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Unfortunately, this may not exist anymore! Feel free to read what was left behind, but bear in mind you may not be able to use the information!

First and most revered of all the Three Hedgehogs shrines. Built in Cyber City 404 to the glory of the Three Hedgehogs, after Liar was illuminated by Three Hedgehogs appearing out of Crazy Audrey's baskets.

Builder of the shrine, Liar, used traditional local materials for his construction: scrap metal and mountain rock. Idols inside were made of stainless steel and have enough of sharp edges to mutilate anyone not cautious in touching them.

The shrine base is encircled by tiny, translucent jungle, the result of one of Snickerer's mysterious manipulations of Improbability.

Most notable offerings:

  • Gryph offered his left arm (second most favorite arm).
  • Eyesup Here offered Sonic the Hedgehog's figure.
  • Skidge offered Albert Einstein Action Figure1)2)3)4)5).
  • A different Skidge gave it a really good scrubbing, when nobody was looking.
1) And a clown shoe. Don't forget the clown shoe!
2) Ok, and a clown shoe. And lots of monsters, mostly dead.
3) Although one was not so dead. That caused some problems.
4) And a winged miniraptor in a translucent jungle!
5) In accordance with The Prophecies.
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