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What's a Distraction?OHMYGODLOOKBEHINDYOU!1)2)


Distractions will hit you on the head randomly while you play demanding your attention in red text and take away from HP if you ignore them for too long. If you ignore them for over 10 minutes they'll take a ciggy, 20 minutes and you'll lose something VERY VALUABLE.

So read your Distractions people3)!

You have been warned.

Lies. What ignoring distractions WILL do is make you miss out on awesome stuff. Or just conversations with someone who is way too awesome to allow themselves to be seen speaking to you in public.

Okay. And it will take away your ciggies and HP.

Worse yet, if you ignore them too long they'll make you marry Seth or Emily.4)

1) It's Halley's Comet! And it has ten eyes and is farting flame!
2) Yeah, Like I'm going to fall for tha- OOF!
3) People may include, and is not limited to, humans, squats, mutants, robots, gobots, kittymorphs, and jokers.
4) Either way, it's a fate worse than death
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