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Recently new to The Island, Disaster arrived on the island without any memory of his previous life, who his parents were, what his name was, or who he had been.

He was lost, stranded on a strange island, with no knowledge of his past life, and this made him appear awkward. After all, If he doesn't know who he was, how is he supposed to know how to act.

He took to sitting in the Common Grounds for hours at a time, watching his Fellow Islanders, He rarely talked, unless spoken to.

This is where he first met most people, was in the Common Grounds.

He still doesn't have anybody to call friend, but he knows who people are.


After seeing a sign somewhere, he decided to join a Clan, but still being an Outcast, he didn't know who would take him.

After much searching, and a little prod from another sign, he decided to join SUGAR. He was accepted immediately and felt right at home.

After a few weeks into his membership to SUGAR, He was promoted to Officer, this made him feel welcome, like he was apart of a family.

Drive Kills & Races

0 Human

1 Kittymorph

2 Midget

3 Zombie

4 Kittymorph

5 Mutant

6 Midget

7 Robot

8 Midget

9 Midget

This Wiki

After a long day of sleep, His Player was really bored, and was waiting for a new day, so he decided to create this wiki article.

it is really crappy, and doesn't contain much info

but there is where YOU, yes, YOU in the shiny green tracksuit, and YOU with the lisp come in

If you know Disaster, at all, seen him in the Grounds, talked to him once, or are just bored out of your mind, you can add some into, your opinion on him, or you can just curse wildly, and call him names

Just make sure you make your own section, and don't mess with others, so Start a New Header, you know, that thing with 6 '=' signs on each side, and put it somewhere above this and then write away

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