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For the 'official' page of the city, go to there: Cyber City 404

CyberCity 404 is where the robots, gobots, and presumably foebots dwell. It's also where you find scrap to feed your scavenging skill. What is not commonly-known about CyberCity 404 is that the scrapyard is actually the robot's graveyard. And you're defiling their bones, just so you can hammer together a spork. Shame on you. One day, the robots will pass legislation, and then all you scrap poachers will be arrested, and tried at the Hague. In the meantime, they'll just watch with amusement as all you meatpuppets feed yourselves into the hungry maw of the Abandoned Factory, after which they'll render you for grease to oil their joints. It's only fair. You're the one picking through the bones of their ancestors.

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