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The Basics: dark knight

Name: dark knight

Natural Species: Half Phoenix, Half Human

Natural Gender: Female

Skin colour: Slightly tanned.

Age: 10,760 She believes herself to be only 8,000 years tops though.

Height: 5'6"

Distinguishing markings: She has a few scars particularly one over her heart and a rather bad one on her left side.

Clan: The Watch

Married to: Jasser

Important points: Has three souls in one body. Is Half Phoenix with her power being just broken through... it is very unstable though.

Red eyes = Lydia Blue eyes = Raven and blue eyes with red about the iris = dark knight. Lavender eyes is dark on her own without the two with her.

Red text is Lydia speaking, blue is Raven speaking and Purple is dark knight.


*Being able to project thoughts, she can do this both naturally to those nearby and through a catalyst connected to her such as her feathers with no distance limit. This takes energy. She cannot project anything coherent when in trouble.

*Wings and mild shape shifting abilities *She can do this now, mostly she can call her wings if she feels she needs them. she'll likely burn herself though* Requires energy to do and she will be weak after changing for at least 1 gameday(likely longer).

*Very mild regen, - Currently she heals decently, a minor cut will vanish in 1 day larger woulds take 2-3 days, she will not retain injury longer then that despite the severity.

*Phoenix Flame - Phoenix Flame is unstable due to improbability taint, it will like most other improbable things burn/heal depending on a random factor. Unless somehow Improbability is not a factor then it will heal allies and harm foes based on dark's perception on who is what. The more that needs to be healed the more it affects dark.

*Improbable spells - She is slowly gaining the ability to see Improbable energy and as such she might start to try to manipulate it. This is the most random of her abilities and though she may have a intended result on any spell, it will rarely, Improbability willing occur.

Information and some Backstory

She's not from earth and has no idea what people mean by EMP. Technology baffles her a bit though she understands what it does she has no idea why, in her world such things are done with magic on all but the planets furthest from the Core. The Core is the source of all magic in their Universe after all.

The Core a great star that has black and white flames. It is not truly a star the odd starlight seen from the inhabited planets and galaxies that circle it is actually caused by millions of Great Phoenix's. Two orders of the Great Phoenix's guard the Core the white flame and the black. They never leave their post. They do not let any see the Core. They only move when the Galaxy, or more acutely a handful of planets not that far from the Core, about the core has become so imbalanced that the Reset is needed.

The Reset is when everything returns to the core, everything is destroyed to start over from the beginning. It's the way things have always worked.

It had to stop.

Three Phoenix's of the golden order Were determined to stop it and following the example of the Dragons whom had created a Guardian of Souls, and a Guardian of Life. They created a Guardian of Spirit, or at least made the tools for the Guardian to use. A special set of armor, A Phoenix pendant, and the Phoenix Master Sword. They left these artifacts in the care of a Summoner's village on the world of Fayn. The pendant placed into a family, being passed down, as each member came of age, as a family heirloom. The Sword rested outside, spelled and protected. None were able to come near else they would suffer harsh burns. The Armor was kept safest of all, sealed in a cave in a nearby Mountain. No one even knew it was there. No one could use the artifacts, no normal mortal could even see the spirit-plane where the Phoenix's Lived so the Great Phoenix's guarded the Village trying to think of a plan.

Eventually on a planet very close to the Core. In a small tribal village something forbidden occurred. A Great Phoenix, of the Golden Order, fell in love with a human woman. By the time The Grand Phoenix, of the golden order, learned of it it was too late. A girl child born with a pair of golden wings had been born. The Phoenix tried to attack the village to correct the mistake quickly but the Father made a great sacrifice and protected the village from any direct destruction that might be attempted. The Grand Phoenix tried a different approach and incited the people of the village to a riot against the mother and her freak of a child. The mother fled and a young foal of a Peagis type creature found her as she was nearing exhaustion. The mob was approaching and the mother made a impassioned plea to the creature to save her child. It did and took the child away The creature being able to travel between worlds took the child to Fayn and to the Village the Great Phoenix's guarded.

They had finally found the one that could be the Guardian of Spirit, but the had to protect her, but how. They found a pair of souls, that had been separated from the flow for great crimes, and concealed the girl's soul. They managed to hide her wings as well and left her in the Village for them to find. She was given a new name and raised by the Family who held the Pendant.

The Great Phoenix's should have seen the warnings, should have known about the firestorm that occurred when the girl came of age and leveled everything she knew, her home her friends, everything was gone. The girl dragged herself out of the wreckage holding only the pendant in hand, tear streaked she looked over her home and drew a nearby sword. Delirious she forgot what the sword was, that she wasn't suppose to touch it. It felt warm in her grip but it did not burn her. She cut along her forearm and made a blood oath to never ever let her power consume her again. She knew that much of what happened, the firestorm had come from her, she was the monster that caused everything to be lost. She thought herself unworthy of a true name and called herself dark knight from that day forward.

After the firestorm that claimed her village, the mercenary dark knight became very well known. It was said that she would take on some of the most dangerous jobs, almost as if she had a death wish, and she would succeed at them though, almost seeming as surprised as the employer that she made it through, no matter how beat up and broken she seemed to be in the end she wasn't killed during this time, she trained with every spare moment she had energy for, only taking rests when she deemed she truly needed it. She found a island where she could have solitude and became the first summoner to 'tame' a phoenix, or so she thought.

During one day she went off to train she met with a young Dragonmaster. One who had found his power far quicker then he could adapt to it. They had a brief fight, his armor wasn't even scratched by her light glancing blows as she danced circles about him, his stronger blows unable to catch her. The match was decided by the magic cast as dark summoned a fire demon to entrap him within a circle of flames, he summoned a water dragon to douse the flames, and weakened himself greatly as he didn't have the energy to control such a beast. After a blow to the chest as the flames and dragon were down he was out cold. She took him to a safe place to heal, and set upon trying to teach him proper control. It was with him that she found the cave where the last piece of the Phoenixmaster artifacts was. She didn't put the armor on till much much later in a clear field where no one could get hurt, as she knew it was a artifact of magic power she put it on, noting nothing happened, she then put the pendent on slowly. Nothing seemed to trigger. She grabbed the hilt of the sword, not noticing the change that occurred within her immediately, she was distracted by the fact that the armor vanished.

"Where did it go?" She said aloud, and a voice within her mind asked back

Where did what go? (Raven)

The armor Raven you never pay attention. (Lydia)

Dark looked around startled.

"Who's there!?!" (dark)

Who is she talking about there is no one about. Dark turned her eyes starting to get wild.

"SHOW YOURSELF! There has to be someone here, I can hear you!" (dark)

I Think she means us. (Lydia)

She never heard us before.. (Raven)

Calm down dark knight, we are in your mind. (Lydia)

Dark staggered and held her head. Not knowing that Lydia and Raven had been there for years. Not knowing that they were what was keeping her from being found by the Great Phoenix that killed her true family.

"Get out! Get out!! GET OUT!!!" She screamed in her panic, her pendent flared brightly and Lydia and Raven both were kicked out of her mind and given their own forms. Lydia with jet black, straight, shorter hair, her skin was pale and her eyes a blood red. he was clothed in a tight black outfit complete with a corset, elbow length gloves and knee high boots. A half skirt with a skull on the back. Raven had light brown curls, that went half way down her back. She had crystal blue eyes and wore a light blue long dress.

Lydia looked to Raven, and Raven looked to Lydia for a long moment before they turned to Dark. Lydia moved forward first

"Reverse what you did now your in grave danger." (Lydia)

"Who are you!" (dark)

"There is no time, you need to reverse it now!" (Raven)

"No it's my mind!" Dark almost snarled at them, focused on them and not seeing the great bird touch down a ways away. It changed it's form becoming a almost Physical form of a woman with long wavy golden brown hair. And slowly approached the trio.

"Well, Well, Well, looks like I didn't take out all the trash like I thought."

"Stay Back!" Raven yelled at the woman.

"Now Why would I want to do that, She is not suppose to exist and I must correct that error. Now!"The woman seemed to make herself a sword of flame and attacked. Lydia and Raven tried to fight her off.

Dark still held her head, her head was pounding as her full true magic and form tried to find the right middle ground with the human half of her mind. Oblivious to the fight occurring mere feet away as she struggled to hold back her own self from establishing as a part of her. The fight, was less of a fight as neither Lydia nor Raven, despite being able to use their magics and such, had any real way to harm a true phoenix, let alone a Great Phoenix.

"Why are you protecting her?"The woman asked as they started to tire from heir wounds half just entertaining itself with the fight.

"You can have your freedom, your lives back.." Raven looked sharply to Lydia at that making sure she was still between the woman and Dark. Lydia smirked coldly at the woman straightening.

"Riight like you would truly let us go about our merry way." Before the woman could try to confirm any sort of deal Lydia cast a powerful spell that causes a small very contained explosion where the woman was. Lydia and Raven being rather close where knocked back and badly hurt. Dark knight was pushed back by the shock wave and looked up finally unable to focus that well, through the pain of what was occurring to her, she met eyes with the woman briefly as the dust and dirt from the explosion settled. The woman looked injured from the blast but was holding a very real looking dagger and let it fly at Dark. It struck deep in Dark's chest and Dark staggered back and fell.

The woman slowly walked up to where dark knight lay and coldly watched her for several minutes. Lydia groaned as she tried to come to. Finally the woman turned and started to walk away.

"It seems she takes after her mother after all." The woman vanished in a burst of flame.

Lydia staggered over to where Dark was looking over and seeing Raven knocked out cold still, maybe dead, she pulled the dagger out of Dark and collapsed beside her.

"Bloody hell, you never like to do things the easy way do you." She said, seemingly to dark before letting a single drop of blood from the dagger fall upon the pendent.

Flames erupted everywhere and Consumed Dark Knight, Lydia and Raven. Putting all three back within the one form. It lifted her up and made some changes to her mind and body, giving her her Golden brown feathered wings and healing the wound she sustained. Leaving behind a scar, her first true scar that would linger no matter how many times she revived herself. Her other battle scares vanished. The magic that was triggered passed finally and Dark took a breath and sat up suddenly looking around.. .. truly half phoenix now..

Many many years have past since then, centuries, mellenia. She doesn't remember her age now, if she tried to remember all the years all the things she might go insane the human half of her mind just cannot handle it. Recently Improbable energy started seeping into her Universe. The Guardian of Souls went through the dimensional Hub to try to take out he cause of the disturbance. He didn't return. dark knight started to get worried and came after him, her method of travel less reliable. She arrived in Newhome and was attacked with improbable energy. She lost everything but a single pouch. Confined in a true human form she aches for her magic, her abilities back. She has managed to Pull her pendent from her world, and Lydia and Raven help her evade the memory trouble of the various compounds on the island.

She doesn't intend to leave without knowing a way to at least confine the contamination leaking into her world, or without Val, the Guardian of Souls.

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Items of note that she carries

~Has a hilt for a plasma blade from Cage, generally tied to her belt.

~Has a Food pack normally filled with Slightly spiced Tasty Meat jerky and some berry and nut bars.

~Has a Water bag filled with Teal Water from Cool Springs.

~Has a small pouch with her clear blue stone and a orb in it.

~Has a wooden Pendant from Ruk with a sun rising/setting emblem depicted

~Has a Token from Dan for completing a quest

~Has a Drawing from Kell of her as a human wearing only a cloak with three chickens

~Commissioned weapons from Zilea Altorn, she received a box which had the following-


3" Daggers

6" Daggers

The Note read.

Your order is done. Inside are six long daggers, twelve small daggers, and one longsword. All are forged with a process and compilation of metals that make them lightweight and durable. The sword even has a surprise in the hilt which will light the blade into flames whenever you so will it. Also inside is a leather knife-bandolier that you may use for your daggers, and wear crosswise to your standard one. Use these weapons well, and have a good night.

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