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Dark Magix

Post cool things here, I guess.

Dark Magix that no longer work ("Unmagixed") should be struck-through, but remain on the list with a note about the time and circumstances in which they ceased to function. Dark Magix that Should Not Be Used should be italicized, but remain on the list with a note about why they Should Not Be Used. Also, don't use those ones. I trust you, because you probably aren't this deep in the wiki unless you love the game, and Dark Magix that Should Not Be Used are typically marked Should Not Be Used because they harm the game in some way.

The Multiverse

This entire section has been unmagixed since Tuesday, May 30 2017.

There are many different things on II's servers which are, in one way or another, almost Improbable Island (be warned, it seems logging in to one of these will make your regular II account sign out or something.)

You can find themetest at http://www.improbableisland.com/themetest/home.php

http://www.improbableisland.com/legacy/home.php or http://legacy.improbableisland.com is the Dwellings legacy server. You can use it to view old Dwellings and revel in the legacy April Fools Skin "The Third Dimension". 1)

http://www.improbableisland.com/placesbeta/home.php is a server CMJ made to let people test out the then-new Places system. I don't think it's been receiving the updates to the Places system, though, so it's of questionable usefulness.

URL Hacking

In the past, we had this thing called "Radio Banter" (it will return in Season 32)). That's not really important. What is important is that there are two urls, http://www.improbableisland.com/dual.html and http://www.improbableisland.com/dual_side.html, which can display two frames of the Island at the same time (using the same log-in session, however). Neat, but useless.(Unmagixed, presumably since Tuesday, May 30 2017)

As you know, any character who knows timed fighting can teach it to another character using the "teach this character timed fighting" link on the other character's biography page. However, did you know that that button just puts the argument "op=teachtimedcombat" in the url? You can use that string on any character3) to teach them timed fighting, even if you don't know timed fighting yourself. This method ignores the restriction of teaching one person per day. Yes, this means a character can teach himself timed fighting.4)(Unmagixed since about October 2012: The "each one teach one" method of learning timed fighting was replaced with an NPC one learns timed fighting from.)

You know how CMJ used to use the Enquirer as a blog? It's technically possible for anyone to submit a blog post for approval by appending the string "submit.php" to "http://enquirer.improbableisland.com"5)(SNBU: No one has actually told me not to use this feature, but since your post will probably never be approved, it'll just go into a queue somewhere and maybe annoy an admin or moderator some day. Likely a waste of everyone's time, but kinda neat to know about!)

Everyone knows that typing http://www.improbableisland.com/bio.php?char= followed by a player's number will take you to that player's Character Biography, but did you know you can type in a name instead of a number? True fact.


One can create a character whose name is blank or entirely whitespace6)7) (again, see http://www.improbableisland.com/bio.php?char=) and this character will basically be able to do special comments for free, as when she emotes she has a blank slate to write on. For example, if Full Metal Lion typed ":The trees look happy" into chat, it would display in chat as "Full Metal LionThe trees look happy". If the character with the blank name typed the same thing, it would display as simply "The trees look happy".(SNBU: Sessine pointed out that this is basically cheating the system to get items which should cost SP and fund the game.)(Unmagixed a while ago: Full Metal Lion created a character using this technique and had a little fun with it. Then Sessine changed her name to "Spaces" and the account eventually timed out8). Later Omega created another character using the same technique, and still keeps her active to this very day. As a result, no other character can be created using this technique, as two characters can not have exactly the same name, and Spaces' name is still an empty string as far as the system is concerned.) (Unmagixed some time before 2018-04-28: no longer possible to create a character with this name)

Check out this thread, particularly this post for some neat dark magix, some of which still work.

Borderline Cases

http://enquirer.improbableisland.com/article.php/the_watcher_part_one, http://improbableisland.com/daughter_of_chance/, http://www.improbableisland.com/writingtool.php, and http://rooktrader.com, aren't very well-publicized, which is almost like being dark magix.

Mods can see the date a player joined II, and will tell you if you ask politely.

Various things on the List of Known Issues are probably Dark Magix, but they are not as cool because they are really just bugs.

You can find a lot of history by reading through old MOTDs and forum threads and enquirer blog posts. You might learn about Loaders. You can also learn about all the stuff CMJ did before sort of settling on the Island, but that's even farther beyond the scope of this article.

A horribly outdated copy of the source code of Improbable Island can be found here: https://github.com/CavemanJoe/Improbable-Island---DragonScales---DragonBones---LotGD-2.0---Season-Three

1) "This server is purely for the old Dwellings that were on Improbable Island before the 9th of September, 2011. It will remain here until there is no point in keeping it here any longer!" --The MOTD
2) Then again, so will the Christ
3) basically, by following the link http://www.improbableisland.com/placesbeta/bio.php?char=1&op=teachtimedcombat where 1 is the id of the character you want to teach
4) This whole thing
5) That link is intentionally obfuscated slightly due to the possibility of automated spam
6) e.g. spaces
7) the latter will be collapsed to become the former
8) Or maybe it was deleted or something
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