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Dazee Lint-Puggle


Before coming to the Island, Dazee was a waitress at a deli. Her insufferably cheerful personality and somewhat ditzy demeanor allowed her to make a surprising amount of money, mostly from young guys (and girls) that thought they might get lucky if they tipped well. And some of them were right.

But Dazee was actually only born a year or so before she came to the Island.

The young woman that most people know as Dazee was actually born Danielle Mikayla Wittrow.

Danielle was for the most part a normal young woman. She had average grades in school, normal friends, and so on. A very boring young woman. Until she turned 16, and joined a street gang, that is.

Dani, to her friends, discovered a talent that allowed her to advance swiftly within the ranks of the London gangs. She had a violent, explosive temper.

Her temper led her to her other gift, a knack for killing people in berserker rages. Once truly and royally pissed, Dani could easily take down 5 or 6 people before they realized something was wrong.

Eventually, though, Dani began to think of what might happen to her if she was caught. In the post-EMP world, prison is hell. And she slowly began to go mad.

She'd become used to having regular, violent opportunities to exercise her temper. It had become so instinctive, that she could no longer control it. Yet her fear was so strong that she jumped at the very thought of cops, killing, or losing said temper.

Which made her frustrated. . .then angry. . .and she'd lose it again.

The end result was a personality schism. A new personality emerged, one with no temper, little memory, and an ADD attention span.

The new personality grew stronger and stronger, to the point that Dani began having conversations with it in mirrors, in her head, and basically anywhere else that it bloody well felt like popping up.

Finally, in a desperate attempt to turn her life around, Dani sat down to a game of checkers with her alt and gave it control of their life.

And so Dazee Lint-Puggle came into her own as a person.

Unfortunately, for Dani at least, less than a year after she ceded control to Dazee they were sent to the Island.

In the one place in the world where Dani could run free, she's trapped by her own decision. Within her own head.

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