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The Diarium

This page technically doesn't exist yet. Isn't that nice?1)Never mind that, it does now.

The Rules Page

The Diarium has rules. Those who don't follow the rules will probably get a stern talking to, or something. The rules are as follows:

1). Write only on your own page! I will not be made an accessory to slander!2)3)4)5)6)

2). Do not erase what you or others have written. Of course, it's a bit hard to erase ink anyway.7)8)

3). This is the last rule.9)

4).Contrary to the above statement, THIS is the last rule.10)

The Contestant Page

On these pages, you may write anything about yourself that you choose. Bear in mind11)12) that others will certainly look at these pages from time to time. Things you'd rather keep secret should, therefore, not be written here.13) If you have no page here, feel free to start your own. 14)


14 May

Alright, I promised I would explain it, so I suppose I'd best put something workable down. Where to begin?15)

I came into existence a little over twenty-one years ago in Batavia, Illinois. I say "came into existence" because the beginning of my life in no way resembled a birth of any kind. I was created as the result of a rather spectacular (or so I am told) experimental failure that -

Listen, I really don't want to go into this again. These things happened, I dealt with them, I lived. I'm not going back there, so don't ask anymore.

Anyway, due to the circumstances of my nascence, my body has considerably more metal than you would expect in a human - you may have noticed this. For the curious, the concentration of said metal is about 20% by mass, obviously less by volume. More trivia: the metal alloy's composition is (roughly) 48% germanium, 44% thorium, 3% Iron, 1% Sodium, 1% Mercury, and 1% various trace elements. 16)

Where was I going with this? I have no idea.17) Anyway, I believe my exact words were "I'll explain everything," so I'd better get explaining.

You probably want to know why the Reflectionary exists. Well, in the beginning I had intended to make it a fairly ordinary structure - just a medium-sized house in some lonely corner of the Island that I could visit when I needed to be by myself and think. However, various things happened, there were misunderstandings and tension and whatnot, and so the plans were changed from a remote dwelling to a many-roomed complex for the community at large to come and work out their personal problems.18) Not that they couldn't do that on their own, but I like to think that the rooms I have planned are designed in a way that will facilitate such things. And if nothing else, it will look nice and occupy me for a while. It's still first and foremost for my use, after all. Though I do hope many people will make use of it, once it's complete.

Is there anything else to say? I think those are the only significant19) things that concern me, really. I'm not a very significant individual.20)

Anyway, feel free to write your own entries in this book. I made it for you, you know. 21)

1) Neither does you, but we don't care about that.
2) Already broken
3) Wait, was that a rule, or a challenge?
4) Not sure. We could just annex this page and claim we are in fact writing on our own page.
5) Think Geth buys that?
6) Not a chance.
7) This makes rule# 1 much more fun to break, by the way.
8) I'm now going to find an un-fun bit to erase..
9) No it's not!
10) See? Toldya..
11) Possibly Lion and Tiger in mind, too.
12) Oh my!
13) Yes, yes they should! We won't tell anyone, honest!
14) You DO know we have the Dramatis Personae for that, do you?
15) Over there. No, more to the left. That's it.
16) That's only 98 percent.
17) I do, but i ain't telling.
18) We deal with those like we deal with all other problems on the island; hit it untill it breaks.
19) Significant to what? and by what standards?
20) Seconded
21) Good,. i was running out of toilet paper. Its not an Almanac, but it'll do. Enquirer pages give me rashes.
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