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Double Or Nothing

Improbable Island Bordello, Joker Room

<GERM> Spandex walks in, toga-less. She has her truth-or-dare dice in hand, and sits down comfortably to play with herself.

<GERM> Spandex has a lot of fun for awhile and learns a few more secrets about herself. She looks up, "Hey, G. Wanna play with me too?"

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock scoots in close to Dex. He reaches out and grabs them, rolling them around in his hands. He looks into her eyes with a sly grin as he admires the weight and smoothness of them.

<GERM> Spandex asks, "You approve?"

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock nods, giving them a gentle squeeze "Absolutely. Frankly, if I had a pair like these, I might never leave the house. I'd be too busy looking at them from all angles and playing with them."

<GERM> Spandex leans into him and admits, "You know, I have trouble keeping my hands off them myself."

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock smiles at her softly. He gives them a little shake, grinning at the way they bounce and move. "I'll just bet you do! No wonder your bedsprings are always creaking, with you throwing these around."

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock reluctantly drops them, leaning back in his chair and watching as the bounce around a settle into stillness. "Of course, I prefer these." He reaches into his pants and shows her

<GERM> Spandex leaves hers out, and starts to reach over to his, eyebrows raised to seek permission, though she already knows what his answer will be. . .

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock leans back and smiles "Go ahead. You know you want to, just be careful with them."

<GERM> Spandex pauses, 'he knows? how long has he known? Is it obvious that she's desired them so? Is it written in her face, or just in her hand, which. . .' is now cupping them gently. "mmm."

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock sighs contentedly, interlacing his fingers behind his head. He just watches her delicate hand, the perfect size to hold them. "They look so much bigger in your hands than in mine."

<GERM> Spandex holds them, feels their weight, runs her thumb over their surface. The obvious question; though, "Metal? But. . . you told me. . ."

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock shrugs "You know how it is. I spent so much time as a robot, certain changes were bound to happen." he looks intently at her "Don't worry, though, they work just the same."

<GERM> Spandex nods, but really she's never seen anything like these before. She blows on them for luck, before looking at him again. "Call it, G."

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock smiles, trying to keep his excitement in check. It's been quite a while since he had someone else to play with them. "I can't call it, it's entirely up to how you handle them."

<GERM> Spandex returns to her Lessons and Practice - bouncing them gently - while focusing on their mutual Purpose. She rolls them between fingers before releasing them to float until they settle again.

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock smiles as they bounce to a halt between his knees, dangling in the cool air of the room. "You've got a soft touch. Don't think I don't appreciate that." he looks at them, glistening in the light

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock picks them up, looking at the darkened spots. "Well, looks like it's time to head home, according to these puppies."

<GERM> Spandex looks at them, knows the rules, but her disappointment is apparent. "Ok. G." She picks hers off the table and puts them away. "Where'd you get metal dice anyway?"

<GERM> Jokerbot g_rock tucks his dice back into his pants. "It's a long story." he puts an arm around her shoulder as they head out, chuckling

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