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This is a section of footage caught by various network cameras in NewHome and the surrounding jungle areas.

Further investigation into the matter has revealed that roughly a week before the events in this footage took place, Linkara and Mr. Infrablack were on the Failboat when Linkara playfully pushed him towards the railing. Mr. Infrablack, who has previously shown signs of some sort of boat-related phobia, veiwed it as an attack on his life and severely beat Linkara in retaliation before having a nervous breakdown. Aside from a couple of rather minor altercations between them the following few days, the two of them kept to themselves up until the day of the incident.

The following footage has not been approved by either party for rebroadcast, nor have they even been made aware that they were being recorded. Watch at your own risk.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack shuffles into NewHome, humming something classical-sounding.

Linkara flicks another card at Infrablack, but this one is a little different. A note is attached to it. It sticks to Infra's face, and he jumps out of his tree and over the walls, heading to some unknown destination.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack struggles to pull the card off his face. After a few minutes he manages and starts reading the note.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack quirks an eyebrow. "12, 7? What does that bar stud mean by.... oh, ohhh! I see, then!"

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack suffles back out the gates, muttering "He better have a frisking apology for me..."

Linkara, or what appears to be him, sits on a large rock in a particularly shady part of the jungle, upper torso and head obscured by shadows. He's also smoking a cigar. He doesn't smoke, does he?

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack shuffles into the area. He spots Linkara and nods at him. "Aloha, Smartarts."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack stops and stares at Linkara. "When'd you dye your hair?"

Linkara stands, still obscured by the shadows. He takes a final puff on his cigar, before flicking it at Infrablack. "Follow me." He says, in a voice that is decidedly not his. He heads a klick north.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack shuffles after Linkara, despite his better judgement.

Linkara heads in, and looks over his shoulder.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack shuffles into the area, then looks around for Linkara. "Okay, then. What now?"

Linkara beckons to Infrablack wordlessly, before heading a klick West.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack sighs and resumes following.

Linkara is in the position Infrablack first found him in, sitting on a rock and puffing on a cigar. Upper body once again hidden in shadow.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack warily moves closer to Linkara. "Why do I get the feeling we're not here to patch things up?"

Linkara doesn't move or speak. Or, the one on the rock doesn't.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Smartarts? Linkara? Are you gonna say something?"

Linkara remains seated and silent. If you were to look closely, you would notice an odd loop in his casual twitches and fidgets.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "You know, sometimes I just don't get you... I'm outta here."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack turns to leave, then stops and looks at Linkara over his shoulder.

Linkara, or the one on the rocks, proved a decent distraction, allowing the real one to creep up and easily snatch Infrablack's glasses right off his face. He backs up a good eight meters with glasses in hand.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "HEY!!! You give those BACK!!!"

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack lunges towards Linkara with a furious expression.

Linkara steps backward an inch, away from the lunge, allowing a small beam of light to rest on his face. A menacing eye with a red iris stares. "I suggest you not do that, if you wish to leave. I'm not him, and I will not stand for the things he did."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack stops in his tracks. "Look, I'll do whatever you want, just gimme back the shades."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "They're important, and not just to me."

Linkara grins malevolently, exposing a set of sharp, feline teeth. "Then you may just leave with minimal injury." he pockets the shades, and the second Link rises, and stands behind Infra. "I'm in the market for information."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Okay, then. Ask and I'll talk. Just give them back first."

Linkara frowns. "You are not in much of a position to demand anything." The air to the left and right of Infrablack flicker, and two more Links are suddenly there, looking much like a set of bodyguards.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "I'm not demanding. I'm... I'm kinda begging here."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack swallows, his adam's apple bobbing nervously.

Linkara smirks menacingly again. "All the reason not to give them to you. I've been... observing you for quite some time, and I think I'd like to know just why these are so imperative to you."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack stares at RedLink (NotLink?) sadly. "Because they're not mine."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "They're... they were my brother's."

Linkara places the glasses on his face, and raises an eyebrow. Somehow, his intimidating eyes are visible through the mirrored lenses. "Do continue. Or I will make you."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "His name was Eli. He was my half-brother, and he was the coolest guy I knew next to our dad."

Linkara takes off the aviators. They really don't suit him. "Was. Implying he's dead. Or worse."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Yeah, he died. And he gave me those right before he... before it happened."

Linkara says, "It."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "I was seventeen at the time. We'd been on our own for a couple of years and we were looking to get out of town. So we ended up at the docks and we snuck onto a ship."

Linkara flatly asks, "And?"

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "We were just kids, stupid cocky kids. And we quickly realized that we weren't that good at the whole stowaway thing."

Linkara crosses his arms. "I've heard enough. I have one of two things to ask of you. Pick a hand." He outstretches two hands, balled into fists.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Eli said he had a plan. He gave me his sunglasses and said he'd see me around. Then he climbed up on the rail and..."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack trails off.

Linkara continues having his fists outstretched.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Wha... I... what? I don't care. You pick."

Linkara relinquishes his hands. "What is your real name."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "What does that have to do with anything?"

Linkara smirks wryly. "It doesn't. Unlike my passive friend, I use information as a weapon."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "You're probably gonna attract all sorts of unwanted attention if you keep this up..."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Besides, not even She knows what you're asking."

Linkara says, "Unwanted attention is what created me in the first place."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack's face falls in shock. "Why would he...

Linkara and all the duplicates advance a step. "Your name." He growls.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack plants his feet, puffing himself up slightly. "Go ask your creator."

Linkara grins again, and all of the Hims converge. Mere feet from Infablack, the original says, "While he may be my creator, he is neither my mentor nor my father. Last chance."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Or what?"

Linkara the original steps back, while the two on the left and right of Infrablack grab him under the arms. The one behind him grabs the back of his neck. The original smirks. "He didn't want it to come to this."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack struggles. "Yeah? Well, which one of you tried to kill me?"

Linkara smirks. "Kill you? My good man, even you should have learned about His obsession with mischief. A simple prank is all that wen't down; anything to get a rile out of you."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "He hardly even knows me, then, or doesn't understand why I hate boats."

Linkara scoffs. "Obviously he doesn't."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Is he in there? Or nearby, or something? Can he hear us?"

Linkara's lips twitch into a grin. "Catching on fast. Yes, He's both in there and can hear us. He may not like what I'm doing, but he has little to no control at the moment."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Well, maybe he remembers when we played with the dehydrated water and I what I said then about drowning..."

Linkara shrugs. "He's a bit of a scatterbrain. Might have something to do with having your brain figuratively dissected by Messere Horatio."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Holy ship... I never asked him to go that far!"

Linkara smirks again. "Revenge not quite what it was cracked up to be? I'm new, there is one other..."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "What revenge? I... oh, ship, that's what it was, wasn't it? Retroactive revenge. And then I beat him up anyway..."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "I'm such a stupid artshole."

Linkara giggles. It doesn't quite sound right, coming from such a malevolent being such as himself. "You'd be correct there. Also, you didn't ask about the other. I'd suggest you do. When I found out, I though it was positively hilarious."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "The only one I care about is the one I met first."

Linkara says, "As you wish. However, I do believe I owe you for the fractured rib..." He administers a sharp crack to Infra's temple with an elbow, before walking back in the direction of Newhome. The clones holding him will dissipate after he's gone.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack slumps against his captors' bonds before they disappear, leaving him to collapse groaning on the jungle floor. He gets up unsteadily, still wobbling as he looks around for the red-clad version of his frenemy.

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack says "And I thought things were complicated enough with me being..."

<OCD>Returning Contestant Mr Infrablack trails off as he stumbles back towards NewHome.

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