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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

In Season 1, Editor-At-Large CrashTestPilot was an officer, then later a Leader in SWEET, aka Tridux, Rockin' Into Mordor. There, he oversaw SWEET's outpost takeover efforts, corrected a lot of typos, and drew up blueprints for the new SWEET Clan Halls.

In Season 2, Editor-in-Chief CrashTestPilot remains a Leader in the newly-reformed SWEET Clan, and has had the opportunity to put his blueprints into action. The SWEET Clan Halls are now undergoing significant remodeling, punctuated most recently by an enormous tree growing up through the center of the clan hall.

His participation in the Enquirer is limited to posting way too much1)2)3) on the Forum of Filth. It's unclear where he stands on British spelling quirks, having been known to use them himself.

He prefers the amber liquors, and can be seen strolling through outposts in an alcoholic haze, followed by Adler, a weird fusion of a large spider, and an IBM Selectric III.

Backstory: Prior to arriving on the Island, CTP seems to remember being a journalist, and an editor of one of the last few magazines that were actually printed on paper. Nice glossy stuff.

He seems to remember coming out to the Island on a plane, prepared to cover it, and send back missives from the field.

Perhaps something happened with his credentials, but he was hurled out of the plane, typewriter and all, only to become an Island castaway along with everyone else.

Old habits, however, die hard. He can be found at various cafes with a red pen circling typos, and handing the menus back to the waiters requesting they make the fixes before he orders. In Season 1, he founded the Improbable News Network - really just a series of shacks across the Island with makeshift satellite dishes. Unfortunately, there's little news on the Island, beyond the daily diet of death, mayhem, resurrection, failure, and embarrassment. And who wants to read about that?

Lately, he seems to be adjusting, throwing himself into getting the SWEET Clan Halls properly decked out, and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow clan-mates and rival leaders.

1) Can one have too many good ideas?
2) Yes, that's when the police come and arrest you for having too many good ideas, and not letting the rest of us have some.
3) Cease and desist your excessive posting or you're going downtown!
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