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Down in NewHome

(To the Tune of 'Copacabana (at the Copa)')

There's a man called Ebenezer. If he was a girl, I'd wanna squeeze 'er.

With those glasses on his face, and his oh so careful ways. . .

He's married to Escemfer. Sometimes, I'm so jealous. . .erm. . .ef her.

If she weren't always there, I'd run my fingers through his hair!

He makes good tea. For. Rooks.

He keeps the warehouse books!

He's nervous and he stutters,


In Newhome, Newbie filled Newhome!

The spot all new contestants first roam.

In Newhome, Newbie filled NewHome!

Nudity and flashin' are always in fashion.

Down in NewHome, my love serves tea!

There's a Jokerbot, He goes by G_rock.

He hopes that on his door, Ebenezer will soon knock.

And when he does, there'll be more than tea.

I'll open up the door, and let Eben know the score!

That's right, the doors will shut!

Eben's got a great butt

There'll be candles and wine and romance

In G_Rock's Hut!

In the jungle, in G_rock's dwelling,

G's eyes, up will they be welling.

As our gazes meet, we'll both feel the heat.

This crush will be made real, down on one knee I'll kneel

In the haaaaanger, we'll share our love!

At the wedding, we'll have so much fun.

We'll dance and laugh and sing, and celebrate our fling..

Eben And I, will be so happy

And all the world will know, thanks to our big wedding show!

Yes the whole world will see how much Eben Loves me!

We'll be together forever, and joyous we'll al. Ways. BEEEEE!

Because in NewHome, Newbie filled Newhome,

I'll wait until my chance does come.

In NewHOme, Rookie-filled NeeeewHooome,

My love sits making free tea for the taking

Ebeeneeeeeezer, how I loooooove YOOOUUUUUUU!

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