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[07h56m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten looks up suddenly, "Would you like a present Iri?"

[07h56m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine sighs. "Fine. I'll take a little. As long as you don't pout."

[07h55m] <LAID>Lord Iriri giggles and grins widely, dropping down into a squat next to her. "Cherri..." He gazes into her eyes for a long, solemn moment. "I would love a present."

[07h52m] Naughty Eggpie beams at Val, and pulls a festive mug from pretty much nowhere, and pouts her a glass. He doesn't even lace it with catnip. This time.

[07h52m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten giggles and then extends her legs before patting one knee and making her voice huskier,"Well have a seat on Cherri Claus's knee and tell 'er what you want for Christmas"

[07h51m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine accepts the cup and stares at the mellow-yellow liquid. Sighing, she takes a sip.

[07h49m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine has a surprised look on her face. "This is actually pretty good, Eggpie!"

[07h49m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck stirs, rolling off the fountain and landing on all fours before standing up and waving."Morning, Egg."

[07h49m] <LAID>Lord Iriri grins and scoots over, gently lowering himself onto her lap. "Ummm... I want for the people I care about to be happy! Or a toy helicopter."

[07h46m] Naughty Eggpie yays and twirls, whishing the cape through the air. "Made it myself~ S'alot harder than you'd think."

[07h46m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten smiles warmly and pats his hand gently, "Then you and I are kindred spirits. If I can find all who you care about, I promise to do my best to make them happy." She grins and starts shaking her bag, "Now, for that helicopter..."

[07h46m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine nods. "Next time you come through, I'll definitely have another cup."

[07h44m] <LAID>Lord Iriri grins brightly, eyes fixed on the shaking bag with intensity. Helicopter. He wants a helicopter.

[07h43m] Naughty Eggpie grins mischievously at her and shoots her a wink. "I'll make sure to give ya the 'special ingredient' next time, too~"

[07h42m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine blinks. "Special?"

[07h41m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck quirks an eye at Egg, then walks over and pokes him.

[07h41m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten stops as a soft tinkling sound comes from within and she reaches within, pulling out a shiny, solid glass helicopter complete with spinning top action and open and closing doors. It is gun metal grey, camouflage green, and navy blue.

[07h41m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine waves at Tahv before taking another sip of 'nog.

[07h40m] Naughty Eggpie opens his mouth to tell Val a blatant lie, but is interrupted by Tahv. He swirls to wave at him. "Hullo, neighbor."

[07h39m] <LAID>Lord Iriri gasps! It is perfect. Now, if only it had a remote control...

[07h38m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck grins at Egg, salutes him with two fingers. "Morning. You look festive."

[07h38m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten smiles at him, her eyes still glowing with the after effects as she asks, "Want to see something neat?"

[07h37m] <LAID>Lord Iriri nods mutely. He wants to see something neat so bad.

[07h34m] Naughty Eggpie grins back, but notices the time and frowns. And cartwheels out with a wave.

[07h34m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten giggles and murmurs, "Put your helicopter on the ground." Her eyes sparkle with a familiar mischief.

[07h33m] <LAID>Lord Iriri scoots off of her lap and gingerly sets the helicopter on the ground.

[07h33m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine notices that the sun is rising. "Good. Right on time."

[07h32m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck snrks at Egg, ears pointed at Val. "Worried it wouldn't?"

[07h30m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine nods. "I always am. One day, improbably, the sun will not rise."

[07h28m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck nods and leans against a tree, finally sheathing his knife. "I doubt we'll have to worry about it anytime soon, though."

[07h28m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten's eyes glow brighter and with a small creaaaak the blades atop the helicopter begin to spin going faster, faster, faster. After a minute the small toy slowly lifts of the ground and flies high over Kittania.

[07h27m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine grins. "You never know. Horatio has done so much to us, what if he decides to play with the sun?"

[07h26m] <SUN> Temper goes, "Fwoop," as she appears seated on the lowest branch of a tree. She grins and waves to everyone she can see.

[07h25m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck looks up. "He may be able to block it out, but I doubt he can do anything to it." He spots Temper and waves.

[07h25m] <LAID>Lord Iriri gapes in undisguised awe. It's flying, it's really flying! He doesn't even notice as his own eyes begin to glow green in response, his powers flooding forth to mix with Cherri's.

[07h23m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten waves absently in the direction of the noise and her eyes seem to flare! Suddenly, the helicopter begins swirling in circles, brightly coloured ribbons shooting out of the turrets and decorating Kittania festively.

[07h23m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine sighs. "The seemingly impossible hasn't stopped him before."

[07h21m] <SUN> Temper grins at the copter, perhaps a little bit envious. The only thing she came make fly is time.

[07h21m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck shrugs. Spotting the helicopter's display, he whistles. "Nice."

[07h19m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine picks a white ribbon out of the air. "Hmm, might be useful later." She grabs another one--red this time--and tucks them in her pack.

[07h18m] <LAID>Lord Iriri gapes even further and begins to chuckle to himself with glee. "It shoots ribbons!"

[07h17m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten laughs with delight as the helicopter sets to work, and accompanies it with a light,"We're on the island of misfit toys. Here we don't want stay. We want to travel with Santa Claus. In his magic sleigh..." She pauses and then giggles happily.

[07h15m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten jumps up and pulls glass balls out of her sack! Really, all they need is a tree. "A pack full of toys means a sackfull of joys for millions of girls and millions of boys."Pause for breath, "When Christmas day is here."

[07h15m] <LAID>Lord Iriri grins merrily at her before joining in, his voice setting a deeper tone to the music. "A pack full of toys, means a sack full of joys, for millions of girls, and for millions of boys!"

[07h14m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine smiles at the two jokers. Looks like this year is going to be fun.

[07h13m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten grins at Iri as she finishes, "The most wonderful day of the year." She pauses and hands him several glass balls, saying momentarily, "Help me?"

[07h13m] <SUN> Temper laughs and claps, coming dangerously close to losing her balance.

[07h12m] <LAID>Lord Iriri giggles gleefully and shoots Cherri his merriest wink, before accepting the glass balls. "Shall we go spread joy to girls and boys?"

[07h12m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck slides down against the tree, eyes on Cherri and Iriri.

[07h10m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten laughs and nods before setting out across the town, setting up glass balls as the helicopter works, "A jack-in-the-box waits for children to shout-"

[07h09m] <LAID>Lord Iriri giggles and retorts in a sing-song voice, "Wake up! Don't you know that its time to come out?"

[07h08m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten sings along with Iri, smiling brightly. "When Christmas Day is here, the most wonderful day of the year!" Her eyes practically sparkle with laughter.

[07h08m] <LAID>Lord Iriri sings out loud and proud as he begins to decorate, "When Christmas Day is heeeere! The most wonderful day of the yeeeear!"

[07h08m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine claps her hands together and giggles at the festive jokers.

[07h04m] <LAID>Lord Iriri places each ornament carefully as he continues singing: "A scooter for Temper, a dolly for Tahv. The kind that will even say-"

[07h03m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten lifts out a plushy Dan from the PSK for Tahv and sings, "Wot'll ye 'ave?" She laughs and spins away, "When Christmas day is here! The most wonderful day of the year!"

[07h03m] <LAID>Lord Iriri joins in with a merry laugh,"When Christmas day is here! The most wonderful day of the year!"

[07h02m] <SUN> Temper leans to the side and grins at Iriri

[07h02m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck snrks, amused at his present. Already have two... Ah well, one more won't hurt. He sincerely hopes this one won't come to life as well.

[06h57m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten turns back to Iri and grins impishly before pouting, "How would you like to be a spotted Octophant?"

[06h57m] Rookie Shoeking looks back to her suddenly, a spark of amusement finally lighting his eyes. "Oh no, I'm quite weird, I assure you. Why else would I have given the Gatekeeper such a name as Shoeking, after all?" It seems to be a matter of some regret....

[06h57m] <LAID>Lord Iriri grins and retorts, "Or a train with square wheels on your caboose?"

[06h55m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck leans against the tree, closing his eyes.

[06h55m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten wrinkles her nose, "Or a poultrygeist that throws ostrich eggs?" She throws her hands up dramatically, "We're all misfits!"

[06h53m] <LAID>Lord Iriri responds "We're all misfits!"before diving into his next query. "How would you like to be a kittymorph with no fur?" He sticks his tongue out puckishly.

[06h52m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten points to him, "Or a mutant who can write poetry!"

[06h52m] <LAID>Lord Iriri barks an amused laugh and responds with, "Or a robot that rides a zombie donkey! We're all misfits!"

[06h51m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine giggles again at the song.

[06h50m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten cries out with a laugh, "We're all misfits!" She steps up to him, holding up her hands in proper position. You can almost imagine the music, "If we're on the Island of Unwanted toys-"

[06h49m] <LAID>Lord Iriri joins her with a merry grin, leading her in a grand old dance. "We'll miss all the fun with the girls and the boys!"

[06h45m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten spins about with him gleefully as they sing the final part of the song, "When Christmas Day is here, the most- wonderful- wonderful - wonderful - wonderful -wonderful --

[06h43m] <LAID>Lord Iriri joins her in the finale, scooping her up in his arms and posing as they belt it out, grinning ear-to-ear: "Day of the yeeeeeear!!!"

[06h42m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine claps wildly. "Bravo! Bravo!"

[06h42m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten almost squeaks as she is scooped up and finishes with him, "Day of the yeeeeeeear!!"

[06h41m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck grins, eyes flicking open and clapping along with Val.

[06h41m] <LAID>Lord Iriri lowers her back to the ground and slumps against a tree, giggling breathlessly. "Ahh... ah, that was fun."

[06h40m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten grins broadly and breaks into a fit of giggles before looking up at Iri, "Thank you, that was a lot of fun!" She looks around at Kittania which is now holiday card ready, sans snow and grins. "Its perfect"

[06h39m] <LAID>Lord Iriri manages to pick himself up long enough to take Cherri's hand, leading her to the center of the clearing so they can take their bows. "Thank you, thank you!"

[06h35m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten giggles, her cheeks flushed from her exertions as she joins in the bows. The helicopter decides at that point to release its cargo hatch and release red and green confetti and candy canes onto Kittania -avoiding hitting anyone of course

[06h34m] <Hope>Grey-eyed Tahvohck laughs, grinning even more. "Glad I stayed up tonight."

[06h33m] <LAID>Lord Iriri giggles and reaches up, his fingerglowing softly, to gently tap the side of Cherri's head. "My little gift to you!" Where he tapped, a jeweled red-and-green hairpin appears, artfully desgned to look like a sprig of holly.

[06h33m] <Hope>Civilian D Valentine sneezes as confetti falls like snow.

[06h32m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten reaches up and touches the hair pin before launching herself at Iri, folding him in a tight hug, "Thank you!"

[06h30m] <AIB>A Very Merry Cherriki Ten pulls back and smiles up at him before saying with complete sincerity, "Merry Christmas Iri."

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