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Donk the Ogre

Background: Donk used to live in an enchanted forest. He had a nice home made out of a hollowed out treestump in a swamp by a river. Ripped from his privacy and thrown into this jungle with cameras in his face has been quite traumatizing. Mildly curious about the nature of reality, Donk missed his riverside swamp home.

Significant plot summary: Donk spent many nights sleeping in Carter's cottage outside Kittania. Trained in cooking skill to match Carter himself. Now the cooking trainer has lost his pots, and Donk misses his swamp.

Personality: Fifty words or less. Donk has trouble opening up to others and asking for help. Most things he encounters on the island scare him. He takes solice in the fact than he can overpower most of what he runs up against in the jungle. Is most comfortable in or near squat-hole.

Apparent characteristics: Really really tall. Tall and Green. Dressed in a simple tunic. Travels on the back of a gigantic kitten.

Skills: Can ulualy get what he wants through intimidation. Secretly belives in dreams and finging his happy ever after.

See Donk's wiki page for MORE INFORMATION.

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