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Age:~21, >18 Description: Kinda quiet

The BackStory of Dega

What backstory?

Life on The Island

DK 1(Human)

Dega's life on the island started out quite boringly, so to speak. There is not much of note that occured during this time. Mostly, Dega learned everything by himself, or by overhearing other's conversations. Other than that, there is not much else.

DK 2(Kittymorph)

Dega began to try and establish himself on the island, most notably by buying a plot of land, and trying to build a house of sorts1). Also, he attempted a Rank 7 DK2).

Current Happenings and Whatnot

Attempting Rank 6 Drive Kill3)\ Spending quality time on the failboat4)\ Lying



6'2", 200lbs-ish, black hair, brown eyes. Kindof normal looking, improbably enough.


6'10" 180Lbs-ish, Tabby fur, brown eyes. Doesn't really have a tail, as most of it got cut off day 1. White T-shirt, Blue jeans.

1) By himself, no less, a feat considered foolish at best
2) to be continued
3) He is, after all, insane
4) See previous
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