tiles disdainfully. "Tiles? Tiles? The price is ducats, not tiles."
[06/17 10:43pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain SCREAMS LOUDLY at the sudden alarm of a bear. "WHERE?! IS IT BACK TO FINISH THE JOB?!"
[06/17 10:44pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche says, "The finest, milady," while bowing to Lelila.
[06/17 10:44pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone whispers to Lelila, "Shhhh! This is my Plan!"
[06/17 10:44pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore yells at Scaramouche. "I speak Latin fluently. He said ducats. Cut the tiles then!"
[06/17 10:46pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila bites her tongue, quelling her indignant expression, but still looking a bit put out.
[06/17 10:47pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche shouts, "Of course, Signore!" and takes the tiles from Merlin's hands. He drops them to the ground but has nothing with which to cut them. Ah.
[06/17 10:47pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns to the crowd again, satisfied at the lack of a bear. "Good people! You are all safe now, my high pitched war cry must have scared the coward off."
[06/17 10:47pm] <SPOON> Hermein, stooped, bent, gnarled, drags his heavy barrel organ into place and begins cranking it. His monkey. . . is a dog. Nonetheless, it dances. "Yesh, thash good! Very good! Danch, monkey, danch!"
[06/17 10:47pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino nods to Scaramouche. "You'll have to split them. I can't do hard work. It's bad for the baby." He pats his tummy gently, and then gazes adoringly at Lelila.
[06/17 10:48pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain laughs MIGHTILY!
[06/17 10:48pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino bounds onto the tiles, turning another handstand. She addresses Patalone. "M'lord, if your price is ducats, I ask only how many!"
[06/17 10:48pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche sidles over to Il Capitano and takes it upon himself to relieve the soldier of the heavy sword weighing him down. He rushes back to the tiles and with a mighty CHOP splits them all down the middle.
[06/17 10:48pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone raises his voice. "Gentlemen. Gentlemen. The price is ten thousand ducats of gold, paid in advance. That is firm and final. When you can meet the price, come and see me."
[06/17 10:49pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore talks soothingly to a woman in the crowd, patting her hand. With an air of confidence, she says, "My good woman, I am Il Dottore. I know that for your gout you soak your feet in chicken soup."
[06/17 10:49pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino nods fervently and goes bounding, tumbling, scampering off. She arrives back before the Captain in short order. "Master! Master, I've divined his price!" The feather bobbles wildly.
[06/17 10:49pm] <SPOON> Hermein's monkey (dog) obviously can't carry a tin cup, so he stops playing briefly to accost the nearest person, who happens to be Scaramouche. "A few ducatsh, for good luck, shignore?"
[06/17 10:50pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino's eyes widen. "Ten thousand?" He glances at Lelila, then at the mass of tiles at his feet, then to Scaramouche. "What are we going to do now?"
[06/17 10:50pm] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone pulls Lelila to the door of their house. She goes in with him, but not before conveying with winks and nods to both applicants that she will be coming out again very soon. Alone.
[06/17 10:50pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns to face his servant. "Arlecchino, you missed it. There was a bear here and you weren't around to be my shield! Metaphorically speaking, of course."
[06/17 10:51pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche sets half of a tile in Hermein's cup.
[06/17 10:51pm] <SPOON> Hermein rattles the cup, meanwhile sizing up the other prospects. Hmm. . .
[06/17 10:51pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain shouts grandly. "A soldier is nothing but a gorgeous man if he has not a sword nor shield!"
[06/17 10:51pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino droops.
[06/17 10:51pm] BUT NOT FOR LONG!
[06/17 10:52pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino springs back up. "But Master, Master! I know the price!"
[06/17 10:52pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain looks down. It appears he is merely a Gorgeous man now. For he has neither sword nor shield.
[06/17 10:52pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain looks up. "Yes Arlecchino, what is the price?"
[06/17 10:52pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche taps his chin in an exaggerated gesture. "Don't worry, young master. I'll think of something." He turns to the audience again. "Methinks I have a plan far more amusing than tiles!"
[06/17 10:53pm] <SPOON> Hermein bows deeply to Scaramouche, "Thank you, shignore. May you be bleshed wish the besht of luck!" He bites the tile to make sure it is real ceramic. Chips a tooth.
[06/17 10:53pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is speaking very quickly. "Ten thousand and two cats! And they must be cold! So here is what we do, Master, we collect all of the alley strays and we board the fastest ship to Antarctica."
[06/17 10:54pm] <CDAG> Merlin looks over at his father, who has just begun miracle hair treatment on a member of the audience, then back to Scaramouche. "what should I do? I'm not even sure how I'm pregnant!"
[06/17 10:54pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore snaps her fingers irritatedly to beckon Scaramouche and puts the last bit of the sandwich in her mouth. She hands him an ornate ruby necklace, dripping with gems. "See what you get for that."
[06/17 10:54pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain agrees with his brilliant talent of reconnaisance. The information that he gathered must be spot on!
[06/17 10:54pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "Meanwhile, we make like Master Noah and populate our ship with cats upon cats, it is a self-returning investment, do you see? We arrive in Antarctica and we arrange for tea with the gentry."
[06/17 10:55pm] <SPOON> Hermein senses an opportunity and shuffles towards the Elegant Military Gentleman. "Shir, I may offer shome ashishtanche. I know a plashe wish many catsh!"
[06/17 10:55pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino stares in horror. "But that's mother's necklace! You gave it to her just after you discovered the cure for warts!"
[06/17 10:56pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain nods. "That is a wise choice. I'm glad that you agree with my brilliance my faithful servant!"
[06/17 10:56pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche appraises the necklace. "Hm. Paste," he mutters aside. Turning back to the doctor, he bows low. "I'm sure it will be enough, Signore."
[06/17 10:56pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore waves the necklace in front of Pedrolino. "You are pregnant, that child must have a mother. Your mother, bless her soul, would understand how grave this need is."
[06/17 10:57pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino beams. "But of course, Master! I would not dare suggest you to be stupid or cowardly, only a heathen dog would do such a thing. What's this, signore?" She tumbles to face Hermein.
[06/17 10:57pm] Newbie Trillian rolls on the floor laughing till she realizes what she might be rolling in and stops quite abruptly.
[06/17 10:58pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is on the entire opposite side of the spectrum of stupid and cowardly! He is brilliant and beautiful!
[06/17 10:58pm] <SPOON> Hermein tugs on the Military Gentleman's sleeve. "If you pleashe shir, I may show you! Many, many catsh!"
[06/17 10:58pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche takes the fake necklace with many exaggerated bows. He heads to the center of the stage. "Worthless!" he shouts. "Not one ducat would I get for it, much less ten thousand!"
[06/17 10:59pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche tucks the paste necklace into his tunic. A devious look comes over the mask. "But a plan have I devised to get the needed gold!"
[06/17 11:00pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino nods. "If you think it is best, Father." He looks toward the house of Lelila and sighs once more.
[06/17 11:00pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is busy calculating the amount of money that they will need to invest in cats.
[06/17 11:01pm] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa smooths out her skirt, not taking her eyes off the spectacle in the square.
[06/17 11:01pm] <SPOON> Hermein searches his pockets for a scrap of paper that he can pass off as a map.
[06/17 11:01pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore fixes up a plate of lasagna for Pedrolino, calling over his shoulder. "Come my boy, you must eat. Babies love pasta while in uterino."
[06/17 11:02pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche slips surreptitiously into the ostentatious manor of Pantalone.


[06/17 11:03pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino takes the plate from his father, and eyes the pasta warily. "Yes, Father." He downs a mouthful of pasta and imediately regrets it. "What? What pasta is this?" He coughs.
[06/17 11:05pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain loses his count on six, as his hand doesn't support that many fingers. "No matter! We will have many cats! And many is quite a lot more than six!"
[06/17 11:05pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore smiles, wide, the mask bobs as she waggles her eyebrows underneath. "Semolina pasta. Like you Mamma used to make. Exactly like it, no? Eat, Pedrolino, eat."
[06/17 11:07pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche hears Il Dottore's booming voice proclaiming his semolina pasta and nearly gags from the memories of the last time the good doctor made it.
[06/17 11:07pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino snatches the paper that Hermein turns up. "Sheila's Baracca di Lucido," she reads, then springs up. "Master! Master! This peasant, he has augured a location!" The feather waves widely.
[06/17 11:07pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino picks the squirming bits of pasta from the plate, and manages to force down the rest.
[06/17 11:08pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "Give me your coin purse, I will go secure the felines!"
[06/17 11:09pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain strides GRANDLY over to his faithful servant. "Oh, has he?" Then frowns. Coin purse.. Coin purse..
[06/17 11:09pm] <SPOON> Hermein realizes that his choice of an old laundry ticket was a good one."Yesh, generoush shersh, Shelash, indeed. And, now, perhapsh a shmall token of apreshiashion?" He extends the cup hopefully.
[06/17 11:09pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche bounds through one of the second story windows of the facade and lands gracefully outside of the "building". "Nothing!" he cries miserably."No riches are held in the miser's home!"
[06/17 11:10pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain looks back to his servant. "Faithful Servant! All of my monetary glory has gone to.." He looks to the crowd. "Care for orphan puppies."
[06/17 11:10pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino sweeps the feather from her hat and plunks it into Hermein's cup. The Captain freezes.
[06/17 11:10pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche is furious, his plans foiled. "Where shall I attain my fortune now?! Not as a lowly servant to a buffoon and his son!" He storms angrily across the stage.
[06/17 11:10pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino, his belly now a little bigger from the pasta, walks up to Pantalone's house, picks up a broken roof tile, and tosses it lightly at Lelila's window.. CRASH.. "Oops."
[06/17 11:10pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino whirls around, tumbling forward. "Are you saying you are not GLORIOUS, Master?"
[06/17 11:11pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain wheels on his servant. "I AM NOT!" He pauses. "Saying I'm not glorious I mean."
[06/17 11:11pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain corrects his servant. "I am quite glorious. My glory is many more than six!" Which is quite a lot. So many more, must be more, yes?
[06/17 11:12pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "But you said you lacked monetary glory, Master! And how can a man be glorious if he is not glorious in all dimensions?"
[06/17 11:12pm] <SPOON> Hermein realizes that the Elegant Military Sir is going to stiff him, or perhaps ask him for some cash, and moves on. "Shir!" he calls.
[06/17 11:12pm] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa waves at CTP from the rooftop of the PSK.
[06/17 11:12pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino hopes that old Pantalone didn't hear that.. and the glass falling to the ground afterward. He waves toward the window, hoping to get his lady love's attention.
[06/17 11:12pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain continues. "I just do not have the current financial worth to support a glorious expedition of glory for the sake of ten thousand and two cats."
[06/17 11:13pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is moving right along. "My glory rains supreme across the land! I have been chosen by Mars himself to be the Champion! And I'll keep on fighting to the end, my friend."
[06/17 11:14pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila appears at the broken window, half-a-tile in hand and rubbing at her head. She peers around curiously.
[06/17 11:14pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain raises a finger and points to his Servant."And if that is not glorious then I may just be immensely handsome. But it is glorious!"
[06/17 11:15pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks scandalized. "Then how will you win the fair lady's hand?" A pause. "I KNOW. We'll open a gelato stand! I will build it and you will man it and we will slave long evenings over the boiler."
[06/17 11:15pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche sits on the edge of the stage, fuming. "A miser without money! Absurd. It must be somewhere. But where would the old fool keep his fortune?"
[06/17 11:15pm] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa makes a 'sssh' gesture at CTP and then points to the spot next to her, adds in a stage whisper, 'They're putting on a hell of a show here.'
[06/17 11:15pm] <SWEET> Editor-in-Chief CrashTestPilot says, "Looks like there's some kind of Italian play happening. Huh. That's..vaguely improbable."
[06/17 11:15pm] <SPOON> Hermein looks up at the mention of rain. Clear as a bell. He shakes his head, returns to the task at hand. "Oh, shir. I could not help but notishe that you were shershing for a ladysh handsh."
[06/17 11:15pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino is again struck dumb by Lelila's beauty. He waves.
[06/17 11:16pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain takes the slapstick from his servant's belt and CLAPS him on the head. "Are you suggesting that I work? PREPOSTRIOUS!"
[06/17 11:16pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore looks proudly at her boy and then at the audience. "You see how strong he is, my Pedrolino? It's all this Semolina pasta I feed him." She nods and pats her pillowed belly proudly.
[06/17 11:16pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino races over to Scaramouche and despairs. "What can I do? I don't know what to say, Scaramouche! You are a smart and wise servant. Tell me what to say to the fair lady!"
[06/17 11:17pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino tumbles backward. "But- but the flavors, Master, the mint! The lemon! The semolina!"
[06/17 11:18pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain continues. "I shall win her heart by my glory alone!" For his glory is the most glorious of all Glor!
[06/17 11:18pm] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa blinks at CTP and whispers, "Wouldn't know. Been here since the start of the show. Taking a break from teas for a bit."
[06/17 11:18pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche grinds his teeth together and resists the urge to throttle the brat. "Say something romantic, young master. Tell her how you will fill her life with roof tiles if only she will take your hand."
[06/17 11:18pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "But the cold cats!"
[06/17 11:19pm] <SWEET> Editor-in-Chief CrashTestPilot shuts the hell up and attempts to appreciate the drama. "I love Percoset," he babbles sotto voce.
[06/17 11:19pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain waves his hand aside. "Those damned cats aren't nearly as glorious as I!"
[06/17 11:20pm] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa eyerolls at CTP and whispers, 'dear gods I'm going to have to carry your happy drugged butt home aren't i?'
[06/17 11:20pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino nods and races back over to the window. "OH, fair maiden! I will pelt your hand with roof tiles if you'll only take my life!" Wait.. that wasn't quite it.
[06/17 11:21pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino regains her feet. "Of course, Master, you know best - you are the bravest and most clever of all my Masters, of course you are right. Here, I know just the way you'll approach her."
[06/17 11:21pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, balancing, "You must sing her a song."
[06/17 11:22pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns back to his servant. "Sing a song? My glorious baritone will woo her heart to me! What a brilliant idea! I am on a roll today.."
[06/17 11:22pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore points at Pedrolino once more as she angles her head towards a dark haired gentleman. "He gets his brains from my side of the family, that Pedrolino of mine." She beams proudly.
[06/17 11:23pm] <DICE> Rosin glides off her rooftop, swooping around through side streets to the Residentials. Too bad, her sides were splitting from the scene.
[06/17 11:23pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche sits bolt upright. "But of course!" he cries. "A vault! The greedy old fool must store his money in a secure room, in the depths of his cellar, no doubt."
[06/17 11:23pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino tries again. "Darling Lelila. I will fill your heart with roofing tiles. ..no.. I will fill your tiles with love!.. I mean.. I HAVE A BABY!"
[06/17 11:24pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns back to his servant once more. "What do you propose I sing?"
[06/17 11:24pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche paces back and forth, deep in thought. "Oh, but if I could only find his key to such a vault! More riches than I had ever dreamed of would be mine!"
[06/17 11:25pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "Yes! You will sing her a song, you will march straight over to that manor and arm yourself with this and you will sing her a song!" She produces a tiny, tiny mandolin.
[06/17 11:25pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "A ballad of your achievements! Surely she would pay attention to that."
[06/17 11:25pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila raises her eyebrows at Pedrolino. She considers that perhaps he ought go back to sign language.
[06/17 11:25pm] <SPOON> Hermein catches Merlin's hand as it waves for emphasis and flips it over, quickly glancing at the palm. "Ah, shir, thish ish terrible! Your love linesh are very short."
[06/17 11:26pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain holds the mandolin up high. "With this mighty mandolin of magnificence I shall woo her heart!"
[06/17 11:26pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore starts pawing through a box for something else that might be had for Pedrolino to win his lady love. A paper airplane, no. A ball of string, no. A pair of men's boxers with hears all over them, no.
[06/17 11:26pm] <SPOON> Hermein grabs the pair of boxers as it is tossed aside. Hmm. Nice material.
[06/17 11:26pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche's attention is drawn by the lovesick cries of Pedrolino. His gaze drifts upward..and rests on Lelila. Specifically, a thin chain hanging from her neck, from which dangles..."The key!"
[06/17 11:27pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche's pacing increases in intensity."But how to prize it from the young maiden without her noticing?" He snaps his fingers. "Pedrolino! I'll use the young fool to get the key."
[06/17 11:27pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is excited again. "Croon to her, Master! Croon your most glorious ballad!"
[06/17 11:27pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain marches up with purpose, catching hergaze. He pivots, walking the clear other direction, thrusting the mandolin into his servant's hands.
[06/17 11:28pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino shakes his head. "Scaramouche, this isn't working! What else should I do?"
[06/17 11:28pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino rolls backward with the mandolin. It twings a bit.
[06/17 11:28pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche hurries to his master's side. "A word, young sir. I believe I can aid you in your pursuit of her heart."
[06/17 11:28pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain explains. "I do not wish to seem pretentous, so you must sing of my greatness!"
[06/17 11:29pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino tilts his head, "Yes faithful servant? What can I do to win my lady's heart?" He gazes back up at her and blows a few kisses in her direction.
[06/17 11:30pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore runs to Pedrolino and starts combing his hair with her fingers. "You must look fashionable, my boy. Women love men whose hair is plastered down. Like so." She presses it flat.
[06/17 11:30pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila seems slightly crestfallen as Il Capitano gives back the mandolin.
[06/17 11:31pm] <SPOON> Hermein is bumped backwards and sits down hard, but takes advantage and steals a couple of wallets and some loose jewelery.
[06/17 11:31pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche leads Pedrolino over to the side of the facade manor. "Why, tis quite simple, young master. Offer her a token of your esteem, something astounding to win her affection."
[06/17 11:33pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino looks grave for a moment. "You mean my limited edition Shakespeare trading cards?" He sighs. "But I just finished my collection.. Beatrice was so hard to find.."
[06/17 11:33pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche draws the fake necklace from his tunic. No loss, giving it away. "Present this to her, young master. Such a lovely piece of exquisite jewelery will surely bring her to her knees."
[06/17 11:34pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche continues, with a sly edge to his voice, "And if she is as taken with your gift as she must be, ask for a token from her, to wear proudly into battle." Metaphorically speaking, that is.
[06/17 11:35pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche seems to think for a moment."Perhaps..the gold chain she wears about her neck? Yes, a most excellent token of your lady."
[06/17 11:35pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino takes the necklace and holds it close to his breast. "Mother's necklace! Oh yes, Scaramouche, a wonderful idea."
[06/17 11:36pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche gives Pedrolino a gentle shove. "Go now, young master! Before the blustering fool wins her heart first!"
[06/17 11:36pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino strums the mandolin experimentally before springing up in a powerful leap. "You can count on me, Master, of course! Of course I will!" She backflips before going in the correct direction.
[06/17 11:36pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain will never admit that he can't count.
[06/17 11:36pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino turns a sideflip underneath Lelila's window. "Lady, lady, I have a ballad of greatest bravery to sing to you!"
[06/17 11:37pm] <CDAG> Merlin runs back toward the window and waves. "Hallo my lady! I have brought you a token of my affection!" He aims.. and throws the necklace directly into the open window. "Catch!"
[06/17 11:37pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila turns her attention to Arlecchino, leaning against her windowsill with her chin in her hands.
[06/17 11:37pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain listens closely. He always adores to hear another sing of his GREATNESS!
[06/17 11:37pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila is promptly hit in the eye with a necklace.
[06/17 11:39pm] <CDAG> Merlin gives a strangled cry of shame. "SORRY!"
[06/17 11:39pm] <SPOON> Hermein cringes. That must hurt. All those sharp gems.
[06/17 11:39pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks up. Silence for a moment before she twangs the mandolin bravely.
[06/17 11:40pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche grimaces. "Can the young imbecile do nothing right?" he hisses. "If he ruins my chances of wealth, I shall strangle him in his sleep!"
[06/17 11:40pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain admires the bravery of his servant. Not nearly as brave as he, but still brave. Maybe a three.
[06/17 11:40pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila rubs at her eye, holding the necklace, and muttering a word of thanks toward Pedrolino. The twang of the mandolin recaptures her attention.
[06/17 11:41pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino calls, "Don't worry! my father's a doctor! He can cure your headache!" He looks nervously around for Il Dottore.
[06/17 11:41pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore's rolling gait carries her over towards Pedrolino. The pillow sags down and settles near her thigh. She hoists it up again. "Pedrolino, remind her - you are with child. Surely she likes babies."
[06/17 11:42pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino strums. The mandolin is puny and offers up toy-like plinking. "The Captain's great, the Captain's good - the Captain does as the Captain should!" She glances over to him. He is enraptured.
[06/17 11:42pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino gains confidence. "The Captain's just, the Captain's right! The Captain is my guiding light!" There is another powerful flex. He doesn't seem to notice his lady love just got beaned.
[06/17 11:42pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino continues gamely, looking pleased, "Perfect man, perfect son, the Captain's loved by everyone! Always right, never wrong - sing his love, sing his praise.."
[06/17 11:42pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is really in the swing of it now! "The Captain set his pants ablaze - got them home, put them out, to put end his panicked shout!" She cuts off with a yelp as she's clocked in the head.
[06/17 11:42pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino places his arm around his father's shoulder. "This is my father! He says I'm going to have a baby! You can share it with me if you'd like!" He nods. That should win her heart!
[06/17 11:43pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain enjoyed the first part. It's really a shame that he had to break the mandolin.
[06/17 11:44pm] <SPOON> Hermein senses an opening and cranks the organ to fill in for the manodlin. It's playing 'Star Wars', but what the heck.
[06/17 11:44pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain looks over to the small, much-less-glorious-than-he boy. Who is this, trying to woo the object of his desire?
[06/17 11:44pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore looks up, shielding her eyes to get a good look at Pedrolino's lady fair. She is blinking madly, eyes tearing up. "I say, my dear, bit of Ipecac in that eye and it'll all wash out just fine."
[06/17 11:45pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino looks over at the large much-more-muscular-man. He ducks behind his father, just in case.
[06/17 11:46pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain flexes both of his arms. "You there, woman.. Gaze upon the masterpiece that GOD HIMSELF hath set before you.."
[06/17 11:46pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is meanwhile literally rolling about, cradling her head. It is ruining the defeathered hat.
[06/17 11:47pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain continues. "I am even more glorious than that one statue of that naked man who is not as glorious!"
[06/17 11:47pm] <SPOON> Hermein cranks the organ vigorously, for emphasis. The tune shifts to the Theme from a Summer Place.
[06/17 11:47pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore drags Pedrolino back out from behind her and smiles up at Lelila, hands flattening Pedrolino's hair to his head for maximum effect. "You look so handsome my boy, smile."
[06/17 11:47pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila slips on the necklace, as she raises her eyebrows at the Captain. She stares at him a moment, before pointedly glancing up and away from him, nose in the air, with a small huffing sound.
[06/17 11:48pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche's mask pales slightly, now more of a dark grey. "If that muscle-bound oaf wins the maiden, my plan is ruined!" He hurries to his master's side.
[06/17 11:48pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche needn't have worried, it seems. Still, best to protect his investments.

Act IV

[06/17 11:48pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino recovers! She vaults onto the Captain's shoulders. "Master, toss me up there and I will have a word with her, surely it is my fault that she was not wooed by the ballad!"
[06/17 11:50pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain frowns. He needs a different tactic. He turns to Arlecchino once more. "I am brilliant!" He shouts, picking up the servant and hurling him with all his GLORIOUS might.
[06/17 11:50pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche glares at the harlequin. The only possible threat to his schemes. Something must be done, but first.."Young master, now's the time! Tell her how lovely she looks wearing that necklace!"
[06/17 11:50pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino smiles his best smile, and waves again. "Lovely Lelila! " he calls."May that necklace be as a symbol of my love for you. Except for the hitting you in the face part.. forget about that."
[06/17 11:51pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino flails in the air. By the time she's even with Lelila's window, she is mostly righted. "He wishes to tell you you are brilliant!" she blurts before tumbling back down.
[06/17 11:51pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche resists the urge to smack Pedrolino upside the head.
[06/17 11:51pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino says, "The red of the necklace is like blood pooling on my father's operation table!"
[06/17 11:52pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche whispers, "Tell her that never has a fairer maid existed. That the necklace pales in comparison to her beauty."
[06/17 11:52pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino continues, "And your eyes are the colour of hair tonic on a summer's day!"
[06/17 11:52pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila startles back severely at the harlequin suddenly in her window, but recovers. "He.. he says I'm brilliant?" She repeats, peering out the window after him.
[06/17 11:52pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain catches his servant, hurling him up once more with his GLORIOUS muscles of WONDERMENT.
[06/17 11:53pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain yells out. "I am the greatest warrior of EVER!"
[06/17 11:53pm] <CDAG> Merlin listens. Ah, that's how it goes. "I fair maiden has never existed.. you are more beautiful then.." he pauses and turns to Scaramouche. "what's the last bit again?"
[06/17 11:53pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino thrashes. "Hewishestotellthatyou yooooough are the greatest warrior of -" Reaches a peak, tumbles, "EVER." Gone from view again.
[06/17 11:54pm] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore whispers to Pedrolino. "Tell her that she is every condiment in your sandwich!"
[06/17 11:55pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain catches Arlecchino before throwing her up again like a freshman in university. "The Gods themselves weep with envy at my beauty!"
[06/17 11:55pm] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche raises a hand to his head, comically tragic. "The imbecile will never win her heart!" He swings the oaf's sword around and hands it to Pedrolino. "Fall to one knee and offer your might to her."
[06/17 11:55pm] <SPOON> Hermein keeps grinding away, now changing over to 'Rock the Casbah'.
[06/17 11:55pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila glances at Pedrolino - she's having a hard time hearing him over Arlecchino. ..Wait, warrior? What?
06/17 11:56pm] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino holds a praying position in the air for a moment - that is a lot to say! "Thegodsthemselvesweepwithenvy-" Peak, twist.. "At your BEAUTY!" FALL.
[06/17 11:56pm] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino nods a thanks to his father. "You are the mustard in my jellyroll! The cream in my panini!" He grabs the sword and falls to his knees. "My might is yours.. and my baby!"
[06/17 11:57pm] <SWEET> Dragon Goddess Severa claps a hand over her mouth to stifle the giggles.
[06/17 11:57pm] <SPOON> Lady Lelila takes a moment to sort that one out.. it was said very quickly. Once she does, her expression softens a bit. She peers back down at the Captain, and graces him with a brilliant smile.
[06/17 11:58pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain catches him once more. "I AM GLORIOUS!" he yells.
[06/17 11:59pm] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain throws with all his AWE INSPIRING MIGHT.
[06/17 11:59pm] <SPOON> Hermein pauses a moment to scoop up the change that has fallen from the harlequin's pockets.
[06/18 12:00am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino wails! Thrown well above the window, she shouts, "You are GLORIOUS," as Lelila leans quizzically from the window. Z twists to avoid slamming into her head.
[06/18 12:01am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino ends up snatching Lelila by the chain around her neck. The momentum yanks her firmly out of the window and they both fall.
[06/18 12:01am] <SPOON> Lady Lelila squeaks.
[06/18 12:02am] <SPOON> Hermein decides that the time has come. Stepping away from the organ, he stands upright, pulling away his rags and speaking clearly. "Attention, signores. I am Pecorino Romano, Duke of Raviol!"
[06/18 12:02am] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore claps gleefully. There goes her Pedrolino's lady love, right into..his arms hopefully.
[06/18 12:02am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain suddenly finds his GLORIOUS arms filled with the only worthy angel that he'd ever allow to touch him. Arlecchino suddenly lacks a landing pad.
[06/18 12:03am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche grinds his teeth. Pedrolino can't be heard over the harlequin's antics, and now she's in the buffoons arms! He shouts, "LOOK OUT, A BEAR!"before racing over to the group.
[06/18 12:03am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino bounces.
[06/18 12:03am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino has a broken necklace in her hand - with a key!
[06/18 12:04am] <SPOON> Hermein finds himself holding a harlequin, caught on the first bounce and therefore still in play.
[06/18 12:04am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino beams at the Duke of Raviol. "Hello, signore."
[06/18 12:04am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino swings the sword around wildly. "BEAR! Where? I shall save you!"
[06/18 12:05am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain has heard the warning of the bear. It is too late to grab Arlecchino as a shield. He must make a tactical repositioning. FAR AWAY. He tucks her close and BOLTS.
[06/18 12:05am] <SPOON> Hermein seems to have forgotten what he was going to say. It's like watching a game of tennis - played on the freeway.
[06/18 12:05am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche gapes in horror as the maiden is taken far out of reach..then catches a glint of gold as Arlecchino swings the chain around. The key!
[06/18 12:05am] <SPOON> Lady Lelila SQUEAKS.
[06/18 12:06am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino squirms. Somewhere along the way, she got caught up. "Is this not something we do on our wedding night?"
[06/18 12:06am] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone runs out of the house. "My daughter! Where is my daughter?"
[06/18 12:07am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain is shouting things as he runs. "Do not fear maiden! Your glorious savior will protect you from the vengeful wrath of those bears!"
[06/18 12:07am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino waves the sword. "Wait! Lelila! come back! I can make you a muffin!"
[06/18 12:07am] <SPOON> Hermein clears his throat. "Ah, well, indeed." He carefully sets her down. "And, yes, of course. Hmm."
[06/18 12:07am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche edges between Pantalone and the vault key. He points wildly. "That murderous mercenary has abducted her!" he cries.
[06/18 12:08am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain picks up the pace. Murderous mercenaries too?! This is a nightmare!
[06/18 12:09am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain corrects his thoughts. A nightmare dotted with the excessive glory of his presence. That's much better.
[06/18 12:09am] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone suddenly remembers to shuffle. But he still wants to know, "Where is my daughter? Somebody tell me, please - where is she? What has happened to her?"
[06/18 12:09am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks concerned. "Oh.. He's gone!" She bounds away from Hermein. "And now I am without work again. Nevertheless! I have a plan!"
[06/18 12:10am] <SPOON> Hermein carefully palms the key and nonchalantly slips it into his pocket.
[06/18 12:10am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino bounds in front of Pantalone. "Don't worry sir! I shall retrieve your daughter!" And he's off! ..well.. sort of, that sword's pretty heavy. He drags it across the stage while in pursuit.
[06/18 12:10am] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone screams, "Abducted?? Oh no!" He falls flat on his back, waving his arms and legs in the air like a beetle.
[06/18 12:10am] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore looks woefully upon her son, Pedrolino, who seems to have lost his lady fair.
[06/18 12:11am] <SPOON> Hermein bends over the Pantalone-beetle. "Fear not, signore, I will take charge of this situation. I have heard quite enough while in my cunning disguise!"
[06/18 12:11am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche steps slowly back towards Arlecchino. "A moment of your time, good jester."
[06/18 12:11am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks gravely upon Pantalone. "And this is to curry favor with the locals! When in Roma!" She throws herself down.
[06/18 12:12am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino stops at the edge of the stage, panting. "Don't.. worry.. I'll.. save." He falls to the ground in a swoon.
[06/18 12:12am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino writhes. She looks up at Scaramouche, still wiggling. "Yes?"
[06/18 12:14am] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore startles and runs over to Pedrolino to do a quick assessment. "A swoon? I know what to do here." She takes two paper sacks and ties them to each of Pedrolino's feet.
[06/18 12:14am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche stares down at the squirming Arlecchino, calculating. "Did you, perchance, happen across a key on a golden chain? It's my masters and I seem to have lost it."
[06/18 12:15am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino stops. She springs upright. "A key! I have a key!" She shakes the chain loose from her hand. It dangles. She leans nearer to it, lifting her head from the bottom to the top.
[06/18 12:16am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is silent for a moment. She meets Scaramouche's stare.
[06/18 12:16am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "I have a plan!"
[06/18 12:18am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino looks back at the thief. "Signore, quickly. Distract that man."
[06/18 12:18am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino says, "Tell him about your lovely slate tiles."
[06/18 12:18am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche looks at the distinct lack of key, heart stopped momentarily. "It's gone!" he cries, then, "Who, the fool?"
[06/18 12:18am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino's eyes flutter open and he slowly lifts his head. "Father? why are there paper bags on my feet?" His eyes widen. "LELILA I MUST.." but he stands up too quickly, and faints once more.
[06/18 12:19am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche nods curtly and steps over to Hermein. "Good sir, a moment of your time."
[06/18 12:19am] <SPOON> Hermein helps the old man to his feet, dusting him off and finding a wallet, a nice watch and two used hankies. Ewww.
[06/18 12:19am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino front flips past Hermein.
[06/18 12:20am] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore fans at Merlin's feet. "Come on now, son, buck up. This is what you do when people are in a faint. You must aerate the feet and get them flowing with oxygen again."
[06/18 12:20am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche waves his hand to his side as though opening a trench coat. "Hello, I'm selling these fine ceramic roof tiles."
[06/18 12:20am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino pauses en pointe. She swivels.
[06/18 12:21am] <SPOON> Hermein realizes that this man is quite mad. Best to humor him. "Ah, yes, very nice. I'd love to see a sample."
[06/18 12:22am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino stage whispers, "Tell him of the Renaissance and Piazza editions!"
[06/18 12:23am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche grabs a stack of the broken tiles and thrusts them into Hermein's hands. "I have quite a selection, you see. Renaissance, Piazza, Cannoli, Musselini..everything you could possibly want!"
[06/18 12:25am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino tumbles nearer, as if to pick Hermein's pocket. Instead, she straightens next to his ear. "EMPTY YOUR POCKETS." He startles and does as bidden.
[06/18 12:25am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino snatches the key and goes flipping off.
[06/18 12:25am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino wakes up once more, and slowly and carefully gets to his feet. He looks off toward the edge of the stage and sighs. "Alas. Oh father. I have failed you!" He shuffles around in paperbagged feet.
[06/18 12:26am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche jumps slightly at the shout, then looks outraged. "My key!" he bellows, chasing after the acrobatic actor.
[06/18 12:26am] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore stumbles after Pedrolino, shoving her pillowed belly back into place again. "Pedrolino, all you need is some courage..think of the bambino."
[06/18 12:27am] <SPOON> Hermein wonders why this key is so important. They don't even have the rollerskates that go with it. He turns to the old man again. "Signore, I must insist that you resolve this, this, situation."
[06/18 12:29am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche says, "Halt, fiend! I have a proposition for you!"
[06/18 12:29am] <DICE> Sessine / Pantalone shuffles around, ignoring Hermein. "My daughter. Where is my daughter?"
[06/18 12:30am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino turns, mid-flip, and lands in a handstand. She turns to face him. "A preposition or a proposition?"
[06/18 12:33am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain strides back in with Lelila in his arms. He calls out in his grand voice, "False alarm citizens, apparently bears do not live in Italy."
[06/18 12:34am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain corrects that. "Except when I'm around to wrestle them on the field of war. Then they are."
[06/18 12:34am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche is returning to cunning mode. "An offer for you," he says, his voice slick and oily. "Both, jester. I have a slew, nay, a myriad of prepositions."
[06/18 12:35am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche says, "They can be yours, for the mere price of my key."
[06/18 12:35am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino handwalks nearer to him to pat his face with her feet. "Then, good man, I have a plan! Trade me your prepositions and I will give you a key."
[06/18 12:36am] <CDAG> Merlin as Pedrolino, overjoyed with Lelila's return, races toward her, momentarly forgetting about the paper bags tied around his feet. Another slip, another yell, and Pedrolino is on the ground once more.
[06/18 12:38am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche takes a deep breath and says, "Aboard! Around! Under, over, beneath, concerning, near, onto, opposite, by, at, via, with, within, without, than, through, off, like, in, for, from, FOLLOWING!"
[06/18 12:39am] <SPOON> Lady Lelila squirms a bit, still clamped quite firmly in the Captain's embrace.
[06/18 12:40am] <SPOON> Hermein bends to pick up another stray coin and sees, between the old man's shaking knees, two carabinieri. He turns the bend into a pratfall, then rolls the other way.
[06/18 12:40am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino grins fiercely. She flips upright, snatching Gorbert's shoulders. "On top of!" she shouts, vaulting to turn and settle on his shoulders. She leans to offer the key. "Here!"
[06/18 12:40am] <DICE> Sessine AS Pantalone walks, bent over, to Il Capitan. "Do you have the ducats, fancy soldier? If not, let go of my daughter!"
[06/18 12:42am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche snatches the key and dashes away, laughing maniacally. "It is mine, it is mine, the old fool's treasure is mine!"
[06/18 12:42am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino clings gamely to him.
[06/18 12:44am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain turns to Arlecchino. "SHIELD!" He orders, pointing at Pantalone.
[06/18 12:44am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino is currently acting as Scaramouche's hat!
[06/18 12:46am] <SPOON> KK Victoria as the Captain backs off a bit from the old man. "Damnit Arlecchino!"
[06/18 12:46am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche heaves a massive bag out from behind the facade. He drags it across the stage as it clinks and clatters. Arlecchino lies on top of the sack.
[06/18 12:47am] <CIA> The Masquerading James Bond waltzs in from the south-east, and stops. What on Earth has he idly danced into?
[06/18 12:47am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino rolls into another handstand. This, she turns to a flip, scrambling up to Scaramouche's shoulders again to vault. Pantalone catches sight of the sack. Tragedy.
[06/18 12:48am] <SPOON> Hermein kicks and squirms as he's dragged away. "Do you know who I am? Unhand me! I am the Duke of PecOOF." A well-placed smack quiets him down.
[06/18 12:49am] <DICE> Jade XXIV as Il Dottore helps Pedrolino up on his paper-sacked feet, murmuring about more cures and possible other mothers for his baby.
[06/18 12:50am] <DICE> Sessine / Pantalone trembles. His money. His precious money! In the hands of a fleeing thief. No, no, nooooo! He breaks into a loud wail, much louder than for his daughter. "My ducats!"
[06/18 12:51am] <DICE> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen as Scaramouche cries back, "MY ducats! Signore, I quit!"
[06/18 12:52am] <DICE> Zolotisty as Arlecchino 's vault is cut short when she thumps firmly into Pantalone. Greater and greater depths of tragedy.
[06/18 12:54am] <DICE> Sessine as Pantalone is on his back again.

The carabinieri arrive

[06/18 12:55am] There is a flourish of trombettistas. Everyone in the piazza turns to see what's going on. The players stop their antics and look warily in the direction of the sound.
[06/18 12:55am] A troop of carabinieri march briskly into the piazza wearing their dark blue uniforms hung with silver braid and epaulettes, and their distinctive two-cornered hats.
[06/18 12:55am] The players hurriedly disperse to take off their costumes, not waiting to be told. Something is up!
[06/18 12:56am] The carabinieri look splendid. Unfortunately, having arrived in the center of the piazza and come to a rattling parade halt, they don't seem to know what do do next.
[06/18 12:56am] An argument begins, involving many exasperated hand gestures. "You had it!" "No, you idiot! Orders were, you were supposed to have it." "You're crazy!"
[06/18 12:56am] Their commanding officer strolls in from the edge of the piazza, wearing even more silver braid. All the carabinieri try to explain the problem at once. "Silence!" he shouts.
[06/18 12:57am] The officer says incredulously, "You mean you didn't bring it?" He rolls his eyes. "I am cursed with fools. Very well. You and you - go back. Get it."
[06/18 12:57am] Surveying the scene, the officer fastens his gaze upon Hermein. "You!" he shouts. "You were warned about impersonating a noble. Arrest him," he orders.
[06/18 12:58am] The remaining carabinieri converge upon Hermein, who assesses the situation and decides upon a strategic retreat. They chase him - but not very efficiently. He loses them easily.
[06/18 12:58am] The carabineri who were sent off earlier return, carrying a very large black box.. of a type that may be familiar to those who have attended previous Island functions.
[06/18 12:59am] They unfold the box, then unfold it again, and again, until it is a long black table. They drape the table with white tablecloths, and red and green table runners.
[06/18 01:00am] Raising a lid at one end, they extract - a feast. First, bottles of fine wine in immense variety: from Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, Campania, Apulia, Sardinia, Sicily..
[06/18 01:00am] There are hearty red wines, whites, dessert wines, spumante.. then, ah! platters of cheeses in equally rich variety. And fruits: figs, pomegranates, grapes, Morello cherries, and more.
[06/18 01:00am] At the other end of the table, antipasti.. melon, tomatoes, thinly shaved prosciutto, salami, olives, artichokes, mushrooms. Appetisers.. bruschetta, eggplant parmesan, stuffed peppers.
[06/18 01:01am] There are salads, tureens of soups, platters of fried calamari, and then pasta: penne with peppers and spicy sausage, rotini with salmon and cream, bucatini with an amatriciana sauce.
[06/18 01:02am] For more conservative eaters, there are also large pizzas with many different toppings.
[06/18 01:02am] The carabinieri lay all this out, then with great pride, they assemble in formation in the center of the piazza and march smartly off - still looking splendid.

1) He was absolutely GLORIOUS!
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