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This is what Devorah looks like, as rendered by a particularly talented artist who is NOT her narrator.

Devorah1)(pronounced De-VOR-a) is in her mid-to-late twenties, though she looks much younger. She is 5'2, with long curly brown hair that hangs to the middle of her back. She has dark brown eyes that occasionally glow green around the edges when she's feeling particularly improbable. The rest of the time there is only a slight green ring around her dark brown irises. She has a new winter wardrobe, courtesy of Iriri, to supplement her usual black tank top and shorts. She also wears two bracelets: one made of silver and onyx twisted into spirals by Kikuru and the other made from a guitar string wrapped around itself from Dizzy. Around her neck, she wears an inch long red-purple crystal set in a delicate silver necklace that changes colours instead of her when she's embarrassed, as long as it remains in contact with her skin. The crystal was a gift from SinkOrSwim and GERM and Akitsu set it in the necklace for her. To commemorate her 50th tea with Horatio, Devorah got a tattoo: 5 tiny black stars in a row on the back of her neck in an alternating pattern: three filled in, two outlined. For her 100th, she added an inkblot-style phoenix above the stars.

Devorah doesn't remember exactly when she got here, just that it feels like it's been a very long time. Before becoming a joker, she was every race on the island at least once, but only has a vague memory of what it felt like. She spent the entire time living out of her backpack, trying to survive, growing to overly enjoy her time spent in the jungle. She became quite adept at killing, and her social skills have suffered somewhat as a result of a lack of human interaction. Despite her confidence in battle, she is very shy around new people, though she warms up eventually when they are kind to her.

One result of her transformation into a Joker was an increased need for social interaction, which led to her trying to force herself to meet people, despite her shyness. She had some difficulty getting accustomed to Jokerdom at first, feeling very uncomfortable using her powers. She has since gotten over this, having spent more of her time on the island as a Joker than not. While she is still shy about using her powers in front of others, she is more confident in her abilities in general.

Devorah's shyness manifests in several different ways, including silence, stammering, rambling, and, most noticeably, blushing in varying shades of red and purple. As she gets more embarrassed, Devorah's face goes from light pink, to a rosy colour, to red, then deep crimson, purple, and finally dark purple. When her shyness or embarrassment is pushed to the limits, she may turn invisible or just disappear entirely, teleporting herself out of the unpleasant situation. This has only happened 3 times, and none of them were intentional.

She began hanging around at the Bordello, after accidentally wandering in there one day. She enjoyed spending time there, despite her discomfort, not for the services offered2), but for the pleasant company who encouraged her to come out of her shell. She made several good friends in the time she spent there, and while she remains shy, there are those she feels more comfortable around. One night, while trying to enjoy a relaxing evening at the 'dello, some drunken loon3) struck up a conversation with Dev (if mumbling incoherently can be considered as such). Unfortunately for Dev, he hung around even after he'd dried out and stuck to her heels like a lovesick puppy. And, like a lovesick puppy, he eventually began to grow on her, despite his childish antics and nearly incessant whining.

People seem to like to give Dev stuff. Here's some of the stuff she's received in her time on the Island:

- a glowing, improbability-infused hairbrush from Lazarus that can smooth out any type of hair, which works wonders on her previously untamed long curls.

- a white fluffy bunny named Puff, a gift from Lysander, named after a dog she once had. Puff likes to ride in her pocket, if her current armour has one, or her backpack or a pocket of her bandolier. Sometimes he prefers to stay at home.

- a sketch of her and Puff, drawn by Takeshi the day she got him4).

- a self-refrigerating, self-refilling jug of mango iced tea, left in her house by Lysander.

- a simple yet elegant curved mug with a sturdy handle and sturdier base that flares slightly at the bottom. It is naturally cold on the inside. Iriri made it out of clay, but it looks more like stone, a bit like jade.

- clothing from Byte, including a green strapless gown, a peacock mask, and green heeled sandals, as well as a two piece tankini bathing suit.

- meditation mat that changes colour with her complexion, a by-product of a practice session with Byte. - a worn, navy-blue velvet pouch containing 3 slightly-worn blue 6-sided dice from Iri. She used them to practice getting a feel for Improbability.

- a tiny cute black top hat from Laz that somehow manages to stay perched on her head without falling off.5)

- simple bracelet made of onyx and silver twisted into a spiral design, made by Kikuru.

- three mugs from Kitsune, one carved with vines and birds along it, the second looking like the night sky, and the third is carved to look like a beach with the waves rolling against the sand.

- a small phoenix named Lilly from Calibisto. Lilly likes to perch on her shoulder, or fly off on her own, but will return to Devorah when she's needed.

- a crystal butterfly, made by Ceno, that she used to practice her powers on. Originally ruby in colour, she managed to change it so that it shimmers and changes colours constantly.

- a topaz sunflower from Ceno.

- a remarkably calming indoor bonsai tree, set in a simple tray, which was a housewarming gift from Ly.

- a bracelet made out of a guitar string wrapped around itself from Dizzy.

- Dizzy made her a beautiful cedar top guitar with mahogany back, sides, and neck, a rosewood fretboard, and ebony bridge. The fret markers are octophant ivory. Each of them is shaped like a single lilac blossom, and the twelfth fret's marker looks like a honeybee, still in ivory. The pickguard is black, along with the truss rod cover, though the cover says "DEVORAH" down it in white. On the headstock is an ivory script "D". The strap is white with a simple black design down it, Devorah stitched into it in script at each end.

- a modest winter wardrobe from Iri, consisting of dark green corduroy pants and a soft, warm turtleneck, along with several other comfortable pairs of pants and long sleeved-shirts - a definite improvement over the uniform of tank top and shorts she had been wearing since she got here.

- an inch long red-purple crystal that changes colours instead of her when she's embarrassed, as long as it remains in contact with her skin. Was a gift from SinkOrSwim and GERM. Akitsu set it into a delicate silver necklace for her to wear.

- a pearl necklace from Dizzy. May or may not be wearing it.

Ways in which she's worked with Improbability or been affected by Improbability:

- She can change the colours of things/people.

- Under great stress, she can turn nearly invisible and blend into the background.

- Under extreme stress, she can teleport to get away from the situation.

1) or Dev
2) which she is far too shy to partake of, anyway
4) Puff, not Takeshi.
5) Though she very rarely wears it.
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