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Mr. Infrablack is known for having possesion of a sort of hammerspace subdimension known as a nonpocket. Luckily, cameras were able to capture footage of Mr. Infrablack discussing the nonpocket's contents with Linkara.1)

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack picks up the container of dehydrated water and puts it back in his nonpocket while Linkara isn't looking.

Teeny Tiny Linkara whines. "Can you just show me the Wonderflonium? I wanna see what it looks like. I won't touch it, I swear!"

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "And break the quantum state? Not gonna risk it."

Teeny Tiny Linkara huffs and pouts, crossing his arms tightly over his chest

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack sighs, looking away with an expression of indifference.

Teeny Tiny Linkara says, "Got anything slightly less life-threatening in there?"

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Yeah. There's some books, a pair of winter gloves and a scarf, a couple of empty bottles, a few joints..."

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "... a stuffed penguin doll, a stuffed real penguin, my lighter and some cigs, half a bag of nugg, a pair of tap shoes..."

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "... the charge cord to an iPod, one of those chintzy paper fans you get as arcade prizes, a bowling trophy, a small sofa, a copper urn..."

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "... a violin in it's case- with the bow and rosin, mind you..."

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "...a microwave, an old bottle of warm Dr. Pepper, a guitar that's missing a string, the keys to a Ford Focus, a bottle of civet musk cologne, a fedora, my towel, of course..."

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack is probably going to be rattling things off for a while still.

Teeny Tiny Linkara sits with his chin resting in a paw. "Anything else?"

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Oh, lots of things. I'm just starting with the normalish stuff."

Teeny Tiny Linkara raises an eyebrow. "A taxidermically stuffed penguin is normal?"

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Normal by comparison."

Teeny Tiny Linkara smirks. "By all means, do continue."

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Well, there's the Ford Focus that the keys go to... but the engine's busted. I've been meaning to take it to a mechanic."

Teeny Tiny Linkara frowns. "How do you lift the car out?"

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Well, that's what the crane is for."

Teeny Tiny Linkara's jaw drops.

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack spots a couple of lurking cameras. He scowls.

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack says "Pardon me for a sec, okay?"

<OCD>Contestant Mr Infrablack pulls a metal baseball bat out of his nonpocket and heads towards the cameras, malice in his eyes.

1) Said cameras were spotted and immediately destroyed by Mr. Infrablack afterwards. It's what he does, after all.
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