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Constant Hotkeys

Put forth your suggestions for constant hotkeys below. Remember, if two like-letter hotkeys appear together on a single page, Things Will Get Interesting.

Hotkeys can be set for any page nav. If no hotkey is set, the game will go through the letters that make up the nav link and choose the first one that isn't being used. The order and priority goes from top to bottom, which is why it's possible to create nav menus like this:

  • (H) Defend ("H" has been explicitly set as the hotkey for the sake of example despite making no sense whatsoever)
  • Attack (Because there were no other navs before this, "A" becomes the hotkey for this nav)
  • Have a Smoke ("H" and "A" are taken, so the game chooses "V" - but if they were not taken, "H" would be the hotkey.)
  • Have a Smoke (as above, but now "V" is taken too, so the game chooses "E")
  • Have a Smoke (as above, but this time we explicitly set "H" as the hotkey. It doesn't matter, because it's already taken - so the game reverts to its default behaviour that we saw in the previous example. Now "E" is taken too, so the next letter the game uses will be "S")
  • (!) Have a Smoke (the hotkey has been explicitly set to shift-1, because it's hard to hit accidentally - also because exclamation marks sort of look like cigarettes a bit)
  • Have a Smoke (the hotkey has been explicitly set to shift-1 - but because it's already been used, the game reverts to default behaviour again)

Any alphanumeric key can be used as a hotkey. For especially dangerous functions (IE Search Suicidally), punctuation requiring a deft tap of the Shift key can be used as well.

Hotkeys cannot be explicitly unset. At least, not without rewriting a significant portion of the game.

Navs created by for or while loops - for example, buying or selling iItems at eBoy's, using iItems in jungle fights - are a pain in the arse to code, so we're going to leave those be for the time being.

How Things Are, and their Problems

  • (unset) Have a Smoke (being unset, this is too easy to do accidentally).
  • V: Return to Outpost (legacy from LotGD "Return to Village" nav).

How Things Should Be

  • F: Battle: Fight
  • V: Return to Outpost (this is purely by tradition (from LotGD "Village" nav) and should probably be changed to "O"). 1)
  • 1: Autofight 10 Rounds
  • 5: Autofight 5 Rounds
  • R: Run away
  • O: Set Offensive servo arms stance
  • D: Set defensive servo arms stance
  • !: Smoke a cigarette 2)3)4)5)6)7)8)9)10)
  • T: Battle: Autofight to the Death. Something Improbable: Talk.

Cath's Suggestions

My goal was to aim first to standardize every town and then focus on the town specific locations.

In Towns:

  • Jungle - J
  • Quit to the fields - None; only used once per day use the mouse.
  • Have a Smoke - None per discussions in forums.
  • Travel - G (for go, matches with G for enter outpost below)
  • Joe's Dojo - D 11)
  • The Hunter's Lodge - L
  • Council Offices - O
  • Bank of Improbable - B
  • The Communications Tent - T
  • Pet Crazy Audrey's Kittens - Z 12)
  • eBoy's Trading Station - E
  • Sheila's Shack - S
  • Mike's Chop Shop - M
  • Common Ground - C
  • Clan Halls - H
  • Location Four - 4
  • FAQ - ?
  • Daily News - N
  • List Contestants - Doesn't have one now, not sure it's necessary.
  • Hall o'Fame - F
  • Preferences - Does anyone access these regularly enough to need a HotKey?
  • New Day - Personally, I'd rather not have one.
  • Show Inventory - I
  • ALL Restaurants - R

Ace High

  • Cake or Death - K

CC 404

  • Abandoned Factory - A


  • The Gauntlet - U
  • Hospital Tent - (I honestly never noticed this was here!)
  • Deimos' Haberdashery - D
  • The Luggage Hut - Rarely accessed, not sure it needs one
  • Oliver's Jewelry - J 13)
  • Petra's Tattoo Parlor - A
  • The Prancing Spiderkitty - K
  • Curious Looking Rock
  • The Old Church
  • Villager's Hut - V
  • Mercenary Camp


  • Maiko's Cookery Academy - A
  • Kittania Bluerock Chapel - K

New Home

  • Basic Training - Not sure this needs one, either
  • New Home Museum - Ditto above

Squat Hole

  • Skronky Pot - P
  • Tynan's Gym - Y
  • Julia's Squat Squeezes - U


Directions - No change other than setting V as South-West permanently

  • World Map - M
  • Set up Camp - Not sure it's necessary
  • Look Around - L
  • New Day - As above, I'd rather not have one
  • Show Inventory - I
  • Clean Carcasses - C
  • Cook Up Some Meat - U
  • Enter Jungle - J
  • Enter Outpost - G ("go" as well as the center of the directional rosette)

For Fighting, I don't actually know a lot of the Implant options because I only use spatial awareness. Here are a couple of suggestions I would make:

  • Fight - F
  • Run - R
  • Five Rounds - 5
  • Ten Rounds - 0
  • To Death - T
  • Invoke Squat Rage - I
  • Ronsen-Kiai - C, O, and L (as I guess Classy is)
  • Targeting options - 1, 2, 3, 4 (if there are more than four on a given monster, um, !, @, #, $
  • Hospital Tent - H
  • Look for Trouble - T
  • Big Trouble - B
  • Easy Fight - E
  • Suicidal - *
  • Smoke - again, I'd leave it blank or use a combo key like !

Please feel free to comment and/or disagree.

-I have a couple suggestions for fighting, mainly using a priority system with the fighting set up.

Like the fghting keys, and bandolier keys take "priority", over things like implants, aiming, and race specific skills. The things that apply to not only more people, but to things that don't vary as much as when you start unlocking new things.

The bandolier, Instead of hotlinking the Use keys, go straight to the item being used.

  • use Bang Grenade
  • use Zap Grenade
  • use Whoomph Grenade
  • use One Shot Teleporter
  • use Monster Repellent Spray
  • use Improbability Bomb (changing Invoke Squat Rage to an M)

(CMJ NOTE - nope, that's done in a for loop.)

Now Implants, Keep in Mind, these can reuse each others keys, because you only have one at a time.

Chemical Pack

  • Adrenaline
  • Painkillers
  • Stimpack
  • Adrenaline
  • Painkillers
  • Stimpack
  • Chemical High

Spatial Awareness

  • Requistion Search
  • Pressure Points
  • Nimble
  • Standstill

Servo Arms

  • Turn On
  • Set to Aggressive
  • Set to Defensive
  • Turn Off

Head Mounted Laser

  • Turn On
  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Turn Off

Tesla Frame

  • Partial Discharge
  • Full Discharge

(I don't have any others unlocked)

After Fighting, Bandolier, Implants, Last? come the Race unique Keys.

The ones I know of,


  • Claim my free stuff


  • Devour


  • Invoke Squat Rage

(Maybe race keys should go above implant keys? Not sure exactly) (oh and if someone can fill in the missing things, go ahead.)

Symar's suggestions: I'm of the opinion that Have a Smoke should be moved to the Inventory screen. After all, it's where we use all our other items, and will also greatly reduce accidental smokes. And I'd like, in fight screens: Normal Fighting and Multiturn options, Implant, Race, Insults, Targets, Bandolier. In that order. Future additional fighting styles (if there are to be any) would appear somewhere after Insults or Targets. I just have Targets and Bandolier at the bottom, because they can fluctuate the most and take up a lot of room sometimes.

1) Or 'G' for map travels, so as to keep Southwest as it should be.
2) Also, KK advocates that smoking a cigarette be removed as a hotkey. It makes no sense to have it like that, really.
3) Tyr and his lungs agree with KK
4) Paul Lo agrees with Tyr agreeing with KK
5) Beeker agrees with Paul Lo agreeing with Tyr agreeing with KK
6) Reverb has many lost ciggies agreeing with the above people, but the game is supposedly playable without a mouse. He suggests a rather out-of-the-way key.
7) Yes, you can play with only a keyboard by using shift and tab. What of the other links that lack a hotkey?
8) Skidge agrees with everybody because SHE'S AGREEABLE LIKE THAT
9) Guys, hotkeys can't be unset - CMJ
10) Can they be reassigned? Maybe to something using a shift key, so it's harder to hit accidentally?
11) Not doubled with Deimos' because there's never one in IC
12) if anything
13) No Jungle option in IC
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