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Subject Titano Deleo

More will be here. Eventually.


Apparently he is now married. How odd. Neither of them expected this... But then they went and put rings on anyways!

[01h30m] <CAKE>Titano Deleo nods, huggling Ven.
[01h22m] <QQQ> Veneficus purrs and starts to drift off.
[01h22m] <CAKE>Titano Deleo grins, holding Ven close.
[01h14m] <TINC> Petrucci enters Pleasantville, arms crossed behind his back. With a chin up in the air he solemnly walks amongst his congregation until he halts at a bench.
[01h12m] <CAKE>Titano Deleo waves to Petrucci a bit.
[01h07m] <TINC> Petrucci brings his hands together in a clap and smiles, his head tilted to the left. "It's so wonderful to see such a public display of affection! Such.." He leans closer, and sees no wedding band. His face twitches slightly. "..brotherly love."
[01h03m] <CAKE>Titano Deleo smiles back "Ah.. Yes.. We enjoy eachothers company greatly." He's just going to write off the brotherly love part as island madness. "I am Deleo, Sir, how are you today?"
[57m28s] <TINC> Petrucci looks appaled and insulted. "Quite well, thank you for your interest." His hands drop again, and are folded. He stands there for a few awkward moments.
[54m38s] <QQQ> Veneficus yawns widely.
[54m04s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo doesn't even arc an eyebrow. He doesn't exactly have much to say though either. Not really much of a conversationalist you see.. "Good.. Why dont you have a seat?"
[52m54s] <QQQ> Veneficus slowly opens her eyes.
[51m36s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo squeezes Ven slightly and murmurs. "Hello again.." He then looks back to Petrucci.
[50m13s] <QQQ> Veneficus snuggles back and purrs.
[47m48s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo is being snuggled. Right in front of someone. He darkens slightly. "Mmm.. Ven.. We've an acquaintance here.."
[46m38s] <QQQ> Veneficus mumbles something inaudible.
[45m49s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo blinks and leans down "Whats that?"
[45m29s] <QQQ> Veneficus mumbles, "Comfy..."
[43m21s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo nods and looks back to Petrucci..
[35m38s] <TINC> Petrucci finally breaks the silence. "You're going to hell, you know that?"
[34m53s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo tilts his head to Petrucci "What makes you say that?"
[33m44s] <QQQ> Veneficus snaps awake and stares at Petrucci.
[32m58s] <TINC> Petrucci says ".. and you will burn until the Great Handkerchief In The Sky comes to wipe us all away."
[32m29s] <QQQ> Veneficus stares.
[31m39s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo keeps a perfectly straight face "Well, yes, that's how residing in Hell goes, but why do you say that we are going there?"
[29m31s] <TINC> Petrucci unfolds his hands and opens them to each, a left hand to Deleo and a right hand to Veneficus. "You are not married." He brings his hands back together, left and right. Man and woman.
[28m48s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo nods "Correct."
[24m50s] <TINC> Petrucci shakes his head minutely and bows it. "A moment of silence, please."
[24m35s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo nods and remains silent.
[23m42s] <QQQ> Veneficus blinks. And Peers at Deleo.
[21m41s] <TINC> Petrucci starts some sort of sermon. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to send off the souls of two sinners. Their lives have been led astray by lust."
[20m25s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo peers at Ven, shrugging... The man did ask for some silence, so silence he gets.
[18m47s] <QQQ> Veneficus stares at Petrucci. "Charming."
[16m31s] <TINC> Petrucci's sermon takes on a full hundred and eighty. "Luckily they have sought redemption at the last possible moment and will now be joined in holy matrinomy." He throws down a plate and exclaims, "Pucker up precious! Give 'em a kiss."
[15m22s] <QQQ> Veneficus blinks. "..." She looks to Deleo.
[13m50s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo blinks.... He shrugs and leans closer to Ven. The poor man was obviously mad, might as well continue to play along.
[12m39s] <QQQ> Veneficus kisses him, full on. With tongue.
[11m44s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo blinks, kissing back, and tries hide the fact that there are now two tongues in his mouth.
[09m15s] <TINC> Petrucci taps Deleo on the shoulder in the same manner one might asking a dancer to switch partners. That would be rather awkward for an abstinent priest so instead he says, "Have at it! May you release hundreds of the Lord's Children on the Island."
[08m18s] <CAKE>Titano Deleo blushes slightly and nods, he'd reply but his mouth and tongue are captive at the moment.
[06m50s] <TINC> Petrucci takes a cue from the bishop and leaves Pleasantville. Diagonally.
[00m40s] <QQQ> Veneficus finally pulls back for air and grins.

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