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Comrade Lukas

that crazy guy finally has a page up! ready on fellow viewers

Appearances and Personalities

-Lukas goes through various shapes and forms but does have a basic setup: 5'9 in height usually, skinny skinny skinny, Pink tipped tail, musky dirty smell (probable originated in the garbage), a sharp gaze and usually a coyote. has a imprint of the ace of hearts on the back of his neck 1)

-Clothing wise you only have to worry about one thing: his scarf. That crimson beauty2) is probable the only material object Lukas is willing to fight tooth and claw for, so please don't mess with it, or else.

-His behavior is hard to describe: a goofball and mischief causing character at one time, a content and usually zoned-out spectator at other times, and sometimes serious (gasp!) and caring person. His Morals over the island have been twisted over the course of his run; when it comes to the usual commoner he tends to treat them as a toy to be messed with or simply ignored; he might make a new friend but careful for any mischief before then. But for his current friends he seems to have a Loyalty to a fault: espically for his clan and fellow mischief makers, along with any love interests3). Romantic at heart, gruff at times, usually care-free and silly. expect anything from Lukas.

pre-island history

-early life-Lukas was born in the Town of Rostov Russia in the near past. He was raised along with two sisters: his younger sister Natasha and his older sister Sonya. He child-hood life consisted of Mining for Iron, Tending to the livestock on the farm, and performing studies. Lukas was usually a good child; a Mama's boy really. His father was a drunk (big surprise) but a caring man; there are no recorded incidents of violence or abuse. Lukas preformed slightly-above average at school and was most proficient in the Art of music (specifically the violin).

-University life- When Lukas was accepted into Moscow State university he instantly Entered into a Music/philosophy major with a minor in History. His was big on the party scene like any other University student and has been in several...embarrassing situations that he would never disclose knowingly. has had several love interest but nothing serious. During his time in Moscow state he learned to play various other instruments besides the Violin: more specifically the flute, piano, and Viola. He was rather Idealist at this time, some would say Naive. he passed all his course; finished strongly in his subjects but no National honor society for him (all B.As).

-army/rebel days- Soon after graduation a war broke out that Russia joined the band wagon and a draft was instituted. To avoid being meat folder Lukas enlisted in the front line Military police forces. after a short run in Officer school in Saint Petersburg and trained to work with the the Leningrad Military district and deployed to the front lines soon afterwords. His job was to round up Deserters and AWOL soldiers and return them to the Front line HQs; dead or alive. He was ruthless in his search because his superior officers encouraged it; even earning him a early promotion to Captain for his work. Civilian causalities were encored: often in the case of the death of the family hiding out the deserter. The notable case that broke Lukas was the burning of a family house that cost the lives of eight people. He personally buried the graves and it was during this time he had a Moral crisis and Ironically deserted himself along with a small band of his former guard.

He went underground for four months hoping the Russian GRU would leave him alone, they didn't. So Lukas decided he should take on a cause: the take over of Poland in the name of the former Communist ideals of the USSR and Lenin. He moved what material and forces his had to the polish providence of Lubelskie located in the Southeast part of the country. His set up his headquarters in the forests of the region and slowed gathered as followers as he could. A month later he launched his attack on the capital of the region; Lublin; and succeed much to the surprise of the powers at be around that time. riding on the moral victory the rebel forces soon moved into neighboring Providences of Podlaskle and Podkarpackie. It was around this time Russia decided to intervene in it's neighbors affairs as the polish Army was in disarray over losing these territories. massive bombing campaigns and terror tactics were implemented by the Russian ground forces; Lukas rebel army countered with their own terror tactics on Russian foot soldiers and terrorist strikes, but it was not enough to stop the Russians. Seeing his movement failing and noticing that it had lost sight of it's original goal, Lukas slipped out of his group with orders to disband and slipped away into the vast expanses of Siberia; hiring a smuggler to take him there through Kazakhstan.

Island history

After becoming wasted one faithful night in a small Siberian village, Lukas was picked up by the Local Improbable island security. Seeing a easy recruit they grabbed him while he was in his drunken stupor. Soon after waking up on the beach naked and going through the usual hazing Lukas has been through a few incidents including: involvement in some GERM mischief, being a longtime, if not somewhat lazy, member of the ICEE clan, having several love interests over the island, an Incident involving a Improbable LSD gun, musical performances, being a host to a bar for exotic substances/Drinks at the Kittania bordello, building a Dacha out in the northern woods, and having his Soul disfigured and replanted with interesting results. Further adventures shall prove interesting.

close companions

  • Likes way to many people to list them all4)


  • farming
  • mining
  • musical presentation (specifically violin and improv)
  • History buff
  • basic mechanical maintenance (preferable guns)
  • advanced combat skills with rifles/pistols/blades
  • Agility and dexterity
  • cautious
  • making due with the junk he has in front of him


  • horrible with math
  • amateur at best with his cooking
  • bull-headed at times
  • acting in a unsafe manner 5)

further Information pending 6)

1) Z shenanigans
2) courtesy of Lloyd for making it
3) you know who you are
4) did i say short? sorry but I LOVE YOU ALL
5) in his more emotional settings, when calm he is usually more level headed
6) hint hint I like input from others
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