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A combination of botanical garden and meeting room, the Common Ground is a must-see spot for any weary traveler, and every city has an entrance. One of the most easily accessible places on the Island and among the most mutable, here you'll see contestants flailing away at a pinata1), standing in line for the kissing booth, and whispering among themselves as they discuss strategies and recent events2). It tends to undergo metamorphoses of varying seriousness and degrees of permanency, and has hosted everything from impromptu poetry readings to massive spontaneous concerts of space, time, and existence.3)

There are a few semipermanent alterations that may not be readily visible to those who do not know how to look for them. a large catnip patch, a koi pond sans koi, the CG Tree AI near the pond plays improbable music on the request of contestants. Don't forget to visit The Bar, a refreshing alternative to that rat bastard Dan's establishment.4)5) This area is also home to the Ice Cream Machine of Doom. Some of the newer sights include a Memorial to those who lost something while betting with the wind, a small oak tree with a big red tie around it's trunk near the pond6), and several smaller shacks, castles and hideouts in various states of disrepair.

The Common Grounds also hold the only known entrance to a realm of bewilderment known as the Maze7), in which many a pleasant hour can be spend trying to find your way out. It is not advisable to try to cheat and pass through the hedges however.8)

You'll also find the Newly Weds registry here, listing contestants who have decided to get married.9)

1) The Common Ground is infested with Jerkygangers, who enjoy disguising themselves as pinatas and attacking players' ankles unless they are swatted repeatedly.
2) Cf. Lies.
3) Karaoke, on the other hand, has been outlawed here.
4) We're not sure if Dan is a rat or a bastard.
5) Lying rat bastard.
6) it's called Carl, if you wanna know.
7) Bull twadle! The Grassy Field also has one! I should know, I was lost for days in it!
8) Filthy thieving midgets.
9) These poor sods deserve your sympathy.
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