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Dan is a former resident of New York, and is just as spiteful, malicious, and evil as the rest of the hateful villagers from that foul settlement. He may even be the original resident, as he is an out-of-work actor, evident in his improbability potions!1)

Dan also makes some mean ales,2) which he produces in little microbrewery urns in the basement. Ask him about his special pan-galactic gargleblaster if you want the ultimate buzz-buffs experience.

Dan works closely with the mysterious forces ruling Improbable Central and frequently serves as the major source for feeding their rumors into the local gossip line. When asked about rumors, Dan will send you on a DanQuest to find rare Obnoxious Widgets of Scarcity and to kill even rarer Unfindable Monsters of Time-Wasting. These will usually be found, after some obscene length of time, in such remote locations as Cyber City 404 or AceHigh, as opposed to easily accessable locations with significantly helpful resources like Improbable Central or Kittania.3)

Rumor has it, Dan can also be bribed. We can't get into details in public like this,4) but, if you can meet his price, he's just the man to make it happen for you. There are also rumors that connect this 'Dan' figure to CMJ in mysterious and improbable ways.5)

1) Only two cigs a potion! What a deal! Oh, the good old days. Dan used to whip up one of his four special magical recipes for you: Charm, Vitality, Health, or Transmutation.
2) but nasty beer
3) Or, if you happen to have joined some team dedicated to helping besieged Outposts, he'll always seem to point you towards NewHome or Kittania, which are almost never threatened.
4) At least, not without being a little compensation...
5) Leading to many theories about Dan and Emily
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