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Name: Dracone Ignis

Alias: Dragon

DK Count: 8

Age: [Database Error]

Gender: female

Current form: Human

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: BZZT[Database Error]

Fur color: Currently No Fur

Clothing: Red Tank Top, Blue Jeans, All-covering fine Red Cape and a Belt

Eye color: Deep Red

Accessories: Purple Ring on right Index finger


Snake The snake tattoo starts at Dracone's left shoulder before it spirals along her left hand before ending in her palm.

Phoenix The Phoenix tattoo starts at Dracone's right shoulder with a flare blazt. Flames spirals down along his right arm before ending with the head of the Phoenix in his palm.


Master control of Flames Dracone is capable of controlling Flames to such an degree that she can use the Flames full potential.

Red Flame of Destruction

This Flame is wild. It does nothing else than destroy, and therefore must be restrained. Losing control often ends with never getting back control, and sometimes death.

Blue Flame of Healing

This Flame can heal any psychial wound. How it works is unknown to everyone, even to Dracone. she is still working on finding out its secrets.

Purple Flame of Spirit

This Flame is one giant mystery. So far it's main usage is unknown, but it can be used as a light source, used to make portals and lots more.

Cyan Flame of Ice

This Flame is cold to the touch, and the instant it leaves Dracone's hand, it turns into ice. It can be fired as a shotgun or flamethrower by making the flame go first with a trail of flames behind it which turns to ice almost instantly. It can also be used to freeze people by using it this way.

Green Flame of Containment The Green Flame works as a containment field, locking up stuff or releasing them. It can be used to lock and unlock memories, save a backup of someone's mind or memories or used as a way to carry a shit ton of stuff at once.

Improbable Talent when it comes to Art

she is capable of drawing anything on and off the island. she is also extremely skilled with everything that has anything to do with art.


he uses a lot of time on his Muffins. They are for some reason always the flavor that the person eating it wants most at that specific time, and they always taste like they were made seconds ago. Trust me, when you taste them, you can recognize his muffins anywhere.

De-Cloth Fu Dracone is the sensei of De-Cloth Fu, the artform of removing or moving the opponents clothes to hinder movement or expose people.

His Personal Style of De-Cloth Fu involves cloaking herself in the Purple flames of Spirit, becoming etheral and therefore able to go trough clothes. she can grab one article of clothing and make it etheral too, and drag it off without removing the other articles. The Purple Spirit flame is essential to this, and therefore since she is the only one able to use it, it is her personal style. But no worries, she does not use it unless she have to.

currently unable to use de-cloth Fu due to memory wipe.



That is correct. she experiments with fabric when bored. she got everything she makes in his wardrobe in her Elemental Mansion, which is currently closed due to the lack of a master.

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