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Crazy Audrey goes from town to town on Improbable Island bringing her cats with her. You can give her 5 requisition in order to look at her cat baskets and get a warm fuzzy feeling. If you are lucky, cats of the same colour come out of the baskets and you get a salve that allows for more jungle fights (gain stamina). If you are unlucky, either a cat coughs up a hairball on you and you spend time (lose stamina) cleaning up the mess, a sick cat with a tapeworm rubs up against your lower extremity, leaving behind tapeworm larvae which causes you to lose 1 ~ 3 charm (nobody wants to be near you), or a giant fat cat comes out of one of the baskets and squashes you, sending you to disgrace. If you are really lucky, hedgehogs will come out of the baskets and you will get 5 salves.1)

Despite her name and erratic behaviour, Audrey is far from crazy. In fact, her little cat fondling scheme made her the islands first multi billionaire.

1) It is common required for a contestant to do the Happy Hedgehog Dance in celebration of this
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