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The Double Wedding of Fail

The Failboat wedding between Zompire Jenkins and Lady Mothball, and Rookie Castor and Returning Contestant Quinn

Officiated and transcribed by Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa, Edited by Quinn

Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa steps on to the Failboat and takes his place before the altar. He smoothes his trench coat and the white and gold Stole he wears over it around his neck, and then crosses his hands holding his book of ceremonies in front of him.

Rookie Castor lands on his feet, grinning.

2011-02-26 00:03:04: Contestant Snappers McNelson steps in a bit late, hiding in one corner.

2011-02-26 00:03:12: Kell lands on the boat with a small thud, and scuttles to the side. He'd be here, but didn't want to be in the way.

2011-02-26 00:03:16: Rookie Castor walks up to Trowa nervously, "Hey."

2011-02-26 00:04:13: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa grins at Castor, "Hey. Are you and Jenkins going to march down the aisle or just wait up here?"

2011-02-26 00:04:53: Rookie Castor shrugs, "I don't know. I'm already up here, I guess..."

2011-02-26 00:05:15: Zompire Jenkins sets up an altar, a few rows of chairs, and at the end of the deck, a table boasting many cakes, all dwarfed by a huge towering chocolate one. Don't ask how he brought it all here

2011-02-26 00:05:47: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles and nods, "Right then, pick a side." He admires Jenkins' handiwork with approval.

2011-02-26 00:06:28: Rookie Castor nervously steps to the left.

2011-02-26 00:06:45: Contestant Snappers McNelson sits carefully in one of the chairs, she seems a bit awkward with the clothes.

2011-02-26 00:07:31: Zompire Jenkins steps to the right, twiddling his thumbs "This is all so...real"

2011-02-26 00:07:31: Rookie Castor waves to the guests already here and to Jenkins.

2011-02-26 00:08:00: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa chuckles, facing the pair of grooms, "It is, friend, it is. Deep breaths."

2011-02-26 00:08:40: Rookie Castor laughs a bit breathily and obliges.

2011-02-26 00:09:00: Kell takes a seat near Snappers. At least he kind of knew her...

2011-02-26 00:09:21: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa looks around a the boat, "Are we expecting a crowd?"

2011-02-26 00:09:28: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown returns to the failboat...

2011-02-26 00:09:32: Contestant Snappers McNelson smiles at Kell "This is all so amazing..."

2011-02-26 00:09:36: Zompire Jenkins breathes deeply "I can do this... Wheres Smitty!? He is supposed to give me the ring! Oh my god!"

2011-02-26 00:09:41: Cyberkinetic Mike thumps onto the deck. "Ow."

2011-02-26 00:10:10: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "...now to wait for Teo to come with the formal clothing..."

2011-02-26 00:10:17: Rookie Castor blinks, "Fuck, you're right! Smitty!"

2011-02-26 00:11:01: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "Just wait everyone... Give them time to get back here!"

2011-02-26 00:11:03: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa coughs, "Calm down, now, calm down."

2011-02-26 00:11:11: Returning Contestant Lizzy thumps onto the dress and stands quickly, smoothing out her dress. Making sure it didn't get dirty in the jungle.

2011-02-26 00:11:29: Cyberkinetic Mike rises, and looks around. "Quite the crowd for right after New Day.

2011-02-26 00:11:41: Returning Contestant Quinn watches from out of site as Tavar trots up to the grooms. He'd be ringbearer if needed.

2011-02-26 00:12:16: Zompire Jenkins: "There's a wedding..."

2011-02-26 00:12:33: Kell nods at Snappers in response, "I-it is.... Do you kn-know them w-well?"

2011-02-26 00:12:53: Rookie Castor pats Tavar, "Good boy."

2011-02-26 00:13:02: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "Yeah... A wedding for the Zompire Family..."

2011-02-26 00:13:25: Confuseled as hell Teolian falls onto the failboat wearing a white suit with a deep green velvet tie and a top hat with a Blue Ribbon trailing from behind it and some Red jasper cufflinks and carrying a light green satin waistcoat and trousers, a white shirt a dark green tie and, matching hat and a pair of perdoit cufflinks.

2011-02-26 00:13:29: Contestant Snappers McNelson nods "Very well, I've known Castor since almost day one, and I've known Jenkins for some time. I almost got Castor and Quinn together..."

2011-02-26 00:13:35: Cyberkinetic Mike blinks, then is quickly in his USMC Dress Blues. "Where do I sit?"

2011-02-26 00:14:16: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown strips out of her Playboy-Bunny outfit and dressed up in Teolian's lovley green outfit!

2011-02-26 00:14:51: Confuseled as hell Teolian kisses and hugs xel once she is dressed

2011-02-26 00:15:09: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa points to the left, "Castor and Quinn side..." then points to the right, "Jenkins and Mothball side."

2011-02-26 00:15:15: Zompire Jenkins: "In a chair"

2011-02-26 00:15:33: Kell smiles, "Th-that's good th-then. I hop-hope everyth-thing goes we-well."

2011-02-26 00:15:54: Confuseled as hell Teolian: "excited?"

2011-02-26 00:16:33: Returning Contestant Lizzy moves over to Castor, as she looked around for Arc. He said he'd be here. She held a basket full of rose petals, "Hello Castor. Everything alright so far?"

2011-02-26 00:16:56: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown hugs back stuffing her playboy bunny outfit into the tophat.

2011-02-26 00:17:05: First Sergeant Herp Derp face plants the deck of the failboat again, but this time he quickly gets up and catches a large bag befroe it lands on him. "Im not late for the wedding am I?"

2011-02-26 00:17:07: Rookie Castor grins, "It seems so! You have everything?"

2011-02-26 00:17:13: Contestant Roland Deschain once again gets tossed onto the fail Boat

2011-02-26 00:17:49: Cyberkinetic Mike wanders to a chair, and sits, wincing at the creaks. "Maybe I should stand."

2011-02-26 00:18:42: Returning Contestant Lizzy shows him the flowers, "I've got these, are they alright? Arc should be here soon with the... other basket."

2011-02-26 00:19:19: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown kissed her lovely Kitty-Kistune.

2011-02-26 00:19:30: Rookie Castor grins, nodding, "Perfect! Thanks for this."

2011-02-26 00:19:59: Confuseled as hell Teolian: "shall we find a seat?"

2011-02-26 00:20:03: Cyberkinetic Mike peers at Xel. And her outift. OOOOOOH.

2011-02-26 00:20:15: Confuseled as hell Teolian: "shall we find a seat?"

2011-02-26 00:20:35: First Sergeant Herp Derp smiles and says, "Yup, I got everything." He puts the bag down and takes out a table from it, he sets it down near the railings and takes out food and drinks from the bag and sets it on the tables.

2011-02-26 00:21:29: Confuseled as hell Teolian grins at mike as he stares at xel, the look says "mostly mine"

2011-02-26 00:21:30: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown nods. "Lets!" then she turned to Mike. "BossRookie... You shouldn't have stared at me."

2011-02-26 00:21:38: Zompire Jenkins puts his backup ring on Tavar, its ruby glinting in the sunlight "Thieving ass butler..."

2011-02-26 00:22:31: Returning Contestant Lizzy smiles back at Castor, "No problem, I'm just glad I could help. Arc seemed happy to do it."

2011-02-26 00:22:59: Rookie Castor nods, "People'll love it!"

2011-02-26 00:23:02: Returning Contestant Quinn flutters a bit from her spot away from everyone. So many people... Tavar give Jekins a canine grin and looks at Castor curiously.

2011-02-26 00:23:33: Cyberkinetic Mike stares blankly at Teolian now, and tips his cap to Xel with white gloved hand. "I wasn't. Congratulations, by the way."

2011-02-26 00:23:43: Confuseled as hell Teolian leads xel to the third row of the jenkins side and sits down snuggling her

2011-02-26 00:24:18: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown shakes Mike's hand as Teo drags her off to their seat, snuggling back at Teolian.

2011-02-26 00:25:28: Confuseled as hell Teolian giggles at the look mike gave her when she sits gown

2011-02-26 00:25:31: Rookie Castor digs in his pocket and offers the ring to Tavar.

2011-02-26 00:25:56: First Sergeant Herp Derp says "Wonderful to see a lot of contestants around! Good thing I brought food a drinks for the occasion as well!" He sets down a large rectangular box on the table from yesterday, he takes a peek to see if the contents inside remained intact.

2011-02-26 00:26:23: Cyberkinetic Mike watches Teolian, slightly confused. He leans over to the box. "Caaake?"

2011-02-26 00:27:13: First Sergeant Herp Derp looks at the Kittymorph, "Not until after the ceremony is over."

2011-02-26 00:27:29: Rookie Marilyn Dremur sighs. "Should have used that medkit.."

2011-02-26 00:27:49: Floper the Third does his level best to not draw attention to himself as he looks for the free food promised

2011-02-26 00:27:59: Cyberkinetic Mike grumps. "I want cake." He watches the on-goings, hopeing they start soon.

2011-02-26 00:28:30: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa clears his throat loudly, indicating the guests should settle themselves and think about cake later.

2011-02-26 00:28:42: First Sergeant Herp Derp sighs and says, "If only we had some music going."

2011-02-26 00:28:47: Rookie Castor taps his foot nervously, checking the time. "Is everyone here?"

2011-02-26 00:29:07: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "Mike Sit down!"

2011-02-26 00:29:08: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa nods to the Typo Gremlins, who begin to softly play music on tiny string instruments to provide the atmosphere.

2011-02-26 00:29:23: Returning Contestant Lizzy bites her lip, looking around the boat, "Arc isn't here yet."

2011-02-26 00:29:35: Multi-Talented Vanym watches the crowd from the shadows.

2011-02-26 00:30:42: Contestant Arc Castor dynamically rolls on deck, although it looks more like he was thrown.

2011-02-26 00:30:43: First Sergeant Herp Derp claps both of his hands together, "Wonderful! Just as long as they don't mess with anyone's sentences, this will do nicely!"

2011-02-26 00:31:21: Cyberkinetic Mike is sitting down. And grumping about cake, among other things.

2011-02-26 00:31:22: Returning Contestant Lizzy: "Speak of the devil."

2011-02-26 00:31:39: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown smiles. "Who knew the Typo's were such skilled music users?"

2011-02-26 00:31:49: Kell sits quietly.

2011-02-26 00:32:34: First Sergeant Herp Derp: "The Drive must've sensed a wedding today, and did it's little thing to make them skilled in the arts of music."

2011-02-26 00:33:02: Rookie Marilyn Dremur throws a cracked nut at Vanym. "Oi, get out of my shadows."

2011-02-26 00:33:15: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa looks to Jenkins and Castor, "Are we ready to begin?"

2011-02-26 00:33:17: Contestant Arc Castor walks to Liz. "Got cats, where am I supposed to stand?"

2011-02-26 00:33:49: Rookie Castor shrugs, "I dunno... Are we?" He looks around.

2011-02-26 00:33:56: Returning Contestant Lizzy shushes Arc, "Just stand with me, I think."

2011-02-26 00:34:20: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa waves at Arc and Lizzy, "You two will precede the brides. Take a place at the end of the aisle and we'll give you the cue with the music."

2011-02-26 00:35:07: Returning Contestant Lizzy moves to the end of the aisle, glad someone knew what was going on. She flushed, nervous.

2011-02-26 00:35:44: Lady Mothball nervously watches from behind Quinn.

2011-02-26 00:35:50: Returning Contestant Quinn eeps softly. Almost time apparently. Tavar nudges Trowa. He's got the rings, where does he go?

2011-02-26 00:35:50: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa is the officiator, better know what's going on! He gives Lizzy a comforting wink, and looks to Jenkins. Apparently still waiting for someone...

2011-02-26 00:36:05: Rookie Castor takes a few deep breaths, "Holy crap..."

2011-02-26 00:36:20: Contestant Arc Castor follows.

2011-02-26 00:37:37: First Sergeant Herp Derp takes out a sketch book, pencil, and a chair from the bag. He sits down and starts to draw the two wedding couples before him.

2011-02-26 00:38:01: Zompire Jenkins: "Screw it. Start!"

2011-02-26 00:38:02: Multi-Talented Vanym turns toward the distraught Castor. "Don't blow a gasket. Not like there's a bunch of barely-confined monsters downstairs or anything."

2011-02-26 00:38:41: Returning Contestant Lizzy giggles a bit at Vanym's comment.

2011-02-26 00:38:45: Rookie Castor's leg is jiggling nervously.

2011-02-26 00:38:55: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa clears his throat, then looks to everyone gathered, and then motions for them to take a seat if they aren't already..

2011-02-26 00:39:17: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown comments. "Don't worry about the Beasties... I'll use a Super-Mod-Imp for them, if an hord of Caged Mosters get free."

2011-02-26 00:39:20: First Sergeant Herp Derp: "Don't forget The Watcher as well."

2011-02-26 00:39:30: Returning Contestant Quinn grins at Moth, fidgeting. Tavar trots to sit behind Lizzy and Arc.

2011-02-26 00:39:46: Zompire Jenkins: "Wait, where's the best men?"

2011-02-26 00:39:52: Lady Mothball shifts nervously, forcing a smile at Quinn.

2011-02-26 00:39:58: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "The Watcher will feel honnored to host a wedding on her ship. I'm sure of it!"

2011-02-26 00:40:07: Rookie Castor sighs, "Mine is on his way, I think."

2011-02-26 00:40:26: Floper the Third tries to find a good seat to hide in... away from Vanym

2011-02-26 00:40:40: Zompire Jenkins: "Lazy ass bastards, this is our big day!"

2011-02-26 00:40:50: Multi-Talented Vanym shrugs. "I mean you're here pretty often, and nothing bad's happened before. Why on earth would anything go wron--oh, right." He looks around a bit nervously.

2011-02-26 00:41:09: Rookie Castor laughs.

2011-02-26 00:41:17: Confuseled as hell Teolian nods at xel's comment

2011-02-26 00:43:06: Multi-Talented Vanym seems to have left in a hurry.

2011-02-26 00:43:23: Rookie Castor taps his foot, "God dammit, let's just start! If they're late, let them be late!"

2011-02-26 00:44:09: Zompire Jenkins: "Ok, go!"

2011-02-26 00:44:11: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa clears his throat, "Tut, gentleman. Easy. Deep breaths, remember?"

2011-02-26 00:44:28: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa makes a subtle gesture at the gremlins, and they begin to play the bridal march on their tiny string instruments. He motions for everyone to stand.

2011-02-26 00:44:59: Rookie Castor takes a deep breath in and seems to hold it.

2011-02-26 00:45:38: Citizen Ekaj lands on deck with a loud squish. "Ungh... My tentacles..."

2011-02-26 00:45:44: First Sergeant Herp Derp continues drawing everyone on the boat, he's so excited about the occasion that he's not paying attention.

2011-02-26 00:46:03: Enginseer Sean von Carstein appears in a flash of Warp-fire.

2011-02-26 00:46:41: Glitter Raver Ti Chan is escorted onto the boat and STOMPS to her son and grandson, smacking each lightly on the back of the head. "Marriage, and you don't even tell your damn mother?!" Kisses them each on the cheek.

2011-02-26 00:46:47: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "Hello New Failors! There be a wedding!"

2011-02-26 00:47:04: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa's ears perk as he hears an ominous sound...why, it's an organ from below deck, and it's playing the bridal march, too!

2011-02-26 00:47:09: Enginseer Sean von Carstein rushes to Jenkins' side to his position as best man.

2011-02-26 00:47:15: Contestant Arc Castor elbows Liz in the back. "Go," he whispers.

2011-02-26 00:47:32: Rookie Castor grins and says nothing.

2011-02-26 00:48:04: Marked Fish appears with a zap and looks around, seeming rather excited. She's cleaned the suit.

2011-02-26 00:48:20: Returning Contestant Lizzy begins to walk down the isle, smiling. She stepped in time with the music and threw rose petals around her.

2011-02-26 00:48:21: Confuseled as hell Teolian waves to sean with a quizzical look in her eye.

2011-02-26 00:48:26: Zompire Jenkins grins nervously "Sorry Mom, I just... You know...It's Quinns fault"

2011-02-26 00:48:49: Rookie Castor gives Jenkins a look.

2011-02-26 00:48:54: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "Ti! You can sit over here next to me and Teo!"

2011-02-26 00:49:05: Marked Fish's eyes widen and she steps to the edge of the deck so she's not in the way, watching with hands folded politely in front of her.

2011-02-26 00:49:40: Contestant Arc Castor follows Liz down the aisle, tossing kittens from a basket into the audiance.

2011-02-26 00:49:49: Glitter Raver Ti Chan nods and rolls her eyes. "I'll see you guys later. Congratulations." She sits beside Xel, half hiding behind her, then stops to run to the edge and get sick and return to her side. "This boat..."

2011-02-26 00:50:07: Citizen Ekaj watches from his place on the floor. Of all the times to Fail...

2011-02-26 00:50:19: Confuseled as hell Teolian makes sure there is space for Ti.

2011-02-26 00:50:38: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: "Oh poor Ti..."

2011-02-26 00:51:21: First Sergeant Herp Derp starts drawing even faster, there's so many people on the boat!

2011-02-26 00:51:22: Returning Contestant Quinn watches with growing nervousness. Tavar trots behind Arc, holding the rings on a pillow carried carefully in his snout.

2011-02-26 00:51:32: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa grins at the kitten tossing. So fitting.

2011-02-26 00:52:00: Glitter Raver Ti Chan nods and still hides behind Xel, laying her head on her shoulder.

2011-02-26 00:52:17: Rookie Castor watches Ti, concerned. Hesistantly he returns his gaze to the aisle.

2011-02-26 00:53:36: Returning Contestant Lizzy makes her way down the isle then realizes she didn't know what to do at the end of it. Nervously she looked about.

2011-02-26 00:54:07: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa motions for Lizzy and Arc to stand to one side beside the best man, Sean. Tavar should probably do the same.

2011-02-26 00:55:09: Contestant Arc Castor throws the basket, along with the rest of the kittens, over his should before leading Liz off to the side.

2011-02-26 00:55:17: Kell manages to catch a couple of the kittens.

2011-02-26 00:55:57: Confuseled as hell Teolian catches a green kitten??

2011-02-26 00:56:16: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown's JokerBunny Apears to take a cat away that nearly was about to claw at Xel's face...

2011-02-26 00:56:20: Returning Contestant Quinn takes Moth's arm and heads to the end of the aisle, behind everyone. Tavar sits to the side with the rings.

2011-02-26 00:56:39: Marked Fish watches silently and a little nervously. She's never really been to a wedding before.

2011-02-26 00:57:02: Lady Mothball walks beside Quinn, looking down rather nervously.

2011-02-26 00:57:18: Cyberkinetic Mike waves Fish over.

2011-02-26 00:57:21: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles as the brides' approach.

2011-02-26 00:57:26: Rookie Castor stands up straight, grinning at Quinn.

2011-02-26 00:57:46: Confuseled as hell Teolian hides the kitten in her suit

2011-02-26 00:57:59: Marked Fish scrambles over to crouch next to her clanmate.

2011-02-26 00:58:14: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa makes sure the guests are all standing for the brides...

2011-02-26 00:58:24: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred appears on the deck, panting slightly.

2011-02-26 00:58:27: Returning Contestant Quinn proceeds slowly down the aisle, arm in arm with Moth, in time to the music. Who knew Typo Gremlins could play.... She looks about as nervous Moth does, but is smiling.

2011-02-26 00:58:30: Returning Contestant Lizzy bends to pick up a stray kitten and pets it as she stood by Arc.

2011-02-26 00:58:42: Rookie Castor waves Al over, "Late bastard, get over here."

2011-02-26 00:58:48: Marked Fish promptly stands up, having forgotten they were standing and whatnot. She's not good with these things.

2011-02-26 00:58:49: Cyberkinetic Mike rises, medal glinting in the sun. "You know Xel too?"

2011-02-26 00:59:10: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred jogs over to him. "Sorry." He gives him an embarrassed smile, and takes his place.

2011-02-26 00:59:24: Kell stands, grinning at the brides, kittens trying to escape his arms..

2011-02-26 00:59:54: Lady Mothball glances around briefly, before staring back at her feet, watching a stray kitten play with her dress. Ohgodthiswasactuallyhappening...

2011-02-26 01:00:02: Confuseled as hell Teolian Stands

2011-02-26 01:00:11: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown smiles and snuggles with Teo, not caring one bit who Mike was talking to... Nope not one bit...

2011-02-26 01:00:23: Marked Fish glances over at Mike, startled, before turning back to watch the brides. "Yeah, but I hafta come t' this anyway. 'S the Family an' all," she whispers.

2011-02-26 01:00:23: Cyberkinetic Mike glares at one of the typo gremlins who appear to have stolen his medals. He has more than one.

2011-02-26 01:00:34: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles all officiate-ly at Al, then the brides as they approach.

2011-02-26 01:01:07: Rookie Castor swallows nervously.

2011-02-26 01:01:26: Cyberkinetic Mike nods, smiling. "I have no idea who that is," He motions to Teolian, "But Xel seems happy. And that's good enough for me."

2011-02-26 01:01:32: Zompire Jenkins smiles nervously at Moth

2011-02-26 01:01:36: Enginseer Sean von Carstein smiles, glad for this day, taking deep, slow breaths.

2011-02-26 01:02:17: Returning Contestant Quinn finally draws close to the grooms. She gives Moth's hand an encouraging squeeze before they have to seperate to stand by their men.

2011-02-26 01:02:19: Lady Mothball smiles back, debating running below deck to the safety of the cages...

2011-02-26 01:02:21: Confuseled as hell Teolian looks to mike and mouths "later", and "her fiance"

2011-02-26 01:03:18: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa raises a hand and makes a "be seated" motion to the guests once the brides arrive at the altar and stand beside their respective grooms. He readies his book before him in both hands.

2011-02-26 01:03:37: Rookie Castor grins even wider at Quinn. "You look beautiful," He whispers.

2011-02-26 01:04:58: Returning Contestant Quinn smiles at him, taking his hand with only a slight nervous shake.

2011-02-26 01:05:25: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown smiles and sits....

2011-02-26 01:05:50: Confuseled as hell Teolian sits

2011-02-26 01:05:58: Rookie Castor rubs her hand and looks to Trowa expectantly.

2011-02-26 01:05:59: Marked Fish just ignores Mike and watches the procession, hands folded behind her back.

2011-02-26 01:06:11: Returning Contestant Lizzy glances up to Arc, smiling.

2011-02-26 01:06:19: Enginseer Sean von Carstein flashes a smile to Fish.

2011-02-26 01:06:36: Cyberkinetic Mike sniffs, then goes back to watching the procession.

2011-02-26 01:06:48: Marked Fish just ignores Mike and watches the procession, sitting with her hands folded in her lap.

2011-02-26 01:07:08: Zompire Jenkins whispers to Moth "We have a scottish son..."

2011-02-26 01:07:18: Marked Fish nods slightly to Sean, looking a bit nervous.

2011-02-26 01:07:22: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown keeps to smiling as she puts an arm around Teo.

2011-02-26 01:07:38: Contestant Arc Castor bends down and whispers something in her ear before standing up straight and at attention.

2011-02-26 01:07:53: Lady Mothball stares at him, before taking his hand, nudging the Kitten who was biting at her toes with her foot. "...What?" she whispers back.

2011-02-26 01:08:02: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles, and begins, "We are gathered here today to witness the rite of matrimony between these two couples."

2011-02-26 01:08:05: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred shifts a bit, smoothing out his clothes. A minor adjustment here, and there, and then he's quiet, watching the whole affair with a small smile.

2011-02-26 01:08:12: Confuseled as hell Teolian nuzzles xel a little then cuddles into her and watches

2011-02-26 01:08:33: Zompire Jenkins mouths an "I'll tell you later"

2011-02-26 01:08:46: Returning Contestant Lizzy turns red at Arc's comment, and smiles even wider.

2011-02-26 01:09:07: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa nods to the grooms, "Please state your names by which you shall be wed to your betrothed."

2011-02-26 01:09:41: Rookie Castor looks at Trowa, "What?"

2011-02-26 01:10:18: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa mouths, "Official, full name..."

2011-02-26 01:10:28: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown enjoys Castor not having a clue at what goes on at Weddings.

2011-02-26 01:10:53: Zompire Jenkins mumbles something completely unaudible at the ground before finishing in a normal voice "...Jenkins"

2011-02-26 01:10:56: Rookie Castor laughs nervously, "Oh. Uh, C-Castor Ross."

2011-02-26 01:12:22: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles at the brides, "Please state your names by which you shall be wed to your betrothed."

2011-02-26 01:14:21: Returning Contestant Quinn flushes and takes a deep breath, her voice quiet, "Quinn Mallory Park."

2011-02-26 01:15:08: Rookie Castor squeezes Quinn's hand a bit.

2011-02-26 01:15:55: Lady Mothball mutters "Aalis Mothball..." She was never given a middle name...

2011-02-26 01:16:05: Zompire Jenkins thinks, Wait... I didn't even know her name! then blushes

2011-02-26 01:16:57: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa announces, "Just as we come together as family and friends, so too is this ceremony filled with the Improbable presence that this union be sanctified in Love and Peace."

2011-02-26 01:17:40: Lady Mothball says "Aalis Mancy Mothball..."

2011-02-26 01:19:09: Confuseled as hell Teolian successfully restrains a giggle

2011-02-26 01:21:57: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa continues, "It is one of life's greatest miracles when two people love each other so much they are willing to commit their lives together as one spirit."

2011-02-26 01:22:32: Rookie Castor smiles at Quinn.

2011-02-26 01:23:44: Returning Contestant Quinn smiles back at him, her other hand reaching up to hold his as well.

2011-02-26 01:23:54: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa continues, "The ability to love is a miraculous gift, and a wedding is a celebration of that gift."

2011-02-26 01:24:34: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa looks out over the assembled guests, "Today we have been invited to share and to rejoice with Jenkins the Zombie Biter and Aalis Mothball, and Castor Ross and Quinn Mallory Park..."

2011-02-26 01:25:26: Rookie Castor covers his mouth and looks at Jenkins, smiling under his hand.

2011-02-26 01:25:33: Zompire Jenkins blushes and mutters a "Damnit Trowa..."

2011-02-26 01:25:42: Marked Fish smacks a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling.

2011-02-26 01:25:48: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred stifles a laugh, successfully.

2011-02-26 01:26:02: Enginseer Sean von Carstein smiles brighter, a small chuckle escaping.

2011-02-26 01:26:13: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles demurely at Jenkins, then mouthes, "This will go on...."

2011-02-26 01:26:26: Confuseled as hell Teolian can't completely stifle this giggle

2011-02-26 01:27:00: Citizen Ekaj wraps a tentacle around his mouth to muffle his laughter.

2011-02-26 01:27:07: Lady Mothball giggles.

2011-02-26 01:27:16: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa continues as if nothing happened, "...and to vow our unconditional love and support to them as they begin their journey as married couples."

2011-02-26 01:27:18: Returning Contestant Quinn chuckles softly.

2011-02-26 01:27:35: Kell covers a laugh, not wanting to be rude.

2011-02-26 01:27:52: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa addresses the guests, "Does any here know of any just reason why these couples should not be wed?"

2011-02-26 01:28:14: Rookie Castor glares at everyone gathered. They had better not.

2011-02-26 01:28:34: Marked Fish shakes her head solemnly. She has no complaints.

2011-02-26 01:28:50: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred stays quiet, of course.

2011-02-26 01:29:36: Citizen Ekaj flattens his tentacles to the ground just to be sure nobody thinks he has any reason.

2011-02-26 01:29:57: Contestant Arc Castor produces no reaction.

2011-02-26 01:30:07: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa pauses for dramatic effect, then nods with a smile, "Then nothing may stand in their way." That's the end of that.

2011-02-26 01:30:27: Rookie Castor smiles at everyone. Good crowd.

2011-02-26 01:31:15: Returning Contestant Lizzy smiles and catches Arc's free hand to give it a squeeze.

2011-02-26 01:31:31: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa looks to the brides and grooms, "Jenkins and Mothball, Castor and Quinn -- devotion, joy, and love can grow only they are nurtured together."

2011-02-26 01:31:59: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa continues, "Stand fast in that hope and confidence, believing in your shared futures just as strongly as you believe in yourselves and each other today."

2011-02-26 01:32:19: Zompire Jenkins smiles at Moth

2011-02-26 01:32:23: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa finishes, "Only in this spirit can you create a partnership that will strengthen and sustain you all of your days." He turns the page in his book...

2011-02-26 01:32:46: Lady Mothball smiles back.

2011-02-26 01:33:02: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa reads a passage, "Mawwaige. Mawwaige is what bwings us togethew today. Mawwaige, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam. And wove, twue wove, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah. So tweasuwe youw wove..."

2011-02-26 01:33:30: Rookie Castor can't help himself and starts cracking up.

2011-02-26 01:33:44: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown laughs hard at this! Begin the most loudest on the failboat...

2011-02-26 01:33:48: Lady Mothball blinks, staring over at Trowa, before bursting out laughing.

2011-02-26 01:33:54: Returning Contestant Quinn has to cover her mouth to keep from laughing, and grins widely at Trowa.

2011-02-26 01:33:55: Zompire Jenkins stifles a giggle

2011-02-26 01:33:56: Cyberkinetic Mike grins. "Nice."

2011-02-26 01:34:01: Enginseer Sean von Carstein frowns, unknowledgable of this language.

2011-02-26 01:34:13: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred's eyes widen slightly, in a sort of shocked surprise, before he laughs softly.

2011-02-26 01:34:21: Citizen Ekaj re-wraps his tentacle around his mouth. Warlike W's all over again.

2011-02-26 01:34:30: Marked Fish snorts and clamps her other hand over her mouth.

2011-02-26 01:34:33: Returning Contestant Lizzy starts laughing, almost dropping her kitten.

2011-02-26 01:34:37: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa gives a knowing smile to the typo gremlins that clearly had a hand in that passage. He licks his lips and turns the page...

2011-02-26 01:34:43: Confuseled as hell Teolian laughs hard aswel

2011-02-26 01:35:01: Rookie Castor regains his composure and clears his throat.

2011-02-26 01:35:10: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa continues over the laughter regardless, "By seed and root, by bud and stem, by leaf and flower and fruit, by life and love, in the Improbable presence..."

2011-02-26 01:35:20: Kell laughs, not bothering to cover it this time. He's swatted by one of the kittens, now on his head, and falls silent. Apparently she didn't like that...

2011-02-26 01:35:23: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa continues, "Please face each other and join your hands, and your hearts. Through the rising and setting of the New Day, through the phases of the Drive, and through the cycles of the Fail Boat, be as one together..."

2011-02-26 01:35:25: Contestant Arc Castor furrows his eyebrows in suprise. What?

2011-02-26 01:36:55: Returning Contestant Quinn turns to Castor, holding each of his hands in hers. Tavar moves closer to both grooms with the rings.

2011-02-26 01:36:58: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles at Jenkins, "Jenkins, please repeat after me. "

2011-02-26 01:37:09: Zompire Jenkins faces Moth and grabs her hands lightly

2011-02-26 01:37:26: Zompire Jenkins nods

2011-02-26 01:37:41: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "I, Jenkins the Zombie Slacker, take you Aalis Mothball, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

2011-02-26 01:37:44: Rookie Castor smiles at Quinn and whispers, "I'm so nervous..."

2011-02-26 01:38:18: Returning Contestant Quinn smiles, but shushes him. It's Jenkins turn to shine.

2011-02-26 01:38:24: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown chuckles...

2011-02-26 01:39:17: First Sergeant Herp Derp tries not to cry at such a wonderful moment.

2011-02-26 01:40:29: Zompire Jenkins blushes "...I Jenkins take you Aalis Mothball, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

2011-02-26 01:40:41: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us."

2011-02-26 01:41:22: Enginseer Sean von Carstein smiles, ears taking it all in.

2011-02-26 01:42:05: First Sergeant Herp Derp takes out a hankerchief and blows silently on it to not disturb the ceremony.

2011-02-26 01:42:42: Zompire Jenkins "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us"

2011-02-26 01:42:53: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa turns to Mothball, "Mothball, please repeat after me."

2011-02-26 01:43:50: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "I, Aalis Mothball, take you Jenkins von Zombier-Doku, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

2011-02-26 01:44:44: Returning Contestant Lizzy bites her lip to hide a smile at Trowa's Doku comment.

2011-02-26 01:44:48: Zompire Jenkins whispers to himself "You are dead Trowa..."

2011-02-26 01:44:52: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown giggles.

2011-02-26 01:45:13: Confuseled as hell Teolian must not giggle

2011-02-26 01:45:14: Enginseer Sean von Carstein chuckles.

2011-02-26 01:45:17: Lieutenant Colonel Aldred coughs discreetly. Well, it's more of a laugh.

2011-02-26 01:45:24: Lady Mothball says "I, Aalis Mothball, take you J..." She stumbles over his name, looking over at him with pleading eyes. "I don't want to marry Jenkins von Zombier-Doku...I want to marry you..."

2011-02-26 01:45:28: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa gives Jenkins a look. It's hiw own fault for being dishonest at his wedding.

2011-02-26 01:46:08: Returning Contestant Quinn grins, shaking her head at Trowa.

2011-02-26 01:46:09: Rookie Castor grins. Best. Talky-guy. Ever.

2011-02-26 01:46:23: Floper the Third coughs, and fights the urge to laugh at the von Zombier name...

2011-02-26 01:46:29: Marked Fish makes a little noise, eyebrows coming together and head tilting to the side, hands still clamped over her mouth. Mothball is so CUTE!

2011-02-26 01:47:22: First Sergeant Herp Derp he starts to sketch the two couples again so he'll never forget this wonderful moment, and tries not to get tears on the paper.

2011-02-26 01:50:02: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa waits for Jenkins' answer to Mothball. The wedding won't continue until he gives her something.

2011-02-26 01:50:33: Returning Contestant Smith chucks a ring at Jenkins

2011-02-26 01:50:42: Zompire Jenkins smiles "I love you" before slapping Trowa over the head "Can I kiss her?"

2011-02-26 01:51:05: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown smiles

2011-02-26 01:51:24: Zompire Jenkins catches the ring and slips it on Moth's finger

2011-02-26 01:51:27: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa frowns, "Let her finish her vows, Jenkins." He turns to Mothball, "At your own pace, sweetie. 'Jenkins' will have to do."

2011-02-26 01:51:31: Confuseled as hell Teolian Grins, just Grins

2011-02-26 01:52:10: Floper the Third starts to have what seems like an asthma attack when Trowa is slapped

2011-02-26 01:52:28: Zompire Jenkins is hit with a ring, which he picks up and pockets

2011-02-26 01:52:34: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack hurries up the stairs, hastily tucking his hirt in and wiping the dried blood from his face.

2011-02-26 01:53:02: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown waves to Hew.

2011-02-26 01:53:06: First Sergeant Herp Derp snickers at seeing Trowa getting slapped, his eyes light up at finally finishing the sketch. He then continues watching the vows with his mini binoculars.

2011-02-26 01:53:42: Lady Mothball sighs. "I, Aalis Mothball, take you Jim Joe Jenkins, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..." She was going to have her wedding done right, damnit.

2011-02-26 01:53:56: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack waves to Xel, and to the rest of the assembled congragation.

2011-02-26 01:54:11: Floper the Third catches his breath and says a short prayer of thanks nobody noticed his little fit

2011-02-26 01:54:33: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us."

2011-02-26 01:54:42: Zompire Jenkins face flushes "M-Moth..."

2011-02-26 01:54:53: Returning Contestant Lizzy gapes at Moth, her new hero.

2011-02-26 01:55:12: Marked Fish nearly bites through her tongue.

2011-02-26 01:55:45: Illusionist Drizzt peeks over the crows nest and waves a hand creating an illusion on the deck

2011-02-26 01:55:45: Lady Mothball: "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us." She mouths an I'm sorry...

2011-02-26 01:55:48: Rookie Castor grins at Moth. Yes.

2011-02-26 01:56:00: Enginseer Sean von Carstein smiles, tears froming as he breathes. "I love my family," he whispers.

2011-02-26 01:56:23: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles at Castor, "Castor, please repeat after me."

2011-02-26 01:56:38: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "I, Castor Ross, take you Quinn Mallory Park, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

2011-02-26 01:56:49: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown laughs...

2011-02-26 01:56:49: Confuseled as hell Teolian under her breath "I love being part of this family... thank you jenkins"

2011-02-26 01:57:32: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa plays it off cool, of course. Time to bring this in for the final laps.

2011-02-26 01:57:39: First Sergeant Herp Derp whispers "Fark yes, this is the best wedding ever."

2011-02-26 01:57:57: Zompire Jenkins face has nearly no color at all "..."

2011-02-26 01:58:00: Rookie Castor: I, Castor Ross, take you, Quinn Mallory Park, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for words, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...

2011-02-26 01:58:14: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown wispers to Teolian. "Trowa's totally going be our pastor..."

2011-02-26 01:58:14: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us."

2011-02-26 01:58:40: A mouse begins scampering about the deck, squeking and looking for food.

2011-02-26 01:59:19: Returning Contestant Quinn flushes darkly, grip tightening on his hands.

2011-02-26 01:59:25: Lady Mothball stares down at her feet. What had she done?

2011-02-26 01:59:29: Rookie Castor continues, "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us." He sneaks in a kiss.

2011-02-26 01:59:35: Marked Fish twitches, annoyed, and stamps on the rat's tail, picks it up, and squishes it. It disappears with a flash, and she glares at Drizzt.

2011-02-26 01:59:40: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack throws down a chunk of crap meat for the mouse.

2011-02-26 01:59:50: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa turns to Quinn, "Quinn, please repeat after me."

2011-02-26 01:59:54: Confuseled as hell Teolian catches the mouse as it goes by and swallows it whole

2011-02-26 02:00:10: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "I, Quinn Mallory Park, take you Castor Ross, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

2011-02-26 02:00:20: Confuseled as hell Teolian: "I agree"

2011-02-26 02:01:11: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack glances worriedly at Teolin.

2011-02-26 02:01:16: Illusionist Drizzt is not here, nope not at all

2011-02-26 02:01:22: Returning Contestant Quinn her voice shakes just slightly, "I, Quinn Mallory Park, take you Castor Ross, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

2011-02-26 02:01:37: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us."

2011-02-26 02:02:47: Confuseled as hell Teolian shruggs, she was hungry and is a kittymorph

2011-02-26 02:02:56: Returning Contestant Quinn smiles at Castor, "...from this day forward through the years of my life as love remains between us."

2011-02-26 02:03:07: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa faces the brides and grooms, "Are there any personal vows you wish to exchange with each other?"

2011-02-26 02:03:45: Rookie Castor grins at Quinn and squeezes her hands, "I'd like to if I knew I wouldn't completely mess it up."

2011-02-26 02:04:23: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown yells out. "Try anyway!!!"

2011-02-26 02:04:26: Illusionist Drizzt peeks over the top of the crows nest again and watches

2011-02-26 02:05:12: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack gives Castor an ecouraging look, "How bad can you mess it up, really?"

2011-02-26 02:05:25: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa agrees with Xel silently, and gives Castor a reassuring smile.

2011-02-26 02:05:33: First Sergeant Herp Derp presses a button on a remote and queues in a comedy laughter.

2011-02-26 02:07:10: Floper the Third yells, "It's the thought that counts mate, you can't make us laugh more than that pastor!"

2011-02-26 02:07:12: Rookie Castor laughs and shakes his head, "Sorry, all. I really wouldn't know what to say. There are just no words..." He flushes lightly and smiles at Quinn.

2011-02-26 02:07:17: Marked Fish twists in her seat and glares up at the crow's nest. She makes a gesture that's pretty much universally interpreted as 'I'm watching you', and then turns back forward.

2011-02-26 02:07:31: Zompire Jenkins mumbles "Moth, I support minimum wages for loggers but...My name...I knew there was something special from the moment I met you, and even though I hated Smitty, I secretly thanked him the night after we went to my station for"

2011-02-26 02:07:51: Another mouse scampers up and mourns its lost comrade before grabbing the meat and running off with it.

2011-02-26 02:08:21: First Sergeant Herp Derp waves at the familiar Fish.

2011-02-26 02:08:28: Citizen Ekaj blinks. Damn head injuries, blackouts, ect... Oh, look, the wedding is still going on.

2011-02-26 02:09:05: Zompire Jenkins continues "without him and his muffins I wouldn't have been able to work up the courage to ask you out on a date"

2011-02-26 02:09:09: Marked Fish growls quietly, but doesn't turn around to give Drizzt another look, hoping if she ignores him he'll stop.

2011-02-26 02:09:19: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack headtilts at the mouse, and discretely drops another bit of meat.

2011-02-26 02:09:36: Enginseer Sean von Carstein offers Fish his calming thoughts.

2011-02-26 02:09:44: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa looks to Mothball and Quinn, if they have their own personal vows...

2011-02-26 02:10:07: Marked Fish does, however, send Hew a pleading look. 'Please stop,' the look says.

2011-02-26 02:10:14: Lady Mothball smiles back at Jenkins, blushing a bit, before shaking her head. She didn't know what to say...

2011-02-26 02:10:28: The mouse scampers back and nibbles at the meat before squeeking at Hew, as if to say more?

2011-02-26 02:10:30: First Sergeant Herp Derp winds up a mechanical mouse and sets it down, he watches it as it moves towards the real mouse.

2011-02-26 02:11:59: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown stuffs a mini-Mod-Imp into a bite of tasty meat and throws it to the Mouse, and giggles.

2011-02-26 02:11:59: Returning Contestant Quinn smiles back, "Castor, I love you. Truly, deeply. I promise to stay by your side through everything. I give you all I am and all I am to become." She leans forward to kiss him, unable to say more.

2011-02-26 02:12:03: Marked Fish digs her fingernails into her kneecaps and forces herself to ignore the illusionary antics, staring intently at the wedding.

2011-02-26 02:12:17: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles, "Do we have the rings?" He looks at them expectantly.

2011-02-26 02:12:38: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack headscratches at Fish and digs around in his pocket. he does indeed have another piece of meat, he places it in the palm of his hand and bends down to the deck, his hand outstretched.

2011-02-26 02:13:49: Zompire Jenkins fishes a ruby ring out of his pocket, and slips it on Moth's finger

2011-02-26 02:13:53: The mouse moves over to Hews hand cautiously, then it sniffs and climbs up and nibbles at the meat

2011-02-26 02:14:10: Rookie Castor looks to Tavar. He makes a little 'get over here' gesture with his head.

2011-02-26 02:14:27: Returning Contestant Quinn looks down, Tavar trotting over to Castor with his ring.

2011-02-26 02:15:10: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack stands up carefully, beaming at the mouse as it nibbles the meat. he looks at it from a couple of different angles, wondering if it can be weaponised.

2011-02-26 02:15:20: Rookie Castor takes the small, simple gold ring, diamond shimmering in the center.

2011-02-26 02:15:30: First Sergeant Herp Derp whispers at the sight of the rings, "My precious...." He giggles at the joke.

2011-02-26 02:15:34: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa nods approvingly, "In Nature and on the Island, all things are circular. May these rings be to you a constant and loving reminder of the ties that bind you together as married couples."

2011-02-26 02:15:53: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles and says, "Jenkins, please place the ring on Mothball's finger and repeat after me: This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:16:32: Zompire Jenkins takes the ring off, then puts it back on

2011-02-26 02:17:07: The mouses sneezes and spikes pop out of its back....

2011-02-26 02:17:13: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: throws a Mini-Mod-Imp to Hew untriggered of course, to use to weponise the Mouse!

2011-02-26 02:17:35: Confuseled as hell Teolian snickers just a little

2011-02-26 02:19:33: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack carefully straps the Imp to the back of the mouse and places it back on the deck, ushering it towards Fish.

2011-02-26 02:20:35: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown sees Hew's actions and giggles...

2011-02-26 02:20:42: Returning Contestant Smith leans against a wall and watches them

2011-02-26 02:20:45: The mouse scampers towards Fish, it sniffs at the thing strapped to its back. Then it stops and looks up at Fish with a squeek!

2011-02-26 02:21:49: Marked Fish forces herself to ignore it, completely unaware that it's about to explode. She stares forward determinedly.

2011-02-26 02:22:20: Zompire Jenkins says "This ring is a seal upon all I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete"

2011-02-26 02:22:30: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles and says, "Castor, please place the ring on Quinn's finger and repeat after me: This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:22:39: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack rubs his hands together dispicably.

2011-02-26 02:23:32: The mouse goes sqeeeek as the omb goes poof and.....gives it 5 charm!

2011-02-26 02:23:51: Rookie Castor takes a few tries to slip the ring on her finger. When he gets it on he smiles a bit nervously and says, "This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:24:10: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles and says, "Mothball, please place the ring on Jenkins' finger and repeat after me: This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:24:14: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack sighs and slumps his houlders.

2011-02-26 02:24:50: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown: laughs. I knew making a mini Imp-Bomb would be silly. Now that mousie looks soo cute!

2011-02-26 02:25:19: Returning Contestant Quinn flushes, looking at the ring with a smile. She pulls out the ring she bought, glancing at Trowa.

2011-02-26 02:25:41: The mouse stands on its hind legs and begins flexing for Fish, trying to get her attention for he is charming!

2011-02-26 02:26:01: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa waits patiently for Mothball. Sneaky, he is, switching up the order!

2011-02-26 02:26:03: Lady Mothball pulls a small, bone ring from a pouch in her dress. She places the ring on Jenkins. "This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:26:16: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa smiles and says, "Quinn, please place the ring on Castor's finger and repeat after me: This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:26:48: Marked Fish stretches her foot out and stomps the mouse flat. It disappears with another flash and she takes a deep breath before snapping her head around and giving Drizzt the most withering look she can muster.

2011-02-26 02:26:54: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack awwwwws at the mouse.

2011-02-26 02:28:22: Confuseled as hell Teolian awws that she didn't get to eat this one

2011-02-26 02:28:33: Returning Contestant Quinn blushes darker, placing the dark ring on Castor's finger, "This ring is a seal upon all that I have promised. Wear it with joy, for your love has made me complete."

2011-02-26 02:28:49: First Sergeant Herp Derp starts to feel a bit drowsy. No! He must stay awake, it would be very rude for him to sleep at a time like this!

2011-02-26 02:28:56: Rookie Castor grins.

2011-02-26 02:29:14: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa addresses the guests, "Let all present here bear witness that Jim Joe Jenkins and Aalis Mothball, Castor Ross and Quinn Mallory Park are joined in holy matrimony!" The home stretch....

2011-02-26 02:29:30: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa says, "In the presence of this gathering and before the Improbable, your families and friends, by the power and authority vested in me, I pronounce you each husband and wife. You may kiss the brides!"

2011-02-26 02:30:17: Rookie Castor grabs Quinn and dips her back into a kiss.

2011-02-26 02:30:41: Zompire Jenkins grins and kisses Moth passionately

2011-02-26 02:30:51: Marked Fish stands up and starts clapping.

2011-02-26 02:31:00: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa beams, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor and pleasure to present you to for the very first time as married couples, Jim Joe Jenkins and Aalis Mothball Jenkins, and Castor Ross and Quinn Mallory Park-Ross!"

2011-02-26 02:31:08: Citizen Ekaj claps both sets of arms and numerous tentacles.

2011-02-26 02:31:17: Returning Contestant Lizzy smiles broadly and applauds.

2011-02-26 02:31:47: Returning Contestant Quinn squeaks just a little, arms wrapping around Castor as she returns the kiss.

2011-02-26 02:31:47: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack flicks a die into the air with his thumb, where it explodes and rains down a hail of confetti.

2011-02-26 02:32:01: Zompire Jenkins: "Say my name ONCE more Trowa. I will hurt you"

2011-02-26 02:32:06: Confuseled as hell Teolian stands and applauds

2011-02-26 02:32:18: Enginseer Sean von Carstein grins broadly, clapping his flesharms as Stabbity and Lucifer rattle and roar, firing a few rounds into the air in celebration.

2011-02-26 02:32:24: Kell stands and applauds!

2011-02-26 02:32:30: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa can't hear Jenkins over the applause, confetti, and his own cheering.

2011-02-26 02:32:31: First Sergeant Herp Derp whistles and claps at the newly weds, the mechanical mouse he wound up shoots out a green ball of light into the sky and explodes into a bunch of smaller lights forming a green heart.

2011-02-26 02:32:47: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown throws Harmless Mod-Imps around to explode like mini-fireworks!

2011-02-26 02:32:49: Rookie Castor smiles down at Quinn, "Love you," He whispers, and kisses her again.

2011-02-26 02:32:49: Lady Mothball blushes a bit, kissing Jenkins back, before looking down at the Kitten on her foot.

2011-02-26 02:33:01: Floper the Third claps loudly as well

2011-02-26 02:33:04: Illusionist Drizzt applauds from the crows nest with a smile, as does the army of mice

2011-02-26 02:33:05: Returning Contestant Lizzy gets on her tip toes to give Arc a kiss on his cheek.

2011-02-26 02:33:18: Contestant Arc Castor produces and steps upon a chronosphere, disappearing in a puff of purple smoke.

2011-02-26 02:33:22: First Sergeant Herp Derp takes out a green glowing revolver and aims towards the sky to shoot out more fireworks.

2011-02-26 02:34:04: Zompire Jenkins looks at the table boasting many cakes, all dwarfed by a giant towering chocolate cake

2011-02-26 02:34:27: Zompire Jenkins: "And now...Cake!"

2011-02-26 02:34:40: Marked Fish nods and bows in the general direction of the couples before disappearing with another zoip.

2011-02-26 02:35:13: Rookie Castor stands back up straight and stares st the cake. He frowns a bit, "Too bad Jaxon didn't come with his cake. He owes us."

2011-02-26 02:35:17: Citizen Ekaj looks up, finally getting off the floor at the word cake.

2011-02-26 02:35:17: Lady Mothball grabs the Kitten, wandering over to the table with the Cake.

2011-02-26 02:35:20: Returning Contestant Quinn cheers, "Cake! The part everyone's been waiting for!"

2011-02-26 02:35:25: Floper the Third cheers loudly at the mention of cake

2011-02-26 02:35:34: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown throws a Harmless Mod-Imp at the food. "CAKE!!!" Thankfully other then supiding people... The mod-imp did nothing.

2011-02-26 02:35:41: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack eyes a cake, and face-dives it.

2011-02-26 02:35:50: Returning Contestant Smith: ".......Cake is good."

2011-02-26 02:36:15: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa does a silent prayer to...something, glad nothing went seriously wrong, and pats Jenkins on the back, "Proud of you, buddy."

2011-02-26 02:36:40: Lady Mothball turns from the table, to look over at Smith. "You are a bad kitty..."

2011-02-26 02:36:41: Enginseer Sean von Carstein claps his son and grandson on the back, embracing them briefly before taking a step back.

2011-02-26 02:36:58: Zompire Jenkins: "Trowa. I hate you."

2011-02-26 02:37:00: First Sergeant Herp Derp walks over towards the table where he placed his brown box, he opens it and says, "Gentlemen, behold!" as a tall cake slowly emerges from the box.

2011-02-26 02:37:16: Rookie Castor grins, "Damn. I feel great!"

2011-02-26 02:37:27: Returning Contestant Smith stares at the floor "Sorry..."

2011-02-26 02:37:37: Returning Contestant Quinn wraps her arms around Castor again,"As do I! Now... Cake!"

2011-02-26 02:37:42: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa chuckles and pats again, "Nah, you love me. Congrats." He moves away for some cake.

2011-02-26 02:37:52: Lady Mothball grins at Smith, baring her fangs. "Somebody is losing his fur tonight..."

2011-02-26 02:38:27: Zompire Jenkins: "Moth... Why did you say my name?... I trusted you..."

2011-02-26 02:38:29: Enginseer Sean von Carstein snags a cake before following Fish's wake in the Warp.

2011-02-26 02:38:46: Rookie Castor wanders over to the table for some cake. He takes a slice and examines it then looks around, getting a wicked grin on his face.

2011-02-26 02:38:48: First Sergeant Herp Derp walks towards Castor and shakes his hand furiously and says, "Congrats Castor you're now a married man!" He slaps him on the back and points towards the food on the table and says "Let's eat!"

2011-02-26 02:39:22: Confuseled as hell Teolian nods to Jenkins Moth, and Co. "Shall we go congratulate them?"

2011-02-26 02:39:35: Rookie Castor nods and promptly smashes his slice of cake in Trowa's face.

2011-02-26 02:39:56: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown nods. "Yes... Lets..."

2011-02-26 02:40:05: Lady Mothball frowns over at Jenkins. "I'm sorry...I just...I wanted to...I wanted...I wanted to marry you, name and all...

2011-02-26 02:40:15: First Sergeant Herp Derp takes out a plate and a fork from his hat and pokes his very tall cake, he takes a good chunk out of it and smiles greedily as he starts to eat it.

2011-02-26 02:40:25: Returning Contestant Smith grabs a slice of cake and leans against a wall

2011-02-26 02:40:48: Zompire Jenkins hugs her "It's ok...But now everyone knows..."

2011-02-26 02:41:02: Citizen Ekaj grabs a slice of cake with a tentacle. Mmmm, cake.

2011-02-26 02:41:15: Rookie Castor grins and grabs another piece, looking for his next victim.

2011-02-26 02:41:30: Floper the Third nabs some cake... then some more... and tries to get a third slice off too

2011-02-26 02:41:39: Returning Contestant Quinn grins and gets a slice of the chocolate cake, holding up a bit for Castor, "Eat!"

2011-02-26 02:41:54: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa blinks at the cake smeared on his face.... "Huh?!" He wipes it from his eyes to see who did that.

2011-02-26 02:41:58: A tentacle whips up from below decks and drags HerpDerp below decks, there is then muffled screaming from below

2011-02-26 02:42:15: Knight of Ineptitude Hewithbulgingsack wipes the cake off'f his face and wanders over to Jenkins and Moth, extending his hand. "Congratulations!" he beams.

2011-02-26 02:42:25: Rookie Castor holds a piece up to Quinn, "At the same time?"

2011-02-26 02:42:38: Confuseled as hell Teolian wanders up to jenkins and hugs him from behind "Congrats Dad!"

2011-02-26 02:43:10: Returning Contestant Smith eats his cake and watches Mothball "Sorry.."

2011-02-26 02:43:12: Returning Contestant Quinn nods, blushing again, "Yes..."

2011-02-26 02:43:12: Zompire Jenkins shakes it, grinning "Thank you"

2011-02-26 02:43:23: The Lucky-Bunny Xel Unknown then slips into the Front and hugs Jim Joe Jenkins in the front! "Way to go, Jim Joe!"

2011-02-26 02:43:27: Lord of the Bar Flies Trowa licks cake from his face, then takes a plate full as well. He frowns...this will take ages to wash from his fur!

2011-02-26 02:43:41: First Sergeant Herp Derp takes out another fork and plate and stabs his tall cake again, he starts walking towards the doors leading to the lower decks, "I'll be right back, I'm gonna give The Watcher a share of this delicious desert." He says with a grin.

2011-02-26 02:43:44: Zompire Jenkins squirms "AGGGHHH!! Let me go!"

2011-02-26 02:43:47: Lady Mothball shakes his hand as well, before wandering off to her spot, dozing off, exhausted.

2011-02-26 02:43:57: Rookie Castor grins and leans forward to eat the piece Quinn was holding out.

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