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From his bio

Daedalus is clearly in his senior years, but you find it difficult to put a number to the impression. He really doesn't know the number himself. He has memories going back several years on the Island, but before that is all a bit hazy. There are sometimes dreams that seem like memories, dreams of a tower overlooking a sea-front cliff. In the dream he is prisoner; then a flight and a loss of which he will not speak. But the dreams are of a time long long ago, they cannot be memories. But notwithstanding his years, there is a strength in his bearing.

Some have called him 'quixotic' and others have called him just barmy, as usual the truth is probably somewhere in between. He knows the symbolic windmills in his mind are not real, but still spends much of his time seeking out ways to attack them. He treats most post-modernist 'philosophers' the same way.

His proudest moment was in discovering wearable puns, in the form of Steel Toad Boots.


Usually human. In this form he wanders around, avoiding conflict and helping anyone who seems to need assistance. A quiet, almost shy figure of avuncular disposition.

As a Joker he seems to manifest very little in the way of Joker 'powers'. He has occaisionally discovered a green marker-pen in his pocket tbat creates what he draws. It is unfortunate then that his drawings skills are best described as 'rubbish'. Even when he gets the drawing right, the transformation sometimes goes amiss. He once drew a door on an extant wall, but instead af a door appearing the wall turned to chocolate and collapsed. Tasty, sure, but not much use for going through.

When Horatio decides that it's Midget time, Daedalus is short, squat, and sometimes argumentative, but rarely offensive or crude, and lacks the Midget inclination for violence.

Daedalus does occaisionally end up as a Kittymorph, Zombie or Robot, but is very rarely seen as such, and when seen displays almost no behavioural characteristics of those races.

Narrator's notes

Daedalus is (almost certainly) not the figure of the same name in greek history. He is not a reincarnation, nor time traveller. The problem is that Daedalus is not sure that he is not the original. As noted in his bio he experiences vivid dreams that seem to re-tell the greek version of his name-sake, and in particular the death of Icarus.

My suspicion is that Daedalus is a modern-day individual of no special standing, though perhaps an academic. He is experiencing identity-confusion issues that pre-date his transportation to the Island. It is pure speculation but perhaps he lost a child in some tragic event, and his mind has fixated on the historical version of his life as a way of fending off the trauma.

I experience one curious difficulty in writing Daedalus as a Joker. While Island canon desrcribes Jokers as typically Victorian era archetypes, I often find myself giving him a more Elizabethan mode of speech. I don't why, and I've given up resisting it.

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