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Daedalus waddles into town on unfamiliarly short legs. He looks a little grumpy (!). Scowling, he shrugs off his backpack. "My overweight backpack is making everything seem 'arder." he growls. He rummages through the pack, and his expression turns quizzical. Daedalus pulls a gift wrapped package from his pack and holds it arms length. "Wass 'is? I dun remember packing this." he mutters. Several nearby midgets look interested. "Wrack off, 'airy legs, it's mine." he growls again, and they go about their business. Daedalus peers at the package again. "What ever it is, its addresed to me, anyways." he adds, uncertainly. His brow furrows in momentary concetration. "Don' fink I've upset anywun recently, so it shouldn't be a booby trap."

Daedalus gives the parcel a firm shake. That's the best way to test for booby traps, right? The parcel, to his relief, fails to detonate. Something large and heavy slides around inside the wrapping. Daedalus shrugs, and begins to tear away the paper.

Daedalus eyes widen as a shiny new teleporter is uncovered. "Why ... issa gift! From an secret admirer, I 'spose." He holds the Teleporter up and grins. "I kin sell this for a bundle of Req!" he enthuses loudly. Perhaps too loudly.

Several midget heads spin in his direction. Eyes narrow, appraising. A number of the nastier looking midgets start edging towards eBoys, anticipating his exit loaded with Req.

Daedalus swallows nervously, realising his error. He grips the teleporter firmly under one arm, shrugging his pack onto his shoulder with his free hand, and starts to back towrds the gate. A tumbleweed blows down the now silent street. "Crap" he whispers. Daedalus stops in his tracks. "Hafta git it to anuvver Post an' sell it there ... Ace High 's prolly best." he reasons. The threatening circle of midgets has blocked his path to the gate. "But how to git there?". His expression has a hint of despair.

Daedalus face suddenly brightens. "Daedalus, ya stoopid git, you've got a telemaporter, fing. Use that!" He flips a well known gesture at the closest midgets. "Ha! I'm gonna sell it, an' yous'll git nuffink!" he brays. Then he presses a button.

There is a familiar flash, and Daedalus is gone. The wreckage of the used teleporter clatters to the street. Several midgets dive on it, well aware of it's scrap value. A brawl, unsprisingly, ensues.

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